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  1. Here is the copy of the Euro instructions ENJOY!! How to do Euro Mount by Dennis.pdf
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  2. As requested you got it. Euro Mount Instructions How to do Euro Mount by Dennis.pdf
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  3. Hi Matt, I will be sending payment out tomorrow. I found your address from last year's message. It will be sent in my pest control business envelope. Thanks. John
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  4. Shot a nice buck in my neighborhood at 2 pm today, planned on an all day sit. 6 deer early morning then nothing for hours. No pressure here so luck is a major player with hunting here. He came over a ridge and headed right to me. Shot him before he came underneath me and he went down in 30 yards. Having a great year. Good Luck to all.
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  5. Rich did send me a PM with the location where he got into the woodcock ! Happy Thanksgiving.
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  6. Are you talking about Marry Duffy Park? Cris
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