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    Well, things finally came together today! It's been some hard hunting over the last couple weeks trying to wait this buck out day after day. He first showed up on cam 11/04 and in daylight no less! I've chased ghosts here for years, it's extremely rare to ever see one other than a random single appearance on cam some arbitrary 2:00AM night, nevermind get a shot at one. I said to myself this was the buck I was dedicating the rest of my season to, so I spent the next 9 days of my vacation chasing him on any good wind I could, and even gambled on a few marginal winds hoping to get lucky. His next appearance on cam was 4 days after his first, but this time at night, which is what often happens. I hunted all day, dark to dark, as often as the conditions would allow, but alas I never even had an opportunity to see him from the stand, nor a single cam picture for the rest of my vacation. I hunted the spot yesterday morning just hoping to get lucky and have him randomly wander through, but no such luck. I didn't like the afternoon winds with dropping thermals so I bailed on the stand midday, figuring I'd check cams and see if it was worth a repeat the next morning. Well I checked the cam, and just as you'd expect, he popped up two days earlier (my first day back at work!!!), and with no other appearances since! I figured he could show up any random day in November, and it's the weekend, might as well give it another try! With similar conditions to yesterday, I planned on sitting this morning again with favorable winds and thermals, again hoping to just get lucky he'd show. Well lucky is exactly what I got! I was setup about 30 minutes before light and bumped a couple deer going in. The morning was pretty slow overall as the storm settled in with overcast skies and a very light mix of snow flurries and rain. I saw a couple smaller bucks and does but figured with the storm having arrived, they may just be bedding down for the day until it passes. I had a young spike (barely visible spikes) out in front of the stand and was just texting a buddy of mine at 9:15AM that I didn't think it was going to happen today given the conditions and movement thus far. I didn't even get to hit send, as I heard a crack behind me, slowly turned to see a big set of antlers in the distance and immediately knew it had to be him! He approached with the wind in his face and I was right on the edge of it. I knew if he made it 20 yards closer, I'd be in the clear. He spotted the young spike and must have thought it was a young doe, as he started lip curling and stalked over to the spike. The spike turned and ran into a thicket back towards where the buck came from. The buck turned 180 degrees to follow, but fortunately quickly realized it wasn't a doe so he turned 90 degrees and headed to a set of scrapes. I've seen this script before and knew there was a 50/50 chance of the buck checking those scrapes and then turning away from me offering no shot or turning toward me and coming right into my shooting lane. As he was checking scrapes, I frantically searched for any semblance of an opening, but struggled to find anything. He stepped away to the left and stopped with his chest in a small opening about the size of two softballs side by side, but there was one lone pencil sized branch across it about 6 feet from the buck. I chose not to risk taking the shot and wounding him, realizing that was almost certainly my only chance at him if he continued to the left. Instead, as luck would have it, he turned right and stepped into an opening offering me a clear shot. I placed the crosshairs of my Excalibur Bulldog 400 center mass right behind the leg and squeezed off the shot, hitting him perfectly. He only made it about 70-80 yards before going down! Truly a great buck and possibly my best here in NJ! Amazing how things come together out of nowhere, endless hours on stand culminating in a mere few adrenaline filled seconds! Here's some pics from the hunt! An abnormal point/beam, which appeared to come from the skull, not part of his right antler.
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    I wanted to share my hunt from yesterday. So I've been hunting Jersey and Pennsylvania since I was 16. Never had much luck. I had a few good scrub bucks and plenty of does here and there but nothing great. Got a nice basket 8 in Pennsy about 10 years ago. Well today was going to be one of those days. I was only going to be able to stay out until 10. I had does a small six a spike and button buck around me all week. Got in the tree at 5:30 and settled in. Its was unusual to not even see a tail before 8. At 8:45 I talked myself into getting a jumpstart on what I had to do today so I could get back out for a evening hunt. As I was putting my phone a way. Out of nowhere two doe come running under my stand. The larger doe was very skittish and ran off 40 yds out. I decided if she came back in and present a shot I would put meat in the freezer. Well she turned and headed my way. Keeping an eye on her to come in broadside I see something coming from the direction of the does and I fully expected another doe. Then he stepped into view. I Never really looked at his rack I just knew he was a nice deer. I settled in on him broadside and let it fly. Whack good hit he ran 60yds to the middle of the field pumping good blood. He crashed in view and I was pumped! Then he gets up and casually walked to the woods line and stopped in the tall grass. I could tell if he layed down or walked off. After 37 years and a 2 hour wait to let him expire I final had my nice buck! Zone 18 nj pine buck! 160lbs dressed! Thanks for letting me share my story. And good luck to everyone the rest of the season!
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    Ive been hunting the newark watershed hard as usual. Its a very rewarding place to hunt. Not a lot of deer, lots of space to roam, and some very big deer if you can find them. Well I've been hunting a couple of really nice bucks on different oak ridges. Bucks started to lay some sign down and i found a scrape line, rubs, and tracks of a great buck. After a couple of sits on other deer either seeing nothing, few deer, or bears..I decided to hunt this new scrape line. A little light rattling this afternoon brought this buck out of some incredibly thick cover to investigate who was in his area. He made a fatal mistake! Over 5” bases and 24” beams! Scores 146 7/8” Thanks for looking
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    Finally saw a decent one! Pics to follow. Got in stand at 230. Whole stand was iced up, stand skirt frozen and stiff, platform a sheet of ice. No way to clean it all up for a quiet stand. Then for an hour it was a blizzard, 30-40 mph winds and snow. Frozen branches cracking all around. After an hour and about 2 inches later it stopped and the deer started appearing all around early. I had 8 does behind me and 4 in front of me feeding around. I could barely move to look behind because everytime I moved ice crackled. lol Then right at dark I hear a steady, crunch, crunch, crunch, walking right behind me, to my right. I knew it was the steps of a buck. I turned my head and saw it was a nice buck. Everytime I moved a little to try and get my gun around the ice crackled and he stopped and looked, then started again, and I was able to get all the way around and on him just as he was about to spook. Knocked him down at about 75 yards with the Ithaca. Great afternoon for me. Thanks for reading.
