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    I hit this same spot 3 wks ago and only caught 1 bull crab.....and hardly any shorts!! Water has since warmed up! Fished 12 topless traps for about 2 hrs in 6 ft of water baited w bunker or chicken legs and got about 40! Best pull was 4 keeps in one trap! Bonus pic......found an old photo from about 35 yrs ago of me and my dad w a good catch of Ol Barney blue claws!!
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    Like many I have trolled this site and first answered an ad for a used lawnmower... finally with this rain I have a chance to introduce myself I just turned 48 in May. Married with 3 girls and yes they all have bows lol... served in the MARINES from 92-96 best time of my life this past year has been ruff wife was diagnosed with breast cancer While trolling I have read about other cancer diagnosis to families effected on here I have shared the stories with my girls and have prayed for your families blessings to you all. my best buck was this past season no less on VETERANS DAY!!!!!! fighting my old age I’m living life thru my peep sight and a verifier and I’m on the strongest magnification now #9 so I know my time with a bow maybe coming to and end... looking forward to contributing on here ,for from a scholar or wordsmith But I do love HUNTING
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    Some real studs in this batch. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    After picking up my aoudad 2 weeks ago I finally figured out where to put him. Of course that meant moving around some of my other mounts. Not sure where I’ll squeeze in the next one.
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    So there is a paved footpath next to my home that leads to the nearby elementary school..........For July 4th I hung a flag from the 2 columns that are at the start of the path........4 x so far the flag has been ripped down, removed , taken away , and thrown in the mud/ dirt ........I will continue to replace it for as long as it takes............this morning I just replaced it and left a note on the column......" Please do not remove the flag, it shows our love for our country, if you have a problem please call me 908 868 8236 mike".......then I wrote another sign that says " this flag has been removed / vandalized by cowards in the night 4 x please call me 908 868 8236 Mike "..........maybe I can get the neighbors involved, many have praised me putting it up............its just very sad that this is happening..........
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    I just booked a flight for next week. Kind of spontaneous and last minute but I will fill you guys in on the details. But in short, solo trip packing light and will be chasing sockeye salmon on the fly rod. I will do this with lots of updates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was surprised to get a couple pics of coyote pups on the Moultrie! Pretty neat, have never had any yotes the on camera before.... Pics are grainy as they were taken off the laptop with the cell......
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    Trail cam? I will gladly lend you some if you do not own one...
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    Rusty is a smart man. Give you a hint look what’s happening around you. There is nothing more to it. Rusty will be back when the time is right.
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    Howdy New Jersey Bowhunters. I'm a 55 year old male bowhunter praying for a hunting buddy to go hunting in Newark Watershed and Stokes state forest. Or if you have a lot of land that you would like to share with a responsible and conscientious bowhunter I'm even willing to pay a reasonable fee to hunt in your land. I'm a very committed Christian who prays every time I go out to hunt for Safety first and then for God's goodness to bless me with game ( have not gotten a deer since I got married in 2001, but have started bow hunting again and I'm very excited in getting to the field) And believe in being totally responsible and respectful to all NJ hunting laws. I'm also a professional painter who paints for a living ( what would you expect me to do with a name like Michael Angelo?), who does ministry on the side. I'm also a chaplain always looking forward to comfort the mourning and encourage the downtroden as well as share the gospel when people's hearts are open to it. If you are also praying and looking for a Christian Hunting buddy please connect with me at: [email protected] I don't smoke, drink , or use foul language and enjoy the company of respectful and cheerful individuals who are aware that our journey in these earth-suits, (our bodies) is temporary and that we need to be strong witnesses in a world that is desperately looking for the meaning of life that can only be found in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God bless you and have a great day, Peace. Michael Angelo Angulo
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    You put an image in my mind, I really want to erase. Rusty running around in the woods, collecting sperm samples from mature bucks. First a Massage, then a "Happy Ending"?
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    No I’m not a very religious man but, I absolutely have no issues with someone’s beliefs. Good luck 🍀
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    Went out last night for about 3-4 hours and had a nice pull of 5 good sized bull heads all were released. I’m thinking about going back a few times and getting a good harvest for a nice dinner. Was nice to get out and enjoy the weather!
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    It's FINALLY raining here in NW NJ. My lawn is hard as concrete! But so far, a perfect steady rain. And it didn't fall on super heated 120F pavement and flash off into our trout rivers. So there's that.
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    5/8 heater hose beat the out of them
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    It is time for a covert action. Plant some cameras and when you find the culprits, its face to face time.
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    Welcome to the site Michael. Don't take the rest of the guys too seriously, we bust chops non-stop around here. Good luck in your search for a hunting buddy
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    Agree good luck Michael. Guys, on a side note... don’t crap on the guys post... if you can’t help just move on
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    Can't be me sorry...I swear too much and love sexy woman
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    From the titanic [ new jersey hunter ] . I was looking at this site for a while now and decided it was time. I hunted and fished for most of my life , but do very little now. i do enjoy the stories and pics of the members here. thanks and have a good day ! leo
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    Same thing here. Except I released the Bullfrogs without their legs.
