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    Please forgive the late post. With all going on, I have extremely limited computer access. It was 2 years ago 1/11/18 Steven M. Connington left us on his final deployment. Thank you for your service, sharing your knowledge, and also your friendship brother!
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    Add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl: venison steak cut into 1/2” cubes small onion sliced mushrooms 3 small sweet peppers Coat all ingredients with your seasoning of choice. I used McCormick Roasted Garlic and Herb as well as fresh black pepper. Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees. Once up to temp add all ingredients to the fryer and cook at 400 for 8 minutes. I had it over rice.
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    Called him in 75 yards away running towards the call I stop him then shot him with my muzzleloader
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    Got my limit of clams the other day. Have cooked dozens on the grill but still have a good amount still left even after I had my uncle come get 40-50. So I decided to make some clam chowder. Used the recipe from Bowhunter444. It came out great again. Have a couple quarts to freeze so if winter ever gets here I will be ready.
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    This is so easy to make and so delicious!!! I’ll have it for dinner tomorrow but I had to try a mini Reuben
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    I managed to check all of the cameras today. Here are some photos.
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    I can guarantee you I don’t regret shooting him. He’s a mature whitetail that’s has outsmarted many hunters. Finding the shed would be icing on the cake.
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    I'd like to write up a review about my LandTrust (www.landtrust.com) experience, as I've discovered the application on this forum and decided to give it a shot. The interface is user friendly - I created a user account and decided to check out some properties up in Warren County for a January bow hunt. I brought along my hunting partner, my Uncle, as he is originally from the area and had a sense of the properties. We did some aerial scouting online before choosing Heirs Farm. Looked like a good piece of property, so we decided to give it a shot. I booked it all through the website, and reached out to the property owner introducing myself. Shortly after booking, an email was received with all the property information (boundaries, designated parking, etc.), which was automatically imported into my OnXHunt app. This weekend was the hunt - we were set on afternoon hunting, only. Given the app puts you in direct contact with the property owner, it would probably be a good idea to discuss an opportunity to check the property out sometime before your hunt - if you'll be hunting first light. We had a good time, saw a bunch of does, but were after a buck only. I like the concept of the app, seems like it could be a good portal to out of state/in state opportunities. Here are some pics.
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    Get a dog that can shed hunt, spend a day and try to track that thing down. Even if you don't find it - mount that thing with a single side and have a piece on the wall you can talk about for the rest of your life.. "Remember that time? I was hunting this huge buck for 2 years, I finally get him in range, and he's missing half his antlers... I shoot anyway with the hopes of hunting down the other side. I got a dog and we looked for an entire day walking this entire stretch of woods! Never did find it - but boy do I remember it like it was yesterday!" You'll have a mount you can tell a cool story and reminisce even if it just has one side (especially if it has just one side because people will ask about it and you'll be able to tell the story). These weird stories are the fun ones to remember and talk about! Tell me it isn't more interesting already than a "Yeah, this is the buck I shot that I was hunting for 2 years"
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    I can make whatever kind of racks I want to, but I still would not shoot a half rack buck myself. Hunting is about making choices and if this hunters choice made him happy then God Bless him.
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    I have to disagree. My daughter and I had a similar experience with a big buck that she hunted hard for and finally took as a half rack. That buck is the most memorable deer that either of us has ever taken. While other bucks gather dust on the wall the memories of this buck, the hunt, and the follow up afterwards live on stronger than any other deer in our house. If it had had both sides when she shot it it would have been just another rack on the wall for spiders to build webs in.
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    Maybe he was sniffin one of those Gwyneth Paltrow candles ? ? ?
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    Thanks everyone. Here is the pic from my buck I wold like to get scored. I had posted it here earlier this year.
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    I'll be out this afternoon in PA w my flintlock
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    Was an inspiration to many. Although I never met him, I enjoyed his input and wisdom. RIP soldier!
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    Rumor has it that this guy ate a few too many clams before taking his performance pill. Be careful Buck 154! https://nypost.com/2020/01/13/man-hospitalized-with-3-day-erection-after-taking-bull-sex-stimulant/
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    We'll get at it and find that shed. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat here
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    Definitely going back out later. Had the 8pt I missed on Friday, and the big 8, go by the camera just after dark last night. I can't move any closer to bedding, so hope they move another 30 minutes earlier.