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    Shot this buck yesterday at 3:30pm. He is a buck I have at least 3 years of pictures. As a few of you know me I love hunting for mature bucks. They don't have to score great, just love having history with them when possible. This buck I nicknamed him 3 years ago "Pigface" cause he had a short stocky head and reminded me of a pot belly pig face. Think he can be call Hoghead now.lol has a big block head. His G2 is 11" and he dressed 185 lbs
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    I got down to my buddies house this afternoon. Once the rain from the hurricane stopped I decided to brave the wind gusts and jump up in a stand. Was only in the stand for 2 hours when I had to put the crossbow to use. He’s my best buck to date.
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    I'm not much of a storyteller so I'll let the video do the talking. Have 2 years worth of trail cam pics. Still on cloud 9.
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    Good morning fellas, To much celebration last night to post so here it goes. I first saw this guy on a cam in August. From that point, I stayed out until bow started. Didn't see him at all during early bow. Took a nice 7 during permit bow. Started glassing this spot from a safe distance after I took the 7 point on average 5 nights a week. Had finally learned his pattern. One problem I encountered was no tree the right size to hang a stand. I have 2 permanent stands on this property,1 for bow and 1 for shotgun. After doing my homework I came up with a game plan. I had decided when the wind was right, S or SSW, I was going in on the ground. Well, went to the property late morning yesterday and sure enough, the wind was SSW. We all know, don't ever trust the meteorologists to call the wind direction. Went in and set up a natural ground blind on the trail this guy was walking. Brought the KI crossbow. Got in about 1400 hours and had deer starting to move by 1500 hours. Sure enough just before 1700 hours here he comes. He crossed in front of me at 20 yards. Had the KI up with safety off and I let one rip. BANG! Hit my mark and he kicked then took off running. I saw him go down within 60 yards. From a previous post regarding NAP spitfires....These are all I shoot out of the compound as well as the crossbow. The 100 grain put the smack down on him. Going out in the garage now to cape him and part him out. When I am done I will drop him off to Chris at World Class Taxidermy in Jackson. Will ask Chris to measure him when I drop it off. Not going to guess what he will score, but you guy's can. All I know is he is my best to date, heavy mass 10 point. No bait. Have a great season all!
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    Sorry for the long story. So I finally have a chance to post my story and pictures of a great buck I was hoping to take this year. I have a little history with this deer. I had him at 20 yards last year but was on the fence about shooting him. He never presented a shot so he made the decision easier for me. I believe him to be 4.5 years old if not he’s s great 3.5 year old. The last picture I had of this deer was January 5th 2019. I was hoping he would make it through the rest of the season and was really excited when I got my first picture of him this season. I know where he liked to hang out early season based on where i had gotten pictures of him last year. So my plan was to hunt him the first week after I got my doe. I was lucky enough to take a doe first thing on opening morning. So fast forward to Wednesday morning. I’m at work and receive a picture from my Spartan cell camera of the buck at 6:30am right in front of my stand. He hung around for 30 minutes. So I decided I was hunting him that afternoon and taking off the next day to hunt if I wasn’t lucky Wednesday afternoon. I got settled in my stand by 4:30.i brought my video camera along hoping to get the hunt on film. I had a lone doe come from behind me down the trail past my stand she hung around and fed for about 20 or 30 minutes. I was a little surprised the direction she came from normally the deer approach from in front of me so every few minutes I would look back the wAy she came. After about 30 minutes I caught movement over my right shoulder to my surprise it was the buck. I couldn’t believe it at first. He must of been bedded in this patch of woods. It’s very thick where he came from. So I turn the camera on and was trying to film him through all the branches. He read the script and started heading my way. So when he started heading my way he was probably at 50 yards. It took 10 or 15 minutes for him to get past me to a spot I could shoot him. At one point he stopped directly down wind of me but it was very calm and I was up twenty feet. Every time he stopped I figured that was the point he would wind me and take off but everything just fell into place. He came around from my right into the open. All this time I kept having to move the camera and adjust the focus because of branches in the way. He finally got to a spot I could take a shot. I took the shot and thought i hit him prefect. He took off but stopped about 75 yards out in front of me. I could barely see him. I could tell he was hurting pretty bad. At one point he laid down but got back up. I decided to wait 90 minutes before tracking him. There was very good blood most of the way. It starting becoming a darker brownish color. I figured liver and gut shot. I tracked him about 150 yards and found where he bedded and got back up. At that point I decided to back out and take up the track the following morning. There a river not far from where I stopped Tracking so I figured he was probably headed that way. So after a long sleepless night replaying the shot over and over in my head and second guessing my self. I headed back to the property. I went to the Last blood and Started searching from there which was very grassy and wet with morning dew. Needless to say I couldn’t locate anymore blood so I decided to start walking along the river. After about hundred yards I see a fox take off running. I said to myself he’s probably feeding on my deer. I walked over there and my buck was laying in the river dead. I was so pumped.If it wasn’t for that fox I’m not sure if I would have seen him. Someone was watching over me. The fox just started to feed on him so I didn’t lose very much meat. The first picture is of him last fall and the 2nd picture is this fall I will try to post the video very soon I just need to edit it
