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  1. Being the last stop on the train killed hackettstown. Looks like dover now
  2. Heading out on the 2nd.looking to try out some tree saddles
  3. look at the ghost blinds.they work good and very mobile.
  4. heres what they are https://www.bradleysmoker.com/product/premium-hunters-blend-bisquettes-2/
  5. i have 3 boxes of bradley game biscuits,im in hgreat meadows warren county.if you can use them lmk i will leave out for pickup
  6. july 4th,the woods are empty mid feb till july
  7. mmfan36

    Real ID

    Don't wait till next year, the lines at the dmv will be miles long like in ny.thanks to illegals getting there license. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/01/09/department-of-motor-vehicles-real-ids-hauppauge-garden-city/
  8. thanks will try this weekend.
  9. Bottom line is the state don't care about hunters.they barely care about the working class and high property taxes.so if your looking for a big buck go west young man.
  10. Watch this guy he knows all about sous vide.just got one.will not cook a steak any other way.
  11. They do work i have 2 big one and a little one.had plenty of deer walk right by me
  12. I use these keeps ladder tight to tree, https://www.levelok.com/product/ladder-safety-strap-for-lower-ladder/
  13. its only illegal if you get caught
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