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  1. What a day.. So here's the back story. My dad is old school. Got his first smart phone just a couple years ago (forced on him) hates technology, hates change, hates anything new.. you get the idea. He's been hunting for almost 60 years. When compounds were getting popular, he was the guy that didn't want to give up his recurve.. but of course did eventually. So the last few years, as he's getting older, he's been having trouble with the compound. Hard pulling it back, wasn't shooting too accurately, etc. We spoke here and there about getting him a crossbow, which he had ZERO interest in. Last year he had lots of problem with his old PSE compound, so I figured it was time. For this past Christmas I surprised him with a Ten Point Turbo M1. Well, let's just say he wasn't thrilled when he opened it up. After lots of shooting, and him getting used to it, he finally accepted the fact that he's a crossbow guy now. We hunted a few times this year, passed a bunch of does and small bucks. Dad is at the point where he loves being out there, and doesn't care if he shoots anything. So today we decided to do an evening hunt. Met him, and my cousin at one of our properties at about 3pm. We were all setup around 330pm. We were all texting back and forth saying we couldn't believe the lack of movement. at 455pm, my dad is calling me. I knew he shot something, as he wouldn't call for any other reason. I heard the excitement in his voice, as he tells me he just shot a "big buck" and thinks he saw it go down. I told him to stay put, and my cousin and I would be right over. We got to dad at about 545pm. I found his bolt immediately, and a blood trail that a blind person could follow. We didn't go more then 35 yards, and there was dads biggest buck ever. A perfect 10 pointer. A perfect heart shot..with the crossbow he was so unsure of. After many high 5's and hugs, the work began. I told dad a few years ago that all he has to do when we go hunting, is enjoy himself. I'll gut, drag, and bring it to the butcher. He took care of me for years, now I want to make it easy for him. Got him gut out, in the truck, and to the butcher. I'm curious to see how much he weighs, and I'm thinking about getting him scored. If anyone has any guesses on score, please share. Here's some pics! Worth mentioning, I have 3 cameras at this spot, and have no pictures of this buck at all.
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  2. Story and pics to follow. Cloud 9 is an understatement! What a night. My son has been in the woods with me since he was a toddler, but this opening day was the first time he has sat in a tree stand solo. My stand is approximately 350 yards from his so I was confident knowing he is squared away safety wise...He passed up a couple of small bucks on the opener as did I, knowing some good deer are in the area.. Woke up this morning to receive pics that one of my target bucks I have been after for 2 years was killed. (legally, but still was hard to hear...) My son and I discussed going out after he was finished with his school online and we did. I told him to just have fun, and to shoot what he wanted to if given the chance, if he wanted to. About 1630, several deer were seen over 100 yards away and I was hoping they were headed toward my son's stand. Unfortunately they were not, going the exact opposite way. 10 minutes later, a small 7 came in and was less than 15 yards away. The buck was down in 10 yards and I immediately texted my son that they were moving and asked if he had any deer near him. He said that he did! I sat tight told him I was not going to get down until I heard from him. With 15 minutes left of shooting light left, I heard a single shot from the 220! Knowing that he is surgical with the 220, I started to smile and was about to call him. As I pulled out the cell, I got the text, "buck down!" No better feeling to have knowing that he we actually doubled on the same property on the same night! I got down and headed to his stand. With lots of snow on the ground, he showed me where the buck was standing. He said he knows that he put the Accutip right where it should go, and the ground confirmed this. TONS of blood that led to his buck 25 yards away. I let him lead the way and loved watching the excitement when he walked up on the buck. He has passed up bigger bucks over the years without a doubt as I have, but tonight was about one thing. Having fun together in the deer woods during buck week. He and I will not forget tonight for quite some time!
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  3. I've been watching this buck for the past few years and this year he made a real good jump. He was a just a ten last year scoring 130. This year he is a 14 that probably goes 155. Ill tape him later. But was able to slip into his area and knew he was close from cell cam pics. He came in real early and gave me a 30 yard shot. He went about 40 yards and piled. As I waited to climb down, I had 2 different bears trying to drag him away. This buck was highly visible from the road and the amount of spotlights and road gawkers had me nervous he was doomed to outlaws. But I got a cell pic that the guys shooting from the road missed him and I was back in the game.
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  4. BillW0323

    Buck Down!! 10/23

    I took the day off to sit the treestand. Checked the weather and wasn’t to happy to see that it was going to be 65 degrees. It actually ended up being a beautiful morning in the woods. Felt like it was around 50 degrees with a very slight drizzle. Between the temps and the sound of all the droplets from the canopy it was so relaxing that it was hard to stay awake. Just about 9:15 I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye over my left shoulder. I couldn’t see what it was and then caught a little bit of an antler and figured it was the spike that I always see. Then this guy stepped out from behind the tree at 35 yards. He’s slowly walked in and offered up a 22 yards broadside shot and was down within 40 yards. He is now at Jay’s to get mounted.
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  5. BEAR

