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    Shot this buck yesterday at 3:30pm. He is a buck I have at least 3 years of pictures. As a few of you know me I love hunting for mature bucks. They don't have to score great, just love having history with them when possible. This buck I nicknamed him 3 years ago "Pigface" cause he had a short stocky head and reminded me of a pot belly pig face. Think he can be call Hoghead now.lol has a big block head. His G2 is 11" and he dressed 185 lbs
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    It's been a long week with the bad weather but persistence paid off ! I thought tonight was going to be a bust when a single doe hit the field which was the only one I saw the last time from this stand. All of a sudden another big doe came busting out into the field with this brute on her ass, I bleated with my mouth very loudly four times and he locked it up at 40 yards,took the shot, ran another 80 yards and he was down !
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    A couple of weeks ago I posted a trail cam pic of a large bodied buck. Last night I was able to catch up with him. Just before last light he pushed a doe into me. I could see them off in the distance and he was chasing her around. He took the last step into my clearing and I let it fly. He and the doe took off at the shot as did a few more I never saw in the distance. A couple of seconds and I heard him crash. Waited until after dark and picked up the trail. I shined my light and saw his eyeballs glowing in the distance. Best part was he died 20 yards from my deer cart that I stashed in the woods.
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    got a late start for me. got to my stand 6:50 AM feeder goes off at 7::00am big doe comes in a little later very nervous. keeps looking back a good sign. this guy comes in on a string. took about 5 minutes to get the right angle seemed like 20 minutes. let the Rage fly. he went about 60 yards. if the does come to the feeders this time of year so will the bucks. thanks for reading & good luck to all. oh bye the way if the picture looks a little strange i have pair of prosthetics on. double arm amputee. hard drag out he had a big body.
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    I'm on a roll this year. So I got a farm I hunt in Sussex county and the farmer told me he has been seeing a black truck shining the fields late at night from his house. So I told him to call me next time and try to get a plate. Well he saw them again this past weekend shining the fields with a guy standing in the bed of the truck. He tried to stop them and they took off. So I advised the fish and game officer's and they agreed to watch the fields last night.....well the same guys came back and sure enough got caught red handed shooting a buck out of the truck with a Ravin at midnight. They are from Wallington and had no ties to the area. I'm sure they will plead not guilty and like poacher joe, pay a minimum. Just want to thank our fish and game officer's for sitting out all night waiting for these dirt bag cheaters.
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    A long time goal that started 5 years ago was accomplished Monday night when the hunting gods smiled down on Chris Jr. & blessed him with his 1st ever Black Bear 🐻 It was an amazing night with tons of action, making it one of the most memorable times we have ever spent in the woods together! I sat right by his side, talking him through it right up until he made the shot with his crossbow. A big thanks to all those that had a hand in making it happen. It’s a beautiful bear and I’m so glad he got his first in our home state!!! Vernon, New Jersey 10/14/19
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    It’s been a long journey up there but i finally made it happen. It was a wild week with temps in the negatives and 10 inches of snow. I grunted in 2 bucks. 1 of which about walked on top of me and will haunt my dreams until I’m in the dirt. Returned to the same spot the next day and scored. Dressed at 177. Huge hooves and a true a mountain buck.
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    My wife's uncle shot this beauty this morning. Big heavy body on him. Should be fun dragging. Good thing my 17 year old is here.
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    Did an afternoon hunt. I had a small 8 and a 1 horn come in at ten after 6. I took a picture of them and sent it to my buddies who were also hunting. The 2 small bucks picked their heads up and scattered and this guy strutted in. I grabbed my bow off the hook, drew and aimed. Mice smooth release and the arrow found its mark. He ran through the field and entered the woods about 80 yds away. I waited a while and then walked to where he went in the woods. Blood all over and I found him within 40 yds. I have trail cam pics of him all over the property.
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    Was up in the stand. Around 7:35am this buck was cruising through head down. Gave him a grunt and stopped him. And sent my arrow home. Double lung hit ran 20 yds and dropped. I’m very happy w my first buck. Shot many does but it’s not the same. My blood was pumping. Great day out. A little bummed now I have to wait for another. But I’m bringing my wife out now and she wants to get one down. Hopefully I can put her on a big boy.
