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    I miss deer hunting!!! Haven't been out in 5 years. Job loss,health,no vehicle.Moved from essex co.to Hunterdon co.4 years ago.All my equipment was left behind with different friend's till I could come back for it.Well is been a hard journey but I'm almost set again,a steady fixed income and health benefits.Having about a quarter of the strength and stamina I once had.I have a little piece of exclusive permission to hunt in Whitehouse I've decided I don't want/need to use the climber anymore, so to get me motivated I bought me a ladder stand.At check out they offered Free Prime trial so they wavied the shipping costs of $36.00.free,woo hoo.lol..Total with tax.$117.28 All that's left for next fall is set it up and buy my licence. https://www.amazon.com/BIG-GAME-Ladderstand-Ultra-Wide-Flex-Tek P.S.Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!
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    I'm heading down to my mom's farm early tomorrow morning to get some work done and some deer hunting in. No one has hunted down there since early November. I'll be checking all of the cameras to see if there any decent bucks around. I'll be there for a few days. Their deer season ends on Saturday.
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    This trip started 3 years ago when a friend who lives in Hawley pa told me he was slowing down on trapping and said I could come up and use his traps whenever I wanted to. That's when I started researching and planning, last year me and Mike went up mainly scouting but I set a couple traps but didn't catch anything in the short time we were there but learned the lay of the land. This year we went up with more knowledge and really set a line. Went up to my friends house and picked up equipment and set and checked traps from sun up till dark for 4 days. We put many many miles on our feet and saw some of the most beautiful country I have ever walked on. On day two I caught my first bobcat, the feeling of that accomplishment is indescribable. That same day Mike caught and released a porkeypine, the following day Mike was able to punch his pa bobcat tag and he also released another porkeypine and a small beaver. On day 4we came up empty and pulled out and returned the gear to my friend and headed home. Overall it was one of the best trips I been on and I can check that off the bucket list.
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    Picked up this precious little pup from Brielle Kennels in Michigan last week. She is a half sister to Lucy, my 2 yr old Braque who I sadly lost to an illness in October. The breeder Seth was unbelievably good to me putting me at first pick when he learned about Lucy. I have nothing but great things to say about him. I am looking forward to training and seeing how far I can take her. I’ve joined a Navhda group and will start with them in the spring. My 8 yr old Braque is adjusting to having a little puppy bugging him again. He joined in whining with her the first night when she was in the crate!
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    note to self: dont ever ask anyone here if they are seeing bucks after six day.
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    My son got his first bird yesterday. Big thanks to the hunter who helped with his dog.
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    This little guy was under the tree Christmas morning and my girls were thrilled: We know his mom is a full lab (the rescue still has her) but I'm thinking his dad was a lab mix of some kind because the only clue that he is not a full lab is his tail-its upturned with a curl. We're going to DNA test him to see what he is, but in the meantime our 10 year old chocolate is teaching him how to retrieve and be a lab. That is when mom isn't spoiling him:
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    just happened across this wild game inovations mp14 lights out trail cameras including sad card and batteries$34 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wildgame-Innovations-Razor-Extreme-14MP-Lightsout-Game-Camera-Bundle-BATTERIES-AND-SD-CARD-INCLUDED/522039213
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    That's great, Ryan. One of my unforgettable days was checking traps with Mike. It was a great day. I only wish I could have put his teachings to good use. Definitely a man you can learn from who is truly dedicated to his craft.
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    I had one buck "in sight since 6 day". Don't remember if I posted a pic of it or not.....
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    A life this good. Both rescue's from Tristate Bassett, got walk in before rain and mud now nothing to do but be a slug.
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    Thanks for the compliment, but Ryan doesnt need any instructing...hes an accomplished trapper that has a real passion for making furry little woodland critters step on a two inch diameter trap pan. Oh wait..... I did show him how to make a spring hole set but nothing stepped on my moss covered rock.
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    Put this cam in some red oaks along a cedar swamp. Might hunt it tomorrow.
