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    I’m not big on posting animals that other people harvest, but last night one of my best buddies called me and asked if I could help his 83-year-old grandfather get his buck out of the woods. I’ve known Poppy for close to 15 years and he still has the passion needed to be successful. He puts his time in and is selective in what he harvests, not to mention he’s still a good shot w/ his crossbow! I thought 💭 the photos may be proof that you can still hunt as you get older & his success may encourage someone else to get out there who’s been putting it off.
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    I had this 10pt show up in velvet right before the season and I was very excited as I recognized him from trailcam pics last season. Problem was he only showed on camera once every 2 or 3 weeks. As the season went on he has not been on camera and I never laid eyes on him since about a month prior to this early November morning (saturday the 1st). I hunt in a club with other members sharing the leases. I am never secretive about what I have on camera because I was raised to not be jeallous of other hunters. A club member has a stand about 150 yards up the hill from me and hes been hunting there as long as I've been hunting my stand (about 6 years) we both come and go as needed and once or twice a year we share pics with eachother. He never saw this 10 point but I told him to hunt here because hes definately somewhere near by if hes alive. I had him 1x on camera on a day I had to go home early to watch my baby because my wife had plans.. because of course that would be the day he showed up lol. I pull into the spot in the morning to see his truck parked there.. no big deal as it's there every so often.. he walked under my stand to get to his stand and I always have him flipping me the finger on my camera lol. I texted him to let him know I'm in my stand and as always let me know if you see something coming from behind me. Around 745am we joked about how crummy the hunt has been.. nothing movong. 8am I see a doe 60 yards away.. and another one.. and another one (doe and 2 fawns) I'm sitting down with my bow on the hook to me left shoulder, and the deer coming in to my right where it goes up hill and I have no cover.. like a lazy shit I decide I dont see a buck with them I'm gonna stay sitting and watch them go by.. Worst decision I ever made The big doe and the button buck come past me standing 15 yards away. I keep looking as far as I can see (65 yards) in that direction for the 3rd deer.. All of a sudden the rack shows up and I know instantly it's the long lost 10pt! Now I'm screwed.. hes gonna walk right past me and I gotta make a move now and spook this doe and hope she runs off and he follows past me. I try my best to get up and my stand seat squeaks and she pegs me. Snorts. Jumps up the hill 20 yards and stands there.. The 10pt looks pur way and gets nervous. I decided to grunt 3x. He shows some interest, but from hisnl elevation can see nothing is there then continues away from me. I have 1 last trick to try- I snort wheeze. He turns and takes 3 steps towards me. I quickly range 3 openings and clip release on the string.. but he had other things on his mind and trots up the hill with the fawn. The angle he ran would put him 100 yards behind my fellow club member so I ring his phone.. after several rings he answers and I said "huge 10pt behind you- get ready " I find out 10 minutes later what had happened was this: He said if I never called him he would have ever saw the deer. He said even with my heads up he barely saw a glimpse of it 100 yards away and started grunting at him. He said the buck showed no interest and then he went to grab his binoculars to get a better look at him and next thing he knew the buck was coming in fast at 30 yards and closing. He came to his right and he was tangled in his safety belt so unclipped to shoot without the strap interference. 17 yards double lung. I heard the thing crashing between us and my phone starts ringing.. very excited to hear him say he smoked him and hes down! What a fun hunt for both of us! Measured him at : 135 gross 131 7/8 net Congrats to the hunter! http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    This is my second buck and biggest. I shot him in a staging area next to a soy bean field. There is a row of rubs along the tree line just inside the woods. I had 2 Bucks on camara going this route but at 3:30am. Nothing at last light. This is the smaller of the 2. Perfectly fine for me. Shot was quartering away and a little back. Lots of blood and easy find at 50yards. I was down wind of him and smelled him as he walked the rub line route. Trail came 90 degrees straight to the bean field then made a hard left along the field. I hit him when he was looking out into the field. This is a new spot. Do you think this will be a yearly route for different bucks? Thank you Killerbee