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    Super cool buck I shot in Zone 13 this season!
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    Got a nice 9 pt tonight. Action all night including a real nice piebald doe that tempted me for over a hour.
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    You all make fun of me for my woodpiles but here's the real reason they are all so straight. The inspector is brutal.
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    I hunted with a few buddies last night. Hunting time has been limited with small kids at home. I was in stand and at 4 pm I see does coming my way. I want to hold out for a decent buck, as I know there are few nice ones around. I am watching the three does and I see movement and a real nice 8 heading my way. He gets to 15 or 20 yds and I put crosshairs on him....pull the trigger and nothing. I lift the gun and it goes off. I am still unsure why. The load was loaded that day. Maybe primer? Not sure. He runs off. I am beyond ANGRY. I thought about throwing the gun out of the tree. I reloaded and figured my hunt was over. I am now concerned that the gun will not go off, even if I get the chance. 15 minutes later I see does coming my way. I then lose them. Then a see a buck. I decided if it was a 6 or bigger, I'm shooting. Sure enough, it's a 6 pt. I actually thought it was the 8 I saw earlier at first. I put crosshair on him, pull trigger, and gun instantly goes off. I see him run off (first time the Barnes didn't drop him in his tracks). I actually thought I missed. He run 10 yds and falls over. He is not a giant, but made me happy (I haven't killed a deer all year, passed on many). We dragged him out and had a few Christmas drinks in the field. Great times. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Was really bummed last week, as I shot a really good Buck and couldn't find it. Even got a tracking dog to no avail. I have to say I lost a little motivation to hunt for a while,,,,,a week lol. I actually don't think I will see another deer like him again. The sickness that this is,,,,I decided that I have to get back on stand. I have a nice 8 coming in and a new 9 that showed up in the last few days. I decided that if either show up,,,I'm shooting it. To date, I only shot 1 buck,,,,passing on several. To me, I'd rather shot a doe if the buck doesn't really get me all that excited. Before the comments,,,yes all deer get me excited when they come in,,,every time. It's just I don't feel like shooting a small buck is worth it to me; I'd rather shoot a doe. Either one of the two bucks mentioned above were not getting a pass tonight. I got on stand at 345 after work. At 5'oclock 2 does came in and I saw a buck trailing. It was the 9 and I WAS excited! He gave me a perfect broadside shot and I let the Reaper rip. He ran 10 yards and dropped behind a tree. The does ran off, looked back at him and snorted away. I have to say, I really earned this buck. I got permission on this piece this year,set it up, and kept it baited since the Summer. I'm going to keep practicing w the Mathews and hunt w that during the rut. I am one pretty happy Hunter right now
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    Went out yesterday morning to stand in a hedgerow that gets some traffic by it around this time of the year. Getting hip surgery on Thursday so climbing into the stand was out of the question but, I cut a spot out that I can just shoot over. The deer seem to like laying along this hedge due, I believe, to the fact that the sun hits it early and there are some tall weeds to lay in and soak up the sun. When there is frost everywhere else this area must hold the heat cuz it’s rarely frosted over and some stuff stays green there when all around it is dead. Anyway, had a few does and a spike cruise on by but, even though this was going to be my last stand before I get cut, I was kinda holding out for something a little more. Already have my freezer filled so no pressure there. After a little wait, here comes this guy. I had a rag stuck in the field with some Black Widow Extreme Interest Deer lure on it. He walked over to check out the rag which I had positioned so he was right in my shooting window. Took the shot and the G5 Deadmeat broadhead did its job and he was down in 20 yards. My boys came out to help me drag being that they were both around which, just added pleasure to an already great day. So happy to be able to drop one more before my surgery. Gonna be laid up for a while so it gives me something to smile about while I’m bored to death laying around for a while. Decent 7 point. Wuda been an 8 but looks like he had a tough rut season
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    The fishing in upstate NY was incredible this week.Wave after wave of giant fish pushing upstream.Non stop action.Most of the fish were between 5-13lbs.
