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    Great night in the woods with good movement most of the day.. got in tree at 1130 right away seen a spike. Another spike a half hour later than a lone doe at 2. At 245ish 3 does come out of swamp and start to feed than the old nanny in the group starts to stomp and posture looking opposite from where she came.. I catch move ment n see antler every time he moved shed move closer and stomp and snort.. this went on for 45 minutes. Than she snorted 3 times and beat feet I thought she caught my sent.. I have never seen a doe bully a buck from coming in.. all is quiet than from where the does came I see another spike than out in front I catch movement again and it's a good 8 I've had on cam.. he comes in and gives me a quartering away shot took my time and touched off the release, this is where it goes bad in my head.. he takes off and hes dragging his rear leg I see blood pouring out he stands at 60 yrds for a moment thsn I see him take off again. I wait till dark get down quietly and examine arrow nothing but got on arrow.. I immediately left.. somthing wasn't sitting well so at 9 I decided to go in and see.. right away find guts strung along scrub oaks and 30 yrds find massive amounts of blood.. where I seen him take off was his last lunge.. he must have turned at the shot but went in in front of leg and out opposite shoulder.. I'm glad my instinct hot me because we pushed a fox off him that already had the tail off..
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    Mounted up some studs recently http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Since I posted this on the "check in thread" from 11/11 Veteran's day, many have been asking for the "hunt" story. Small private property piece, surrounded by big ag fields. My parents purchased this lot back in 1960 or so. My father built this house with his own blood sweat and tears. I grew up in that home. My father wanted to spend his last days a year ago, looking out his window at the view he loved all his life. That wasn't meant to be - he needed full time hospice care so he spent his last days at the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice facility, which as about as good a view of the Kittatinny mountains and sunset as there can be. But I digress- he came to pass on my Son's 22nd birthday, the 27th of November, 2018. I took my best NJ buck ever days before he entered hospice. I took my first velvet buck (a 10pt) in early fall bow season this year - a true elusive old ghost that seemed impossible to even see let along kill. Feeling my dad'spirit and guidance all the way - the guy that got me into hunting at age 10. Fast forward to veteran's day - I needed a change of pace and to get out of z5. Seeing the same small bucks every day and lots of doe, every day seemed like groundhog day. My zone 2 spot is basically a simple, late afternoon easy walk hunt but ONLY can do it if the wind is just a little better for me than for the deer. This time - I had the perfect wind, and set up in my Mother's woods glassing fields from afar. This area is overpopulated with doe, and I usually take some out early season and winter bow. But during the tail end of the rut, they need to be kept relaxed, un-pressured and barely hunted. Just like my zone 5 spots I had zero shooters on camera, but know that the potential for something good always exists this time of year - once rut peak has passed and the mature bucks start really extending their range. I first glassed and ranged this buck at 350 yards an hour before dark. He cleared out an entire field of all doe. He looked quite massive from that distance - but what are the odds of him coming all the way across two fields to me? Slim to none - it would take some form of divine intervention one would think. With barely 10 minutes of shooting light left, I saw some does feeding out in the middle of the field I was near the edge of, as I was in my climber on a nice red oak. Time is running out, he is now center of field checking out each and every doe quite methodically. My heart is starting to race. No way this can happen - I have no live bait by me, no way his coming up in here. Then by some miracle - 5 doe come up the hedgerow and start feeding by my stand. The buck sees this and rapidly heads toward them. I grab my bow, the does break away and he follows one and enters my woods at 17 yards, stops, and SWHACK - yes I just felt like a 125gr, 2.25' swhacker kind of day. I had been queing up my COC VPA fixed blades all rut but figured i was 2 for 2 with the swhackers this year so why not? He took off but was immediately wobbly and tipped over barely 40 yards from my tree. Of course these BH's suck at penetration so I only got one hole on a double lung, but dead is dead and I would rather watch them drop than have to blood trail. Again I had no pictures of this buck, was just hunting the potential for a shooter at the perfect phase of the rut on the perfect wind. Oh earlier just before this buck I saw a buck same area that was definitely a shooter but probably 130" or so, and I would have been ecstatic to have had him do this, But then this guy showed and must have scared that one off. To see how it all played out - I am not this good. Lucky yes- but this hunt was definitely guided from above. Nobody can convince me otherwise. Those that know me know I love bowhunting whitetail deer, have learned a thing or two, and have a passion for only targeting mature bucks. I guess a personal goal was to someday get a NJ buck that broke the 150" barrier (gross P&Y score - not even caring about net). Never dreamed I would shatter that goal to the tune of 168 2/8". Of course it has to dry 58 ore days before I go see our favorite scorer Mark, probably at the UBNJ booth at the deer classic show. It will shrink a bit. No matter what it ends up "official", this was my buck of a lifetime. This buck had quite the body on him as well, weighing 193 lbs on a certified scale. The meat supply will be overflowing now. Thank you dad, for getting me into hunting, and bringing me this amazing animal, on the very land you bought when you didn't have two nickels to rub together.