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    My dad went out Friday and had this buck return from last year on camera.. buck showed up 100 yards away and he grunted him into 25 yards for a shot. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    Let's start the story on Saturday Nov. 2. Got in my stand before daylight. At around 8 am I see a buck chasing a doe around 100yds out. They run out of sight, minutes later I see another deer coming from same area. I get my binos up, its a good buck with nose to ground searching. I give a grunt its stops then keeps going. A couple more grunts and its charging toward me and closing fast. It's going to trot through one of my opening. I draw back and grunt with my mouth when it hits the opening . It takes an extra step and a half through my opening and I don't have a shot. It eventually trots out of sight. An hr later I believe the same buck is pushing a doe my way. She beds down in thick shit 50yds to my left. The buck rakes a few trees with his antlers and they hang out there for 20min. Finally the doe gets up and the buck follows. She actually runs away from him and gets out of sight. I grunt he turns and looks. He then puts his head down. I grunt again. Same thing. Third grunt he turns and starts running my way. He gets in one of my openings not sure the range I figured 30yds. I rush myself and shoot to quick and also think he ducked the arrow some. I just barely shoot over his back. It was 31yds. FML. He goes trouting off. I couldn't sit the rest of the day due to family stuff. Flash forward to this morning. I see the winds going to be good but I have to work. I can sit til 8:15 so figured I'd give it a try. I get in before daylight. About 6:30 I see a buck slowly coming my way possible the same one I missed. It only gets within 50yds . Freshens up a scrape. Then sees another buck and heads toward him. Its a decent 5 pt. The bigger one postures up, thought they were going to fight but they didn't. The bigger one walks out of sight and the 5 pt come to my right. He's just browsing around. I'm sitting now, not going to shoot the 5pt. Out of no where another buck works his way toward the 5pt. The 5pt walks off. The other buck starts walking away so I give him a grunt. He stops then keeps going. A few more grunts and hes running my way. I get ready. I try to stop him in my first opening and he doesn't stop. I get him to stop in my last opening and let an arrow fly. Double lung, goes 20yds and falls over. No bait. Public Land. My biggest buck to date. Now to do shoulder mount or euro...that is the question?
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    Went out behind the house this morning. Had about 10 different bucks on my backyard feeder camera, but none really shooters. Been knocking down does for the township hunt and Audobon, but to date never seen a buck I liked. This morning was different. Right at first light bucks were chasing all around me. One nice 8, but I gave him a pass. Things got quiet for about an hour then the woods. Came alive. One hot doe had 5 different bucks chasing her followed by this guy. She decided to come under my stand and led the parade right to me. The buck I shot challenged a nice 8 and brought him into shooting lanes for me. 27 yard shot to the package and he went down in 20 paces. My biggest dressed weight yet. 175 lbs on Roches’s scale. Nice Whitehouse Station buck.
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    Was up in the stand. Around 7:35am this buck was cruising through head down. Gave him a grunt and stopped him. And sent my arrow home. Double lung hit ran 20 yds and dropped. I’m very happy w my first buck. Shot many does but it’s not the same. My blood was pumping. Great day out. A little bummed now I have to wait for another. But I’m bringing my wife out now and she wants to get one down. Hopefully I can put her on a big boy.
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    Been hunting from the ground with my compound, no camo, for the past couple years. State land. First light I hadn't even sat down yet, look to my right and have a bear working about 50 yards away. I'm tucked into some laurels. Look downhill in the laurels and catch some movement i thought was a squirrel on a tree. After a minute I see it was a deer. Its watching the bear so I take my opportunity and kneel down, nock an arrow, and wait. Bear moved off and the deer headed uphill and into a window about 2o yards away. I take my shot, and I think my arrow deflected, it was pretty tight window. Deer runs and I thought I heard him crash maybe 50 yards away. My arrow is embedded in a tree, I wait 2o min and go look at the arrow. Covered in good red blood. I wait a bit more, and start the track. I get about 20 yards away, and see a buck headed away and thought I bumped him. So I sit on a log and wait, thinking its going to be a long day. So Im looking uphill and see a rock with a white patch that looks like a deer to my bad eyes. So I walk another 10 yards and confirm it was a rock, but I peer 10 yards past that and dead deer. Another buck must have been passing through where my deer was dead. I'll take it.
