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    This is so easy to make and so delicious!!! I’ll have it for dinner tomorrow but I had to try a mini Reuben
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    I have to disagree. My daughter and I had a similar experience with a big buck that she hunted hard for and finally took as a half rack. That buck is the most memorable deer that either of us has ever taken. While other bucks gather dust on the wall the memories of this buck, the hunt, and the follow up afterwards live on stronger than any other deer in our house. If it had had both sides when she shot it it would have been just another rack on the wall for spiders to build webs in.
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    Thanks everyone. Here is the pic from my buck I wold like to get scored. I had posted it here earlier this year.
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    I'll be out this afternoon in PA w my flintlock
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    Was an inspiration to many. Although I never met him, I enjoyed his input and wisdom. RIP soldier!
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    My brother got me one for Christmas and I have been hesitant to set it up, as I'm not too good w technology n just used to getting by w bear skins n stone knives! Welp....I'm impressed on all fronts! Easy to set up! First month is free to hook you in! Pics are good quality! A real game changer letting u know what's going on at ur spot! Biggest issue was picking a spot with hopes it wont get stolen....so it went to a private property winter bow spot that is patrolled regularly.....and it's being watched by a back-up cam! Pics Started coming 3 hrs after it was set up!! Look at that barrell chested doe!! I'm hooked!! Live by the cam....die by the cam!!
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    This is just part of Bass Pro's retail consolidation away from the Cabela's brand name and into theirs. You won't see Bass Pro shop close, only Cabelas. Expect more.
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    I stopped by one of my properties to check the cameras and the bear is still around and I'm not even baiting. The one nice 8 point is around as well. I'm heading to my blind now.
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    I don't think I would take a one half rack. However; we all take something different from hunting. It maybe the kill of mature buck is more important to someone than having a complete rack. If half rack makes you happy and you end up with great memory then more power to you.
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    Had a buck coming in along the tier I was watching, but he dropped off 40yds before getting to me. Wasn't big enough to be one of the 8's I'm after, anyway. Will be back out later.
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    John I'm your friend too Great pictures
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    I would say you found the turkeys and batsto found the chicken scrtatch. LOL. Love watching turkeys from deer stand but lost interest in hunting them several years ago.
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    That be the cats ass if I they work will see
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    I just called and they put me in contact with Keith. Thanks!
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    It will save you tons of time and as many stated it is fun getting pics. I use covert, and I get pictures real time, well almost, usually within 3 minutes
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    I simmer it for 1.5hrs(this was a small roast). Bigger roast may need more but you want to use the smallest pot possible and and make sure the roast is totally submerged. If you use large pot, with tons of water to get the roast covered, you are deluding the the spies/flavor of the meet. Any portion not covered will become rubbery.
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    I'm in Warren county, but I'm a stone's throw from Hunterdon county. Are you the guy who keeps breaking my windows?
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    I will second Live To Hunt's above post. Bow hunted with Terry a few years ago and he definitely will put you on a deer of a lifetime. The negative is that BIG DEER do not come cheap. If your on a budget it may be difficult to harvest a giant mule deer. Don't be surprised to see hunts in excess of $7K. Also, look at Mackin Outfitting LTD, Alberta Canada. Mackin is a great outfitter as well. Good Luck.
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    Hi all- new waterfowl hunter here. I am the first in my family to jump in so unfortunately do not have the benefit of learning from generations before me. I am a 27 year old living in Hudson County, and keep my things at my parents house in Bergen County (apartment life...). I got tired of skeet shooting and had a friend that got me into waterfowl and took me on a couple hunts to learn the basics, but he has been hunting more in private clubs in PA where he is from (got me hooked and sort of left me hanging!). I have been on a couple of hunts by myself this season (was at Great Bay Blvd on Saturday and got my first black duck along with a bufflehead). Due to scheduling issues, my last chance to duck hunt this season will be this coming Saturday (1/18) and am just looking to connect with some people and maybe tag along to learn a few tricks. I have 20 mallard decoys and 4 canada goose decoys, canoe, camo burlap and netting for cover, semi 12ga with plenty of shells, and am a good shot. Am willing to travel wherever I need to. Hopefully one of you are going out this Saturday and are willing to let me tag along. Really looking to make some connections, learn a few tricks of the trade, and maybe make a few friends along the way for seasons to come! If not, any suggestions on good coastal spots to drop in with a canoe are welcome as well. Have tried Manahawkin and GBB thus far. Thanks all!
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    That property looks like a hunting paradise - good luck
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    You have got to get some cell cams, this day late dollar short shit is for the birds
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    Those does are having a meeting.
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    I had over 50 in my yard today. Mostly hens and young males, there were also 2 or 3 gobblers. Usually I have 10-15, I don't know where they all came from. lol Only about 17 in the pic, the rest are in the woods.
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    Awesome bro, thanks for the info! I have always been hesitant to try venison in my air fryer cause I was afraid it would dry out too quick. I'm gonna give it a try tho after seeing this. Thanks again Bill!
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    Looks really good. May need a thread on air fryer recipes
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    MY wife wants that air fryer
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    Nothing tonight. Maybe tomorrow night they'll move in the rain. I'm after the big one now, going for broke. I have enough meat, but may take something else toward the end, especially if I get pics of the big one with only one side like I did last year in the 3rd week of January.
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    Sounds like someone else may know something about this deer???
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    Nothing big...a couple of young 8’s with good potential and a really wide 6 that I’d probably have a hard time letting go if he comes by.
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    Over the years I slowly introduced my Wife to venison. Stew, pot roast, meat sauce, grilled backstraps, etc. She absolutely prefers it over beef/steak now.
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    Congrats! Any photos that you could share?
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    Nevermind. I'm in Asbury. You'd need to have a really good arm to hit my place!
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    Def trying this. Have a roast set aside. Looks delish
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    Looks good John. Perfect sized clams right there
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    I lived there in the late 80's . Coming from 173, go under both tunnels, then there was a brush field on the left, house was first driveway on the left after the field with a big garage, the guy that owned the house drove a tractor trailer that he use to park in the driveway
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    Had a great time today! Wind was playing tricks on the dog, and birds wanted to run, but what a great day! Awesome place. Definitely will be going back.
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    I live in Bayonne. Email me ([email protected]) your son's name, my fam will pray for him and I'll put in a prayer request for our Tuesday night praise and worship service at Cityline Church in JC.
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    Will pray for him and the family.
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    Razorback 5 were in orange box razorback 4 were in yellow box. Razorback 3 cam in black or blue boxes used to fine sand the inside collars to really make them spin . .
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    I'm wanting to get a few but I'm not much on all that firmware computer mumbo jumbo stuff. My computer skills are maxed out login on to this site.
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    Will I be banned from attending if I use a crossbow?
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