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    FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov This year was the toughest hunting on my farm since buying it in 2012. With the record setting rains this spring my farm did not get planted. Normally I’d have corn or beans to hunt over but this year I had 9ft tall weeds and hardly any deer. My food plots also looked terrible, so it wasn’t looking very good. The cameras were disappointing all summer long with not one shooter buck over 140” so I went into the season with very low expectations. I pulled cards again upon my arrival on November 5th to reveal a few pics of just an absolute monster, the largest buck I ever had on any farm I ever hunted. I won’t get into to much more detail about him other than I never seen him and none of the neighbors seen or shot him either. Even though I didn’t see him, he would show up at other stands that I was not in during daylight hours. It was very frustrating, but miraculously even without any food on the farm two other real good bucks started showing up on my cameras that were easily in the 160” range so it was game on! I hunted 20 straight days hoping to get a glimpse of the mega giant while contemplating the possibilities of shooting one of the other two really good bucks. I ended up seeing the buck I killed three times before killing him with my bow on the 8th day of my hunt. I seen him from two different stands and once while walking out at 11:30 for a quick bite. I had planned on alternating hunting with the crossbow and my compound, but As fate would have it I had another catastrophic failure on day two of the hunt when the damn crossbow blew up while discharging at the end of the day. Thank god I shoot my Mathews compound everyday so I was good to go. ... however my effective range has diminished over the past two years to no more than 40 yds. I can no longer effectively shoot out past 60yds Ike I was doing just a few short years ago, getting old really sucks! On day seven I almost got it done while sitting in a redneck tower-blind. If the crossbow didn’t blow up earlier in the week, I-would have been done when the buck offered me a brief 50 yd broadside shot, I just wasn’t able to take that shot my mathews. I’m actually kinda happy the crossbow failed, because the buck offered me a 30 yd chip shot the next day while trailing a hot doe and I blew his heart out with my Mathews. He’s a great buck I honestly couldn’t be happier.... he has 15 scorable points grossing 163 6/8”. Rather than sitting around doing nothing for the next week waiting for gun season to start, I bought a 2nd archery buck tag and got right back in the tree the next day hoping for an opportunity at that mega giant, but I spent the rest of my trip in a tree with both gun and bow without ever seeing him. I’ll be back for 2nd gun or for some more winter bow hunting so there’s still a chance at at least seeing the giant. Either way, I am super happy with the buck I killed and am grateful to the deer Gods for again blessing me with another great illinois buck. On a side note, I picked up last years illinois crossbow buck from Jim kelly last night, what an a zing job he did! Jim’s the best taxidermist, it looks like a museum piece. ( see pic on bottom of page )
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    Today me My brother and my dad went pheasant hunting we shot 6 birds
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    Busted some brush with good friends. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. I made it out this morning and went 4 for 4 on some birds. Great way to start the day.
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    The boys came back from college for Thanksgiving. Eager to hunt I decided to take the boys out with Briar for some bird hunting. Well as usual Briar didn’t disappoint, running birds were no match for the relentless pursuit these flushing dogs display. The little powerhouse made sure every bird eventually flew
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We had a nice rabbit hunt this morning too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Turkey.....check ham........." stuffing....." cranberry sauce..." sweet & mashed taters..." etc etc etc etc......" PIES....Check BOOZE....Check Doing some scouting with my son at first light. Best thing to do is stay out of the kitchen. Good luck to all carrying on the tradition of hunting this morning.
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    20191128_102343.mp4 20191128_113632.mp4 Annual Thanksgiving Let Freedom Ring. Men, women, kids, guns, tannerite and gasoline.