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    My wife is going for her fourth and final chemo treatment next Thursday - and after that radiation starts. She's been tolerating things as well as could be expected. Let me say this to those that may be fighting cancer now - some food for thought. When she first got diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago (right at the start of the corona fiasco) - I thought what a horrible time to get diagnosed with cancer with this new virus floating around and the lockdown and all. But now that it has been several months, I actually think it was a big blessing in disguise for the two things to coincide -- to be diagnosed right when corona hit. First, you were going to be forced to sit at home anyway - so it's not like she's losing out on doing things - corona shutdown everything anyway. Second, when she had to schedule her operation, all elective surgeries were not allowed at the time - so we actually think she got in for her lumpectomy FASTER because of corona because any elective surgeries scheduled ahead of her was canceled. She got the operation I think within 2 weeks of the diagnosis - which seems fast. The hospital was sparse with not a lot of unessential people around and they were extremely careful with controlling any outbreak of the virus - so that helped her, too, to avoid complications from infections from the operation and being in the hospital. And third (most importantly) - it is as if the entire world is protecting themselves from spreading germs just so my wife doesn't get sick I mean, what is better for a person with a compromised immune system (aka chemo patients) than for the entire world to shutdown, social distance themselves, and wear masks, and hospitals and doctors offices not letting anyone in except essential people and patients - keeping everyone else out. That helps protect not only from getting corona but from every other germ and virus. So, not that I wish she got cancer, but if she was going to get it - now seems to be the ideal time to get that treated and taken care of! So - gotta see the silver lining! God might be working in mysterious ways And thanks to everyone here who are socially distancing and wearing masks - me and my wife appreciate it
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    Contact Ken, WOODSMAN416 on here, stand up guy, very much upfront and honest
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    Cattle fence set on high
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    Picked up my new Mathews VXR 28 in Green Ambush today.
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    Rusty is busy strengthening the herd by artificial insemination making sure every doe receives sperm from mature bucks. The collection/insemination process is time consuming Luny. But Rusty has always been a giver over a taker and his tireless efforts are appreciated by all. He will be back but is taking a break since it was an exhausting effort
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    Don't forget to shoot whatever broadhead you plan on using. You need to make sure they are hitting like your field points.
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    nothing wrong with prayer,i pray everyday myself.don't know were i would be today without Gods help.
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    I have two pieces of advice... these are from my own experience. 1. Practice not only in the same position you plan to hunt in (standing or sitting) but also with the same headgear AND gloves that you plan on wearing. It sucks to have to wear a balaclava and gloves in 90 degree heat when practicing in the summer, but TRUST ME it makes a difference. I wear a balaclava in the cold (keeps my head cozy warm) and I do not like having to take off my gloves. This past winter I had a deer in my sights and I can remember not being able to get a good anchor point because my gloves were getting in the way! I've since changed the way I anchor due to that. I should have practiced more with cold weather gear on and I would have realized it then during practice - failure to do so cost me that day. If you plan on sitting, wear the same cold-weather jacket - the bulkiness of the jacket might affect the way you draw while sitting (it might even affect you while standing, too!). 2. If you are concerned about injuring the deer, promise yourself you will NOT take a shot you are not comfortable with AND STICK TO IT WHEN THE TIME COMES. Again, my own experience. When I first started, I promised myself I would only take shots inside of 20 yards with my bow (after all my practicing, I determined that was my effective range). And while I can't say I consciously thought about it - I knew in the back of my mind not to shoot at a deer that is not offering me a good broadside shot. Well, several years ago I got a shot at my very first deer. It had been about 2 or 3 years of futile hunting - never getting a good chance to shoot - and here was a small buck right in front of me, finally. Well, he was easily inside of 20 yards, but he had turned towards me and was looking in my direction. My bow was drawn and I'm staring down through my sight at what possibly could be my very first deer harvest. I knew it probably wasn't a shot I should take because this deer was turning and it was kind of quartering-to, but I took it anyway because I wanted that first deer after so many years of trying. Well, I shoot, the deer turns more just as I shot, and I hit that deer... right in the neck. It took off running, bouncing across a flooded field and disappeared into the woods. I, like you, was worried about wounding a deer and not finding it. I waited, then went looking for blood. Found a ton of blood about 50 yards away, tracked it another 50 yards or so through some thick stuff, and lost the trail. I ended up calling in a dog tracker -- about another **300 yards** from where I lost the trail and a few hours later, we found the deer dead under a bush. I had to call in a buddy of mine to help me drag the deer out (400 yards is a long way when you are dragging a deer ). I shot the deer sometime around sunrise, and if I recall, it didn't make it to the butcher until about 4pm That was a long day. So, in the end, it was a success, but I will NEVER take that shot again. Promise yourself to only take shots that you've practiced and that you are comfortable with and that will make a quick, clean kill with. That's one way to help avoid injuring a deer.
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    Bought a couple Spypoint force dark cams through Amazon warehouse for a good price. 21 pictures between these two pics, 34 pics all together.
