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  1. Last month I was nominated and inducted into The NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The HOF was created almost 20 years ago to recognize NJ residents and natives who work for the betterment of Archery, Bowhunting and wildlife conservation here in NJ. some past inductees are Len Cardinale, Bill Wadsworth, Dick Sage, Ann Hoyt, Len Lee Rue.. Again.. truly an honor to receive this..
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  2. Son David's just picked up his public land buck this week ! All-game taxidermy did a outstanding job again on his biggest buck to date! Thank you for a great Job All-Game Taxidermy Carl Osterlund.
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  3. Caught 2 sailfish and did some bottom fishing for some good eats caught (Mackerel Tuna, Grouper, Scorpion Fish, Tile fish, Congrio Fish). We eat good taking the fish to be prepared for dinner at a local restaurant. It was a pretty slow because it’s not prime season. Having a blast out here. Watching the sail fight is pretty damn awesome. They put on some show. Looking forward to come back in February.
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  4. My daughter has been shooting trap and skeet with me really taking a liking to it. She recently switched from righty to lefty and started to kill it! I promised her i would buy her a lefty 20 ga just for her. Well today we went shooting and she was hitting 85%+ of all claybirds with my belgium citori. This is my favorite shotgun i own but when Daddys little girl asked me if she could have this gun for her own I happily said OK. Enjoy your new gun Gianna! IMG_5922.MOV FullSizeRender.movFullSizeRender.mov
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  5. Loaded up the truck and had the whole family up to the Thousand Islands for a week. It was great that my oldest daughter could make it, flying up from Georgia. We have rented the same cabin for 15 years now. Took a drive to Clayton one evening where they have the "big muskie" statue. They had a band playing in the park right on the river. Very nice people there. As for the fishing, the smallmouth fishing was excellent. We are more old fashion deep water worm and minnow fisherman. It was a great way to get the kids started. Just anchor, drop your bait down and wait for the tap, tap. More common these days is shallow water fishing by the "bass guys" and plastics. We anchored on drop offs in 30 feet of water and as soon as you lowered your worm to the bottom you would get a hit. It was nonstop action most of the time. Fish ranged between 2-5 pounds. Average probably about 3. As you know, smallmouth fight very hard and it is a job getting them to the net with the depth and current. We use 2 oz slip sinkers and 12 pound mono leaders. You need the heavy leaders because it doesn't take long to get frayed on the rocks and clams on the bottom. Looking forward to next year already. We always have some fish that swallow the hooks, so I am thinking about maybe trying circle hooks next year. We did some trolling but only managed to get more bass. No walleye or pike this year. I think the pike are in trouble up there, very few being caught. Thanks for looking.
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  6. With my partner at work retiring on July 1st I thought it through. I can retire on November 1st but I was planning on staying and retiring on January 1st, and my application reflected that. But when comparing a November 1st vs January 1st retirement it comes out to pennies on the dollar per year.....so with that I cancelled my January retirement a few days ago, and I just re-applied this morning for a November 1st retirement....Now I'll be off for prime time hunting season, no worries trying to find another officer to work for me for the numerous holidays ...... I have 19 sick days to burn 3 personal days, and will cash out my earned vacation and comp time.......My wife asked me where I want to go to eat for my retirement....KEEN'S STEAKHOUSE comes to mind !!!
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  7. hammer4reel

    New hunting rig

    Finally received my Bakcou ebike . can’t wait to use it this fall . was simple to put it together , so got to ride it around town last night . thing really zips around nice
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  8. Well as some of you know I was posting a search for rifled choke for 20 ga Remington for guns I was setting up for my twin grandsons for the upcoming deer season and got a PM from Blackwidow25 who said he had a fully rifled barrel for a 1100 20 ga and wanted to know if I was interested and I pm's him back that I was interested and asked him what was the price. Blackwidow25 said " Just pm me your name and address I’ll ship it to you free I don’t use it any more. It just sits on my Gun rack taking up space. It’s 20ga 2 3/4 with rifled sights on it. If it works for you great if not you can pass it on to someone else who needs it!!" The great guys I meet on this site just continues to prove the hunting community is the best group of individuals in all the US. Blackwidow25 even had one of his employees drop it off at the house.!! THANK YOU Blackwidow25 This will go to grandson Jake and when he grows out of it I will pass it along the same way. THANKS God Bless.
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  9. Enjoying the Salt Life! Clams on the half-shell that I dug myself. Gathering and catching your own sustenance. 24 inch Fluke was fun catching myself on light tackle.. It made 3 dives to the bottom after seeing me in the boat with the net. I guess I am pretty scary to potential food. Thankful to live in a land of plenty and freedom.
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  10. Buck154

