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  1. just got the cruzr xc in can't wait to try out.also got the hawk 20 in sticks from midway 100 for 4.been climbing poles for 23 yrs, hope there comfortable
  2. Looking to get the hornaday lock and load progressive press, just wondering if any one has one.and whats your opinion on it. amazon has the for 425.00
  3. peuquest sporting has them here in great meadows, just picked up 3 boxes the other day
  4. was it on the corner of winslow?
  5. There seems to be a lot of road kills along rt80 and 287.ive counted almost 15.is this the norm or is there something else at work here?
  7. A scare crow from day 1 is outstanding in his field
  8. Weber 15yrs and 2 hurricanes later still going strong.well worth the money
  9. You just need 25 million https://www.foxbusiness.com/real-estate/25m-florida-hunting-plantation-offers-secluded-escape
  10. Dont worry they will do health care the right way.
  11. mmfan36

    When Netflix...

    Call me sometime when you have no class
  12. mmfan36

    When Netflix...

    I want my 2 dollars
  13. mmfan36

    When Netflix...

    Surely you must be kidding?
  14. Invest in lead.for when the shtf for real.
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