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    NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Results First Place: Tie Between Team 1 and Team 2 Each of the youth of both teams will receive a $85 Cabelas Gift Card Team 1...........................................35 Christopher (LPJR).....................11 Rayna (nb6624). . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Declan (Bonefreak).....................11 Maria (resquecfd) Team 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Mason (Nighthawn) . . . . . . . . . . 13 Chris Jr (hendryhill) . . . . . . . . . . 13 Dylan (Buckfever1974). . . . . . . . 9 Each Youth On Team 2 will also receive a Bob & AJ’s $50 Gift Certificate In addition, Rayna (nb6624) will also receive a Bob & AJ’s $50 Gift Certificate The following are the winners of the Random Drawings from all contest participants: Sahanas Taxidermy Skull Mount – Christian (Devil Horns) 2 Person Ladder Stand – Lily (Bushnlo) HHS Lifeline – Rayna (nb6624) Fly Fishing Starter Kit – Declan (Bonefreak) BSA Rubber Coated Binos – Luke (Tuck) Deer Hunting Magazines – Mark (Nomad) 1 Pack of Rage Broadheads – Peter (Huntfree77) CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE !!! Please get me your youth’s full names and addresses (don’t make me hunt you down) so that I can make arrangements for their prizes to be mailed before I go away next Monday.
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    After recent threads of sushi went to ginza tonight. 15 dollars. And delisious
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    Can we ban this pot stirrer?
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    I've gone but with some buddies while down here at school. Only thing it cost me was my gator harvest permit which was like $50. I can't help with guides but you having the 4-6ft range in mind is extremely doable. You're in a great area so you'll have no problem finding a guide. My first one was a little 5 1/2 footer. Next one was a 12.4in with a good 5 inches missing from its tale. If possible, find a guide that uses a bang stick. Really cool device that you'll probably never see again in your life.
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    Cookin' tonight! VID_20200227_220657.mp4
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    Brisket is on the smoker boys. By the way Jay it’s a tough job to have a serious dad body!
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    I know what you mean. The steel is soft and there are better knives out there. However this one is the best one I have. My late father made it.
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    To share my "great knife" experience without hijacking your post because I think knives are cool and want to very much see what you end up with. This knife is 45 years old. It takes on an edge like no knife I have ever owned or seen. The steel is on the soft side so it is easy to sharpen and I generally have touch it up to after 2 or 3 deer. I don't use it for skinning any more just gutting (but it also skinned it's share), but my dad (RIP) bought me this knife when I was 10 years old at a general store in Stillwater, NJ on way to my very first deer camp staying in a cabin on Fairview lakes with his deer gang. I would not sell this knife for any price. It has gutted all my bucks. Countless does other than the winter bow doe I took this January, where I used my dad's folding buck hunter. It is a Western. The original leather sheath disintegrated a few years ago, but the knife lives on. What a simple timeless classic design that fits perfectly in the hand and performs without question. Is it beautiful? Maybe to some, probably not to most. I hope the knife you choose - can experience all that this knife has. When I look at this knife the first thought that comes to mind is "I was blessed" to have had the upbringing I had where morals, family values, hard work, and the love for the great outdoors all intersected.
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    I am struggling for sure. Pezzo's Grandma pie
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    Team 7 Buck 10+ 6 scoreable points , 1.5 tine, 5 tine, spread 10.5, picture 6 = 39 Confirmation number ed0589419c
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    It's not a matter of what can kill they all can kill. The biggest issue with crossbows is the cumbersome nature of their width and carrying them around through brush. Both Ravin and this design attempt to address that at a very high cost
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    I just bought this one. I plan on gutting elk with it this September
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    Easy delicious meal tonight. I use 2 pans. In one pan, add EVOO, and let it get hot. Add some diced garlic. Throw in vegetables of your choice. I used carrots, asparagus, string beans, jalapeño, broccoli. Toss around so it doesn't burn. In the other pan, heat EVOO. When hot, throw your diced up tenderloin in. I seasoned with S&P, garlic powder, and paprika. I like my venison rare, cook however you want. Don't over cook the vegetables, they should still be a little hard. Right before you take the meat and vegetables off, shake in some teriyaki to each pan. Serve the meat over the vegetables. Enjoy.
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    Since none of you guys have met me yet I'm thinking of a TurkeyWing or Axiom themed outfit. Thoughts?
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    YES PLEASE!!!!!!! And the group text too? I wanna just talk to Rusty and nobody else
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    This is my pack: https://www.alpsbrands.com/alpsoutdoorz/products/packs/pathfinder It's a great pack to haul a bow or rifle into the mountains with, but it doesn't accommodate a crossbow. I'll have to look into the Stealths. I was looking at these because I think the bow is detachable from the gun rail. https://www.excaliburcrossbow.com/crossbows/micro-suppressor-360-td/
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    we want to take our daughter to florida next year to visit disney land or world which ever one its called. i would like to sneak out for one day and go on a gator hunt. i have had gator and its amazing. plus a 4-6 foot gator on the wall would be a great conversation piece lol. anyone ever go?