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    Friday stared off how all hunters dream cool crisp morning and deer on the move. As I arrived nice and early to my stand I bumped 2 deer in the dark and they didn’t know what I was and the wind was in my favor. The deer never really busted out they just moved On or so I thought. A few moments later I see a doe coming from my right in the dark as soon as I see her second deer is right behind her and It’s a small buck I can barely see him as he is just a spike. About 10 Minutes go by and I hear something coming towards me from up the hill I look intently as I see a deer stopping its way towards me but I could not make it out as it still covered by leaves on some of the trees in that area I see a large body and he is walking coming directly at me I can’t make out his rack but it’s definitely a buck. The buck just stomped around and went back the way he came. The buck then beds down and I see he’s a awesome 8pt. Then I hear a grunt and the 8pt stands and runs up the hill!! Not sure what has happened I see a deer moving around the same area as the buck was bedded I see a monster buck comes out of thin air ripping up trees and making scraps. The buck is a high 7pt and I had cam photos of him only 2 days ago. The buck walks down the hill about 70 yards from me feeding as he walking. I used my grunt tube and he stopped turned and walk towards me but still 70 yards away. The buck stopped and was about to go down the hill I grunted again the looked into my direction but didn’t move I used my last trick a snort wheeze!! That did it the turned and came right up the hill stopped at 40 yards no shot he moved to 35 yards stopped broadside and then he must have picked up my sent he looked around took on more step and let the arrow fly. Perfect shot double lung 34 yards he went 75 yards and dropped. This is my personal best buck and his body is huge!
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    My oldest daughter went for her hunter safety course today. She did the course at Wallkill. Being it is suppose to be a Women’s course put on by the NWTF my wife took her, while I did house work all day. But my Bean is an official huntress. Passed all field courses and test. She is super excited for September.
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    I picked up my Delaware mount from a deer I got last season. Looks great and it filled the empty spot on my new wall nicely.
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    Yesterday I had one of my best bow hunting days ever. I passed on a nice 8 several times, saw a lot of small bucks chasing, and then on my way out of the woods(in the rain) I bumped into the largest 8 point buck I have seen hunting in NJ or PA. After a long stare down he walked away. This set me up for this am. I climbed in the stand hoping for a second chance at the big 8. After only seeing a small spike chase a doe at day break I decided to climb down to grab a cup of coffee and get out of the wind. I checked my camera and started walking out the logging road. I had gotten about 60 yards when I saw a doe running hard with a big buck and 2 small bucks chasing. I quickly dropped to my knee. The small 5 picked me out but wasn't spooked and slowly walked away. The large buck stopped on a small knoll 50 yards away. After 15 minutes it looked like he had bedded on the small hill. I started to belly crawl toward the last place I saw him After 15 yards I realized he was walking toward me. I turtled on the ground and watched him go back up the small hill. He started rubbing a tree. I took this opportunity to crawl with in 35 yards. At that point he noticed me and started trying to figure out what I was. When he walked behind a tre e I stood up and went to full draw. He looked at me, took 2 steps and I let the arrow fly. I watched him expire 45 yards away. Not the 8 I was after-He's a 12 pointer, 15 inch inside spread. I had never seen this deer until today. The rut is on full swing!
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    My brother has too much time on his hands and likes to torture his chocolate lab. He calls it his pure bread retriever.
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    Well, new to me. 2012 Ram 4x4 with the 5.7 Hemi. 66,000 miles on it. Rides like a car. The 4 link suspension in the rear with coils really is a long way from my old Dakota with the leaves in the rear. Lovin’ it!
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    Went to old faithful stand this morning, last day of 6 day, same as last year (killed a nice one here last day last year)with high hopes. Seen some nice bucks this week, but could never seal the deal. Got into stand about 45 minutes before 1st light, at about 1st light i see a spotlight of a flashlight headed towards me.....well, my neighboring property owner loves to trudge aimlessly through the woods like 2 times a year, at 1st light with a flashlight....so instead of getting annoyed, i exited that stand contemplating him pushing the deer around the mountain to the backside of my property, well that plan worked out pretty well. Deer started moving and i lost count at 30 does, the bucks were about 20 minutes behind and this guy stepped out of a clearing and i missed 1st shot, 2nd shot hit him in leg, 3rd put him on the ground......so friggin excited to be able to still do this successfully and glad that i recovered enough to make a clean 3rd shot...God is good all the time!
