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  1. Nomad

    Big Trout!

    Son just got home after fishing with some friends on the Paulinskill. He said it gave him quite a fight and after about 15 minutes they finally got it beached. 25" and 7lbs! His biggest Jersey stockie so far. He lost the spinners I sent him out with and borrowed the pictured one that he caught the trout on. Anyone know what it is called? I'm sure he will want more! Thanks!
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  2. BHC

    Won Pick 4 This Afternoon

    I got out of work and called home as I normally do and my wife told me my number came out straight and box with the fireball....won a total of $3300.....Once I get the funds within the month, I will split it between both my girls and put it in their savings account
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  3. Thanks Jay it turned out great.
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  4. HighEndHooker

    First fish!

    He’s seen his ole’ man put a few fish away, but this is the first one he reeled in all by himself. Couldn’t be more proud. I added a few to the stringer and he’ll have his first self caught meal tonight at 3 years old.
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  5. She committed to The University of Delaware.....We took tours of a few different schools.....At the end of the day she just loved U Del !!! So proud of her
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  6. Here's some photos along the process of a lifesize piebald buck I just mounted. Form had to be altered to fit the skin(length of deer and girth of neck) and pose desired by my client (turn the head/neck 90deg to right). Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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  7. Flight leaves this morning for my son's highly anticipated P&Y sponsored trip to Cedar Vale with the bow. Hoping the birds are gobbling for the youth archery opener, bringing the HD video camera to film. Staying at the lodge at Arrowhead for the week, cannot wait. Will post up pics to this if able to from KS. Thanks to Mark,@Shug for coordinating with P&Y, @Haskell_Hunter for the awesome predator call (that I was driving my dogs nuts with the other night with the yote howls), and @JHbowhunter for the SKB case for Jr's bow... https://thelodgeatarrowhead.com/
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  8. Yesterday morning started out with "nice" conditions in the bay just before sunrise. The first 2 hours was steady action with about 15 bass landed and almost every fish was between 36 and 40 inches.. Once the wind kicked in at around 7 30, it was almost impossible to fish with the wind and the tide. It took me over an hour to get back to the launch and I didn't even have a line out while getting back...... Still a great couple of hours on the water ! Danny V
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  9. I will say it was a great season for them and I caught the biggest of the season today at 26.5 inches, time to move on to shad now.
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  10. Rusty

    Peek A Boo

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  11. Buck154

    Forgotten Flounder

    Got out today with my uncle and a good friend today.. Figure would go out for the other flat fish winter flounder. Tough fishing but got a couple meals. One short of a limit. Felt good to put a few in the cooler. Caught no shorts. Biggest just under 17"
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  12. Went down to Georgia this past week for the season opener. Had a great time seeing the family and spending some time in the turkey woods! I watched 4 long beards flop in 6 days, including a double with one my very best friends, a solo bird that I killed with my dad, and another solo that I called in for him. Also saw quite a few jakes, so already looking forward to next year! The last week in April can’t get here quick enough! I hope you and your families stay safe, God Bless, and Good Gobblin’. Thanks for looking -Will IMG_1777.mov IMG_1776.mov
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  13. Tarhunt

    Stress Reliever

    Took my 1966 corvette out for a ride today. I hadn't started it since last May. Fired right up. Love the sound of side exhaust.
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  14. Bones

    My 6 day buck

    Got him home a couple days ago. I think he came out great, it’s not his cape due to severe infection on his head but the taxidermist found one close enough, a little smaller but a nice coat on him.
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  15. Took advantage of good river conditions in early April primarily by water gap. Saturday morning in waders fished the park and went 6/7 hookups many more bumps. Landed a 5# roe rest were males. My buddy went 9/10 and we both had a lot of hits that did not set. Took my annual trip to Lambertville in afternoon with my 19’ skiff, fiancé and her 21 yr old autistic son. Put him on his first ever Shad and he was so pumped but then a few hours of nothing very slow for all as it was today down there. Back to today - my buddy and I launched my boat by gap and ran up to same area we shore fished where I
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  16. Took my son to Florida for a few days of fishing. We had only 1 day available to try and get him his first ever Tarpon. As my 2021 luck would have it, there was a cold front last weekend and it shut down all fishing. We still gave it a go as it was our only opportunity. Our captain worked all hard. Finding bait was a chore. However, as lady luck would have it, of all the boats on the water grinding it out just like we did, my Son hooked up. A beautiful fish that jumped half a dozen times and went on crazy runs. All said and done, he fought it for 35 minutes and landed his first ever Tarpon, a
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  17. Hit our little pond this afternoon. Caught about 10 bass and a couple rainbows. ( I stock the trout). Nothing better then riding the atvs back there and watching the kids catch fish! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  18. Lphunsjr