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    Alright guys here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for. So if anyone was reading the live hunt report yesterday I shot this buck about 5:45. I was sitting in a ground blind over a clover plot. Was watching two does feeding in front of me when he snuck in to my left without even seeing him at first. Turned broadside at 30 yards. Initially looked like a heart/lung hit. Jumped clean off the ground kicked and ran. Gave him about 45 mins then went in after him. I thought I heard him crash but wasn’t completely sure. Found good blood but lost the trail when he went into the swamp. I posted photos of the blood and consensus was it looked like lung/liver hit. So I backed out and lined up a dog for the morning. No exaggeration did not get a wink of sleep last night. I’m running on caffeine and adrenaline right now lol. Crack of dawn we were out with the dog and my buddy to look again. When we got to the shot site the dog immediately wanted to go straight back into the swamp instead of following the blood trail. The handler turned the dog the other way and made him follow the blood trail that took a left down the side of the swamp. We followed this trail then continued in that general direction for about an hour with no luck. We went back to last blood to start over but this time just let the dog lead us where he wanted to go. Just as he tried to do earlier he headed straight into the thick of the swamp and within 15 minutes found the deer. He was only about 20 yards from where we stopped looking the night before but just could not see him in that thick stuff in the dark. Lesson learned always trust the dog! Just like you guys said it was a single lung/liver hit. He ran about 125 yards before dropping. Crazy thing is someone had shot this buck before. I noticed a bare patch on his neck after we got him out and thought it was just a rub or something. When I looked closer I saw the distinct scar of a broadhead. Looked on the other side of him and there was the exit with the same scar. The shot was healed so it must’ve been a wound of last season. Huge thanks to Paul and his dog Dallas. Super friendly guy with an A+ tracking dog. The buck is at the butcher now and will be heading to the taxidermist whenever he is done. My biggest one yet and first one worthy of a shoulder mount (in my opinion lol)!! Enjoy some pics:
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    It's been a fun few years. It really has. But his patience was starting to wear thin with Dad. Lol. I posted a couple weeks ago about a hunt with my son. Other than not getting a harvest it was successful. After that post I had a few members here offered up their services. Politely declined but when I mentioned it too my son he wanted to do it. Think he was tired of looking at pines and oaks. Lol. Took John(buck154)up on his offer. Fast forward to today and we were heading to John's paradise. After signing nondisclosure agreements and being blindfolded we were set up in a ground blind overlooking a promising looking piece. We weren't sitting long when John sends a text that the deer arrive between 2 and 3. This guy read the script and at 245 this guy came right in. Gave my son a 25 yard broadside shot. The 20ga barked and the 3" load of #2 buckshot floored him. His first deer, first buck is on the ground. A 5 pointer. Hugs and back slaps started. John was there in a minute. Lol. Thanks again dude. Owe you big time. You are passionate about hunting. It was evident today. We appreciated it. Thanks for reading. Nick
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    I shot this buck in last minutes of my Illinois bowhunt. I went in with a climber so I could get into an awesome bottleneck a little tighter than where I gun hunt. Tweeked the stand twice over a few days before it came together. I heard him coming way before I seen him. He was bird dogging a doe pretty hard and grunting all the way. These bucks seem very vocal out there and I always jump to my feet when I hear that grunt off in the distance. I cant tell you how many times I here that grunt way before I see them Watching his rack ducking through hingecuts was a sight, it was all over in a matter of seconds as he came running past my stand. The body was a tank, it was hard getting him out of the rugged terrain in a couple inces of snow and ice by myself even with a quad. I thought I was going to die of exhaustion. Now I can relax 2 weeks until the gun opener. Thanks for looking
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    Hunterdon County Clinton Twp 444 pounds. I have been after him for a couple of years. He finally made a fatal mistake. Super windy day, I gave a loud rabbit call at 6:15pm, shot him at 6:30 with my TC Encore also known as Lady Bird. He ran a few yards and piled up. I struggled to even lift his head. Thank God for a backhoe! He was handled twice in Allamuchy.
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    Finally got my first buck!!! And with a (cross)bow!! Big bodied old 4pt at 9:30 this morning!! I’ve been waiting 3 years for this and am SO excited!!!! Can’t wait to look at him everyday on my wall! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shot this guy @ 25 yards. Heard him drop. He only went 50 yards or so. My first September buck.
