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  1. Well, things finally came together today! It's been some hard hunting over the last couple weeks trying to wait this buck out day after day. He first showed up on cam 11/04 and in daylight no less! I've chased ghosts here for years, it's extremely rare to ever see one other than a random single appearance on cam some arbitrary 2:00AM night, nevermind get a shot at one. I said to myself this was the buck I was dedicating the rest of my season to, so I spent the next 9 days of my vacation chasing him on any good wind I could, and even gambled on a few marginal winds hoping to get lucky. Hi
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  2. What a day.. So here's the back story. My dad is old school. Got his first smart phone just a couple years ago (forced on him) hates technology, hates change, hates anything new.. you get the idea. He's been hunting for almost 60 years. When compounds were getting popular, he was the guy that didn't want to give up his recurve.. but of course did eventually. So the last few years, as he's getting older, he's been having trouble with the compound. Hard pulling it back, wasn't shooting too accurately, etc. We spoke here and there about getting him a crossbow, which he had ZERO interest in. Last
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  3. Story and pics to follow. Cloud 9 is an understatement! What a night. My son has been in the woods with me since he was a toddler, but this opening day was the first time he has sat in a tree stand solo. My stand is approximately 350 yards from his so I was confident knowing he is squared away safety wise...He passed up a couple of small bucks on the opener as did I, knowing some good deer are in the area.. Woke up this morning to receive pics that one of my target bucks I have been after for 2 years was killed. (legally, but still was hard to hear...) My son and I discussed go
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  4. I wanted to share my hunt from yesterday. So I've been hunting Jersey and Pennsylvania since I was 16. Never had much luck. I had a few good scrub bucks and plenty of does here and there but nothing great. Got a nice basket 8 in Pennsy about 10 years ago. Well today was going to be one of those days. I was only going to be able to stay out until 10. I had does a small six a spike and button buck around me all week. Got in the tree at 5:30 and settled in. Its was unusual to not even see a tail before 8. At 8:45 I talked myself into getting a jumpstart on what I had to do today so I could get ba
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  5. BillW0323

    Buck Down!! 10/23

    I took the day off to sit the treestand. Checked the weather and wasn’t to happy to see that it was going to be 65 degrees. It actually ended up being a beautiful morning in the woods. Felt like it was around 50 degrees with a very slight drizzle. Between the temps and the sound of all the droplets from the canopy it was so relaxing that it was hard to stay awake. Just about 9:15 I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye over my left shoulder. I couldn’t see what it was and then caught a little bit of an antler and figured it was the spike that I always see. Then this guy stepped out
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  6. Gobblengrunt

    P&Y down!

    Ive been hunting the newark watershed hard as usual. Its a very rewarding place to hunt. Not a lot of deer, lots of space to roam, and some very big deer if you can find them. Well I've been hunting a couple of really nice bucks on different oak ridges. Bucks started to lay some sign down and i found a scrape line, rubs, and tracks of a great buck. After a couple of sits on other deer either seeing nothing, few deer, or bears..I decided to hunt this new scrape line. A little light rattling this afternoon brought this buck out of some incredibly thick cover to investigate who was in his a
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  7. BEAR

    Target buck down

    My buck of a life time finally came by at 5pm . He stood to my right 60 yds. away watching a button buck, I was shaking as the button buck headed towards me just hoping he continue in the same path. but NO turned and walked in the opposite direction and out of site. The button buck came right to me hung around 15 minutes and went and followed the path of the big buck. I figured that was it , 5:30pm came no deer . I was thinking to get out of stand and come back tomorrow . I text my wife and told her I just seen the buck I have been waiting for my hunting life and he walked away. She s
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  8. With this wet weather on the way to close out the fall bow season, I slipped in along a swamp edge to take this buck yesterday afternoon, where I knew he was locked in on a hot doe. I was on foot, it happened fast, was a quick fun hunt! 🇺🇲
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  9. Went out alone tonight and debated should I climb up or be safe and stay on the ground. Well after a bunch of does at 6PM came out this nice 8 pointer that I have never seen before showed up at 30 yards, not my target buck but a good animal to take with only a couple weeks before the next season. It was a nice quartering double lung shot deer ran about 100 yards diagonal across the field heading for the woods and dropped at the rock wall before he got in. Son came out right away and helped me load him up and off to the butcher. THERE WERE A LOT A PRAYERS ON THIS SIT, AND THEY CERTAINLY WORK
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  10. Nomad