    Nice Bass

    Son splashed the yak yesterday and landed a beauty. 6+. Jersey giant
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  19. hammer4reel

    NJFG Hard at work

    All it takes is a phone call .. Good work by those involved . As anglers take advantage of the ongoing striped bass run, New Jersey’s Conservation Police Officers have been busy enforcing the size and creel limits for this popular game fish. Calls to the 877-WARN-DEP line concerning violations have directed the officers’ attention to individuals whose illegal activities did not go unnoticed by law-abiding sportsmen and women. The officers have also been checking in on past trouble spots. Between April 8 and April 11, Conservation Police Officer Robert Driscoll and Li
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  20. Roon

    Kid did Alright.

    Went out this morning it was crazy packed EVERYWHERE, she said we're never going to even get near the river lol. Settled in and she was ripping em out to the point I could bearly get my line wet lol. I've cought a million and all don't compare to the smile on her face reeling em in. Hope everyone's day was enjoyable also. Fish and chips for dinner tonight
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  21. Water is still cold and there was no jumping going on but still fun. I knew with the water temp going up and water levels dropping I had a decent chance to get a few shad this afternoon. Made plans on going right after work today so I got the boat ready and hooked up to the truck. Why Buddy didn't get to my house till 3pm. Got started fishing around 4:15. Took about a half hour before I hooked the first of the year. Felt good. Fished almost 2.5 hours and we caught 4 and lost 2 others. Can't wait for them to turn on.
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  22. Just ran to the town next to us in Winfield for lunch and a few things. Will post up tons of pics and the hunts when we get back as cell service is poor at the lodge.. In a nutshell, we came close this morning. Very close to 2 giant Rio's. No shot. Headed back in the morning to a blind I put up last night... Took a ride on the ranger and although the property has been cleaned up for sheds for the spring, Christopher found 2. And I thought he was kidding when he came out of a draw with an ELK ANTLER... Brought it back to the lodge and the owner said it is only the 2nd
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  23. Sunday was Christopher's 1st ride for '21 with his Uncle Billy at Englishtown motocross track. Billy was sending it on his KTM450F (#151) as was Chris on his YZ250F. (#12) Since I took off for the Lumberjack Festival at Rick's place on Saturday, it was my first day back to work so my wife signed him in and took pics. Both had a blast and rode well. Hearing he was on his way home in one piece was the best call of the day for me! A couple pics attached below.
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  24. Lunatic

    New home for my bike

    I was thinking about this project for a while. The bike takes 1/2 of my shed so it’s hard to store anything else in it. I needed a new shed just for the bike. I started solo on Saturday the 10th and finished solo yesterday. I just need to paint it. The shed includes nice, big loft for additional storage
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  25. rgw

    Reef donkeys

    Set sail at day break, fished deep and shallow, found some life at each stop but not a lot at any, today’s was just bounce from spot to spot, ended up keeping our limit and let a bunch go, it was a great shakedown trip to start the season.
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  26. Rusty

    Nice Looking Buck

    This buck was running around one of our spots this past season. He didn't mind posing for the camera but he was a no-show whenever I had someone in a stand.
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  27. Merkel

    Successful NC Turkey Hunt

    Some of you may recall that I asked for recommendations on an out of state Turkey hunt. I got some great ideas but ultimately decided to take Smitty’s advice on Lily Pond in NC. Happy to share that I successfully connected on (2) 3-year old Toms over 2 days. Here’s the summary: Day 1: we heard gobbling at sunrise. Around 8 am a couple of Toms walked into the opposite end of the field from woods about 400 yards away. My guide called but the Toms had no interest. Left around 11 am and hit a different farm after lunch. Saw an uninterested Tom in the far distance. Called it a day a
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  28. Lphunsjr

    Ready to Splash

    Fresh new Suzuki 140 Four strokes,,,,,waxed up and ready to Splash. Excited for bloody decks
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  29. A nice walleye! Was cool catching him in a trout stream. I didn't catch any trout today missed 4 or 5 so he made up for that.
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  30. Tuck