    Target buck down

    My buck of a life time finally came by at 5pm . He stood to my right 60 yds. away watching a button buck, I was shaking as the button buck headed towards me just hoping he continue in the same path. but NO turned and walked in the opposite direction and out of site. The button buck came right to me hung around 15 minutes and went and followed the path of the big buck. I figured that was it , 5:30pm came no deer . I was thinking to get out of stand and come back tomorrow . I text my wife and told her I just seen the buck I have been waiting for my hunting life and he walked away. She said stay you never know. Now its 5:45 ,No deer , all kinds of things running thru my head, I keep watching the way the deer left 6pm No deer . A little after 6 I catch movement coming from my left and its the buck just walking towards my direction, coming closer but staying on a trail 30 yds. away from stand, Now he is coming and going to pass me on that trail and I have no shot that direction unless I stand and reach out between two trees to clear the crossbow limbs. so I start standing the buck still coming ,I'm up slowing getting the crossbow out and the buck stops behind a tree head sticking out and all I look thru the scope and all I have is a shot at his neck . I became real religious and started praying one more step and he dose the one step. Now me looking thru scope and checking crossbow limbs are clear (CLEAR)looking back thru scope, have shot ,take it , HIT ,buck takeoff and piles up in sticker bushes 30 yds. away. My best BUCK EVER!!! at 66 I'll take it I'm not a good writer but my wife and brother are tied of hearing it so I have to tell someone else. Thamks for reading! Jersey Jay see you soon.
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  6. I'd like to think that Chris Jr. and I did a great job mentoring one of his good buddies Stephen who showed an interest in hunting. He shot a doe on opening day and then shot this beautiful 4 or 5 year old buck tonight w/ his compound bow that weighed about 180 pounds! Not a bad first week of your hunting career… September 18th, 2021 Somerset County A HUGE thank you goes out to my buddy Lee from NJW&W who provided the young man with a free compound bow to get him started!
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  7. With this wet weather on the way to close out the fall bow season, I slipped in along a swamp edge to take this buck yesterday afternoon, where I knew he was locked in on a hot doe. I was on foot, it happened fast, was a quick fun hunt! 🇺🇲
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  8. Went out alone tonight and debated should I climb up or be safe and stay on the ground. Well after a bunch of does at 6PM came out this nice 8 pointer that I have never seen before showed up at 30 yards, not my target buck but a good animal to take with only a couple weeks before the next season. It was a nice quartering double lung shot deer ran about 100 yards diagonal across the field heading for the woods and dropped at the rock wall before he got in. Son came out right away and helped me load him up and off to the butcher. THERE WERE A LOT A PRAYERS ON THIS SIT, AND THEY CERTAINLY WORKED!! HARVEST ID AD1930420A
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  9. Nighthawk

    6 Day Buck Down

    Got in the blind around 5:45 and sat until 10:00. Decided to check the camera and not to much going on the last few days. Had a good wind so decided to still hunt for few hours. Had a doe run by me at 40 yards with this guy chasing. Took a 50 yard broadside shot and the 20g SST rolled him. Had two more bucks continue the chase after he went down.
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  10. I had a browning camera set up where i shot my 10 pt buck the last day of bow season. After I shot my buck I stop baiting and hunting the spot. I finally pulled the camera yesterday and was going through the pictures. I was blown away when I came across this photo of the buck I shot and impact of the bolt. I’m not sure of the odds of capturing a photo like this but I’m sure it won’t happen to me again.
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  11. Happy

    Little guy scored

    Took my youngest son to his grandparents house this afternoon with an itchy trigger finger. First deer came out was a button buck buck he said if it was a doe I would of shoot dad. I said hold on we have some 8 pointers on came, shortly after that this guy should up and I said you want to shoot him he was like yeah. So the rest is history. I’m proud of my boys this years holding out until the right one walked out.
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  12. 3Blade

    12 pointer down.

    Came in this morning with a doe. He gave me a 20 yd shot and went about 80- 90 yds. I have to thank Bucksnbows for helping me with the recovery. I was having a hard time finding him so having an extra set of eyes helped out. I must have walked past him a dozen times within 10 yds. He dropped on the edge of some thick stuff with his back up and head burried, so he blended in. He is a main frame 10 with curved kickers at his bases
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  13. Nomad

