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    Today me My brother and my dad went pheasant hunting we shot 6 birds
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    Just saw they bumped up the snow numbers for Sunday and Monday in Taylor Ham country. They were calling for 1-3 inches each day now it's up to 3-5 each day . Get those blinds ready and make sure to prop the roofs up so they don't get trashed . Good luck all .
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    Possible foot or more up here. Going to screw up my son's vacation days because he'll have to stay home with the kids while his wife works. Should be fun hunting. Heavy snow is going to lay down the high weeds where they like to hide. Looking forward more to Tuesday.
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    Better then freezing rain or just rain
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    Check out the 4 American tourists at the 3:00 minute mark.
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    Got bored with the all black so I decided to paint my Tikka t3x. I did it in a GAP Camo pattern and used sponges. Sprayed it first with a brown base then sponged with khaki and olive drab krylon ultra flat spray.
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    You need to skin back the feathers until you expose all meat, then remove it (along with as much fat, etc as possible). Then use Borax to bug proof (you don't want any bad bugs coming in the house and eating other mounts, etc. Here is a link to a good video using a turkey tail, but you may not need bondo, epoxy Hope this helps!
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    You laugh I butcher deer in my kitchen. My wife has no issues with it.. quarters right on the counter..
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    Love seeing the next generation hunting. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    The division of Fish and wildlife sucked major canal water this week we’re stocking on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was out with my dog Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and zero bird seen. Today they put most of the birds in one field on the north side of the property. I hunted the southern end on Shotwell road and not one shot between 11 guys and 9 dogs. I’m never buying another New Jersey pheasant stamp ever again
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    I stand corrected... I hunt 7, 8, 10, 12
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    Not true. You need to know your set and look up when it ends. Different throughout the state.
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    I'm happy to have been corrected and that you were having a great time.
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    Now that's how you do it E . Very nice .
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    Congratulations! Nice family tradition hunting on Thanksgiving. My son and I hit the birds this morning.
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    Wow! Congrats brother! Awesome buck and great read! SS!
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    Good dad right there. Congrats on a great family tradition.
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    Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a great day
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    I love it i cant wait until my girls can legally shoot
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    Great job. Looks like a fun day out
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    Congratulations on a great buck!
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    Just busting, my main comment was why mix borax with salt. Table salt and especially kosher is not very good for this purpose. If salt is used sea salt is the best. Kosher includes iodine and it contains much less salt than regular table salt. Anyway we are splitting hair, happy TG!
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    Looking forward to Monday,,,,,a first for me
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    All looks great, Good luck
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    Probably, why wouldn't it? Salt is a drying agent, same as Borax. Just pack it on heavy.
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    If it's a variable scope why would you lock it down I always leave my scopes on 3x and if the deer is further away I will turn it up for better magnification
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    Congrats on a great buck!! Good luck shooting the giant buck.
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    Nice buck! Very cool and unique rack, lot of character! Great story to go with it and hell of a mount from your buck last year! Congrats all around!
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    I Think first negative comment this year. Well, even the State is not perfect
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    They are displayed really cool, very impressive and great way to honor your father
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    Congrats all the way around... sounds like plenty of highs and lows but you prevailed in the end... absolute toad this year and real beauty last year.... as far as the giant you were seeing.... that's what hunting dreams are made of... good luck in second season getting a crack at him
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    Good luck to everyone today and happy Thanksgiving
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    Cmon!! Not even a pic of the monster!! Congratulations! Post a pic.
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    Looks like an awesome time was had. Great picture too!
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    My childhood in the 50's 60's before the internet shopping and Walmart. Watching for the postman just before Thanksgiving to deliver my Sears (3lb.) Christmas catalog.Studied it for many nights.lolThose were the good ole days! Day's of my grandfather and his father before him.
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    Garage?Honey is this spot in your kitchen ok? https://discussions.texasbowhunter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=268284
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    Pheasant and Woodcock Chilli
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    Better charge your phone...you have been watching too much sex swing porn.
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    PORK ROLL ALL THE WAY!!!!! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Impossible, we don't have enough bears in the state, you just saw a hefty bag
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    I asked if the refuge wanted them, since that's where a lot of them came from before it was a refuge. They said no, had too many as it was, and said other museums most likely aren't taking them anymore either. Doesn't bother me none to hang them on my wall, and to keep them in the family.
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    Never heard of a scope where you lock the magnification setting with an Allen key.
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    Here's one from this year. Maybe not 879 but still pretty damn big! https://wnep.com/2019/11/25/big-black-bear-bagged-in-the-poconos/
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