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    Long winded but happy! **** Late post, but I finally connected on my first buck after 7 years of bowhunting! Many, many, many hours in the stand and just as many encounters with small bucks and missed opportunities with shooters finally culminated into this right here. A little background, I dont come from a hunting family, so in 2011 when I decided to make the plunge into harvesting my own meat, I knew I had my work cut out for me. It took 4 hard seasons on public land learning to hunt alone and A TON of help from you guys on the forum for me to take a doe with my bow. Since then, I have learned to read sign and become a better hunter, but never sealed the deal on a good buck. I have been on a somewhat doe warpath since, killing between 2 and 4 in the past 3 seasons. Every year however my buck scrutiny has grown... I would always pass on small bucks in hopes of a shooter. I would always say I've waited this long. I cant take a spike now haha. This is no way a bash on shooting small bucks, it was mearly me tryingto persevere and be patient for one I would be proud to punch my tag on after so many seasons of tag soup. I am incredibly happy and proud to call this buck my own and he will be remembered forever with me and my family. The setup: I went into a spot that I gained access to blind. Look on Google maps to zero in on a desirable spot to set up. Found a nice funnel to a creek crossing that i positioned my climber on. Saw a ton of doe and small bucks in the 6 hour sit. In the final minutes of shooting light, I began to prep myself to climb down and spotted the buck at about 40 yards making his way to me. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to think. He walked the trail on a sting leaving me with a 20 yard quartering away shot. Double lunged and down in 50 yards. He didn't make it easy making a be-line into a swampy thicket. Thanks the help of my buddy we had a long drag ahead of us but it was well worth it! Thank you to all on this sight for the great content and help for us young guys learning and keeping this tradition alive! -Lou
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    First let me say I am not usually the one with the gun in my hands on 6 day. The last 8 years have been spent taking the kids since I have usually filled my bow tag. This year hunting a specific buck, my permit bow tag hasn’t been filled... yet. Well with my son off to college and the landowner and his son not going, i got the nod to man the elevated blind. Trudged out in the rain at 5:30am got set up and waited for first light. As soon as I could see deer were all around me, through the morning i must have seen 24 baldies and 4 different bucks. Only a drizzle in z12 until around 12:30 seemed to have them on their feet. Now the rain started coming down pretty good and I caught movement in the thicket to my right, i see a rack and am hoping it’s “him” Well it wasn’t the one I was after but a good buck indeed. I actually thought about waiting with the other big one on my mind and had to slap myself like “ are you out of your friggin mind” LOL As this guy moved forward i steadied the crosshairs waiting for him to step out. As he took one step on the open trail a single baaaa froze him in his tracks and I sent the LBC handload to his shoulder. As usual the slug dropped him in his tracks. The adrenaline dump followed and the field dressing then long haul in pouring rain began. Tried to take some timer cell photos which was a challenge in the rain to say the least. Here is a couple of the better pics and one of this stud filling the bed of my truck.
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    After a rough start to my season it all came together this afternoon. I have never gone this long into the season without taking a deer. And it wasn't for a lack of trying. I've been out a lot on 3 different pieces I have permission to hunt, but things just kept going wrong. Dealt with trespassers, getting winded, target buck killed by a car etc, etc... Well today I got setup around 3pm. I made up my mind I would take a doe (especially the nasty one that keeps winding me) or a good buck. At 3:30pm I hear something behind me, I slowly turn, and see my nemesis doe that always winds me, stomps her foot at me, blows, etc.. I take my bow off the hook, and connect the release to the loop, she turns broadside, I draw. The second I release she turns slightly, and I hit her a little far forward, but I knew it was still a good hit because when she took off, and I could see the blood pouring out. She goes 40 yards, and piles up. I'm happy I got the monkey off my back, I get on my phone, and check her in. My father was in his stand about 100 yards away, I didn't want to screw up his hunt, so I figured I'd just hang out for a while and play on my phone, before retrieving my doe. I knock another arrow, hang up the bow, and start screwing around on my phone.. 10 minutes later when I'm smack in the middle of an intense game of Angry Birds, I hear a twig snap on the same trail the doe came down. Fully expecting to see another doe, I was shocked when I saw the rack coming through. I had enough time to grab the bow off the hook, connect the release yet again, and wait. As he got behind a big Oak, I drew.. He walked directly in front of me, at about 6-7 yards. I hit him good, and watched him pile up about 50 yards away. It wasn't fun gutting, and dragging 2 deer, but it was worth it. Now I'll be on doe patrol until permit season starts. Love it when it all comes together!
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    So here’s the icing on the cake and a GREAT GUY alert... Gobblengrunt volunteered to help me look for the shed and after some hard work and piecing key information together, he worked his magic! Not only did he refuse compensation, he didn’t even let me buy him lunch!! The irony is, we found out we have a mutual friend, too - small world!! This hunt and experience goes beyond a great deer. I’ve had some great people help me along the way and that’s what hunting is all about. Again, thanks for all the support and advice and thank you Ron for driving over an hour away to help a complete stranger!
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    Today, we set up in the blind at 3pm sharp and were joking around and discussing possible shot scenarios. Shortly after settling in, I look to my left and Jr is out like a light! He has always said since he was a toddler, that the best rests he gets are in the blind, haha! I joked with friends that it would not be a good hunt together if Jr did not get some zzz's in... Right at prime time I nudge him and he is ready. When I say that this happened at last light, it is an understatement. With 3 minutes of shooting light left, a deer walks directly adjacent to our blind to our left, literally 5 yards away looking down the trail. Jr was already on the crossbow and slowly turned on the illuminated reticle. The deer picked up a tiny sound and stood broadside at 8 yards away looking past us through the blind. The bolt and green Luminok was sent and was seen buried into a tree 10 yards behind where the deer was standing... Awesome blood at the exact spot where the deer was standing. The blood trail was exceptional, leading to the big doe that made it to 50 yards max. For the first time I decided to try the new NAP Slingblade broadheads. They did not disappoint. This stuff NEVER gets old. I am going to miss these days when we have a chance to get out together. Between school, motocross, GIRLS, it has been tough to say the least to find the time to hunt with him. Glad to help out nmc02 with another deer for his dinner! Lots of pics below.......