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    Deer want fat thus time of the year. Acorns are high in fat but vegetable oil is pure fat! If you look at the label most vegetable oil is soybean oil. At Wal-Mart a gallon is less than $5. Mix it with a small jar of peanut butter and pour it on fallen rotten trees and stumps or dig a hole and pour it in. You can also buy inexpensive cattle mineral mix and add it to the mix. Try it! If you use cameras put a camera to show how effective it is.
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    Bob, I am 10 minutes from Whitehouse, should you need help putting the stand up just give me a shout.
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    on what you think he would score from the provided pictures.......I say 100" maybe 105" He isn't my #1, on my list, but he will moving up the list come fall 2020....I saw a buck back on October 25th that was at least 200 lbs. and at least 130" or more
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    He has been on my camera for 2 days, time to lace the corn with NYQUIL and put him to sleep , Can't put out anything cause these SOBs will find it
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    Setting deer seasons so that people don't poach makes about as much sense as giving illegal aliens drivers licenses so that they don't........ummm..... damn! I forgot where I was for a minute.
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    Man, this is to early for this annual thread to kick off. Haha. Bottom line, this happens every year and this year is no different. We are at the end of our 4th month into a non stop season. Deer are in heavy cover. The rut is over,The woods are open, cover is lost. Same ol song and dance. I think I saw some of the most impressive bucks I have seen period taken this past bow season posted here . Bucks are surviving and that’s exactly what they are doing right now. If you aren’t seeing anything, keep moving and trying new locations and get yourself a new view and learn something. Being a slave to the bait pile gets old.......
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    No better time to get ready to smoke a few fatties tomorrow lol Hand full of trout, slab of salmon, 6lbs of jerky, 5lbs trail bologna, 5lbs of jalapeno summer sausage with cheese and 10lbs of hot sticks. Gonna be busy but good results for the work.
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    Lots of new scrapes out there again. Heard from a couple people seeing bucks running does around. Hopefully I can catch up with a late season shooter.
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    A couple of misfires and a missing trap as well. Good size on these rats
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    Wonder who is rolled up inside the carpet
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    Hoping that there might be a chance to get out and hunt the 2020 Winter seasons. It was disappointing to hear my doctor tell me I wouldn't be able to go full tilt until at least March. It sucks, but at least I should be able to get to fishing in the spring. I'll do my best to get there and hope that I will be good to go come fall and the bow season. To be sure it is hard to come in here and see the great deer a lot of you have taken and read the stories behind them all. With some prayers and a bit of luck I'll be able to put up my own a ways down the road.
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    That would be me. With regard to "dude just get a bunch of places study topos and aerials set up some spots and see what happens.deer change up real quick...." I only hunt my own property. All I wanted to know is whether or not other people were seeing bucks post six day, that's all. Maybe I'll post a poll where you either choose "YES" or "NO" and leave it at that
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    I've only hunted the mill my dog is mediocre at best. My fault but time restraints I'm ok with it.. we have done ok with days better than others.. I choose the same field each time because of the saftey aspect where it takes people longer to get in front of you
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    One of the properties that I hunt is 10 mins from Whitehouse. I can also help out.
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    Thanks Matt,In a nut shell,this site and the good people I have met even Jack.lol has kept me alive!
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    glad to see you getting back into the game Bob!!! May 2020 bring you a big ol' buck and all the doe you need.
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    Who cares what I think about the new stocking program, but I'm bored so here I go: -A $40 stamp is an amazing value and I still find the hunting enjoyable even though I have to work hard to find birds. -Reallocation is a great idea because the orange army is ridiculous, however, it is too much for me to drive 1.5 hours to the gap or over an hour to South NJ. I absolutely love hunting those places when I can find the time, but places like Clinton, Pequest, and Black River are much closer and they have been negatively impacted. -The rotating of the fields they stock (for reasons other than driving conditions) makes ZERO sense to me. Reallocation is based on creating a better experience for all hunters by spreading people out. We know NJ people - they either get intel on what was stocked or they look for tire tracks in the morning. More people now congregate to the stocked areas instead of spreading out across the entire WMA. That defeats the purpose of what they are trying to accomplish with the reallocation initiative.