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    Who says there’s no such thing as unicorns? How do you explain this? Congratulations to Dr. Tom Gamba on this beautiful Maryland buck taken with his Ravin R20 from our shop. This is Doc’s first ever archery buck! It’s a beauty!!!
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    3 months ago my dad and I were in Lake George fishing, we came home and he had unexpected open heart surgery a week later. His goal was to be recovered by the rut. His stand at my house is A+ during the rut and not good otherwise. Today he made it back into the woods and after an action packed day he scored on an 8 pointer. Truthfully the deer doesn’t matter its more about him hunting again. He made a perfect double lung shot and recovered the deer 50 yards away. Thanks for looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was able to take vac hours off of work at noon today. Just made it up to Flatbrook with Jr and a friend who offered to run his 2 Brittany Spaniels. Nobody here! 1st field cockbird just got up flew right over us and Jr made a sweet shot folding it!! So cool to be out. Pics soon...
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    Did and hang and hunt on public land. Went deep into the timber, found some life, and sat on the downwind side of it. Shortly after, the does started pouring out of their bed and munching on acorns. I knew eventually a buck would have to be scent checking this area. Around 4pm, here comes the king of the forest. Couldn't tell exactly how many points, but he was a brute. He was coming directly for me, and then the shakes started. He had no idea I was there so I calmed my nerves and was ready to let one fly. Well he had other plans. At about 35 yards out he must have caught the scent of those does from earlier as that's approximately where they walked. He changed course and the rest is history. Tried to grunt/bleat at him which stopped him but wasnt interested. Ahhhhhh the roller coaster ride of bow hunting. Deer would've been dead 5x with a firearm. Hope to catch up with him again once the wind is correct for that location.
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    Saw a good amount of action on the pasture with bucks of all ages cruising and chasing Watched this guy trashing saplings for awhile that was cool.
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    Seen on facebook dog was found and brought to the vet's to be checked out Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    This year has been tough to get out hunting. We welcomed our 3rd child this year and we are over the moon. Having 3 kids under 5 years old it gets tough to get in the stand. I got out a few days in September this year on some public and played cat and mouse with a few nice mountain bucks but they got the best of me. I grew up hunting in NY and ran a bunch of cameras this year on a piece I’ve had permission to hunt since I was young. Anyhow after years of shooting young bucks I set a personal goal for myself to try and harvest the most mature deer I can find. I had a list of 3 bucks I would take but there was a heavy 7 point that really peaked my interest. He looked the most mature of the 3 and I really hoped to wrap my tag around him. Anyhow I got out last Tuesday and saw him about 150 yards out into an oak flat. As he worked away from me I tried grunting at him to no avail. I then went for broke and snort wheezed at him. He went nuts. He made several scrapes and rubs and came into less than 20 yards and made another scrape. At the time he was shielded by some limbs and just as he was about to step out another deer began blowing and all the deer in the area took off running. Mama bear and her three cubs decided to make their appearance at such an inopportune time. I went home dejected but my very supportive wife said to get back after it and I was in the stand Friday morning when he decided to chase a six point off a doe. Being excited I rushed my shot and hit him back but I gave him 6 hours and then tracked him to the property line. I then spent an hour knocking on the neighbors’ doors and eventually gained permission to where I needed to be. I ended up losing blood in an overgrown field and a sick feeling came over me. I then reached out to 2 different tracking dogs up there but ultimately they declined to come out due to the high wind and my location. As I was about to give up my good friend who I had asked to come help me track earlier in the day messaged me asking if I had found the deer. He had been stuck at work and was unable to come but wanted to know where I was at. I told him no deer and that I could not find a deer dog to help me. My buddy said stop feeling sorry for yourself and go find the deer! He said I’ve found deer for 20 something years just fine without a dog and I can do it again. (I have nothing against the dogs in case anyone says something) My buddy’s speech gave me the motivation I needed to keep pushing and a half hour later i hit pay dirt. I’m very thankful for the support of my friends and family. I hope everyone has a great season and I’d love to know how old you think the buck was. I’m guessing 3 1/2 but I’m going to send the jaw out for confirmation.