    Bear Down

    Hunted pretty much every morning and evening this week. Had constant bear activity. Sows and cubs. I had a picture of this one all alone a few times, but mostly at night. I figured it was a boar and decided to shoot it if it came in. I know there are bigger bears around, but they have not showed up. Sat on the ground with my back to a big oak. The bear walked by at 25 yards and I spine shot it with my Excalibur Crossbow and Swhacker 150. Dragged itself about 30 yard and expired. Was surprised to find it was a sow and not a boar! Was able to get a 150 foot rope on it to pull it up a steep embankment with the Jeep. Then loaded into the back of my pickup with a loader. Just got done skinning and butchering. Weighed it at home on my 300# Cabelas Big Buck Scale, since they don't do it at check in anymore. 290#. Planning on having the skin tanned. When I showed it to my wife, she said, "is that a full grown bear?". What a kick in the balls. Thanks for reading. Good luck to all.
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  14. After passing several 2.5 years and putting a lot of time in the woods I finally connected with a buck I called "Tines" which I thought was a 10 Last year as I missed this buck at 37 yards to find my arrow hit a small cedar direct before impact skimming his belly.. Last week I was out with my 9 years old son and we saw the same buck in a different spot in the afternoon. As I found some big scrapes and rubs at another location, I made my own moc scrapes and scented them down with Dominant Buck Lure and Widow Maker Estrous. Since I let the area rest for a few days, I planned on hunting this spot this morning. As the sun came up I used the can, along with some soft grunts. Since it was foggy I could not make it out clearly but knew a deer was coming in.. As the buck came closer It looked to be a spike or 4 pointer.. Seconds later I heard a snort weez from the swamp. As I did not know it was the same buck from last week, He walked sideways towards the 4 pointer and chased him back into the swamp. As I couldn't get a shot off I thought that was it.. 15 minutes later, I tried the can again several times along with some heavy grunts. The buck came out of the swamp caught my drag rag and started to follow while grunting. As all I could do at this point was watch he stopped and looked with every other step. He came up to one of the scrapes and pawed it out. Then it was back on the sent line up the mountain. As the buck came closer I could not believe that close to 3/4 of a mile away it was Tines that I saw with my son last week. As he was walking to walk past me I had the bow up which was only a few minutes but felt like and eternity. At 27 yards he stopped looked at me and stamped. When I released and the Muzzy founds it mark and he only took 5 more steps.. As a long drag was instore, I would like to thank my close friend (OMC) that came to my aid with a deer sled to help me as the drag was long.. I am greatly appreciative to have friends, my family and the good lord to make times like this possible.. The buck dressed at 173 and has yet to be scored, which in hi hopes he will go high.. Now I'm back to fishing, and maybe even give the ducks one more try since its been a while.. Thanks for reading..
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  15. Nomad

    Buck Down

    Thank you for all the nice comments on the other thread, thought I would post the story if anyone has interest. Totally screwed up a few days ago. Had a bigger buck than this come in to 14 yards in fading light and I shot just under his heart. Then he ran to 20 yards and I shot in the same place again. I was totally disgusted, I think I did the old short draw and did not pick a spot. Back to the drawing board. Did a lot of shooting and mental preparation. Pick a spot, full draw. Filed my Bear heads to a ragged, sharp edge. Today I went to a ladder stand where I had some smaller bucks come by 2 days ago. I had 5 bucks come out, none to big and they were feeding on Japanese Hop vines. I hear some scuffling behind me and see the bucks that were eating all looking in my direction. I look behind me, see some movement, very thick, and then there is the subject buck standing at the base of my tree, sniffing. When he momentarily looked back, I stood up, my bow was already on my lap with arrow nocked. He stood there for 10 minutes sniffing and looking around. What a gorgeous animal, I was thinking. Then he started eating leaves off a branch that I trimmed when I got in my stand! He feed for a long time! It was really wearing on me standing at the ready for so long and not moving. lol I couldn't move though. Finally, he turned and started slowly walking away, but out from behind the tree. I raised my bow and he turned just enough so I had his whole side at probably 5 yard. I drew to full draw and hit him right where I was looking. He ran in an all out run for about 100 yards before going down. Pretty sweet after the screw up a few days ago. Thanks for reading.
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  16. TheBuckStopsHere

    Big 8 Down.

    Was able to connect on this big 8 (2 add’l stickers making him really a 10) Sunday. Grossed 149-2/8” 25” and 27” beams. 22” Spread. Deer this caliber deserves some respect and appreciation. Complete Jersey Giant! Thanks for looking.
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  17. Tarhunt

    Foggy Buck Down!