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    Well, things finally came together today! It's been some hard hunting over the last couple weeks trying to wait this buck out day after day. He first showed up on cam 11/04 and in daylight no less! I've chased ghosts here for years, it's extremely rare to ever see one other than a random single appearance on cam some arbitrary 2:00AM night, nevermind get a shot at one. I said to myself this was the buck I was dedicating the rest of my season to, so I spent the next 9 days of my vacation chasing him on any good wind I could, and even gambled on a few marginal winds hoping to get lucky. His next appearance on cam was 4 days after his first, but this time at night, which is what often happens. I hunted all day, dark to dark, as often as the conditions would allow, but alas I never even had an opportunity to see him from the stand, nor a single cam picture for the rest of my vacation. I hunted the spot yesterday morning just hoping to get lucky and have him randomly wander through, but no such luck. I didn't like the afternoon winds with dropping thermals so I bailed on the stand midday, figuring I'd check cams and see if it was worth a repeat the next morning. Well I checked the cam, and just as you'd expect, he popped up two days earlier (my first day back at work!!!), and with no other appearances since! I figured he could show up any random day in November, and it's the weekend, might as well give it another try! With similar conditions to yesterday, I planned on sitting this morning again with favorable winds and thermals, again hoping to just get lucky he'd show. Well lucky is exactly what I got! I was setup about 30 minutes before light and bumped a couple deer going in. The morning was pretty slow overall as the storm settled in with overcast skies and a very light mix of snow flurries and rain. I saw a couple smaller bucks and does but figured with the storm having arrived, they may just be bedding down for the day until it passes. I had a young spike (barely visible spikes) out in front of the stand and was just texting a buddy of mine at 9:15AM that I didn't think it was going to happen today given the conditions and movement thus far. I didn't even get to hit send, as I heard a crack behind me, slowly turned to see a big set of antlers in the distance and immediately knew it had to be him! He approached with the wind in his face and I was right on the edge of it. I knew if he made it 20 yards closer, I'd be in the clear. He spotted the young spike and must have thought it was a young doe, as he started lip curling and stalked over to the spike. The spike turned and ran into a thicket back towards where the buck came from. The buck turned 180 degrees to follow, but fortunately quickly realized it wasn't a doe so he turned 90 degrees and headed to a set of scrapes. I've seen this script before and knew there was a 50/50 chance of the buck checking those scrapes and then turning away from me offering no shot or turning toward me and coming right into my shooting lane. As he was checking scrapes, I frantically searched for any semblance of an opening, but struggled to find anything. He stepped away to the left and stopped with his chest in a small opening about the size of two softballs side by side, but there was one lone pencil sized branch across it about 6 feet from the buck. I chose not to risk taking the shot and wounding him, realizing that was almost certainly my only chance at him if he continued to the left. Instead, as luck would have it, he turned right and stepped into an opening offering me a clear shot. I placed the crosshairs of my Excalibur Bulldog 400 center mass right behind the leg and squeezed off the shot, hitting him perfectly. He only made it about 70-80 yards before going down! Truly a great buck and possibly my best here in NJ! Amazing how things come together out of nowhere, endless hours on stand culminating in a mere few adrenaline filled seconds! Here's some pics from the hunt! An abnormal point/beam, which appeared to come from the skull, not part of his right antler.
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    Will be in the Redneck if the forecast holds.
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    Snuck into the stand alittle late tonight, didnt get in till about 4. Saw prolly 12 does and had this guy run 2 does around the. Gave up and went over and spare with a smaller 8. I had 3 does come right under me and bed down and he came over to investigate right at last light and gave me a 25 yrd shot and went about 50-60 yds and piled up.
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    Take a moment and pause and be thankful to God for a blessing in your life. There is always something good no matter how bad things may seem. Sometimes it's just hard to find
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    Not necessarily true.. zone 18 ended the 24th, zone 21 ended the 23.. so you can not give him the correct answer until you know what zone he hunts
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    The first thing I always do is try to do is to re-light it. If it won't stay lit it is usually a bad thermal couple.
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    I believe with the reallocation the North is now being stocked differently. Not all fields being stocked every stocking, instead rotating and more birds in one area than another on a given day. This gives mixed reviews from hunters, pick the right field and you say the state is doing better this year, pick the wrong one and you go empty handed. Get off the fields and start hunting the thick, nasty, wooded and swampy areas. We are doing well in those locations. After this windy day these areas will be full of birds tomorrow. Tougher hunting but it is where the birds are.
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    Snapped this pic at Clinton WMA this morning. Waiting for start time, handlers to my left yelling at their unruly pointer, others barking and yelping non-stop pulling their handlers around and others even getting into tussels with other dogs. Yet there my Briar sits motionless scanning the field for any movement waiting for the command to go get some. Years of work paying off.
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    Been working on this for a while now, between hunting. Glad it took me a long time. It gave me the time to come up with a better idea then just putting them in rows. Decided to try making them into art. I kept the heads found around the wallkill river mostly in the arrowhead design, except for a spearhead or two that I used in the headdress. Portrait was from Paulinskill river area , Lincoln park area, and other places. My only wish now would be to be able to give them to my father so he could enjoy looking at what he started. He just had them in the basement, piled up in coffee cans for half a century. Still have 2 more smaller 12x12" boxes to make up to display hammer tools, club/ax heads, pottery, etc.
