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  1. My daughter has been shooting trap and skeet with me really taking a liking to it. She recently switched from righty to lefty and started to kill it! I promised her i would buy her a lefty 20 ga just for her. Well today we went shooting and she was hitting 85%+ of all claybirds with my belgium citori. This is my favorite shotgun i own but when Daddys little girl asked me if she could have this gun for her own I happily said OK. Enjoy your new gun Gianna! IMG_5922.MOV FullSizeRender.movFullSizeRender.mov
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  2. took my wife and daughter floating down the south branch. she hooked up her self a smallmouth and largemouth and bunch of sunnies in between. proud of her. she loved it. we floated from camp carr area down to 202. she was scared to touch them at first but by the end of the day she was lipping them. she even came home with bass thumb. she kept asking me why her thumb is scratched up
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  3. bucky

    Crushed em again !

    Headed out fluking yesterday under a full moon which had me nervous because of a strong tide. The fishing started out slow but the captain worked the throttle to slow the drift down and the crew went to work. We ended up with our limit by 11:30 and went into catch and release mode, then called it an early day. Next weekend its off to Montauk in search of the elusive double D
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  4. LPJR

    Trooper Youth Week 2021

    So proud of my Goddaughter who completed the 112th class of the Trooper Youth Week sponsored by the NJSP last week in Sea Girt.. Her dedication and commitment was a true testament to her tenacity as she did very well during the week. Only 4 months ago she underwent emergency surgery for sustaining a broken leg during her high school wrestling match.
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  5. Nothing like your first tomato from the garden. Always have a sandwich with it. Light toast, mayo,bacon,tomato, salt and pepper.. yum. Quick snack after work
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  6. Long ass day. Got up 3:30. My cousin-in-law and I picked up @Bucksnbows 4:30. Met @TroutandBucks at SR launch 6am. The mission was simple. 1) Have fun 2) Catch fish 3) Get @Bucksnbows something on the 9 weight (any type of forktail fish or blues) 4) Do the impossible- a 4 man fluke limit While we accomplished the first two, it was still an amazing day on the ocean in the mighty 19' Carolina Skiff. Sloppy disorganized sea dispite hard NW winds overnight and yesterday, still blowing 10mph out of NW. Was able to make 22mph and got up by Asbury but first fished the inlet for the many jumping spanish mackerel. We lost a few blues and Bucksnbows had two big swirls by the boat stripping his fly. Saw more birds working of Asbury so stopped there to get a flyrod catch or something on light spin tackle - struck out but decided to test the fluking there and it was pretty good despite being in pretty close. We put our first keeper in the box there but it petered out. Then ran more N and again had some decent action but not what I was looking for just getting shorts. Ran a bit more N to a famous mark in my GPS known as "Puke Rock" where my cousin in law caught a big fluke last year when fishing with @Buck154 and I, and he then proceeded to chum the spot thoroughly. Hence the name in my Helix "Puke Rock" which has been one of my better spots last two seasons. Once we got there, it was pretty darn good action. Lots of shorts but quality shorts. a few 15" seabass too to give an ice bath to. We would start at puke rock then drift SE from there until one of us got hung up then would reverse to get unstuck and start again. There were 200 boats 2 miles offshore of us but we stayed there with steady action, quality fish and by noon had 8 in the box plus 2 seabass. We also chased a blues blitz and I jigged one up about 3lbs. Had a great crew - Troutand bucks was first to hit his limit then I got to 2 as did my cousin and law - we thought it would happen the action was very good. But then - you guessed it, tide fell off, wind fell off, and the bite died. Ran offshore - dead. By this time we are 8 keepers out of 80+ fluke landed but last hour dead. It's 1:30pm, decided to run 14 miles South to SG reef but as we started somebody flipped the S wind switch. It started to crank. One thing a skiff does NOT do well is take on steep close 3 - 4 footers on the nose. Aborted that we crawled our way back to inlet at 9mph and now it's 3PM. Did 45 minutes of drifts in 33' right near inlet and we probably got another 2 dozen fluke to 17.5".... Great action but just could not break "8" and do the impossible and put 12 in the box. Nothing over 21.5", but lots of chewing most of the day so great action great crew great fun. I think the other crew members have pics if they wish to share... I got fish cleaned, motor flushed and rods rinsed and a shower... Will clean boat in morning... I am a little bit tired.
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  7. Hi Everyone!! I know I’ve been a bit MIA, I’ve had a lot of life changes and it’s time I made my announcement that I have moved to Alabama!! I’ve greatly enjoyed being part of the W&W community and getting to meet a lot of you! I will still be keeping my account active to peek in from time to time and join some conversations, but I will no longer be a mod for the forums. Thank you all for the friendliness and support over the years! [emoji3526] Xtina [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. Lphunsjr