    I been hunting this particular buck since November and even though I did not get out much due to having knee surgery and work, I was playing cat and mouse with him. During permit bow when I was not in my stand, he would be there out during the day. I looked for him on the Tuesday of muzzleloader but, he was only there at night. I checked the camera back on Tuesday ofcthis week and saw that he was out at 4:00pm last Sunday. I hunted Wednesday hoping to shoot him on my birthday but, he never showed. I hunted yesterday but, forgot to turn the camera on so, I had no idea of what he was doing. I decided to give it one last try this afternoon. My son was off and I offered him my blind and slug gun but, he said that he had better things to do. I drove the hour in the heavy fog and got into my ground at 2:00pm. The fog was not lifting at all. I could only see about 75 yards or so. At 345pm had a decent 6 point come out at 40 yards and he kept looking towards the woods. I recieved a text and was texting a friend back and I look out and there he was standing in front of me at 45 yards. I aimed behind his shoulder and shot. He ran back into the woods and I waited 20 mins and found him laying about 50 yards into the woods. I called my wife's uncle and he came to help drag him out. The buck field dressed out at 187 pounds.
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  18. Lunatic

    My muzzy buck

    It was hard to get out of bed at 4am knowing what the weather had in mind for us today but I was in my stand early and I could see silhouettes of deer moving on the horizon, I counted 8. I was at the bottom of the gradually rising field, with the top about 400 yards away and maybe 200’ up. A small creak runs down to me, splitting the fields in front of me in two, to north side on my right, and south side on my left. With first light two 4 pointers walked down along the creek to my stand and stopped at 30 yards. They knew something was up and took off in a hurry. Then, some time later around 7 am, I see a big buck and a doe on top of the hill in front of me on the south side of the creek, facing north. They were about 400 yards out and looked very cautious. They repeatedly move 20 yards and stand there for five minutes looking north-west in direction they were heading. I knew exactly where they were going, to MGhunter land.. NO BS. An idea crossed my mind to get down and go after them. I knew where they would cross the creek and if I could move up quickly I could get them in the field to my right, on the north side of the creek. I hesitated. I would have to move 500 yards, he only had 100-150 yards to go and I would have to beat him. It did not take me long to hit the ground. I had a major advantage which was also my disadvantage. Because I was going up a steep incline they would not be able to see me until I got within shooting range. The disadvantage was running 500 yards up this steep hill. I quickly crossed the creek to the north side and the race was on . I had my gun in my case, it was raining by then, but sometime on the way up I took the gun out and dropped the case. I really moved like a lunatic,(), and it felt like I got there in 10 seconds. I stopped about 200 yards from where I expected the crossing to happen. I found them through the trees branches, narrow wooded area on both sides of the creek, and they were about 50 yards from the crossing, frozen again-thank God, looking to north west. I could not move anymore without them seeing me but if they made few more steps I would be obstructed by some thicker vegetation on their side. Finally the doe took off full speed and buck behind her. So did I and how!! There was a giant blow down 50 yards in front of me where I could get a good gun rest, standing up. As I got to it and placed my gun on top, they entered the field full speed, running from my left to right and slightly away. I was about to stop them but they stopped again on their own but this time only 125 yards away. I shouldered my gun and……..my scope was fogged up and wet. All I could think is “don’t make the same mistake you made last week, take your time and make a good shot. So I did. I cleaned the scope aimed and boom. The shot felt great and his death run, I could hardly see over the cloud of smoke, was a decent confirmation. When they stopped, they were on the lower side of a sudden change in elevation, about 5 feet, with a dirt road on top. After he was hit he went up and consequently only after few moments I lost the sight of him. I was thinking about reloading but I ended up running after him full speed to see which way he was going,…. just in case. As soon as my eyes cleared the rise in elevation I could see him only 60 yards away. I walked up to many bucks in my lifetime, not only mine, but this one was one of the few getting bigger as I was getting closer. I went nuts but no one was there to see it. ( it took me a while to find my gun case and I lost my hat.) INo way I will every forget this morning. Thanks for reading….. I know it was long, sorry The video shows three clips of this buck. In the first clip the buck I killed this morning is on the left and the stud 10 pointer MGhunter took with the bow is no the right.
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  19. Yeah I know what kind of picture you guys were expecting but not today. This is my youngest granddaughter Elliana decked out in her first Camo, 10 years from now I will be posting pictures of her hunting with POP
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  20. After 7 years of school and hospital rotations she is officially Dr. BloodyHands!
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  21. Last month I was nominated and inducted into The NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The HOF was created almost 20 years ago to recognize NJ residents and natives who work for the betterment of Archery, Bowhunting and wildlife conservation here in NJ. some past inductees are Len Cardinale, Bill Wadsworth, Dick Sage, Ann Hoyt, Len Lee Rue.. Again.. truly an honor to receive this..
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  22. First rabbit for us! Should have had a few already which is no fault of the pups lol. I've not only missed a few shots but have also moved out of position several times smh. Today I finally allowed the dogs time to do their job and a shot even I can make was presented lol. Enjoying the process of learning along with the pups.
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  23. rgw