    Blizzard Buck Down

    Finally saw a decent one! Pics to follow. Got in stand at 230. Whole stand was iced up, stand skirt frozen and stiff, platform a sheet of ice. No way to clean it all up for a quiet stand. Then for an hour it was a blizzard, 30-40 mph winds and snow. Frozen branches cracking all around. After an hour and about 2 inches later it stopped and the deer started appearing all around early. I had 8 does behind me and 4 in front of me feeding around. I could barely move to look behind because everytime I moved ice crackled. lol Then right at dark I hear a steady, crunch, crunch,
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  11. Shot this buck yesterday at 3:30pm. He is a buck I have at least 3 years of pictures. As a few of you know me I love hunting for mature bucks. They don't have to score great, just love having history with them when possible. This buck I nicknamed him 3 years ago "Pigface" cause he had a short stocky head and reminded me of a pot belly pig face. Think he can be call Hoghead now.lol has a big block head. His G2 is 11" and he dressed 185 lbs
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  12. Kilbo

    Delaware buck down!!!

    I got down to my buddies house this afternoon. Once the rain from the hurricane stopped I decided to brave the wind gusts and jump up in a stand. Was only in the stand for 2 hours when I had to put the crossbow to use. He’s my best buck to date.
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  13. Nighthawk

    6 Day Buck Down

    Got in the blind around 5:45 and sat until 10:00. Decided to check the camera and not to much going on the last few days. Had a good wind so decided to still hunt for few hours. Had a doe run by me at 40 yards with this guy chasing. Took a 50 yard broadside shot and the 20g SST rolled him. Had two more bucks continue the chase after he went down.
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  14. I'm not much of a storyteller so I'll let the video do the talking. Have 2 years worth of trail cam pics. Still on cloud 9.
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  15. Good morning fellas, To much celebration last night to post so here it goes. I first saw this guy on a cam in August. From that point, I stayed out until bow started. Didn't see him at all during early bow. Took a nice 7 during permit bow. Started glassing this spot from a safe distance after I took the 7 point on average 5 nights a week. Had finally learned his pattern. One problem I encountered was no tree the right size to hang a stand. I have 2 permanent stands on this property,1 for bow and 1 for shotgun. After doing my homework I came up with a game plan. I had decided when the wind was
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  16. I had a browning camera set up where i shot my 10 pt buck the last day of bow season. After I shot my buck I stop baiting and hunting the spot. I finally pulled the camera yesterday and was going through the pictures. I was blown away when I came across this photo of the buck I shot and impact of the bolt. I’m not sure of the odds of capturing a photo like this but I’m sure it won’t happen to me again.
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  17. Happy

    Little guy scored

    Took my youngest son to his grandparents house this afternoon with an itchy trigger finger. First deer came out was a button buck buck he said if it was a doe I would of shoot dad. I said hold on we have some 8 pointers on came, shortly after that this guy should up and I said you want to shoot him he was like yeah. So the rest is history. I’m proud of my boys this years holding out until the right one walked out.
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  18. Came down the mountain at about 6 work his way toward me and sent a grim reaper trough him getting a double lung. Blood trail was crazy only ran 60 yards. First ever bow kill and first ever buck
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  19. iluv2hunt

    Big buck down

    Sorry for the long story. So I finally have a chance to post my story and pictures of a great buck I was hoping to take this year. I have a little history with this deer. I had him at 20 yards last year but was on the fence about shooting him. He never presented a shot so he made the decision easier for me. I believe him to be 4.5 years old if not he’s s great 3.5 year old. The last picture I had of this deer was January 5th 2019. I was hoping he would make it through the rest of the season and was really excited when I got my first picture of him this season. I know where he liked to hang out
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  20. 3Blade

    12 pointer down.