    Fishing Therapy

    Took my 78 year old uncle out for some fishing therapy. He has been my fishing partner for a long time. When I ask him to go he always says "what time". No question asked. Lately he has been in and out the doctors alot and hasn't been able to fish.. Has congestive heart failure along with other problems. Well now he just got diagnosed with lung cancer and goes for his first Chemo treatment tomorrow. So I decided to take him out in the afternoon. Fishing is what makes him happy. He was glad to get out before the start of Chemo. We had fun with lots of catching but low keeper ratio 1/35. We caught 70 shorts and 2 keepers. Still 2 keeper for a couple hours was not bad and it made him feel good getting out. Not a lot to take home but it made him feels a ton better. Pray for the best
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  11. It is going to be my boys first year hunting so I got them all geared up with there first crossbow today [emoji16] Grandpop got them a really nice shotgun too! Now we just need to save up for 2 bows ,boots and hunting clothes[emoji106] They currently working on there hunting test now with there grandpop
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  12. Lunatic

    Piebald is home

    Thanks @JerseyJaysTaxidermy
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  13. Roon

    Great Day...

    Left at 0245 hours headed for Belmar with only one goal, catching a shark. Dumped boat in water and was going through inlet at 0530 With only 60 gallons of fuel was unsure how far I could go only hit wreaks 15 miles off shore, boat did good as did we, landing one bull and missing two. Way back in found a feeding frenzy on bunkers, stopped of course I left the cast net at home so we started snagging em. Ripped in just shy of 100 plus limit of blues, after live lining and chunk cutting. It would have be better on the way out but, it ended the day better than I could ever ask for. Take note of the hero shot arm stretch lol
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  14. Your welcome!! We as hunters need as many young hunters we can get along with a good mentor teaching them, in my family all the kids are grown up with jobs or away at college..I miss teaching them and spending time afield alongside them they grow up so fast! I feel it’s the greatest gift to pass along, memories that will never be forgotten!! Enjoy the barrel and pass it along when your grandson grows out of it!! Enjoy and Happy hunting!!! Post a pic of the grandsons when they harvest a deer with it!!
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  15. The Doctor: "What's the problem? The Woman: "Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason. It scares me." Doc: "I have a cure for that. When it seems that your husband is getting angry, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish but don't swallow it until he either leaves the room or calms down.” Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn. TW: "Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband started losing it, I swished with water. I swished and swished, and he calmed right down! How does a glass of water do that?" Doc: "The water itself does nothing. It's keeping your mouth shut that does the trick".
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  16. LPJR

    26 years later....

    Had a buddy over today. We graduated from the police academy together over 26 years ago, and he is in town for a bit. Lives the (recently) retired life in Indiana and has a new, huge motorcoach that he and his wife are traveling across the country with.. Great to see him again, did lots of hunting and fishing together since we were young. Will get out with him again this summer before he heads back...
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  17. So the first day was flunking on Helen H’s Angler. We fished northeast of Nantucket, two hr trip. There was almost no wind and therefore the drift was almost non existent. No really big fish was caught, the biggest 29”, my best was 26”, and we caught our limit of 10 with most fish around 20”+ tomorrow we are going for haddock, cod and sea bass which I enjoy more than flunking.
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  18. I had some issues, I posted about, regarding my health insurance. Mike @OMCguided me through the nightmare and my problem is now behind me. Give him a shout if you need health insurance he will help you. The system is not working but knowing how to deal with it makes a world of difference. thanks mike
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  19. bucky

    Crushed em again !