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    Just came across this article. https://www.poconorecord.com/article/20101119/News/11190341?fbclid=IwAR0qAsjlm5XdlSUXVtDpJpUCxpsdOEMK5_XF7UPk2cueKopm0wQOLCkDU3E
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    My mother wants to take a stab at Thanksgiving dinner this year, so we decided to humor her. Never had much luck in the wind, so I stayed in this morning & made a meal in advance for deer camp in PA...fried squirrels, biscuits, gravy, greens, & stewed okra. Heading up tomorrow for a last hurrah with my dog for fall turkey, then bright & early Saturday I'll have a rifle in my hands. Good luck to anyone else who is heading out there!!!
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    My 2 year old AO Smith 40 gallon gas water heater went out. Tried the re light directions on the heater. Nothing happened. Outside of calling the plumber tomorrow...any help!!
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    Just saw they bumped up the snow numbers for Sunday and Monday in Taylor Ham country. They were calling for 1-3 inches each day now it's up to 3-5 each day . Get those blinds ready and make sure to prop the roofs up so they don't get trashed . Good luck all .
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    Me and my group have been having a great season this year and it didn’t stop on thanksgiving
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    Possible foot or more up here. Going to screw up my son's vacation days because he'll have to stay home with the kids while his wife works. Should be fun hunting. Heavy snow is going to lay down the high weeds where they like to hide. Looking forward more to Tuesday.
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    Better then freezing rain or just rain
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    Check out the 4 American tourists at the 3:00 minute mark.
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    Great pictures and priceless memories ! Congratulations.
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    Great stuff. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    May sound crazy, but vacuum it out. Happens to mine from time to time, some debris from the flue and dust accumulation screws with the ODS and the pilot won’t stay lit. Pull the cover and use the vacuums crack and crevice tool to clean under the burner and all inside there. Worth a shot.
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    Got bored with the all black so I decided to paint my Tikka t3x. I did it in a GAP Camo pattern and used sponges. Sprayed it first with a brown base then sponged with khaki and olive drab krylon ultra flat spray.
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    Tom, if you filled both your gun and bow buck tags then your done for this year. As I’m sure you already know, no matter how you add it up your only allowed two bucks a year in illinois. In future years if you fill your POH archery buck tag early, you can go buy a 2nd either sex non resident archery permit and kill your 2nd buck with archery equipment.... but if you fill that 2nd buck tag your firearm buck tag is no longer valid. I confirmed this with the game warden and keep his text on my phone to show anyone that may questions it.
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    You need to skin back the feathers until you expose all meat, then remove it (along with as much fat, etc as possible). Then use Borax to bug proof (you don't want any bad bugs coming in the house and eating other mounts, etc. Here is a link to a good video using a turkey tail, but you may not need bondo, epoxy Hope this helps!
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    Very nice... You can put that store bought turkey w built in thermometer back in the freezer and dine on pheasants this afternoon! [emoji23] Well done. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
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    FYI the link is for nationwide version. Verizon one has been good to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You laugh I butcher deer in my kitchen. My wife has no issues with it.. quarters right on the counter..
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    Love seeing the next generation hunting. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    You got more trimming to do and a lot more drying time.
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    Figured I'd throw something quick, easy, and tasty together for dinner. And here it is. Layer of chips, then your cooked ground venison, then cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes, onions, chives, etc.. and throw in the over at 350 for about 10-15 min. Yum.
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    Congratulations on a great buck!
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    Man that looks really good. Good luck.
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    I copied this for you. Iodized salt is used in the diet as a supplement (prevents mental retardation and thyroid problems). In taxidermy we use salt to dry and prevent decomposition of hides. Non-iodized salt absorbs moisture faster and better then iodized salt. Iodized salt will work but more will be needed to do the same job. Iodide will evaporate and oxidize out of salt over time. And yes it is also cheaper.
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    From doing Turkey tail I can tell you that you need to remove as much meat and fat as possible,. On turkey I used small wire brush to remove all the from the ends of tail feathers. Only then you apply borax. Not sure why salt and for sure I’m not sure about kosher
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    Looks great. I also have a Tikka in 7mm-08. Hard to beat that gun for price, fit & finish and accuracy. I'm thinking of painting mine with olive green base with tan and black speckles. I had a guy do my Winchester for less than $100 and he used Duracoat for the paint, seems to hold up well and also give some grip.
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    High is almost 60 today. Not much movement at all, tried some drives but only pushed a couple. Almost no shooting today as well. Been in the stand again since 130, my last evening to get it done. Good luck everyone!
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