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    It's been a long week with the bad weather but persistence paid off ! I thought tonight was going to be a bust when a single doe hit the field which was the only one I saw the last time from this stand. All of a sudden another big doe came busting out into the field with this brute on her ass, I bleated with my mouth very loudly four times and he locked it up at 40 yards,took the shot, ran another 80 yards and he was down !
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    I’ve been patterning a few bucks that I hoped I could get my son on for his first deer. We passed on a a few 1.5 year olds so far and he was adamant about shooting something bigger. With football his time is limited but we were able to get out this afternoon. Shortly after getting in the blind we fortunate enough to have a 2.5 year old buck come in. My heart was pounding. 25 minutes of having it 20 yards away from the blind. It was quartering too or straight on the entire time. I told him wait for a broadside shot. It took forever. At one point I looked over and he was praying. I didn’t ask and he didn’t say , but I knew. Eventually a doe came out and he turned broadside. I told him “now”. He made a perfect shot. Deer ran 30 yards, did the dance and dropped. I was so proud. He was so excited. His composure was impressive. He is ten. It was his third hunt and he smoked a ten pointer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Couple days ago I located a great scrape line along a ridge about a mile deep into some big Morris county woods. The scrapes had many big buck rubs around them also. Given the sign that was on this ridge, different size tracks in all scrapes, and the amount of feeding sign within the oaks, I knew not just a good buck was working this area but many deer. I picked a tree between two primary scrapes both about 30 yards on either side. A blown down tree forced deer past this tree making it a perfect funnel. I was so excited to hunt this stand because I knew it was going to produce. I’ve had pics of quite a few really nice bucks within a mile of this stand so I had an idea of what was in the area. The wind was perfect this morning so I decided to hunt it. I was settled in my climber at 545 am. As it was just getting light, I heard a lot of deer running, chasing, grunting well out in front of me. One buck had particularly deep loud grunts. About 7am, 2 spikes and a small 8pt walked past me clearly not wanting to mess with the other bucks chasing this one doe. I heard the deep grunter working the primary scrape then walking toward me. I passed a nice 8pt on my left wanting to see what the more dominant sounding buck was. This old 8pt followed the script perfectly walking past my stand at about 7 yards on my right. I’ve had numerous pics of him on cam all over this area for the last three years but have never actually laid eyes on him. I knew immediately he was the buck I wanted. I drew smooth and released an arrow. My shot slightly struck a twig upon release. By the reaction of the buck and sound of the arrow hitting this twig, I thought for sure I missed. I was so confused. The buck ran and stopped about 40 yards away just into some thick trees where I couldn’t see him. As everything settled down, I see this buck and his doe slowly working their way back to me. I watch the buck lie down looking like he was hurt. I was so confused because I was sure I missed. He gets up and walks away with the doe still looking hurt but still acting in love. I got out of my stand an hour later and went to retrieve my arrow to figure out what happened. My arrow was covered in good red blood! I walked over to where I last seen the buck and it was like a blood bath! Still unsure of exactly what happened, I went home and decided to come back in a few hours to look for this buck. I came back at 11am and followed an easy blood trail where he lay dead 75 yards away. I have pics and a history with this buck for the last 3 years. I know he is over 5 years old (I believe he is 7) making it a very special buck to take especially so deep into Jerseys “big” woods. Very memorable morning. Thanks for looking
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    Now that Buck154 had a little fun here you go. …...I've been after this buck since 2014. He has to be one of the most cautious and smart bucks that I have chased. Not only has he given me the slip but at least two other guys that hunt the area too. I went out tonight looking for a doe and with no real high hopes of him showing. I have only seen him on the hoof a few times all these years. When he came in this afternoon I thought he was a younger two year old at first. When I realized which buck I was looking at, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. He came in super cautious and face on. He almost busted me but I sat motionless with the xbow in front of me. He finally moved and gave me a 15 yd shot and I got him through the heart and he only made it 30yds. As I sit here typing, I am still in shock that after all these years I was able to get him. He was never a high scoring deer and his rack already started to go down hill. Even though he is not giant, his age truly makes him a trophy. I'm fairly certain he is at least 8.5 yr old. The first trail cam pic is him in 2014 which I believe he is 3.5 old at the time. 2nd pic is 2017, then 18 and this year
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    After seeing this buck on my camera a couple times I was finally able to connect. He would always show up on the camera between midnight or 530am. So my assumption is he was just travelling through my spot. The night before I shot him, I noticed several does were being hounded by little bucks all night long on the wifi cam and I figured there had to be a doe that was getting close to coming into heat. I decided that this was where I was gonna hunt. Well at 7:05 am this buck stepped out and completely suprised me. Hard quartering away shot and sent the arrow into the chest cavity. Ran about 200 yrds. He might be my biggest to date. 140lbs (must be eating sticks and rocks), 20.5" inside spread 11 pt
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    Here is my story. This is my 7th season bow hunting. Through my first 6 seasons I had not yet achieved my first bow kill. I have had many exciting encounters and a few close calls. A number of times I have been at full draw but the shots just did not pan out. Last year I did have the opportunity to loose an arrow at a little 4 point. Fate was with him, it was close to dusk and my arrow encountered an unseen branch! But even without any “success”, every time out and every minute in the stand is totally and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Moving forward to this year (my 62nd), it started with a life changing event. Last March after shoveling & snow blowing for a couple hours I suffered a heart attack. It sure changes your perspective on things. As I was recovering and regaining my health and making a few lifestyle changes it became apparent that I would be able to continue bow hunting (but not snow shoveling!). So to celebrate a new outlook on life I went and splurged on a brand new Hoyt RX3! Needless to say I have been pretty excited for this bow season. To date it has been a strange season. I set up a camera for the 1st time this year. There have been numerous deer (and a couple bears) showing up, although mostly in the overnight hours. Up until this past Saturday (10/19) I had spent upwards of 40 hours in the stand and had yet to see a deer from my perch. It’s amazing how quickly your fortunes can change! About 7:30 I hear something approaching and it’s definitely not a squirrel! I grab my bow off the hook and latch on my release. After a few minutes he reaches the tree line. He spends at least the next 10 minutes browsing and all I can see is his head. That 10 minutes or so did seem like an eternity but finally he stepped clear. Bow kill in the books!! More awesome than I imagined!! Patience and persistence will always pay off in the long run. Never give up, it is never too late!