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    Been watching this guy waiting for the right chance and last night was it. Perfect wind for where I needed to be and he showed for his appointment. I let the arrow fly at 5:05 gave it an hour and he was lying about 40 or 50 yards from contact. He was the only buck I was interested in at this point in the season and I got him on the first sit. Sometimes things work out.
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    I couldn’t sleep. I was up at 4:45 am because I knew that it was going to be a great hunting day. I haven’t been out much because I’m coaching football this year. I am very over due. In addition, I passed on several does and a small buck in Sept. because I wanted my daughter to get on them. I got up and hiked up the mountain behind my house. Once I got up to some flats, I scattered some apples and placed some estrus out. There was a giant scrape on the ground. I have been watching it all fall. I have had a few nice bucks on camera for a few years now, but have never connected in this spot. No sooner did I get up in my stand did a buck come in grunting from behind me. I stood still and saw that he was small but aggressive. I waited and he disappeared. At 6:50, a giant that I named Big Tony came up from a spot where I have another stand. I thought to myself, why did I choose this one. I am not too confident with 45+ yard shots, so I waited. He came in and gave me a broadside shot. He was what I figured was about 35 yards. I drew back and let the carbon arrow and rage broad head fly. He barely moved and it sounded like It went beneath him. I cursed and fumbled for my range finder. It was still a bit dark out. Soon I had enough light, and I ranged the shot at 42 yards. My furthest shot ever while bow hunting. My phone buzzed from my kids and my wife. It was now 8:30. No new deer. I felt that I blew it. I got down to retrieve my arrow and go to another spot. But I didn’t find my arrow; I found specks of blood. The blood was bright red, no bubbles, no dark liver blood or green from food. I followed the blood. Soon, my deer sat up. He was straight ahead of me, and he began walking slowly. I immediately backed out. I tested the wind and saw that it was blowing from my right to my left, downhill. I decided to back out 100 yards, bear left, and slowly walk downhill and straight so that I was about 75 yards beneath him, at about 90 yards, and tip toe to a dead fall where I could see him. He bedded down. I talked to my neighbor who told me to back out. I didn’t listen, and I didn’t want to lose him. I gave it an hour and a giant buck similar to the one I shot at walked behind me and at twenty yards, gave me a perfect broad side shot. Tempted to take a shot, I passed him, feeling excited that my deer was just above me up the hill. He saw me, and I watched him go. He walked further downhill and grunted and warned other deer about me. I waited some more and went up to where I saw my deer lay down. He wasn’t there. He walked straight and looped around toward where I was. The blood trail went cold. The leaves were rustled so I followed them. It led to exactly where the “new” buck was! Dang it, I thought to myself, I could have ended it there. On the ground was a blob of clotted blood. I followed the path down the hill and saw tons of tracks. I followed it until it merged with other tracks. I took the left path as it seemed more worn. I followed the trail for about a mile, and I didn’t see any new blood. I walked another mile and a half to my house and got in my truck. I hate the feeling of losing a deer. I told myself that I must have grazed him, and punished myself for not being a good enough shot. But I knew in my heart I aimed well. But this deer and I have history - I followed him for three plus years. I beat myself up in anger and since my hunt was a bust, I drove to another spot that I hunt. Twenty minutes in the stand, I relived the hunt, the aftermath, and the bitter feelings of not harvesting the buck. I tried to recall every detail. When that deer grunted behind me, it sounded like it carried to the right. What if… I left the stand, walked to my truck, and I drove back. I walked a mile to where I last saw the deer. I am physically, exhausted from the hiking. But I hiked back to the intersection. Instead of following a trail to the left, I ventured to the right. And within forty yards, there lay my buck. Sometimes you need to take the path less traveled. He was just beginning to enter rigor mortis and his insides were warm. When field dressing him, I saw that my arrow went in behind the heart and lung, and it clipping the liver. It exited through the stomach and made a mess. I realized that the deer must have quartered away as the arrow was entering him. Big Tony was a difficult drag, but I drove my truck into the woods and cut half the distance. my Behind the House Giant.AVI
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    Decided to hop on the tractor and grade my driveway around 1:30 pm before heading into the woods for an afternoon hunt. My driveway is about a half mile and halfway to the road I observe an 8 pointer bedded down with a doe 20 yards into the woods. I figured I spooked them off So I continued my chore but I saw them again on the way back. So I shot back to the house and grabbed the bow for a stalk. In mesh shorts T-shirt and sneakers. Miraculously I got within 20 yards and made a kill shot. Here’s where more luck enters in. He was quartering away and stepped off as I shot. Got lucky and hit The femoral artery and he quickly died in 25 yards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was supposed to take him back to college 2 hours ago. Just leaving woods now.