    Tagged out 9 pt down

    This season was the worse for me till yesterday. Till yesterday the biggest buck I saw was a 4 pt. Yesterday morning I passed a spike, 4 pt and a basket 7 point. 15 minutes after letting those go I saw this 9 chasing a doe. I grunted real loud and he came in on a string and put on a show. He had me shaking so bad I made the worse shot I have ever seen. Called john buck 154 and made a plan to meet after work to look. My stomach was in nots all day. Luckily he was dead not far from where I last saw him. John scored him at 122. Happy as a pig in mud right now
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  24. Hunted an old mature buck in PA last night . been watching him all summer , and with few trees dropping acorns the deer have really concentrated in a small area each evening . had a bunch of deer feeding around me for hours , mix of does and smaller bucks . most deer had pushed off when this buck finally came though , presenting me with a 21 yard shot . watched the lighted nock zip through behind his shoulder and stick into the ground behind him . ‘he ran 65 yards and crashed in a grassy opening , possibly the easiest spot for me to recover the deer from . walked past him at 40 yards , putting all my gear in my truck . shed some clothes and walked up to the buck , taking about 10 minutes . bucks head on the ground , eyes open , yet when I get 5 steps from him he jumps off and runs into a power cut . ‘I’m shocked as I was sure he was down for the count .. I go recover my arrow and it appears the Carni 4 didn’t open . I pushed the dull edges of the head through him.. still an easy follow as ample blood is on the ground . 75 yards I see him laying but seems he is semi alert . backed out , paced the house all night wondering wth was going on . confident in my shot placement I was thinking maybe I only had hit one lung . quick recovery this morning as he only went another 20 yards and was piled up in a small creek . arrow had hit him dead center of the near side lungs , and exited through the offside lung . hard to believe this deer lived a few hours with jagged holes in each lung . researching the Carni 4 not opening I see Grim Reaper had to change the original springs to a lighter spring . having over 2 dozen of these heads I will be sending them back for replacement .. anyone shooting these heads need to see if the springs in the head are gold in color , they need to be changed out
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  25. Had a bumpy start to the fall bow season. I swore I would never shoot expandable heads again. I sat pretty much quiet for the season waiting for the bucks to start changing up their patterns. Made some mock scrapes along the food plot edges and they started getting hit. Had a few big rubs appear. Got my first sighting of a mature 8 pt. Sat for him on 4 evenings, encountered him twice and bounced a rage off his shoulder. Damn it. So after that I figured that was my season. Got in my go to rut stand Sunday and encountered another buck but no shot. Got back in a stand not far from that one and was able to put an arrow in this 10 pt this morning. 42 yards broadside with a Rage Hypodermic. I watched him drop from the stand. Thanks for looking
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  26. 3Blade

    Heavy buck down...

    Went out yesterday afternoon with pretty low expectations, all my cams weren't showing much. Had some does come in milling around feeding on acorns and the little bit of corn I sprinkled. I watched one doe that kept looking behind me and sure enough I hear a steady heavy walk and new it had to be a buck. When he gets under me I glance down slowly and he looks right up at me. So I freeze he then continues to walk and I see he is a big body deer, I glance at his rack which looks pretty good. I go into auto pilot, draw settle my pin and arrow is hitting it's mark and it's a complete pass-through. I get up to him and his rack shrunk a bit but his body got bigger. I knew immediately I was in for a nightmare drag. I have to give a huge thanks to MGHunter(Mark) for helping get this deer out. He dressed at 190lbs which puts him over 200 lbs live. He is the biggest body buck I have shot to date.
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  27. Lphunsjr