    Came in this morning with a doe. He gave me a 20 yd shot and went about 80- 90 yds. I have to thank Bucksnbows for helping me with the recovery. I was having a hard time finding him so having an extra set of eyes helped out. I must have walked past him a dozen times within 10 yds. He dropped on the edge of some thick stuff with his back up and head burried, so he blended in. He is a main frame 10 with curved kickers at his bases
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  21. Nomad

    Bear Down

    Hunted pretty much every morning and evening this week. Had constant bear activity. Sows and cubs. I had a picture of this one all alone a few times, but mostly at night. I figured it was a boar and decided to shoot it if it came in. I know there are bigger bears around, but they have not showed up. Sat on the ground with my back to a big oak. The bear walked by at 25 yards and I spine shot it with my Excalibur Crossbow and Swhacker 150. Dragged itself about 30 yard and expired. Was surprised to find it was a sow and not a boar! Was able to get a 150 foot rope on it to pul
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  22. Ringtail

    Found him! BBD

    Alright guys here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for. So if anyone was reading the live hunt report yesterday I shot this buck about 5:45. I was sitting in a ground blind over a clover plot. Was watching two does feeding in front of me when he snuck in to my left without even seeing him at first. Turned broadside at 30 yards. Initially looked like a heart/lung hit. Jumped clean off the ground kicked and ran. Gave him about 45 mins then went in after him. I thought I heard him crash but wasn’t completely sure. Found good blood but lost the trail when he went into the swamp. I posted phot
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  23. After passing several 2.5 years and putting a lot of time in the woods I finally connected with a buck I called "Tines" which I thought was a 10 Last year as I missed this buck at 37 yards to find my arrow hit a small cedar direct before impact skimming his belly.. Last week I was out with my 9 years old son and we saw the same buck in a different spot in the afternoon. As I found some big scrapes and rubs at another location, I made my own moc scrapes and scented them down with Dominant Buck Lure and Widow Maker Estrous. Since I let the area rest for a few days, I planned on hunting thi
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  24. Tarhunt

    Foggy Buck Down!

    I been hunting this particular buck since November and even though I did not get out much due to having knee surgery and work, I was playing cat and mouse with him. During permit bow when I was not in my stand, he would be there out during the day. I looked for him on the Tuesday of muzzleloader but, he was only there at night. I checked the camera back on Tuesday ofcthis week and saw that he was out at 4:00pm last Sunday. I hunted Wednesday hoping to shoot him on my birthday but, he never showed. I hunted yesterday but, forgot to turn the camera on so, I had no idea of what he was doing. I d
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  25. Lunatic

    My muzzy buck

    It was hard to get out of bed at 4am knowing what the weather had in mind for us today but I was in my stand early and I could see silhouettes of deer moving on the horizon, I counted 8. I was at the bottom of the gradually rising field, with the top about 400 yards away and maybe 200’ up. A small creak runs down to me, splitting the fields in front of me in two, to north side on my right, and south side on my left. With first light two 4 pointers walked down along the creek to my stand and stopped at 30 yards. They knew something was up and took off in a hurry. Then, some time later ar
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  26. Swamprat

    Sons first deer

    It's been a fun few years. It really has. But his patience was starting to wear thin with Dad. Lol. I posted a couple weeks ago about a hunt with my son. Other than not getting a harvest it was successful. After that post I had a few members here offered up their services. Politely declined but when I mentioned it too my son he wanted to do it. Think he was tired of looking at pines and oaks. Lol. Took John(buck154)up on his offer. Fast forward to today and we were heading to John's paradise. After signing nondisclosure agreements and being blindfolded we were set up in a ground blind overlo
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  27. After 7 years of school and hospital rotations she is officially Dr. BloodyHands!
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  28. iluv2hunt

    Buck down youth hunt

    Took my son out hunting this afternoon to a spot I have been getting lots of pictures of some nice bucks. I have a latter stand set up and put my climber slightly above the ladder stand so I could film the hunt. We got in the stand slightly before 4 pm. It was a beautiful night wind was prefect for our hunt tonight. About 45 minutes into out hunt. A spike buck came in from behind us and circle around to our left. He had no idea we were there. Made his way in and started feeding. About 10 minutes later my son says deer. So I look in the direction he’s looking and I see a nice buck approaching.
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  29. I shot this buck in last minutes of my Illinois bowhunt. I went in with a climber so I could get into an awesome bottleneck a little tighter than where I gun hunt. Tweeked the stand twice over a few days before it came together. I heard him coming way before I seen him. He was bird dogging a doe pretty hard and grunting all the way. These bucks seem very vocal out there and I always jump to my feet when I hear that grunt off in the distance. I cant tell you how many times I here that grunt way before I see them Watching his rack ducking through hingecuts was a sight, it was al
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  30. Lady Bird

    Got him!