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    Thursday September 13th found me in a stand that I had set up with my son Chris back in April. Preparation for deer hunting is a year-round task for my son Chris, our good friend, and the one I call my adopted son Mark, and my Grandson Chris Jr. As a result of our hard work and dedication to preseason scouting and preparation, three of us have taken a total of eight Pope and Young bucks in our hunting areas here in Northwestern New Jersey over the past few years. We set this stand up about 200 yards from the location where I received a serious eye injury last October when I was setting up a stand for what was possibly the same buck I would shoot this year. I was blinded for three months and still do not see very well out of my right eye as a result of that bungie cord accident. Fortunately for me, I am left eye dominate and I can still shoot my crossbow. I had a few photos of this target buck from back in the first week of July. I knew then that he would be number one on our hit list. I was hopeful that one of us would get a chance to arrow this good-looking buck I had named “Highbrow”. On Thursday evening I went into this ladder stand for the fifth time this season hoping that since we had had such heavy rain for the last twenty-four hours that the deer would be up and feeding hard. I was not wrong is thinking this would be the case because after an hour in the stand deer started coming in to the bait location. First in was a doe and a fawn, followed by two spike bucks, then another doe with two fawns. Soon there after in came a nice wide six pointer with a seven pointer not far behind him. I watched all these deer milling around and trying to sneak in for a bite or two of the corn I had put out to attract them. I kept watching in the direction where the six and seven pointers had come hoping that Highbrow just might be following them in. Suddenly I saw a tree shaking in the brush about 30 yards out but I could not see the deer I knew had to be doing it. After a minute or two, I saw him! It was Highbrow who was slowly walking in to join all the others already in front of me. I knew my only task now would be to try to raise up my crossbow to take the shot with out spoking any of the deer that were there. I knew that if one deer spotted me moving that they would all be gone along with my chance to shoot Highbrow. As luck would have it, I was able to raise the bow, get on my target and squeeze off the shot. Highbrow only went twenty yards and he was down! I knew that he was a big eight pointer but he looked even bigger as I walked up to him! I had taken another great Northern New Jersey whitetail and I had a wonderful feeling of satisfaction for all of the hard work that all of us had done to help me in being the one to arrow Highbrow. Since I am still not allowed to strain myself with lifting anything heavy, I called my son who came with my Grandson to get my deer out of the woods. It was a wonderful feeling standing over that beautiful buck with three generations admiring his super-wide rack. We got the deer out and celebrated with photos and a couple of cold ones. My Adopted son Mark green scored Highbrow and he came in at 133 4/8” gross, and 131 ¼ net. Shooting a nice buck at age 71 is a great accomplishment but getting one that will make the Pope & Young record book is an added bonus. To everyone who is still out there trying to shoot their buck I wish you the very best of luck. Remember as I always say, be safe and good hunting!
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    Went hunting with msgrit today... Never do that again !!!!
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    Nice 9 for my buddy Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Mom Shoots a Big Zone 36 8pt. She drops him in 40 yards!
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    I just arrived home after a great ten-day bowhunting vacation at the Scent Crusher Ranch in Rock Kansas. I was there with three other Scent Crusher Staff members and we had a blast. Two of the four of us took bucks but we all saw lots of deer during our days in the stands. Brian Backer a Scent Crusher Pro-Staff member took a very nice eight point in the 130’s green gross. I was very lucky a week ago today taking a very nice eleven pointer with my compound with a green gross score of 156 1/8”. There is nothing like hunting in the mid-west during the rut. I feel very blessed to have taken such a nice whitetail. I hope everyone else is having a great season this year. To all, happy Thanksgiving. Be safe and good hunting!