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    The only economy the Kenyan clown helped was Irans economy
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    I gave up on a serious dad body 25 years ago.
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    oh wait I thought all this was obamas economy wasn't he just saying that a couple weeks ago, oh how things change
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    Half a day in my shed hunting honey hole.
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    Not much of a conspiracy theorist but here is a scenario I can envision, mainly because I never underestimate the power of global socialist leader GEORGE freakin' SOROS and his billions if not trillions amassed for the sole purpose of overthrowing US dominance in the global market and chipping away at our freedoms, infrastructure, and economic system. I believe his tentacles reach far and wide and have great influence and control over - a) Liberal, mainstream media in all forms print, cable, web.... b) The democratic party c) Hollyweird d) The courts and judiciary e) activist groups such as BLM, ANTIFA, SIERA club, PITA, etc. f) influx of illegals to help break down our current social programs and healthcare systems as well as voter recruitment So knowing and firmly believing all that - it is not much of a reach to think he paid for development of a virus in communist china (his preferred political system) and paid to have it distributed in efforts to collapse the us economy at just the precise time during the election season to overthrow "evil, capitalist TRUMP". Who's with me on this? Again - I am never one to propose such theories, but I smell a rat and not the rat that "supposedly" some asian ate at an exotic food market that caused this. I call BS!!!
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    The long way to the Pharmacy caught these deer out browsing before dark. The rack buck will be a beaut next year and a giant the next if he makes it through
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    Not quite a crossbow, interesting design though. https://lancehead.com/
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    Just a heads up, Luke (Tuck) keep an eye on the mail. Your binoculars were sent out this afternoon... Declan (Bonefreak) same for you. Your fly fishing combo is being mailed out tomorrow.
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    This is what I did with mine this tree has about 400lbs of antlers in it Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Team 3 wins even if his spread credit comes in 1-2 inch less cause page 12 screw up. Someone gave KB 62 points instead of 64 points. But we won't mentions any names.... JACK can you fix the score
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    What a great way to end the season. Thanks Robin and Matt for putting this contest together. It put a big smile on my sons face today when I told him the news.
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    Blame Trump for the huge decline in the stock market.....This decline has nothing to do with him, nor any leader of the world. The market was doing great before this BS virus got out of hand in China, the blame should be on China and their lack of security, and their lack of containing the virus and refusing help from America and other nations
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    I have considered the reel it gets good reviews but to be honest just hate the name. WTF is a "tatula" anyway? Since you asked I googled. It's either a Thorn Apple or a river in Lithuania. Why not just give it a cool name like DX-5000 or something like that?
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    Wow awesome. Congrats to all winners. And thanks for doing this to take time from your busy schedule! Thanks again! Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Godzilla will destroy corona virus.
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    Yes, it is usually 35 to 45 depending on ammo type, standard vs premium. Most magnum ammo falls into that price range today unfortunately.
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    I like conventional with a clicker
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    and it still kills !!!
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    Just remember these are the same people who want our borders wide open, letting people in without any screening for heath problems.
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    The issues in the market have to do with a disruption in the supply chain from China. If manufacturing in China is stopped because of this alleged pandemic then it will seriously hurt retail sales in the US. The market decline then is the result of outsourcing manufacturing to China. Trump's China trade deal is designed to bring manufacturing back to the US. However, the left is looking for a way to pin the decline on Trump....not going to happen.
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    Why are you surprised? They are in propaganda mode and lying is daily bread. They don't even hide it anymore. Its just endless repetition.
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    We can't do that down here in the south - we're fighting and clawing in the online system before most of the south sells out in 5 minutes after the opening bell! Can't wait to see how bad the new system falls over and causes people to miss out on permits this year.
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    Jack Jack Jack, when comparing bullets of different calibers the same bullet weight can not be used. Ballistic coefficient and more important sectional density differ. This criteria must be equal for terms of comparison of not only trajectory but more importantly the bullets terminal performance on the size game you anticipate. While I agree that Ballistically in the area of flat shooting the 7mm mag also requires a long action changing the dynamic of the rifle in weight and is a belted cartridge which usually requires a bit more tinkering on the reloading bench in terms of long distance accuracy than a non belted case.
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    My father and I went. My dad got an 8ft gator and I got one that was just shy of 10ft. Went out two nights and got two gators. http://www.floridabowfishing.com Ed is originally from NJ and he is a true professional. You will be successful and you will have a great time. If you have any other questions, PM me. Good luck!
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    Look what came in today's mail, it will be hung outside my house...I wonder how many liberals will be triggered? Wait, I don't give a f*ck !!!
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    Nice looking stove! We heat with wood, ours hasn't gone out since October.
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    All my Trump gear comes directly from the official website. It costs more but the proceeds go entirely to Trump 2020 campaign.
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    No- I built that myself.. You coming Saturday or what?!?! http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    There are muffs out there in about $50 range which actaully will enhance your hearing but protect your ears from anything above some high DBs like a gun shot.
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