  27. 51 points
    I am not young man anymore to say the least and I have been hunting New Jersey my whole life without tagging a nice mature buck.....until last night. My evolution as a deer hunter was much like others. When I started hunting if it had any kind of horn it was going down. Now I enjoy seeing young bucks and hope they can get some age on them and I harvest only does for meat. For almost 15 years that I have hunted this property I only saw one other true shooter so each year my expectations were not very high, until last week. While hunting the six day firearm season on Tuesday this guy made his first appearance in the field grazing at 4 o'clock in the afternoon a couple of hundred yards away from me. The sun was bright and he did manage to have some brush in front of him, but that kicker stood out when I glassed him from afar. That night I knew he was the buck that I wanted and I had to make some adjustments. The next day after my morning hunt I placed a stand in a tree line in the direction he was heading. I sat it a few times and he never showed, but I did see plenty of other deer in that location. So now 6 day is over and my plan is to place another stand on Sunday a few hundred yards away in the direction of where he came from, and to hunt it during permit doe. That way the area would get a rest and so would I. You got to love it when a plan works and your target buck follows it to a "T", he was one day late though. I did not see him Wednesday, but last night he made his final appearance in the field. It was nice to finally get those shakes after the shot on a nice NJ deer. He is a typical 8 with two kickers off of his G-2 for a total of 10 points. Hopefully now I will have time to finish my seven month bathroom renovation.
  28. 51 points
    Passed buck after buck doe after doe sat all day, last 10 mins kaboom Hot doe with 4 bucks crazy
  29. 50 points
    Since I posted this on the "check in thread" from 11/11 Veteran's day, many have been asking for the "hunt" story. Small private property piece, surrounded by big ag fields. My parents purchased this lot back in 1960 or so. My father built this house with his own blood sweat and tears. I grew up in that home. My father wanted to spend his last days a year ago, looking out his window at the view he loved all his life. That wasn't meant to be - he needed full time hospice care so he spent his last days at the Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice facility, which as about as good a view of the Kittatinny mountains and sunset as there can be. But I digress- he came to pass on my Son's 22nd birthday, the 27th of November, 2018. I took my best NJ buck ever days before he entered hospice. I took my first velvet buck (a 10pt) in early fall bow season this year - a true elusive old ghost that seemed impossible to even see let along kill. Feeling my dad'spirit and guidance all the way - the guy that got me into hunting at age 10. Fast forward to veteran's day - I needed a change of pace and to get out of z5. Seeing the same small bucks every day and lots of doe, every day seemed like groundhog day. My zone 2 spot is basically a simple, late afternoon easy walk hunt but ONLY can do it if the wind is just a little better for me than for the deer. This time - I had the perfect wind, and set up in my Mother's woods glassing fields from afar. This area is overpopulated with doe, and I usually take some out early season and winter bow. But during the tail end of the rut, they need to be kept relaxed, un-pressured and barely hunted. Just like my zone 5 spots I had zero shooters on camera, but know that the potential for something good always exists this time of year - once rut peak has passed and the mature bucks start really extending their range. I first glassed and ranged this buck at 350 yards an hour before dark. He cleared out an entire field of all doe. He looked quite massive from that distance - but what are the odds of him coming all the way across two fields to me? Slim to none - it would take some form of divine intervention one would think. With barely 10 minutes of shooting light left, I saw some does feeding out in the middle of the field I was near the edge of, as I was in my climber on a nice red oak. Time is running out, he is now center of field checking out each and every doe quite methodically. My heart is starting to race. No way this can happen - I have no live bait by me, no way his coming up in here. Then by some miracle - 5 doe come up the hedgerow and start feeding by my stand. The buck sees this and rapidly heads toward them. I grab my bow, the does break away and he follows one and enters my woods at 17 yards, stops, and SWHACK - yes I just felt like a 125gr, 2.25' swhacker kind of day. I had been queing up my COC VPA fixed blades all rut but figured i was 2 for 2 with the swhackers this year so why not? He took off but was immediately wobbly and tipped over barely 40 yards from my tree. Of course these BH's suck at penetration so I only got one hole on a double lung, but dead is dead and I would rather watch them drop than have to blood trail. Again I had no pictures of this buck, was just hunting the potential for a shooter at the perfect phase of the rut on the perfect wind. Oh earlier just before this buck I saw a buck same area that was definitely a shooter but probably 130" or so, and I would have been ecstatic to have had him do this, But then this guy showed and must have scared that one off. To see how it all played out - I am not this good. Lucky yes- but this hunt was definitely guided from above. Nobody can convince me otherwise. Those that know me know I love bowhunting whitetail deer, have learned a thing or two, and have a passion for only targeting mature bucks. I guess a personal goal was to someday get a NJ buck that broke the 150" barrier (gross P&Y score - not even caring about net). Never dreamed I would shatter that goal to the tune of 168 2/8". Of course it has to dry 58 ore days before I go see our favorite scorer Mark, probably at the UBNJ booth at the deer classic show. It will shrink a bit. No matter what it ends up "official", this was my buck of a lifetime. This buck had quite the body on him as well, weighing 193 lbs on a certified scale. The meat supply will be overflowing now. Thank you dad, for getting me into hunting, and bringing me this amazing animal, on the very land you bought when you didn't have two nickels to rub together.