    Buck Down,,,,, Finally

    Had a rough season. Been putting time in with my wife and daughters boyfriend as well as trying to get myself on a buck. Put a shot on a buck last night in the pines and couldn't find arrow or blood. Wondered it it was a miss! Woke up this morning,,,could barely sleep, and met my buddy and daughters boyfriend. Still no arrow so started a grid search. I was losing hope as all I was seeing was briars and pine needles. Then,,,,,I was told to go back their way. Daughters boyfriend found him 60 yds away from where I shot him. Very thankful. My best Pine buck to date. Solid 9. My long sits finally paid off. I earned this one!!
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  28. So, 2020... My first first real post since December 2019. Disappeared in December after my wife’s pregnancy got complicated. Spoiler alert, my daughter was born early but she is a beautiful happy 5 month old (see below). 2020 was ups and downs, I got sick, was out of the house away from my wife for weeks (felt useless while she was on bed rest). Baby came early, but healthy (my wife is a rock star), we lost a house, then bought a house. Wife lost a job, then found a work from home better job. So on and so forth. So, really have no room to complain. New house, healthy wife and baby, and buck at the butcher. Oh, I should tell you that my wife unplugged the garage freezer last week and I lost an entire deer from January (specialty cuts from Ely’s too). That little mishap is what got me in the woods morning. Yesterday afternoon the Mrs says, “You need a break, why don’t you hunt this weekend ?” That’s all I needed to hear. Up at zero dark thirty this morning and headed out. No set up, no stand, no blind, no bait. All I had time to do yesterday was make sure the xbow was zeroed in. Figured what the hell, get out this morning just to put some wind in my sail. Well, luck was on my side (and so was the wind). Same property I always hunt so I knew of a few blow downs for concealment. Got in about 5:45, tucked myself in and waited. Lots of noises, felt great to be out even though I was assuming if deer did show I was sure to be busted. Around 7:15 I had to answer nature’s call, stepped a few yards away from the blow down and made this buck out, fortunately he didn’t see or smell me. Quickly tucked back in and got ready. After a few minutes I thought he disappeared but I heard something come up my back side. He strolled by about 40 yards to my right. Walked by like he was the only one in the woods. He circled back slightly and stopped at just shy 30 yards, perfectly broadside. Crossbow propped up on the blow down in front of me and I let the bolt fly. Mule kick and he ran, I couldn’t see where he went and the wait began. Never hunted this way before so it was a challenge for me to restrain myself (I’m used to watching deer drop from the tree). 8am rolls around and I decided to take a slow walk to retrieve my bolt, found it pretty quickly but it was cleaned off after going into the dirt and leaves. Picked up the blood trail, knew it was lung(s) and kept going. He made it maybe 80 yards and piled up. So, F’ you 2020, I win!
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  29. HuntEmDown505

    BBD! Rainy buck

    It finally happened! After a total re-tune of my bow, changing to an almost 500 grain arrow mid season and moving my blind, I got it done. He came in from a new path, completely different from the transition spot theyve been using for years. I worked until 430 and snuck into a blind just after 5. The rain had held off for a bit and it was deadly quiet. I was watching a new path the deer had carved out that had just two days ago forced me to move my entire blind setup and brush it in. As I sat and watched I saw a glimpse of his rack ducking the low cedar branches. He took a quick right into the open at 25 yards as I drew and leaned into the shot. Just when I thought he may slow down, he put his head down and started to move out of my small shooting lane. I let one fly, a new arrow I was much more confident in. I had just tuned my bow in, and it met the mark. High entry, and he ran away with my red Nockturnal bounding away into the cedars. I called my best friend, @WVAhunter08 nearly having a heart attack, I was sure he was my target buck. Turns out he wasn't, but just as beautiful. As we started our track, the rain began and the blood disappeared. As we picked through the switchgrass for droplets, he sent me to the left to "check for blood" (he had seen him first) and as I came around the trees I saw him there, about 70 yards from the shot. Double lung. What an amazing experience, and a big shoutout to @WVAhunter08 for the knowledge, track and celebratory drinks afterwards. My biggest, most characteristic buck. The pictures dont do him justice, hes a horse. What a great night, and the culmination of so much work.
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  30. I was out for does today, and not seeing any, then a spike came out across the field about 200 yards away and walked the edge of the woods towards me, he got about 130 yards from me and stopped and while I was watching him I caught some movement in the woods just alongside of him and it was this nice 8 pointer, the spike turned and started coming to me and I did not have a clear shot at the 8 but after a few minutes he stepped out and gave me a broad side, Shot was a perfect heart shot, he went about 40 yards and it was all over. Here are the before and after pics
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  31. Out with Dad today on a muzzy hunt in the great swamp. Not that many people hunt it anymore because of the devastated deer herd from repeatedly hit with blue tongue disease. There are a few deer left and some old ones in here. As always I hunt an island very deep in the swamp that no sane person will go. Scouting showed promising sign of a big buck(s) working this island. After getting my father in his spot i threw on my waders and off to “my” island. The morning brought an absolutely gorgeous still morning but it seemed nothing was moving. No squirrels, ducks, birds, and no shooting! At 8am i thought i heard a buck grunt deep in some prickers. I then heard heavy steps through some water. A catch a glimpse of a great rack in a small opening about 75 yards out. Then appearing out of nowhere was one single adult doe 25 yards away. I could then see bits and pieces of this buck as he grunted and walked toward his doe. He starte to skirt the doe in some really heavy prickers that i was unsure i would get a shot. Finally at only 40 yards or so, he stops where I have a small window right into the base of his neck. I sent my 300gr barnes expander through the hole and down he went without a twitch. It was nice that he actually grew as i walked up to him. Buck is a solid 140” plus animal. Happy day for me but really want my father to get one. At 75 years old i just cant get him to “my” spots anymore. Thanks for looking
    50 points
  32. Grandson Jake and he Father bushnlo went out yesterday afternoon while I was cutting fields and call me Last night that Jake took his 1st Deer a nice mature Doe. Now I got to get him on a buck as soon as I finish cutting fields.
    49 points
  33. 06roadking

    Hell of a morning!