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    Just a shout out to my brother and fellow hunter for putting the smack down on this brute yesterday late morning. Anyone who hunts with my brother knows what a great guy he is. My own son calls him the most unselfish hunter/person he knows..............He walks and scouts many miles of land to set up drives and place stands where others can be successful.............He is well deserving of this buck....it is his best to date.....11 pointer big body deer............Congrats Bro!!!
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    That is sad. When you invest the amount of money and time into a dog like that, that you will hopefully hunt over and will be a family member for many years a GPS location collar is expensive initially but not over the time span you will have the dog. Hopefully someone finds it. Sad.
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    Cut the backstrap into medallions and cooked them in the iron skillet with garlic and butter for 2-3 minutes per side. steamed white rice and green beans sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions with gravy.
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    Ok guys afternoon sit in the deep timber! Got the climber, and doing a hang and hunt over a fresh scrape in between 2 bedding areas. I'm down wind and so far have had 3 does and 1 fawn come out to feed. Hopefully mr. buck comes to scent check the area and comes within range. Only shooting a mature buck as it is a hell of a hike out of here, plus the climber, and bow, would make it a serious workout! Keep you posted.
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    I'm going to go search today !
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    I’m just over the freaking moon. This is my biggest deer to date and only 3rd season hunting. This guy showed up on Halloween 10am or so on cam and never saw him prior.. I sat for the PM on Halloween with the rain stopping . Had this guy right underneath me hot on a doe and ended with no shot opportunity. Hoping he would show again. I thought he was the 8 pointer I had on cam originally, now knowing obviously not. I then Decided to basically sit all day today with my first signs of rut action. Let me tell you it was a drag! no action alll damn day. I even got indecisive between staying in my stand or the blind and went to the blind for a little while. Well Thank God I decided to go back to my stand. Just around sunset I let a few grunts out( I can’t really say if the grunts worked or not to bring him in) . But I had 2 does and button buck down wind behind me coming closer. little did I know this buck was there as well until I heard him grunting at the does. At this point I’m going; “ not again a shooter buck for me with in range but not shot op. Not again!!” Well for some reason the button buck and the one doe went off in another direction and the one doe stayed munching at the food block in front of me. This buck decided to come out in front of me sorta heading to wards the doe and gave me a beautiful but tight quartering away shot at about 15 yds and I hit both lungs. Boy did he make some noise crashing through those woods. It also was my first time using a Rage broadhead on the Xbow. Definitely had no problem finding blood. Great blood trail. Ended up with this beautiful cow of a 7 pointer. Also looks like to me maybe past his prime? I’m sure a lot of you would know better than myself. Can’t wait to have him mounted!!
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    Will be out all day in DMZ 2 trying to catch up to Mr Big. 25 degrees with a light west wind this morning. Good luck all 👍
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    I got this pretty neat sequence of pictures of a couple of mature does not happy with each other !! LOL In the first picture, you can see them with their ears back and looking for a fight ! Danny V
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    Thank you. I hope so too maybe tomorrow. My nephew I had 350 yards away in a cedar patch and and the bucks were chasing good around him. He was having a blast and can't wait to go again.
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    I just put the back straps on the grill now after a long day of work.
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    I talked to the Mom, she said they were ordering one tonight !