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    It's from EHD. Deer didn't die from the EHD.... but it presented later in the hooves.
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    learn to police yourself.....just because the so called experts with degrees from 10 years of college say kill all the deer doesn't mean one has too. To many people with lame excuses to kill (not hunt): All we eat is venison (bullshit) the farmer said I must kill X amount of deer (like the farmer knows how many deer are on the farm) My brother's neighbor's cousin Louie wants venison (tell them to hunt) I donate it to homeless (bullshit) I give it to a local club for annual game dinner (bullshit) These are some excuses I hear/read, they are excuses to KILL, not HUNT There is a clown on facebook, local to me to claims to kill a few deer per day on the farm his family owns, and some excuses he uses are posted above as well as NJ says I can under the law....Well true but doesn't mean you have too I shot a deer in Mid November, first deer since 2012 cause for me I set my sights on certain bucks....I took this small buck for two reasons, one was pop my crossbow cherry, two it was my last day of archery hunting for 2019. Last antlerless deer I killed was 2012 (button buck), last doe I shot was nearly 20 years ago....That's just me, I don't see alot of deer over the 20 years, now I've been tempted more then ever this year to take a doe but I held my ground, not saying not to take them but there is no need to take many deer of either sex per year using lame excuses, then come out a bitch the deer herd is sucks
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    I would rather all of September and close the season 12/15
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    I would give Sept. up in a heartbeat, open the season up on the first or second Saturday in October
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    Returned this evening and caught, tagged and released two more with my green Bomber long A15 that the Reel Seat Tackle Shop put new 4X trebles on. Nobody else was fishing in the rain. I may try again next year. Tagged 27 stripers this year and none were recaptured yet.
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    Nice, thanks for sharing. What the hell has happen to society to get us where we are today? Years ago hunting was so accepted, people would beep to me when bringing home my buck and give me the thumbs up. Now it's a beep,the middle finger and being called a killer. I like the old days much better
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    Maybe I should take mine out of my wallet then!!!!
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    Yea this jerked off state sucks. Tell you what it would have to be a very special warden to give a ticket for that but I'm sure he's out there. Another thing that burns my ass is haveimg to attach a report card to your deer after you allready reported it online or by phone makes no sense at all cause as soon as you report it they send confirmation to your smart phone. I truly believe the only reason for making you do a report card is it's another way to catch you making an honest mistake so they can right you a ticket
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    Going to tan it. Worth way more to me than money. I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life
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    Saw this post and had to create an account to respond. That is myself and my group from Saturday in a wma in the flatbrook area. We have hunted this area for twenty years and nearly every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday throughout the season with 5-9 hunters. Most outings lasted 4-5 hours and yielded 3-5 pheasant. We have had days this season when we didn’t even flush a bird like any other hunter will have. We have also had non stocking days in flatbrook wma when we shot 4 or 5 birds. I appreciate you accusing me of somehow having birds specially stocked off the grid for myself. Last saturday there was a father and son who hunted this field and shot 3 birds along with two birds that we were able to find. I occasionally find myself frustrated with the program after I’ve walked 8 miles through thickets and my legs are bleeding through my brush pants to come up empty handed just like any other nj pheasant hunter, but if you put the time and effort in, eventually you will have a day for the books.
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    Wildlife Crunch block by Sportsmen Choice at TS and the Berry block is good
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    Congrats young man! He looks very pleased as he should be with his first pheasant. That picture brings back vivid memories of my first pheasant that was also bagged during Christmas week when I was off from school 51 years ago.
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    Shame on you how dare you damnit.i got 16 different bucks on my pieces some cull bucks and 4 definite shooters ill keep on going til im satisified JACKO but i do agree with the public lands being reassessed....theyre pounded hard man its like no mans land ummm i guess all that hunting since sept does it
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    Love that porcupine photo! Looks a lot like @LPJR! Great story and follow-up posts!
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    220....More use for it and super shooting gun
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    I bought birds from a bird farm and just rung their necks in the kitchen and made soup.it was cheaper plus chukars taste better imo
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