    Great Trip

    Went on the Curlew out of Clarks Landing. Pulled lobster pots and managed 35 then hit the fluking grounds where we caught 6 keepers including 6 sea bass and a ling. Never heard of this before, but am going again in 2 weeks. Great eats
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  10. It is going to be my boys first year hunting so I got them all geared up with there first crossbow today [emoji16] Grandpop got them a really nice shotgun too! Now we just need to save up for 2 bows ,boots and hunting clothes[emoji106] They currently working on there hunting test now with there grandpop
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  11. I have been officially banned from new Jersey hunter for trolling trolls, bots and scammers. I started posting on every scammer, bot and troll and then reported everyone. I was curious how long before they would do something. Of course, slather then banning all the hits they get from the bs, they ban me. 😀 A Canada based company has no business running a nj hunting site. I’m glad they bought it because this site is 1000 times better then that one ever was. Let’s keep it that way. 👍👍
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  12. On the water early ran 14 traps left them still biting at 10am 69 crabs total ,
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  13. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I didn't see many at all
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  14. Roon

    Battle at the Beach...

    Great weekend, did Wildwood Friday for beach and boardwalk, then Saturday was Convention Center for Battle at the Beach. Felt like Karate Kid, All Valley Tournament, lol It was cancelled last year for things we want to get past and this year they had 1000 kids fighting on Saturday. Bugs was eliminated in the no Gi fight losing her first fight 4 to 2. Lots of tears but she stepped up her game for Gi, beating the girl that she lost to in no Gi, 10 to 0, and wining her weight class with a Spinning Arm Bar and a tap out only 1.21 minutes into the fight, with the other top girl. To say it was an amazing proud dad moment is an UNDERSTATEMENT! To top it off had a great moment at dinner on way home. We stopped at Smithville for dinner and walk around a bit after sitting 9 hours at the tournament. Near the end of dinner an older gentleman sitting at table next to us shook my hand and said congratulations sounds like you guys had a great day, let it keep going, and walked out. When we were ready to leave asked for the check and was dinner has been taken care of. It was a GREAT reminder that with all the shit and hate in the world there still is kind people. Just a nice end and opportunity to put dislike of any kind away.
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  15. Right place right time. Stumbled upon a massive amount of fish that provided tackle busting action on fly and light tackle for the day. Many surface blitzes and wild top water action. Picked the right day to take off from work. Finished with a 22 inch fluke and a bunch of shorts. Plenty of flatties still hanging in the skinny water.
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  16. TheGreek

    Tuna Time

    Went out looking on a buddy’s boat yesterday. We left around 3:30am heading east. We found acres of birds and good life… I broke one off and then boated one. With only one other boat there, they were double up… we couldn’t get the bite. Tried everything… seems like the bite shut off not much after. We worked hard the rest of the day, trolling jigging chunking… nothing. We found the life again and starting jigging… doubled up landing 2 and then a 3rd. Boxed up and back by 2pm… 4/5 with a keeper yellow. If your looking for a charter call Joe at sykk physh Sportfishing… he doesn’t stop till he puts meat on the deck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  17. Scotty155

    Florida tarpon

    Fished the gulf for tarpon. Incredible species to say the least. Saw somewhere around 50 different tarpon in schools of 3-10, mostly headed north fast. Great fighting fish, unforgettable moment in time. Next time would really like to try fishing for them on the fly earlier in the season, pre spawn. Tons of fish around. Minimal fishing pressure atleast where i was at. Perfect weather. Excellent captain with a lifetime of experience targeting tarpon. Where do i post the GPS coordinates? joking lol!
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  18. Her eyelashes appear either white or blonde. She is never challenged or pushed-off by other deer while at the feeder (at least on camera).
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  19. hammer4reel