    Been waiting for Saturday to come all week. With Sonia on the ground and enough melt to make a walkable crust, couldnt have been better. Got this blackish big female about 15-20 minutes in. Saw her flanking the area at about 200 yards. Had a rodent distress playing but, she wasn’t having it. I waiting til she ducked into a stand of pines across the field and hit the pup distress. She came across the field like a shot and dropped her at 50 yards right next to the caller. Bonus as I was walking out to my truck, a fox came across the field and I made my best shot ever dropping the fox at 238 yards leaning on a fence post.
    49 points
  34. Came in at first light . Watched him for about 15 minutes until I could see both his body position better as well as my sight be clearer (old eyes suck in low light ). 22 yard shot , hard quartering away . reaper painted the ground , deer ran approx 100 yards before crashing .
    49 points
  35. Nomad

    Deer Down

    I got set up yesterday evening on a ridge travel route. This buck came along moving very cautiously, but I was just off to the side of his wind. He gave me a nice shot at 20 yards. The arrow zipped right thru him and he just walked away. Almost had another shot at him. The shot looked a little back, so with some cool weather expected I waited until this morning and found him in his bed 200 yards away. Getting my son set up now and will be butchering while waiting to hear from him. Thanks for reading.
    49 points
  36. Son took this buck this afternoon. He had a good feeling about a particular stand and I told him to trust his gut . About 20 minutes left of shooting light left out came a doe across the field . In tow were 4 bucks with this guy leading the chase. She took them right to the stand and he made a good shot with his muzzy at 40 yards . I think he is a 4.5 year old buck .
    48 points
  37. Went out today for an all day sit deep in the newark watershed, 1.5 miles back. Found a pocket of animals using a bunch of ridges, bowl swamps, and laurels. Day started out with a few does watching a bear make a nest. This bear slept in his cozy pile of leaves til 2pm. At noon had an 8pt pass by which got a pass. About 230pm i watched a beautiful broken up 10pt work his way down a ridge to me. He met up with three does right near me that i never knew where there. He started to harass one of the smaller does which i suspect was coming into heat. As the afternoon went on, a spike and 4pt, and the same 8pt joined in. At 430, the 8pt and 10pt started to fight. It was very still and quiet back there and the sounds of fighting antlers really traveled. About 10 minutes later a hear loud walking coming through the swamp. Every deer instantly went on high alert staring into the swamp. I thought a bear was coming but turned out to be this nice mature 8pt. I knew i wanted him immediately. I braced my knight muzzy and sent a 300gr barnes expander into the boiler room. As always with this load, buck dropped dead in his tracks. Im exhausted now after a 2.5 hour drag through uphill rock! Great public land adventure! Thanks for looking
    48 points
  38. A deer 🦌 that we nicknamed “The Nest Buck” was harvested this afternoon by my 16yr old son Chris Jr. His mother dropped him off at 11 AM to hunt his spot since I was at work and he had some activity midday yesterday. He sent one ☝️ from his Mathews at 12:33 PM while he had me on the phone w/ his ear buds in. I heard the shot and the crack of hitting the deer before he got all excited telling me he crushed him! This is his 2nd buck of the year, after he shot a beauty in the regular season. He’s really amazing at this wonderful sport considering he’s such a young man. Way further along than I ever was at that age... I’m just so proud of him for having patience and letting younger bucks walk all season. He’s definitely on his way.... Way to go son, many more! Love you, Dad 11/15/20 Somerset County
    48 points
  39. My wife went out twice w me last year and didn’t shoot anything, I could tell she was disappointed..went out yesterday and she passed on a bunch of does and a buck. . Went again this morning saw over ten does and then 1hr and a half of silence when this guy came in. She said she wanted this one so I grunted to stop him and she made a perfect shot. He went maybe 18 yards and dropped. Great day. Now I’m back out solo to fill my tag
    48 points
  40. Well got out this morning and got lucky. Had some does come through about 740am and they were acting crazy. Kept looking back and at one point they busted out of there. 10 seconds later here comes this buck. He finally gave me a quartering away shot at about 25 yds. He ran about 20 yds and fell. My largest NJ buck to date. The freezer will be full for winter! Good luck to all my fellow hunters out there!
    48 points
  41. Got very lucky this past weekend in New York. I drove up early Friday morning and met Booner loaded up our gear, and our next stop was in Pennsylvania to pick up hammer4reel. After a few hours on the road we stopped at Bass Pro got our licenses and a few other odds and ends, ate a few snack sticks for lunch and were settled in our trees by 330. Perfect weather, good wind and it wasn't long before deer were feeding on a newly planted alph alpha field the three of us were set up on. In a group text I saw messages from Mike and Dan that there was a shooter buck feeding out of my sight but within a hundred yards of me. Shortly after glimpses and pieces were all I caught of him for almost an hour. The last text I saw said he was heading right to me. After what seemed like forever this old boy rounded the field edge at 75 yard's and was making his way right up the farm lane which was leading him for a real close broadside shot. As he was obscured by some branches and leaves I drew and tried to stay calm. He came to a stop at 8 yards and the arrow found its mark, him taking off into a thicket of pines. Within fifteen seconds I heard him crash, sounding like he took down half the thicket with him! After a short wait we found blood where I took the shot him and found him about 70 yards away! Very exciting and fortunate hunt! Hammer taped him out and he measured 153 1/2, biggest buck I've ever harvested. Thanks Mike and Dan for an excellent trip, can't wait til next year!
    48 points
  42. Russ 11