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    Fat sucker for the pines . I snuck out after work just slipped the HECS mesh camo over work clothes and had sneakers in the swamp. I was not expecting anything , a doe and a spike came in very early. Nice doe and i was tempted but i had passed a few because i had a nice 8 on camera. The 8 was coming in after dark on camera. I was so tempted to wack the doe. 16 yards broadside for 20 minutes. Then they picked their heads up and walked off quickly. The 8 was in front of me before i noticed him. Hard quartering away shot. I was going o wait but his head was on a swivel he was on a bait pile and nervous as heck. I put it behind his ribs and it came out his lower throat or upper chest dead center. I went home and came back later still in my work clothes . he ran in a huge circle and was less than 30 feet from where i shot him. I had followed his trail a little and did not see blood so between that and the angle i was nervous. When i came back a few hours later i went maybe 15 feet further and the pines were dripping with blood. I went about 30 yards and could smell him. fatest deer i have seen in the pines must be eating a lot of th acorns . Picture taken by my wife on our lawn ( after midnight in retirement community)
  31. 50 points
    Partial Pie-bald. Didn't expect at the stand I sat this morning. 100 yard +/- Shot and dropped it. Glad I did not listen to the idiot forecasters ..................
  32. 49 points
    I havent been doing as good as usual with the coyotes this year as in years past. I only killed one earlier in January with bad mange. I guess my efforts in the past knocking these pests down have been working. Well today i set up in a newly scouted spot with a lot of dog sign. I was only 6 minutes into my first set when this big male ran in, BANG! I immediately switched to a yote in distress and death cry sounds. I had another yote pacing back and forth about 10 minutes afterwards. It seemed that dog caught my scent unable to seal the deal. At least there is one less jersey wolf in my area!
  33. 49 points
    Buck down tonight my best to date and first winter bow buck.. thank you coda boy for the help getting him out. And buck 154 for offering to help if needed
  34. 49 points
    But not the big one I was after. This hunt was too quick and easy for any nervousness or buck fever. I was watching a doe who kept looking behind my blind. I thought she was watching the turkeys that had been there just moments earlier, but when I turned to double check, he came walking through the woods and stopped 15 yards to the right of my blind, perfectly broadside, and just stared at her. In what seemed like a quick second, I swung the crossbow to my right and shot using my right hand and left eye. A mule kick, followed by a 100 yard dash into the open field and he was done.
  35. 48 points
    Not for Corona but because Im a grandfather now. Now I feel old lol
  36. 48 points
    Just a shout out to my brother and fellow hunter for putting the smack down on this brute yesterday late morning. Anyone who hunts with my brother knows what a great guy he is. My own son calls him the most unselfish hunter/person he knows..............He walks and scouts many miles of land to set up drives and place stands where others can be successful.............He is well deserving of this buck....it is his best to date.....11 pointer big body deer............Congrats Bro!!!
  37. 48 points
    This is my first post but I wanted to share my hunt today. What an incredible day. Feeling every emotion and not knowing made for the longest day ever. Shot this deer at 7 am. Waited an hour before got down, found good blood and decided to give more time. Went back hour later to track with my old man. Started following great trail until after 100 yards he jumped and ran off. Based on the blood I thought it was a dead deer. Made the move to back out and come up with plan. Made a call to Darren out of east Brunswick to use his help with the dogs. Met at 4 and the track began all over. After about 2 hours of his dogs going through the thickest brush possible his pup finally found the buck. If it wasn't for his services this deer never would have been found. Also, I shot this buck quartering away. Entry was back but exit was right behind shoulder and this deer still was able to get up after a hit like that. Learned my lesson for next time when in doubt let him be and come back later. I want to thank Darren as he goes above and beyond and will do everything possible to recover your deer. Good luck to all this season. Shoot em up.
  38. 48 points
    Congrats buddy!!! http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
  39. 48 points
    A couple of weeks ago I posted a trail cam pic of a large bodied buck. Last night I was able to catch up with him. Just before last light he pushed a doe into me. I could see them off in the distance and he was chasing her around. He took the last step into my clearing and I let it fly. He and the doe took off at the shot as did a few more I never saw in the distance. A couple of seconds and I heard him crash. Waited until after dark and picked up the trail. I shined my light and saw his eyeballs glowing in the distance. Best part was he died 20 yards from my deer cart that I stashed in the woods.