    Ceviche 2nd try

    Tracey changed up the original recipe she had used .. draining the lime juice off entirely . Was much fresher tasting , without the over powering lime . both were great , but the nod def goes to the sea bass . . here’s how she prepped it . Put salt and garlic on fish and let sit for 5-10 minutes then added enough lime juice to cover fish. Put in frig for 30 minutes. Poured off lime juice . Then added a little squeezed orange and lemon juice. Added cooked corn, tomatoes, habanero, red onion, cilantro, olive oil. Sprinkled some Montreal steak seasoning, old bay and mixed it all together. . .
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  20. Checked my online account ( MBOS) this morning, and I was happy to see my CERTIFICATION OF ELEGIBITY has been accepted. My department is known to take their time and either wait until last minute or they just screw up and never send it until the retiree informs them. I got lucky 2 months in advance ....can't wait to see my name on the agenda list
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  21. My last day was Memorial Day, on the books with time due until October 1. Certification done already, now waiting for letter. Since then been to Maine fishing, New Hampshire for NASCAR, Delaware for the beach, and now camping in New York. Everyday is Saturday
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  22. We jammed 10lbs of crap into a 5lbs bucket. We normally do a ride every summer but last year because of political based BS and something else that could have killed me and rapped my daughter we opted out. We covered just over 800 miles in 2 days. Lol there's grown men that couldn't keep up with my 12 year old. Starting with Allegheny National Forest to see the Kinzua Viaduct an ABSOLUTELY amazing thing to see. From there we hit Penns Cave, because of time and approaching weather we only did the cave boat tour. From there on the way home we hit Pine Creek Gorge AKA, " PA Grand Canyon" then out there can't go home without eating at the Burning Barrel for some banging food and worth the stop if out that way.
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  23. Found the first of the year at Turkey swamp park where I'm camping. Also found some Chanterelles put not enough to pick. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  24. You just need a few of these 22412.mp4
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  25. There’s some good that comes from it but the bad far outweighs the good in my opinion. And that’s for all of society, not just hunting and fishing.
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  26. She now may sue the town for violation of Freedom of Speech Rights....happy she won https://www.nj.com/union/2021/07/nj-town-drops-case-against-resident-over-f-bomb-anti-biden-flag-display-after-aclu-intervenes.html
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  27. Hoyt is a good starter bow, now time to graduate to Mathews 💪🏼
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  28. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great and excited for the upcoming season. I will be holding 2 Record Rack events at the Tractor Supply in Flanders NJ. Come by to get Record Rack blocks, deer corn, deer nuggets and other Record Rack products. There will be coupons for you with the purchase of Record Rack products with the exception of the deer corn. There will be some giveaways while supplies last. Hope to see you there. Event dates are as follow: Friday August 6th from 6pm to close. Saturday August 7th from 8am to 11am Friday August 20th from 6pm to close Saturday August 21st from 8am to 11am. SS!
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  29. Bones

    First introduction

    Beau had his first introduction to birds today. I think it was a success I can’t wait to see how he progresses
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  30. Last month I was nominated and inducted into The NJ Bowhunters Hall of Fame. The HOF was created almost 20 years ago to recognize NJ residents and natives who work for the betterment of Archery, Bowhunting and wildlife conservation here in NJ. some past inductees are Len Cardinale, Bill Wadsworth, Dick Sage, Ann Hoyt, Len Lee Rue.. Again.. truly an honor to receive this..
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  31. 3Blade

    Truth About Privilege

    Heres what i have to say to those that buy into white privilege….🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
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  33. Rusty

    They're Singing

    The first Katydid started singing last night, by the end of the week the entire choir will have joined in. Like John Denver said, "Do you care what's happening around you, do your senses know the changes when they come, can you see yourself reflected in the seasons"? The Katydids are my favorite sound of the summer, they tell us that: 1. We are over the heat hump, temperatures will start getting steadily cooler. 2. The deer flies have run their cycle and will soon be gone. 3. Antler growth is wrapping up and they will harden over the next few weeks.
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  34. Smoker held steady right around 231. Total cook time was 4.5hrs. Cook was perfect. Meat was bite of the bone tender, leaving a completely clean bone. The sauced ribs I tossed in a little bit of Dinosaur BBQ just before serving.
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  35. How’s this for dinner?? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  36. This is getting more and more disturbing. Funny, but disturbing. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT SHARE HOW TO DO THIS WITH @LPJR!!!
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  37. Please see attached link. If this type of program is of interest to you, please note the application deadline and program requirements. Have a great summer! https://ucnj.org/parks-recreation/wildlife-management/deer/
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  38. smittty

    My oldest bestest pal

    Here’s a pic of him with the first bird i shot over him at 13 weeks old yup 13 weeks old and was steady and holding birds. That’s my son with him my son was 10 year’s old in that pic he will be 29 I’m another month
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  39. Rusty

    Participation awards

    It really is a sad world we live in, isn't it? But how else am I going to fill my need for constant affirmation? P.S. Please Like my post! It really does help, at least temporarily.
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  40. Rusty

    Shoot or Don’t Shoot?

    Thank you Beard!!!! That made my day!!
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  41. ERS


    Years ago Newark had a buy back. $100 for rifles and shotguns. I went to Bob's Gun Shop in NY and bought a bunch of junk .22's for $25 each. Newark didn't have a limit on the number of guns you brought in. I brought in 8, got $800, took the cash to Bob's and bought a new 22-250. Many woodchuck regret that.
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  42. 2nd trip up this summer, this time with the whole family. Spent the morning “ meat fishing “ with my dad catching around 40 or so white perch on crawlers and gulp minnows. Lost a 4 or 5 pound smallie as well. Took pics of the 6 eaters back in the cottage, need about 6 more by tues. More pics to follow.
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  43. Nomad

    Surf Fishing for Marlin?

    I don't always fish for marlin in the surf, but when I do I usually catch sea robins.
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