    Great Opening Day

    We did some doe management in the morning and then my son took this great looking 8 in the evening . He made a good shot at 20 yards with his Halon and buck was down within 40 yards . Doesn’t get much better than that .
    47 points
  43. Just submitted my retirement paperwork, I did it early in case the paperwork is lost/misplaced by the pension board, or they find any discrepancies and for the fact they do approvals every quarter so I'm hoping my paperwork will be in the first quarter of 2021....I can go on October 1st, but my last day of work is on December 31st.....I will start using my sick time one per week in late April, and then cash out my vacation & comp time which will be used as a retirement gift to myself on a new truck
    47 points
  44. Shepss217


    Got this stud two nights ago. Still can’t believe all the stars aligned lol. He was my number 1 hitlister
    47 points
  45. Very big thanks to John, Buck154 , for giving up his time and helping out my daughter by putting her on some deer. She has been in a six year drought and has definitely put in her time, passing on deer that she has had no shot on and she has been on countless deerless sits. Even last week, we walked to a stand and a small buck was beneath it literally as we were walking in... John took us out, set us up in a blind last weekend, and we didn’t see anything. Today, we came back to his place after the rain this morning and spent some time sighting in the crossbow - just to make sure it was on - and a good thing too because the sight was off. As we were sighting in the scope, a six pointer was hot on a doe ; we knew it was going to be a good day. Sitting in the blind, a doe came in my daughter’s view. This was the first deer to actually be broadside in her view - ever. The kid has put in 50+ hunts. To my surprise, she passed up the doe knowing that there were bucks on camera. Around 4:30, a large spike came in. Facing us, he was not giving her the shot. I was getting nervous. She could have shot the doe. Then a three pointer came in. My daughter didn’t hesitate. She aimed, was crisp cool, and fired. To her credit, she was mechanical and well-trained. It happened quickly. The deer mule kicked and took off. I was shaking more than my kid. We waited for John and pursued the blood trail. It went for a while, good colored blood, and then stopped at a pool. We followed it a bit more and realized we pushed the deer . It ended up crossing a stream. We decided to back out and go to a diner. A dew hours later, we picked up the blood trail again and followed it, this time it lead to the deer, who ended up back in the stream. One happy kid and dad. Thank you, John!
    47 points
  46. MikeStaten

    Wait or track soon?

    Thanks all. He only went about 60 yds.
    47 points
  47. After a tough deer season so far and even tougher bear season, I had the opportunity to take a decent 8pt this afternoon. Perfect heart shot but still ran over 100 yards, easy recovery though. A friend of mine had seen this buck about 2 miles away a week ago showing bucks moving prepping for the rut. Shot this buck with a QAD exodus heads. For a fixed head, they fly extremely well (I shot them out to 100 yards), really tough with super sharp blades. Makes a great hole and puts a lot of blood on the ground, highly recommended!
    47 points
  48. Sorry for the long story. I have been watching this buck and two others over the past couple weeks. This buck was not as visible as the other two shooters I have on my cameras until this past week. This buck started showing up at the stand where my son took his buck in September. So I decided I would Take off to hunt the last three day of the regular bow season. I was holding off hunting the stand until the wind was right. So yesterday afternoon I decided to hunt a ground blind on a different part of the property. So all afternoon I was getting pictures of all three shooter bucks I’m after on this property. So I decided I was going in with my climber as soon as the rain stopped and get down wind of the bait. I had deer around me as soon as I got settled in. I had a nice 8 come in by I was holding out for one of the shooters. The 8 walks off and 2 minutes later I see a buck coming from where the 8 just went. So I figured it was the 8. So I turned on my video camera because he started to pee in a scrape. He then proceeded to walk over and start eating. I then realized it was A 10 pt. So I settled my sight right behind his should and squeeze off the shot. The shot looked really good and he took off like he was hurting bad but I didn’t get a pass through. I gave him about 20 minutes and got down to check for blood. It was one of the heaviest blood trails I have witnessed. He went about 75 yards and piled up. The great part was my parents were there with me tonight to be part of the recovery. Good luck everyone.
    46 points
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