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    My brother got me one for Christmas and I have been hesitant to set it up, as I'm not too good w technology n just used to getting by w bear skins n stone knives! Welp....I'm impressed on all fronts! Easy to set up! First month is free to hook you in! Pics are good quality! A real game changer letting u know what's going on at ur spot! Biggest issue was picking a spot with hopes it wont get stolen....so it went to a private property winter bow spot that is patrolled regularly.....and it's being watched by a back-up cam! Pics Started coming 3 hrs after it was set up!! Look at that barrell chested doe!! I'm hooked!! Live by the cam....die by the cam!!
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    All this talk of scoring and no pictures????🦌🦌🦌🦌
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    Mailed the 4 gift certificates to Robin. Good luck and can't wait to see the smiling faces!
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    The wind was tough today, playing tricks on the dogs and getting the birds running, but overall a great weekend. Saturday I went 6 for 6 with 4 additional flushes I missed. Sunday 3 of us got 7 out of 9. The highlight of the weekend was flushing a trio of birds that must of been out for a while, 2 cocks and a hen, I got 1 hen and 1 cock but had an o/u so the third one was home free. As always Paul and his team put on a first rate event. I can’t wait to get out there again.
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    Heading out. Good luck to anyone else out there.
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    My target buck just lost his antlers and now comes in at 7:15 and 4:30.
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    This is just part of Bass Pro's retail consolidation away from the Cabela's brand name and into theirs. You won't see Bass Pro shop close, only Cabelas. Expect more.
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    I’m out with the crossbow in Delaware. Hopefully this goes better than my job searching.
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    I stopped by one of my properties to check the cameras and the bear is still around and I'm not even baiting. The one nice 8 point is around as well. I'm heading to my blind now.
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    I don't think I would take a one half rack. However; we all take something different from hunting. It maybe the kill of mature buck is more important to someone than having a complete rack. If half rack makes you happy and you end up with great memory then more power to you.
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    Had a buck coming in along the tier I was watching, but he dropped off 40yds before getting to me. Wasn't big enough to be one of the 8's I'm after, anyway. Will be back out later.
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    This is a problem I wish I had this year...
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    Does the site give you a history of booking at the property you are looking at? Like, how many days during the season it was booked, or maybe a harvest history. Would be helpful to know just how often/heavily a place was hunted before booking.
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    NJ will never let it happen. That’s why I drive south to Delaware to do it!
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    State land - been hunting this deer for two years. Almost didn’t shoot him yesterday due to the fact that he only had one side but I feel like if I put enough time in, I can find his other side. Someone had pictures of him on Thursday, not far from where I shot him, with both sides. Again, if anyone can recommend a shed dog, I would be ecstatic!
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    John I'm your friend too Great pictures
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    This is why I switched almost all my stands to ladders with shooting rails. Also learn how to wrap the sling around your elbow and use a knee as a rest. Rarely will I ever freehand a shot
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    My buddy is a dealer and will be personally checking them out in 2 weeks. The initial reports on them are positive. Could be a game changer.
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    That be the cats ass if I they work will see
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    With his tiger shirt.
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    toxo - I probably should have said it a different way. Having the opportunity to hunt an area that holds mature (world class mule deer) which is controlled by an outfitter is going to cost some $. (First two pics from Alberta/Terry Scott) With that being said, I have no doubt that you can harvest a great deer on a cheaper hunt but odds are against you in most areas. (Third pic MT public land DIY 2018) I agree the whole thing is ($) out of control. I guess it all depends on what you want, can afford and what you can live with. But having the chance to chase BIG MULE deer is an addiction!!!
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    Welcome to New Jersey's God's Country: I wouldn't live anywhere else (in NJ, that is).
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    It will save you tons of time and as many stated it is fun getting pics. I use covert, and I get pictures real time, well almost, usually within 3 minutes
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    I will second Live To Hunt's above post. Bow hunted with Terry a few years ago and he definitely will put you on a deer of a lifetime. The negative is that BIG DEER do not come cheap. If your on a budget it may be difficult to harvest a giant mule deer. Don't be surprised to see hunts in excess of $7K. Also, look at Mackin Outfitting LTD, Alberta Canada. Mackin is a great outfitter as well. Good Luck.
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