    Headed out fluking yesterday under a full moon which had me nervous because of a strong tide. The fishing started out slow but the captain worked the throttle to slow the drift down and the crew went to work. We ended up with our limit by 11:30 and went into catch and release mode, then called it an early day. Next weekend its off to Montauk in search of the elusive double D
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  20. LPJR

    Trooper Youth Week 2021

    So proud of my Goddaughter who completed the 112th class of the Trooper Youth Week sponsored by the NJSP last week in Sea Girt.. Her dedication and commitment was a true testament to her tenacity as she did very well during the week. Only 4 months ago she underwent emergency surgery for sustaining a broken leg during her high school wrestling match.
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  21. Checked camera today and he showed up on July 3 and has been in every day since. Would be a great first buck for my 12 year old!!!
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  22. Buck154

    Ocean Fluking

    Love jigging fluke in the ocean in deeper water. Wanted to get out and fish the ocean since they started out there. Tried finding some to go fish but everyone was working today so decided to do a solo trip. Water was 65 degrees just out the inlet but out 4-5 miles it was 60.5. Cold...wasn't feeling good about good fishing. Started drifting and had 2 shorts then I hooked a good one. Felt so good hooking him on a jig. He was 25-3/8" and little under 6 lbs. Then a nice keeper seabass. Next one I get is almost 22" then a short and my 6th fluke was just over 19". So I caught 6 fluke and 3 were keepers. Little better than the last trip inside with 2 keepers and 70 shorts. I had to keep fishing cause I can't not fish a short time. Left that spot after my limit an figured I'd go checking a few areas. Caught fluke in all the spots I tried. Good spread of fish out there. Can't wait to get back out.
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  23. Codaboy

    Pine snake

    Second pine snake of the season Solid 5 footer Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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  24. LPJR

    21 Hour Smoke

    Put a 10 lb pork shoulder in the smoker on Friday night at 2030 hours. Cooked low and slow using Apple wood chunks. Internal temp reached 195° after I wrapped it in foil and placed it in the oven for an hour..Excellent tip @Haskell_Hunter Literally fell apart just picking it up. Who says I don't have patience? Ha!
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  25. But bellies are stuffed. All around winner, wife didn't get sick and kids didn't fight too much lol
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  26. In taste-- is a good NY Strip steak. Still prefer a good ribeye but this strip on the Weber is a close 2nd... Who agrees?
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  27. Got out fish yesterday by myself. My uncle still not up to fishing cause of the lung cancer. Had a friend cancel so I went alone. Got my limit of fluke an limit of seabass LOL. Caught bluefish,Mackerel and all the other normal junk fish. Fluke were hanging real close to structure. Keepers were 19", 21" and 23.5" 4.5 lb and seabass 15.5" and 14.5". Threw back other keeper Seabass. Water conditions was a fast drift early even with a drift sock. Heavy current with the full moon coming. Bluefish was saved for shark fishing
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  28. Bowhunter444

    Tuna today

    Hit the tuna grounds today on my friends boat went 3 for 3 on the bluefins. Only got these two pics before my phone died. Hit up the little Italy trolled around the fleet for a couple hours with nothing to show for it so decided to head a little to the south west and try. First fish was an albie. The ten minutes after we released it we had a bluefin on. Landed it the got back on the troll and had a double. Landed both fish and safely released one. Was back at the dock by noon. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  29. Lphunsjr

    From Bay to table

    Got a limit of clams and did a few drifts and was able to put a keeper in the box in the Barney. Fluke francaise and some grilled clams
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  30. all hanging out together
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  31. Lungsonlvs

    Pic from way back🏹

    My dad 1952 with one of the first registered NJ bow kills. I have the York Long bow. What an era.
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  32. rgw

    Clamming with the boy

    Woke up to a pretty stiff wind today, so decided to go clamming , when we got out there I see a boat flying an American flag and the captain warring a straw hat, I said to my boy that has to be zipper, of course he looked at me like I had 6 heads, so I pulled a u turn and went for a look and sure as shit it was him pulling out of the clamming ground, he was nice enough to point us to a good spot , ended up getting our 300 clams and headed for the barn
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  33. RPK0620