    Hunterdon County Clinton Twp 444 pounds. I have been after him for a couple of years. He finally made a fatal mistake. Super windy day, I gave a loud rabbit call at 6:15pm, shot him at 6:30 with my TC Encore also known as Lady Bird. He ran a few yards and piled up. I struggled to even lift his head. Thank God for a backhoe! He was handled twice in Allamuchy.
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  31. Finally got my first buck!!! And with a (cross)bow!! Big bodied old 4pt at 9:30 this morning!! I’ve been waiting 3 years for this and am SO excited!!!! Can’t wait to look at him everyday on my wall! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  32. dlist777

    Got a buck

    Shot this guy @ 25 yards. Heard him drop. He only went 50 yards or so. My first September buck.
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  33. Long winded but happy! **** Late post, but I finally connected on my first buck after 7 years of bowhunting! Many, many, many hours in the stand and just as many encounters with small bucks and missed opportunities with shooters finally culminated into this right here. A little background, I dont come from a hunting family, so in 2011 when I decided to make the plunge into harvesting my own meat, I knew I had my work cut out for me. It took 4 hard seasons on public land learning to hunt alone and A TON of help from you guys on the forum for me to take a doe with my bow. Since then, I
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  34. First let me say I am not usually the one with the gun in my hands on 6 day. The last 8 years have been spent taking the kids since I have usually filled my bow tag. This year hunting a specific buck, my permit bow tag hasn’t been filled... yet. Well with my son off to college and the landowner and his son not going, i got the nod to man the elevated blind. Trudged out in the rain at 5:30am got set up and waited for first light. As soon as I could see deer were all around me, through the morning i must have seen 24 baldies and 4 different bucks. Only a drizzle in z12 until around 12:30 seemed
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  35. After a rough start to my season it all came together this afternoon. I have never gone this long into the season without taking a deer. And it wasn't for a lack of trying. I've been out a lot on 3 different pieces I have permission to hunt, but things just kept going wrong. Dealt with trespassers, getting winded, target buck killed by a car etc, etc... Well today I got setup around 3pm. I made up my mind I would take a doe (especially the nasty one that keeps winding me) or a good buck. At 3:30pm I hear something behind me, I slowly turn, and see my nemesis doe that always winds me, stomps he
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  36. First rabbit for us! Should have had a few already which is no fault of the pups lol. I've not only missed a few shots but have also moved out of position several times smh. Today I finally allowed the dogs time to do their job and a shot even I can make was presented lol. Enjoying the process of learning along with the pups.
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  37. rgw

    Tagged out 9 pt down

    This season was the worse for me till yesterday. Till yesterday the biggest buck I saw was a 4 pt. Yesterday morning I passed a spike, 4 pt and a basket 7 point. 15 minutes after letting those go I saw this 9 chasing a doe. I grunted real loud and he came in on a string and put on a show. He had me shaking so bad I made the worse shot I have ever seen. Called john buck 154 and made a plan to meet after work to look. My stomach was in nots all day. Luckily he was dead not far from where I last saw him. John scored him at 122. Happy as a pig in mud right now
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  38. So here’s the icing on the cake and a GREAT GUY alert... Gobblengrunt volunteered to help me look for the shed and after some hard work and piecing key information together, he worked his magic! Not only did he refuse compensation, he didn’t even let me buy him lunch!! The irony is, we found out we have a mutual friend, too - small world!! This hunt and experience goes beyond a great deer. I’ve had some great people help me along the way and that’s what hunting is all about. Again, thanks for all the support and advice and thank you Ron for driving over an hour away to help a complete str
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  39. Hunted an old mature buck in PA last night . been watching him all summer , and with few trees dropping acorns the deer have really concentrated in a small area each evening . had a bunch of deer feeding around me for hours , mix of does and smaller bucks . most deer had pushed off when this buck finally came though , presenting me with a 21 yard shot . watched the lighted nock zip through behind his shoulder and stick into the ground behind him . ‘he ran 65 yards and crashed in a grassy opening , possibly the easiest spot for me to recover the deer from . walked
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  40. Today, we set up in the blind at 3pm sharp and were joking around and discussing possible shot scenarios. Shortly after settling in, I look to my left and Jr is out like a light! He has always said since he was a toddler, that the best rests he gets are in the blind, haha! I joked with friends that it would not be a good hunt together if Jr did not get some zzz's in... Right at prime time I nudge him and he is ready. When I say that this happened at last light, it is an understatement. With 3 minutes of shooting light left, a deer walks directly adjacent to our blind to our left, literal
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  41. bucky