  40. 48 points
    Was pretty much out to get a doe tonight. Had not seen anything of any size in a while. I was up in a two man ladder stand watching an overgrown field that the deer like to come out to feed in late in the day. At about 4 I had two does come by at about 60 yards but they were moving right along and kept looking back down the way they came up. If I could have gotten a good standing shot I would have shot, but I have until the end of January to fill the freezer so I was not shooting unless it was perfect. They moved along, and then after a few minutes two more does came running up thru the field with this buck behind them. He was running at times and then trotting after them. I mouth grunted loud several times, but couldn't get him to stop in the open. Finally, I grunted again and he stopped at about 90 yards broadside. Put the front sight on, and touched one off on the 54 Cal Hawken, with the hair trigger. He went right down, but as I was reloading he appeared to get up and went behind some brush. Now I was a little concerned about him moving off like that. After I was loaded I climbed down and snuck over there and saw him up on his front legs, but apparently unable to move too much. I hit him again. After the second shot it was over. First shot had taken his spine out, but they can still move a good deal on the front legs. I know from experience. lol Heading out now to get him skinned out. Will let him cool down over night before boning him out in the morning.
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    Was looking forward to getting together for a fun bowhunt with my son with no expectations. Rusty was on stand and we were in a blind on the other side of the property. We got settled in at 1525 hours and the weather was perfect with a good wind in our face. After 20 minutes I look and my son is out like a light! It would not be a good sit without a good old nap which he and I agree is definitely enjoyable, especially in a comfortable blind with good chairs...I am watching and know that a quick nudge while whispering "deer" works perfectly and he goes on auto pilot and settles on the crossbow that was all set on the fieldpod as soon as we settled in... I get a text from Rusty who said he just shot a doe early on! Awesome the deer are on their feet...I look at my son and just smile. He is having a great nap and I know these times are going to go by way,way too fast... Now when I tell you it happened quickly tonight, this is an understatement...I look up and see a big body deer coming with several smaller deer behind it at last light.....I gently nudge Jr and whisper "deer....buck!" The buck is at 16 yards quartering hard to him....forever. He had a good 10 minutes before shooting light ended but he slowly turned the illuminated scope reticle on and settled onto the bow. The buck began to turn broadside and my son had to wait until a small doe cleared away from behind the buck..At the shot, the lighted red nock disappeared through the buck and buried itself in a tree 15 yards behind where the buck was standing...the buck turned to run but could not take the hypodermic head and was down within 30 yards.. High fives were going and I was so proud of his composure during the moment of truth...he has passed up several good bucks this year at spots where he is after a mature deer, but this was just a good old fashioned fun hunt...pics were taken of the nock embedded in the tree and we were just having fun talking about what happened..about 15 minutes later we hear branches breaking just to the left of the blind..Christopher looks at me like what the heck is THAT?? Whatever it is starts to scratch the wall of the blind now...all of a sudden, a head and face pop into the opened window..Rusty!!!! Holy cow!!! He says what are y'all boys doing?! He starts to laugh and my son thought it was a bear...way too funny. Was a great night to be out together. Pics attached below..
  42. 47 points
    God Bless the VFW & Volunteers !
  43. 47 points
    4 years done, just got home an hour ago. Welcome Home party in progress.
  44. 47 points
    Now that Lou has had his fun I can post this. I took this buck yesterday. My son and I both passed on him last year and I let him walk again this past November. After looking at the pictures that I took of him I realized that he was better than I had originally thought so I decided that I would take him if he gave me another opportunity.
  45. 47 points
    Went out this morning to glass a few rocky cliffs where the buck I tracked Wednesday had been bedding. After a few hours hunting with no deer spotted, I headed to a swamp corner where i heard blue jays going crazy. I glassed this bear from about 175 yards away through the snow and decided to put on a stalk. After closing the distance to about 75 yards, i realized i could not sneak a shot as she was bedded behind some brush. I was on a steep rocky area and had no way of getting closer or changing my position at this point. I had to back out, make a big circle, and restalk her. With the wind in my favor, i got to within 60 yards where i shot. I complain enough about bears by me that i decided i would help by making this area A little better with one less bear. IMG_3642.MOV
  46. 47 points
  47. 47 points
    Unreal day in the woods. I was fortunate enough to take both my biggest body and rack buck to date this morning, and with the compound no less. The stars aligned when this bruiser came my way. I was hunting a mountain top when I spotted him seeking along a power line over 100 yards away. Gave him a few grunts and I thought all was lost. Shortly after I lost sight of him he reappeared coming directly at me! He passed my stand at 35 yards, I let him cross to my right and he wrapped around to my rear giving me the 15 yard chip shot. There is nothing on earth like bow hunting. What made the day even better was that I got to share it with my dad who was hunting below and helped with the recovery and the drag. It’s all because of him that I have this love for the outdoors. With the kickers on his bases he’s a 10. Here’s a few pics. Thanks
  48. 47 points
    got a late start for me. got to my stand 6:50 AM feeder goes off at 7::00am big doe comes in a little later very nervous. keeps looking back a good sign. this guy comes in on a string. took about 5 minutes to get the right angle seemed like 20 minutes. let the Rage fly. he went about 60 yards. if the does come to the feeders this time of year so will the bucks. thanks for reading & good luck to all. oh bye the way if the picture looks a little strange i have pair of prosthetics on. double arm amputee. hard drag out he had a big body.
  49. 46 points
    Amazing last youth day for my daughter. She did great today. 23lbs. 10 1/2 inch beard, 1 1/4 Spur. Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
  50. 46 points
    I was fortunate to have one of those afternoons when everything goes right in the deer woods. With 12 does and 2 small bucks already in front of me, this beautiful tall rack 8 pointer shows up. When he stood broadside at 30 yards out - I fired my Savage 220 20 gauge. He then struggled to run off covering 30 yards before going down. All the while the rest of the deer just stood in place watching.
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