    Today's Lesson in Irony

    Once in a while , we just have to stand back in awe of our government. The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever - to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals." Their stated reason for the policy is because "the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves." Thus ends today's lesson in irony .
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  34. Caught 4.5 pound Salmon and a 3.6 pound Smallmouth Bass this morning drifting herring
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  35. Headed out after work with Mike and Brandon to look over a few fluke spots . steady bite of mostly short fish . Brandon’s turn to put on a clinic catching his limit while Mike and I had one each . crazy fast drift , fishing 8 Oz with my huge drift sock out , but some fish wanted to chew .
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  36. 1) Liberals 2) Political Correctness 3) Lack of law enforcement (this covers illegal aliens - when something is "illegal", then ENFORCE it) 4) Academic indoctrination of our youth into the liberal progressive mindset 5) Welfare, Section 8 housing, allowing lawless savages to concentrate into one area only to secure a voting block In summary - every single major city is a prime example of what destroyed America. Pockets of the real America still exist but you won't find them in the cities...
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  37. LPJR

    Nice engine work

    Stopped by my go to shop to check on one of my daughter's vehicles having work done this morning. Saw my buddy's (ASFTAX on here) 72 Impala having some work done. I suggested awhile back that he have Edelbrock everything installed when he could including the manifold and carb to get some more horses out of it. The guys and (Willy) at Sussex County Auto definitely love what they do. He not only cleaned up the engine after installing new parts but sanded and painted the original valve covers the original Chevy Orange, and cleaned up the big block 454. I took some pics and surprised Tony with them at the mechanics request. His dad's wake and service was today and Tony appreciated seeing this surprise. Some pics below...
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  38. Have gone out the last two mornings early to beat the heat. Hit up my secret spot and the bushes were loaded with big ripe blueberries. Managed to pick 9 quarts in total in less than a half hour each day. The cigar keeps the pine flys away. Even found a Yoda skull hanging in a tree. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  39. nmc02

    Broiled monkfish

    Probably my favorite fish. Fresh ginger, scallions, splash of soy, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, & butter. The fresh ginger & scallion create a great flavor.
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  40. Cousin Brown

    Lets see your boat.

    Didn't want to hijack another thread. Lets see your boat(s)! Offshore , insure, johns , duck, sneakboxes , etc...... Here are 2 of mine. 45' SeaHunter 39' SeaHunter
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  41. Painted up this trout repro today. Really nice sized fish. Just sharing... Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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  42. hammer4reel

    Flukin on the 4th

    Headed out with Tracey, Scott and Rob today . big swells to start the morning and got nicer as the day went on . lots of non commital bites which more than likely were shorts as we caught way too many of them . scott put on a clinic with a newly released gulp shrimp , and had biggest fish over 7# 8 keepers and a few nice sea bass made it into the ice hotel .
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  43. Bday meal started with Tracey making lobster bisque with two whole lobsters . Porter house , baked potato, grilled marinated shrimp, grilled corn . following it up with cheesecake . guess someone will have to roll me to the boat tomorrow .
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  44. If anyone has any tips id appreciate it...not entirely new to smoking but not a pro by any means
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  45. rcolman018


    Took the kids to Island Beach SP for the evening. We didn’t catch anything but they had a blast and theres not much better than sitting on the beach with a fire and a cold “soda”.
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  46. started smoking a 8 pound brisket this morning at 5am. seasoned with just salt and pepper. 225 degrees for the first 3 hours over hickory then bumped the temp up to 275-300 and started smoking with apple. spraying the meat down with a 50/50 mix of apple cidar vinegar and miller lite every 30 min until internal temp of the thick side hit 165. right before i wrapped. at this point the brisket is 165 with a nice bark. then wrapped and continued to smoke until internal temp hit 195. then removed and let sit for 2 hours wrapped in tin foil
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  47. Chicks like this... they make you constantly think of rough sex and nothing else matters anymore🤷
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  48. AMERICA IS STILL THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD What are the down falls, in my opinion reinstate any one of these and we will once again be where most of us want 1. God, even those who didn't believe fully in God believed In a higher power 2. Respect for authority, starting in the home, than police teachers etc. 3. Accountability for everyone equally
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  49. Awwwh I thought this was a post for 10% off a High End Hooker.
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