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  1. midway has 223 if you need it not cheap https://www.midwayusa.com/product/3083217598?pid=217598&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=ammo-seek&utm_campaign=217598
  2. mmfan36


    to bad the ammo cost 150$ for a brick lol
  3. mmfan36

    9mm Ammo

    Thats why you buy it cheap and stack it deep. steel case shoots fine out of my guns.
  4. Knot just flies in blairstown has some 220s
  5. try here https://ammoseek.com/ammo/308-winchester
  6. muzzy trocar 15 plus deer with them
  7. new cva wolf with scope 250.00 Must have proper credentials. Great meadows warren county
  8. I've been paying 15.99 a box from my local stores for 2/34 The highest was from ramseys 20 a box
  9. hackettstown guns has 3 in acutips 20 ga if any one needs them. 18.99 box go get them before there gone.
  10. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2506163096?pid=915294&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=ammo-seek&utm_campaign=915294 https://lohmanarms.com/product/geco-22-long-rifle-semi-auto-ammo-40gr-lead-round-nose-500ct/ https://miwallcorp.com/browning-ammunition-22-long-rifle-36-grain-copper-plated-hollow-point-2000-rounds-case/
  11. i just got 2 boxes from dicks in pa to day 27.99 each limit 2 i know we all hate dicks,
  12. last year i got 5000 rounds for that much online.i guess is supply and demand and price gouging
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