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    Got my first 2 deer with a bow this weekend and first buck ever.
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    Carl over at All Game just send me this picture of my mount all finished up. My first rooster pheasant and the hen I shot with him opening day last year. I found the wood mill/wheel thing at an antique shop and thought it would make an awesome backdrop for them. Can’t wait to pick them up!
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    Its a one time use but the price should not make anyone hesitate. It is small so it fits in my pant's cargo pocket. I was going to get the wingman system but I did not like having to deal with the line dangling all the way to the ground -(additional scent and additional movement)
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    Favorite restaurant! I always get the etouffee. I find myself scraping the bowl every time! Enjoy.
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    What a great buck and story too !!! Congratulations again !!!
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    Got out today for first time this season. Went to Colliers Mills at 1130. Hunted for an hour and half. Only saw one bird and got him. Nice heavy bird with a longtail. Used my Browning Citori Feather Superlight in 16 gauge for first time that I bought new a couple months ago.
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    We were not that smart back then.
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    Sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I should be in a stand with the crossbow but wanted to get some sets out first.
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    Since I have no deer of my own to post (not even close), I figured I'd post this deer … photographed by a man walking the woods in Michigan's upper peninsula over the weekend. The 75 year old gentleman is a long time hunter … but now is a photographer. He said it would have been easier to shoot the deer than it was to photograph him. lol Good luck, everybody. From the Washington Post ...
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    Wow. What a slammer. Congrats Jack
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    All my biggest bucks were never seen on camera.. Either cruising looking for does or being pushed by another hunter.. Sometimes the camera presents the white elephant which is never seen again or taken a mile away. 2 of the biggest bucks I've seen were on camera on state land in Walpack.. Hunted them and became nocturnal once the army of bird hunters set in.. These bucks were in the 50 - 60 class. Camera's are great for hunting smaller lots but big woods bucks have a much larger range and completely different animal in my opinion
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    I'm having a pretty good year deer hunting so far this year. I got 2 bucks and they both were my personal best (vs. before last year). I also have more buck sightings. I tried to change things up this season 2 ways. I went 100% mobile and I gave up cams. Now, when I say mobile, I don't mean "hunting beast" mobile. I'm not walking through 2 miles of swamp and frag to kill a buck 50 yards from his bed on public land. This is private land mobile. Just not relying on pre-hung stands and following sign and hunting it each time. I don't know which has helped me do better (mobile vs. no cams) or both or if its just dumb luck. I thought I would seek out some reaction / comment from the group about cam usage. Other than those changes, it's the same hunter and the same properties. Over the years, I have become more and more frustrated with cams: thousands of pics of one leaf blowing in the wind, dead batteries, corrupt SD cards, cams that walk off on their own power, pics of racoons and squirrels, and yes, the occasional great buck...usually at 2am. I kind of had two "last straws" last year that made me decide to give them up. A. I was sitting in a stand and I watched a few doe and a buck go down a trail that I had a cam on. The doe all went right by it. The buck actually looped just around the tree it was on. It was like he knew it was there and was just a bit worried about it. It didn't scare him off the property, but clearly he didn't like it. B. I was going to clear the SD card off a cam and a nice big buck popped up out of his bed not 10 feet from the cam and ran off. It was clear upon inspection that it was his bed and I had just missed it when I set the cam (or it wasn't there then). It seemed like he'd been there for a while. When I got home the card didn't have a single pic of that buck on it. I guess I kind of used cams in 2 ways. 1. One was to just put over a bait or mineral site and get an "inventory" of bucks in the area esp in the summer. This worked fine. 2. The second way was to really pin down movement. I would go in the off season and really look for trails and set cams up. Then, I would go back from time to time and try to get intel....maybe move the cams....then check the cards in season. I did get some intel from time to time, but it was really just confirmatory that the sign I saw was really sign. Also, I'm not sure when I got no pics, it was really enough info to conclude there was NOT a buck in the area. I guess I view cams used in the second way (to pinpoint movement) as just a risk / reward proposition. You might get good info...but you might scare of bucks (either by your physical disturbance or the cam itself). So, I felt like the risk/reward wasn't working for me and gave them up. The other nice thing is when I actually see a buck, I don't have any info that there is a "better buck" in the area, so I just shoot if he gets my heart reacing….also don't have to worry about batteries and SD cards or cell phone reception... The other thing might be that w/o pics, I am really just focused on fresh sign. Every time I go out, I'm just looking and looking for sign b/c I have nothing else. Anyway, this is just my experience. I know most everyone uses them and likes them and I'm definitely NOT saying you're wrong. If they are helping you, keep using them for sure. Thoughts? Experiences?