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    Had a gobbler going early. Non stop gobbling. Then we heard some hens. Sounded like he was within 100 yards or so, but never saw him. One hen did pass us at 30 yards. Tried to move in and got him started again, but then heard some crazy yelping, like another hunter and the gobbler was gone. Went to another spot and saw a gobbler and two hens on the drive into the property. We moved into position and had him come in to 30 yards. I could see his head and neck stick up over the hill, and I could see that he spotted us. I told my son to shoot, but he couldn't see the head. A little aggravating, but we moved to another spot. By now it was 10, and this one area I always seem to have birds come thru late in the morning, so we set up there and made some call every so often. All of a sudden this bird comes up the hill and right to us, never made a sound. Son knocked him down at 30 yards. 23#, 1" spurs, and 10.5 inch beard. After we checked it in we stopped and bought another permit. He wants to go Monday before school , so we will give that a try, for an hour and a half and then I will probably go back and hunt for a while longer before getting some work done. Nice morning, heavy frost, clear, no wind.
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    My grandfather's shot gun that he left to me but grandma held on to till recently.. jc Higgins Sears n roebuck semi auto 12 gauge 2n3quarter.. I know it's basically worthless but I will hold it dearly and take it out a few times per year as it's a chance to hunt with him in a way again
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    Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog. During our friendly conversation, I asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wanted to be President someday. Both of her parents, Democratic Party members, were standing there so I asked her, "If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?”She replied... "I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people. Her parents beamed with pride! "Wow...what a worthy goal! I said..."But you don't have to wait until you're President to do that!” "What do you mean?" she replied. So I told her, "You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I'll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house." She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?" I said, "Welcome to the Republican Party.” Her parents aren't speaking to me anymore.
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    Just got home from a weekend at the state show. I was pleased to be awarded: Best of show: reproduction fish Best of show: fish mount Best of category: masters division 1st place : masters division for my fish Also decided to bring this deer head last minute and enter it in the commercial division. It ended up winning a 1st place and best of show for the commercial division. Thanks to my customers who allowed me to borrow these mounts and enter them at the show. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Not my 1st bear but my 1st with a compound bow. Shot at 20 yds. Not my biggest but it was a great week of hunting. Glad I can do my part in reducing the numbers. Dead Ringers broadhead The Butcher did an awesome job, Phenomenal blood trail and went only 50-60 yards.
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    A good friend of mine that is a cameraman for hunting shows, took this pic a few nights ago. All credit goes to Justin Mueller.... He's the man.
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    It took a bit of work, but l was able to find a fishing boat that specialized in recreational fluke fishing when l was in Korea last week. My wife who is Korean called the captain and made reservations for me and her two brothers. We left Seoul at 1:00AM Friday and arrived in Boryeong on the west coast at 4:00AM. We signed in at the boats tackle shop where the mate (who l think was the captains wife) sold us hooks, sinkers, and plastic worms for the trip. We left the dock at about 4:30AM for a 2 hour ride to the fishing grounds. The Korean boats do not have any seats at the rail or inside. The choice was to sit inside on the padded floor or sleep downstairs on a bunk. I opted to sit on the floor inside. Sitting on the floor is part of their culture and customs. When we arrived at the fishing grounds, l was shown how to rig my TriggerX plastic worms Texas style. I did not see Gulp in any of the tackle shops in the fishing village. l asked if they had Gulp and showed them a picture, but they had a puzzled look on their face. Everyone, and l mean everyone on the boat used the same setup consisting of a sinker, hook, and plastic worm. No bait whatsoever. The boat did not have any bait. All rigs used were simple without teasers, glitter and other stuff you frequently see here. No bucktails either. The water was very calm with little to no drift even though we were fishing in 30+ meters of water. I started jigging my usual fast way when all of a sudden the woman mate starts yelling "cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi" which means "slow down" in Korean. She grabs my arm and shows me how to slowly lift the rod up and slowly take it to the bottom in a slow and deliberate motion. Everytime l reverted back to my NJ style of fast jigging, l heard the dreaded cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi words and finally gave up and started fishing their way. I eventually got the hang of it and boated 4 fluke and a few other fish they call rockfish that look a bit like an NJ seabass. The crew was very helpful. If my plastic worm wasn't rigged right, they took it off the hook and rigged it to their standards all day. The fishing was a bit slow, but just about every flounder was well above the NJ keeper size. AFAIK, there are not any size restrictions or bag limits, but l did not confirm this. My fluke were in the 4 to 6 lb range. The captain says that 80cm (32 inches) are fairly common there. I'd estimate that the biggest fish caught the day l fished was 8lbs or so. The day l fished was during a heatwave. It was really hot. It was a different kind of hot than in NJ and very uncomfortable to fish in. We didn't return to the dock until 6:00 PM which made it a 13+ hour trip. Even with the extreme weather, hardly anyone took a break and they fished hard all day. The boat provided lunch consisting of traditional Korean cuisine. Everyone gathered around the stern and ate lunch at the same time and went right back to the rail to fish. These people came to fish and catch fish. They didn't stuff their faces with Wawa sandwiches and potato chips all day, drink alcohol, bust balls, or engage in unnecessary BS. They were 100% focused on fishing. All fish were tagged and kept in a community cooler. There were multiple fish markets at the dock where fish could be cleaned and prepared for a nominal fee. We had our fluke made into sashimi that was unbelievable. It was far better than anything l ever had in a sushi restaurant. Many took their fish home whole. Another difference was that everyone is required to wear a life preserver vest. Everyone also had to show lD on the boat. They required me to have my passport. One notable feature of the Korean boats that l like is that the exhaust pipe is center ship up high. This allows one to fish the stern without inhaling diesel fumes when power drifting or when the vessel is moving. It makes a big difference. They do not use sunscreen much there. Most wore long fishing pants, long sleeve fishing shirts, face covers and hats to protect against the sun. Tipping is not customary in restaurants or for other services in Korea. The mate was very surprised that l gave her a tip for the great service. The captain enjoyed having a foreign tourist on the boat and mentioned me in his fishing report. Link to captains fishing report of my trip: (use the translate feature in Google chrome or other browser) https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=kdb0801012&logNo=221611391151&navType=tl Next trip l will bring some bucktails and Gulp to see if it makes a difference. I was really surprised that everyone used the exact same Plain Jane rig without any bait....just a plastic worm. With the slow drift, nobody casted either. I had a great time. It was interesting to compare and contrast the fishing methods between two geographic regions of the world. If you're ever in Korea and want to fish, l recommend calling Captain Kim Dong-baek at 010-6621-8968. He will definitely put you on the meat. Captains blog: (use translate feature in browser) https://m.blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=kdb0801012 Attached are some photos of boat, fishing village, and sashimi etc.
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    Pics and story to follow tonight when back home. Awesome sit tonight... Just dropped the buck off at the butcher after checking it in at Gyp's....Sat tonight in my spot where I have passed up some good but young bucks in zone 13 this fall. Three 4 pointers passed at 50 yards at 4pm and it was quiet...With literally 6 minutes left of legal shooting light left a good buck shows at 60 yards. Squeezed off the accutip with the 220 and the buck was down. Closer inspection of the deer revealed his rear leg and hoof to have a severe injury. It appears that he was hit by a car perhaps a month or 2 ago. Because of the leg injury the buck only weighed in at 109 lbs. When brought to the butcher it was evident that the leg and rear of the buck had nothing left and was emaciated. Solid buck that I am fortunate to have taken. Apologies for the delay in posting. LMAO at the comments, all similar to what I have said to other guys! This was literally the first chance to do so.
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    Today I started out on the water with buck 154 duck hunting and ended the day with a last hour hunt in the woods. We ended the water hunt with 6 ducks and some misses and a bunch of laughing and I ended the woods hunt with a busted up 5 pointer. Had a great day enjoying the Woods & Water. ( See what I did there)
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    I have just had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands and am unlikely to be using my spot for a few months. I would like to offer this to someone that would like to get a kid into hunting. Getting a deer is virtually guaranteed in this spot but given that tracking and field dressing also need to be practiced I think it would still offer an education challenge to a new hunter. I am in Asbury in the Hunterdon side of the river and the spot is on my small 5 acre property so there will be no issues with competition from idiots here. PM me if you want to learn more - first come first served.