    Big Buck Down

    It's been a long week with the bad weather but persistence paid off ! I thought tonight was going to be a bust when a single doe hit the field which was the only one I saw the last time from this stand. All of a sudden another big doe came busting out into the field with this brute on her ass, I bleated with my mouth very loudly four times and he locked it up at 40 yards,took the shot, ran another 80 yards and he was down !
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  42. I’ve been patterning a few bucks that I hoped I could get my son on for his first deer. We passed on a a few 1.5 year olds so far and he was adamant about shooting something bigger. With football his time is limited but we were able to get out this afternoon. Shortly after getting in the blind we fortunate enough to have a 2.5 year old buck come in. My heart was pounding. 25 minutes of having it 20 yards away from the blind. It was quartering too or straight on the entire time. I told him wait for a broadside shot. It took forever. At one point I looked over and he was praying. I didn’t
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  43. Couple days ago I located a great scrape line along a ridge about a mile deep into some big Morris county woods. The scrapes had many big buck rubs around them also. Given the sign that was on this ridge, different size tracks in all scrapes, and the amount of feeding sign within the oaks, I knew not just a good buck was working this area but many deer. I picked a tree between two primary scrapes both about 30 yards on either side. A blown down tree forced deer past this tree making it a perfect funnel. I was so excited to hunt this stand because I knew it was going to produce. I’ve had
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  44. Had a bumpy start to the fall bow season. I swore I would never shoot expandable heads again. I sat pretty much quiet for the season waiting for the bucks to start changing up their patterns. Made some mock scrapes along the food plot edges and they started getting hit. Had a few big rubs appear. Got my first sighting of a mature 8 pt. Sat for him on 4 evenings, encountered him twice and bounced a rage off his shoulder. Damn it. So after that I figured that was my season. Got in my go to rut stand Sunday and encountered another buck but no shot. Got back
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  45. 3Blade

    Heavy buck down...

    Went out yesterday afternoon with pretty low expectations, all my cams weren't showing much. Had some does come in milling around feeding on acorns and the little bit of corn I sprinkled. I watched one doe that kept looking behind me and sure enough I hear a steady heavy walk and new it had to be a buck. When he gets under me I glance down slowly and he looks right up at me. So I freeze he then continues to walk and I see he is a big body deer, I glance at his rack which looks pretty good. I go into auto pilot, draw settle my pin and arrow is hitting it's mark and it's a complete pass-through.
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  46. 3Blade

    The old buck is down!!!

    Now that Buck154 had a little fun here you go. …...I've been after this buck since 2014. He has to be one of the most cautious and smart bucks that I have chased. Not only has he given me the slip but at least two other guys that hunt the area too. I went out tonight looking for a doe and with no real high hopes of him showing. I have only seen him on the hoof a few times all these years. When he came in this afternoon I thought he was a younger two year old at first. When I realized which buck I was looking at, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. He came in super cautious and face on. He
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  47. HuntEmDown505

    BBD! Rainy buck

    It finally happened! After a total re-tune of my bow, changing to an almost 500 grain arrow mid season and moving my blind, I got it done. He came in from a new path, completely different from the transition spot theyve been using for years. I worked until 430 and snuck into a blind just after 5. The rain had held off for a bit and it was deadly quiet. I was watching a new path the deer had carved out that had just two days ago forced me to move my entire blind setup and brush it in. As I sat and watched I saw a glimpse of his rack ducking the low cedar branches. He took a qui
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  48. Lunatic

    Jersey Stud

    This buck was killed on Sunday in Basking Ridge NJ by a friend of mine it scored 163
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  49. Here is my story. This is my 7th season bow hunting. Through my first 6 seasons I had not yet achieved my first bow kill. I have had many exciting encounters and a few close calls. A number of times I have been at full draw but the shots just did not pan out. Last year I did have the opportunity to loose an arrow at a little 4 point. Fate was with him, it was close to dusk and my arrow encountered an unseen branch! But even without any “success”, every time out and every minute in the stand is totally and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Moving forward to this year (my 62n
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