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    Gary Malzone Indian Creek Breeders. Won nationals 7 years in a row with his dogs.. His current stud is number 1 in the world. He paid 30K for him.. Super dogs with no genetic issues like the american lab.. We have a reservation on one in the spring to add to my Springer.. Look Gary up! He is a super guy!
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    The intel gained from my cameras proved that I should have been on stand between October 20-28 this fall. Was I? Of course not. Was working. Ugh.
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    And listen to this Rusty guy. He know a thing or two, because he's seen a thing or two.....
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    Just a heads up. Flatbrook range is NOT open. Under construction and it is barricaded closed...
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    This is what I use https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/primal-tree-stands-descender-fall-arrest-system?a=2183726&pm2d=CSE-SPG-15-PLA&utm_medium=PLA&utm_source=Google&utm_campaign=CI&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4I2Nkp3r5QIVGKSzCh0RAwB3EAQYASABEgKGJfD_BwE
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    Buck of a lifetime Jacko! Can't wait to see it in person....Congrats again!
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    Been a few years since I've been there but if they still have the voodoo shrimp appetizer its awesome.
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    Here it is..... Q-Safe by Blindsided huntin company... https://www.blindedhunting.com/qsafe
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    I would be interested in hearing a bit about it from someone who uses it also. I guess I have always felt so safe in my summit climber that i ignored the possibility of a real failure that would create a free fall situation. Will be strapped in from here on out
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    Greats story awsome buck nice big rack on him. but the memories of hunting with your dad are the are bigger and greater then any buck out there. my dad's gone 23 yrs now I think of him every hunt and thank him for taking the time to spend with me. thats what makes hunting priceless. Take a kid hunting. Great story thanks for sharing it and congrats. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Home and on the wall...I forgot how stunning these birds were couldn’t help but take the camera out and snap a few pics
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    Went there and it was good, you'll like it. Been awhile so can't recommend any specific dishes.
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    Went there today also but not until 1:30 this afternoon. Saw 2 vehicles but had the woods and fields to myself and was fortunate to get 2 nice big healthy looking cock birds. My GSP is doing really great this year at 5yrs old and I amazingly shot like you are supposed to and took them with a 16 ga also, my AH Fox SxS that was built in 1936.
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    Great job brother! All the hard work and dedication you put in this year is really paying off. Damn proud of you! Looking forward to tagging another on opening day with you!
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    Wow! What a buck, and what a hunt. God and your Pop were definitely smiling down on you that night. Congrats!
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    Fun Day for the Spaniel Squad.
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    Huge congrats brother! Great job sealing the deal. Buck fever happens to everyone. That heart pounding feeling is what keeps most of us in the woods.
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    I have lifelines on three stands. I connect once I'm up in three other stands but I just bought another three pack of lifelines on Amazon last week so they'll be changed over. In my climber, I slide the attachment rope up the tree as I climb.
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    I have safety lines on my stands even ladders. The danger is setting them up initially where I use a linemens belt. My guilty move is also the most dangerous, stepping onto the stand the first time not connected. Lineman belt gets caught low when I try to step onto the stand (up not parallel) so I always felt it was safer without it versus getting pulled downward. Smarter would be to set the stand parallel to last step.
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    WOW. What a buck. Congrats. His rack actually makes his 193lb body look small. What a beast.
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    When I hunted from a tree it was on before I left the ground and didn't come off till I was down.
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    Congratulations Nick, very nicely done sir!! Now go study for tomorrow's test!!!
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    Got all my stuff out and organized this morning. Won’t be able to set until Sunday or Monday but still amped
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    Yeah, I'm not at that stage yet. I understand how cams would be critical if that's your goal.
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    Good day in the mill.. dog put up 2 and caught 1 also put up 2 quail wich was cool. I killed 1 pheasant she put up n a buddy missed the other.
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    I got one like that yesterday 10:15 am. Have to zoom in to see it. Might be a double beam not sure. Too bad he snapped of the end of his left beam.
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    I was out today with my puppy she managed to flush 3 up
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    Congrats again on a great buck! Jack Just curious about the shot angle. was it quartering away? The reason I ask I also hunt with swhacker BH's. I have found they will blow through on Board side shots but not on quartering away shots. The deer usually die within sight so it isn't a big deal.
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    Good luck Beard and to all that are out!
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    Longer in November you hold your Tag - better chance at a giant. You have to be willing to eat tag soup.
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    You have to shoot rages. The only thing that kills big bucks. Jack would have never gotten his deer without a rage.
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    I could be wrong but isn’t it the law you need to wear a harness?
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