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    Awesome morning hunt today. Got setup about 5:30am. Hunting about 100 yards from my dad. He hasn't connected in a few years now, but he still goes out all the time. At 6:40 I get a text that he hit one.. said the shot looked good. We gave it about an hour, and I met him by his stand. Arrow looked great right off the bat. Blood from tip to tip, no gut. Got on blood, and a short 40-50 yards later, there was dad's doe. He's 67 and still shooting the compound! And made one hell of a shot too. I was going to buy him a crossbow for this season, but he says not just yet lol. Nothing better then spending the day in the woods with dad, getting a deer is just an added bonus!
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    I got back yesterday from a kayak fishing trip to Christmas Island, which is 1300 miles south of Hawaii. This is my second trip there and not sure if the hurricane that was in Hawaii while we were there caused the heavy winds we had the first few days....but it made jigging from the kayak almost impossible. We both had fish everyday, but not like I experienced the last time I was there. A boat would take us out and drop us off, while they went in search of tuna....which they found everyday. The last 2 days there, we came upon huge schools of busting tuna and birds.... The boat got us as close as they could and We got into the kayaks and headed for the most amazing site of tuna busting the surface that I have ever seen. I hooked up in about 5 minutes and for the next 40 minutes...I was pinned down without being able to make one crank of the reel. I turned the kayak sideways, so he was pulling the full weight of me and the kayak, while pulling me into a 3 foot chop against the wind. After I was able to start reeling it in....it was a slow but steady fight for another 30 minutes before getting it close enough to the boat for a clean gaff and a much needed few beers !.... The guide estimated the tuna at 80 pounds and our biggest of the trip. The next day, my friend Bill hooked up and landed one as well, after an almost 2 hour fight.....I also hooked up twice and was spooled on one reel and broke off on the second rod I had with me. Here are a bunch of pictures.......... Danny V
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    The morning started slow but picked up with several decent 8 pointers checking the does but I passed on them because there are some bigger bucks on my camera. I had high hopes for the afternoon. At about 5:40 a nice but came into my area. I only had about 5-10 seconds to get a look at him before he turned and walked out of sight. I immediately grunted but I thought he was gone for good. Ten minutes later, I saw him hanging up about 70 yards out in heavy cover. I mixed in a few bleats with the grunts and he came looking....and that was his last mistake. It was a heart shot and he only ran about 60 yards. I didn’t get a great look at his rack but I thought he was bigger from my earlier glance. Oh well, he’s not my biggest, but im ok with him. Maybe the big boys on film will pay me a visit during the muzzleloader or gun season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Madison Rose has arrived. 7lb 7oz. 19"! Mom and baby are doing great!
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    I was after this buck on my cousins farm and actually passed him a few days ago and was glad I did it was warm and rainy. I got setup in my stand on the back pasture which borders public land at around 5 pm. I bounced a wide 6 point walking in and thought I blew it. So I sat back and within 20 minutes I saw 6 does making their way toward me. And they were very alert not by me but something behind them. And the darn 6 I just bounced pops up behind them out of the corn field. I was like ok cool he might make the buck I want feel comfortable enough to come out. So they passed by me at 15 yards in the pasture and went into the cattails and the 6 does stayed and kept looking back. And he reared up and ran like hell and I spotted the buck I was after hair up on his back snort wheezing and grunting at the 6 and he charged in. I waited until he turned quartering away and drew and released he went 10 yards and started getting wobbly than ran like hell into the sumac. I listened and heard a crash sounded close very thick. I was glad he went into the sumac and not the marsh. And I heard a long grunt and it went silent. I waited 40 minutes and called my nephew who was hunting not to far away and we went to check the arrow just plastered in good blood. And he said the deer is right there and I look only 30 yards further and sure enough it was him. Know we get to the deer and my phone dies bad area drains phones. So I had enough juice to get a few pictures and he pulls his phone out gets a few and says my phone is dead too lol. So was lucky to get in the woods pictures at all. It was a great hunt.
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    With hunting season around the corner, I have whitetails on my mind. Would love to see some great Jersey bucks! This is my biggest NJ buck. It was shot in 2006 on a township property utilizing a free permit (public). It scored 154” with only 2” of deductions being a perfect 8pt. I missed this deer two years prior as a 130” 8pt. I’m glad I missed and he grew a little older and bigger!
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