    Proud Hockey Dad

    So my son's youth hockey career is winding down, but he is making the most of it. His team won the U18AA Atlantic District yesterday and the next stop is Nationals in 3 weeks in Green Bay. Not sure what I will do when he plays his last youth game, but at least it will be at the end of the road and he will have no regrets. Looking forward to the 14 hour drive to soak in the experience one last time before he heads south to play for Liberty University Flames. Let's hope it keeps rolling.....
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  31. Great time
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  32. Lincoln Park, NJ
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  33. Lil guy was Happy, Happy, Happy w troutin, shed huntin, repurposing a wooden crate, & helping put a new berry patch in....kid loves strawberries!! He helped pinching flowers off new plants so we “trick the plant into focusing on root development for bigger berries next year”! Special thanks to @GilV for giving a perfect fitting Fishin vest to my boy! He also gave me a new vest...& one for my teenager!! Class act that GilV is!! and....one in custody....hopefully the Mrs stops harping bout the setter n beagle barking at night when the masked fella skulks out from under the sh
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  34. Got out with my buddy Glenn to rake up some dinner the other day. Did really good for catching the change of tides. Enjoyed chowder, and streamers.
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  35. LPJR

    Pond is running and stocked

    However with goldfish and comets, after a great blue heron stole all of my bigger Koi as well as my neighbors a couple of years ago in one visit... Late start, usually it's open by the trout opener, but got the pond going with the fish that stayed inside for the winter. Found 1 fish when draining and cleaning it out this week that survived when it was frozen solid this winter with no waterfall or moving water. Was shocked to say the least... My buddy @ASFTAXand I built it years ago when my kids were young and erosion had taken a toll on it over the years, especially recently.
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  36. Me, wife, and friend of mine hit the Black River opening morning and then Hacklebarney. Fished the Pequest in some light rain. More trout than I can count. Smoker will be going and baked a nice size one when we got home. My cousin made me and wife a rod and they got broken in nicely
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  37. Bucndoe

    Native Brookies

    Caught these over the weekend in addition to the stocked rainbows. These are beauties to look at
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  38. Thank you to the state for the stocking efforts this year. Had an excellent morning with a great stretch of river all to ourselves. we had an enormous hatch all morning with fish blowing up on flies like a bluefish blitz. It was unreal. Easily close to 75 fish between the 2 of us. I managed to land a nice rainbow on the 3wt and lost another big fish. My buddy did well drifting crawlers. Leftover fajitas and dogs for lunch stream side with a few brews of course.
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  39. Codaboy

    A good one

    Got a good one plugging. Solid 25 pounder. Right around 38" Sent from my Z3153V using Tapatalk
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  40. Bones

    Mount almost done

    My taxidermist sent me a pic of my mount from 2020 6 day. he said it will be done in 2 weeks. He gets them done quicker because he tans his own hides.
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  41. the truth

    Kansas shed trip

    Took a rip out to my Dads place this weekend to try and pick up some sheds. Didn’t find any hammers but it’s been fun. Lots of miles, moved some stands. Had a couple drinks, saw a couple things. 2 matched sets was my highlight. Can’t wait to come back out in November!
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  42. Roon

    Little Creepy....

    Just did our annual scarecrow burn. Very small scale, because Murphy want neighbors to tell on neighbors. This year was"Covid Carl" Honestly can hopefully see his spirit leaving. Better times to come
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  43. Took OMC shad fishing yesterday morning. Only had a couple hours to fish as he had places to be in the afternoon. Fished till just after 11an. Git 10 for 14. Mostly bucks. Slow pick. We never really to any good pictures as we were waiting for a good roe . Didn't happen. Since I had to take him in and fishing was slow I decided to take the boat home and then go for a walk shed hunting. Walked 3.93 miles and could only come up with one. About done walking for the year.
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  44. hammer4reel

    Ok shad fishing

    Fished a few hours last night . Had a good pod of fish push through and went 9/11 during a quick window . rest of the time not even a bump . going to try and get Booner and his son on a few this afternoon .
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  45. Kype

    rainy morning bow

    its nice when they dont fit in your net. caught 12 already
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  46. Ran into @electric10162at John Noon’s. He had two. I only had one. Real happy with the Boss wall pedestal. Andy’s Turkey foot buck is cool.
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  47. bucky

    Striper Time!

    Pretty slow afternoon until we switched things up a bit, then we managed to boat 11 with 5 keepers
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  48. Decided to do some hunting. Got an Osceola Turkey w/ a rifle at 125 yards, One hog w/ a rifle...one with a bow. Also got 2 alligators....1 with a rifle measured 7'8" & the one w/ the bow measured 8'10".
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  49. Got another lock down Easter. 2 lack luster bunnies to make up the mall picture " like that" will ever happen again 😥 Make the best of it happy Easter
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  50. My son's buddies love the small M/X track we built for Christopher in the back and today he went to one of his friend's properties to help him design and build one. It helps when his friend's grandfather lets them use his backhoe/small dozer for the detail, haha! He brought his YZ to test it out today and reported back that it is looking good already as they just started it this week. I do NOT want to see how big one of the jumps will most likely become. The good news is they are also making it so his friend's younger brother (12) can also ride on it with them which is cool.
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