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    Out west I have more cams on specific trails then I do food plots. If a hot doe comes through, there could be a buck trailing right behind her, seconds or minutes even hours behind. I set my cams on trails with multi pics and no delay. You may only get one pic of a big buck or you may miss him completely if you have a slow trigger or delay. Also very helpful when you are trying to figure out a specific deers travel routes , time and direction hes coming and going. I also use my best most reliable cams on trails also. You wouldnt find a wildgame cam on any of my trails. (Not that I even own one) For a bait pile you would set up your cam differently to avoid killing batteries and filling cards on does
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    absolutely - no mailman rumors at all...
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    WOW...... I’m pleasantly surprised with everyone’s replies here’s my VETERANS DAY BUCK MAZZGOLF I read your post when you shared the news with everyone on the site be strong for your wife. And yes it was a blessing that your wife was taken care of sooner rather than later.... we had to wait 2 months JHBOWHUNTER reading your reply really struck some cords I am also I cancer survivor and my biggest fear at the time was leaving my wife and daughter alone, after having testicular cancer and losing one of my buddies THE GOOD LORD BLESSED US WITH MY WITH MY OTHER GIRLS I have no idea how I would of continued
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    Wow Jay. Just amazing work!!!
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    Used cars is the way to go IMO
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    Will drop off some to you on Tuesday Oliver!!! That will be day 4 from the batch on the counter. Have a few Habeneros on the chocolate plants you gave me too!!! Will add those to a batch of pickles later in August.
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    We need the rain. Been too dry. Hopefully this helps with the fishing in streams/rivers
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    Well with 4 of my 5 kids home, they wont last anyway!!! Just waiting now
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    Agree with BHC. Tell Ken what you want to do and he will take care of the rest at the best price!!!
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    SOB's. They take a few bites out of a tomato and abandon it. If you take it and put it on the ground they won't eat it and take a few bites out of another. I hate those SOB's.
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    There is a Field& stream lifeline and lineman's rope recall. https://deerstandnews.com/blogs/field-stream-lifeline-recall
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    Like @Live to Hunt said. Rusty is doing well. All good.
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    Ten Point is a great company to do business with. I had the stirrup break on my Wicked Ridge Invader by Ten Point, I tried a couple of archery shops trying to buy a new one and no one could help me so I contacted Ten Point asking where I could purchase a new one and their return e-mail said that a new one was put in the mail that day at no charge. A few days later it arrived in the mail, so I will continue to praise them when ever I get a chance.
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    I always say if something is helping you to get through life then stick with it unless its drinking or drugs
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    This BS doesn't help I'm sure. I had an issue with my Wicked Ridge getting some cracking chips in one of my limbs.I explained the situation to the woman on the phone and told her the bow still shot perfectly accurate. She said that doesn't matter she goes if it's chipping there is an issue. She gave me an RA number told me to put that on the box and in the box and send it off to them. 13 days later I had a brand new set of limbs on my bow at no cost. TenPoint is outstanding
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    You'll be amazed at the amount of hunters you'll find in church. When I first started hunting, I couldn't believe it when I found out how many guys at church hunted. Once I start talking hunting, they all started coming out of the woodwork I'm trying to think - off the top of my head it's about 8 or 10 just in my little circle that I know. In fact, three of my Christian brothers/sisters allow me to hunt their properties (one is my main goose spot, the second property is where I got my very first harvest of any game animal (turkey), and the third one is where I have my one and only automatic feeder/camera setup - I don't put that kind of thing out in public land anymore; my buddy and his wife were kind enough to let me do this on their property. He no longer hunts anymore). My point is - start asking around for hunting buddies when you are in church! I think you'll be amazed at what you discover. Everyone was very nice and welcoming when I said I wanted to start to hunt. As I say, several even let me hunt their properties - so you might even get places to hunt, too, if you ask around.
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    Welcome to the site!! Don’t mind the guys who commented above lol... we welcome all hunters here and I hope you find the partner you’re looking for! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just finished mine this week. Need to level off the ground then adding seed.
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    for me basically just pick up where I left off. Every season is another huge chapter of knowledge gained that I file away to never be forgotten. Funny how I forget so many things that are far more important in life, but I can remember every detail on every buck I shot. My fascination with mature deer just seems to grow and trying "new things" doesn't really compute for me. There is no trick you can buy or gimmick. To tack onto what Gobblengrunt said about putting the time in, I may go a little further and say it has to be quality time - meaning sometimes "less is more". Only put the time in in certain spots when things are a little more in your favor than they are the deer and mainly that starts with the wind. Seems I spend more time and effort trying not to spook deer than I do hunting them. Some guys think spooking a button buck is no big deal, or a spike, etc. But if you plan on hunting him when he is 5 years old, just realize he remembers what happened to him when he was a year old. Spook him out of your favorite stand chances are you just ruined your chances to get him 4 years later when it matters most. Of course - the alpha does rule the woods and every mature buck feeds off them and trusts them to detect danger. Keep your deer calm - all of them because ever little thing matters more than most realize.
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