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    i fished out of point judith sat and sun.it was the best 2 days of togging i ever had.saturday we left the dock at 6;30 and we were back at 1pm.sunday we left the dock at 6am and were back at the dock by noon.i have been to RI many time over the last ten years but this weekend it was not down drag out togging.i jigged both days and had a hard time getting the jig to the bottom as the tog were grabbing it on the way down.no giants but lots of roasters.we fished the "lil toot" with capt john and if anyone is planning on going up there check him out because he is the reel deal.
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    Both bows are gone and off to new homes. Enjoy!!
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    I like the idea of being light and flexible but can’t get past the trusting my life on one rope! I also think it would be a pain in many other ways like how do you take a leak? It can’t be very comfortable facing a tree for hours. Lot of the view is blocked by the tree and it’s got to be kinda tough to look behind. How do you add layers or change socks? I don’t climb the tree with all my layers on, I get dressed once I’m up there because I get hot easily. With the saddle being so tight around the butt I feel like it would get pretty cold quickly, I know even when I’m sitting and my clothes on my knees are tight they get quite chilly and I have to pull my layers away from my knees and thighs loose. I’ve been thinking about it but those are my concerns along with the price of those things and the platform, I can buy a whole new stand and sticks for less than that tiny piece of fabric and 1lb of aluminum!
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    I hate this stuff. 28 hours. Probably not still in the WMA? Still, I'll walk through the west side later today when I'm passing through. Microchipping should be done by all breeders before the pup leaves.
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    Love it! Congrats, Poppy! Enjoying life. I wish that could be the cover of next year's digest ...
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    Everything looks great in a sales video
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    Female red bellied woodpecker
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    Good luck , hope he is found. It's a horrible feeling. The best investment I ever got for my hounds was the garmin gps collar. I have total control of dog out to 9 miles
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    Why do hunters feel the need to impart their standards on others? If the man was doing something illegal or unethical, comment away. But he's doing a legal activity that would most likely not even affect you. So where's the problem? David Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to hear that Bob. Hope u get better soon
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    I dont deer hunt. Takes away from duck hunting but for you deer guys in Monmouth County. was out taking a hike through the woods with my wife today. Near perfect hiking weather and we enjoyed the 5 plus mile walk. While heading back to car came across this 8 pointer. Also a very nice 6 pointer was a 300 yards away and a big but odd looking buck. His antlers looked like he put them in a pencil sharpener. Odd looking but big buckin size. Picture was from a I-phone and does not do justice to this 8 pointer.
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    I hate you - now I have to go research...
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    Bet that not only the owner(s) are happy but the dog is grateful to be back home too. And isn't it amazing how many of us were concerned and now will also have a better night.
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    Great news. Wish the dog could tell us how his journey was. If you have contact info for the owner , have him look at the collar clinic for a nice gps collar
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    That is a nice looking spot Jack
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    This pair of vintage New Jersey hunting tags would make a great addition to your trophy room, den, office, or man cave! The price is $45.00 for the pair. I can mail them upon receipt of payment through the mail. You do not have to come here or meet me on the road. It doesn't get any easier than that.
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    I think a lot of the “problems” people have with scent lures in general is not knowing how and when to use them properly. In addition to that we do have an out of whack buck to doe ratio in this part of the country. It’s hard to beat the real thing. That being said, Steve, the owner at Signal 11 is very knowledgeable and willing to share info on what, when and how to use his product. Also he bottles fresh without preservatives so it’s best to get a new bottle and refrigerate an open one. I have had some great success using Tramp Stamp and Scrape Nuggets as well as Sweet Dreams. I have had multiple bucks come in on a string following a drag and my mock scrapes taken over by pissed off bucks. No, it doesn’t work every time, but that’s why it’s hunting. If my shooting was half as good we’d be in business lol.
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    Nice 8 cruising by.....
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    Been thinking about that, going to move once action slows. I only have today and tomorrow, see if being aggressive is a plus or a bust
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    Cabelas Wooltimate is good stuff and not bulky at all. Probably all you need for most NJ conditions. Northern tier /Canadian hunts I'd consider Sitka Fanatic or Incinerator.
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