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  1. Love the dogs i have a aussie,One of the smartest dogs i ever had.
  2. 2 3/4 sorry forgot that
  3. 4 boxes of remington accutips $40.00 for all warren county great meadows
  4. here is a great deal on a crossbow.lite and compact.mine has 4 deer under its belt. https://sport.woot.com/offers/barnett-whitetail-hunter-ii-crossbow?utm_source=amazon&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=woot_widget
  5. Would love to shoot a bear.but it seems expensive by the time u butcher it and do something with the fur.none of my friends want the meat so it seems a waste of money.just had a nice size one just about walk over me at the gap nat park0.just didnt get a tag
  6. Now go buy a gun, with the cash you didn't have to spend.
  7. mmfan36

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    Stay in woods avoid people.best remedy
  8. Just go buy more ammo.gonna need it one day
  9. Sounds like he's a master baiter
  10. mmfan36

    Buck Down.

    he has to drop film off at photomat
  11. Field of that next to me on hope rd.only seen deer in the beans next to it
  12. They dont have the money.ilegals need drivers licenses. That more important
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