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    Was up in the stand. Around 7:35am this buck was cruising through head down. Gave him a grunt and stopped him. And sent my arrow home. Double lung hit ran 20 yds and dropped. I’m very happy w my first buck. Shot many does but it’s not the same. My blood was pumping. Great day out. A little bummed now I have to wait for another. But I’m bringing my wife out now and she wants to get one down. Hopefully I can put her on a big boy.
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    I'm going to go search today !
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    I just put the back straps on the grill now after a long day of work.
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    i fished out of point judith sat and sun.it was the best 2 days of togging i ever had.saturday we left the dock at 6;30 and we were back at 1pm.sunday we left the dock at 6am and were back at the dock by noon.i have been to RI many time over the last ten years but this weekend it was not down drag out togging.i jigged both days and had a hard time getting the jig to the bottom as the tog were grabbing it on the way down.no giants but lots of roasters.we fished the "lil toot" with capt john and if anyone is planning on going up there check him out because he is the reel deal.
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    Why do hunters feel the need to impart their standards on others? If the man was doing something illegal or unethical, comment away. But he's doing a legal activity that would most likely not even affect you. So where's the problem? David Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
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    I hate you - now I have to go research...
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    I live right in Fairfield, next door to you. Let me know what your plan is tomorrow. If you want some help just pm me and I’ll see if I can sneak out of work early or something....
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    that looks like a shooter all day long! Hope you get him close... Good luck
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    When he got out on the other side of the creek there was a big drop of blood. Then absolutely nothing. Gonna do some more looking in the am but with not a hint of where to go I don't want to get too excited. I'll post an update either way
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    sure is , I talked to a FG employee Sunday about it. he said its a tough call for them to board the boat . Asked why , what else could they be fishing for inshore under a mile at anchor. IMO if they boarded and fined the boats for everything over 1 fish it wouldn't happen anymore,
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    Nice 8 cruising by.....
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    It's been a long week with the bad weather but persistence paid off ! I thought tonight was going to be a bust when a single doe hit the field which was the only one I saw the last time from this stand. All of a sudden another big doe came busting out into the field with this brute on her ass, I bleated with my mouth very loudly four times and he locked it up at 40 yards,took the shot, ran another 80 yards and he was down !
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    I have a spare,,,,,,which was also in my truck lol
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    Or is this state producing some real nice bucks this year? I’m not sure what it is but it seems like some real nice deer have been taken this year so far? It could just be me but based on the posts I have been seeing since September, it’s been a pretty good year so far and it’s just getting started.
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    "no normal person..." Well "nail meet the head".
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    Great. Now im starving. Making a crockpot of venison chili. One more hour to go.
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    I hope I am wrong, but it really is looking like the "L" word. Right as I was about to get down, a big doe came into the plot rather quickly, and then up on the ridge I was on. A 4 pt was on her tail. He let her go up the incline, then he just laid right down to wait for her, guarding her. He was smart enough to "stop chasing" and wait. I really do think the bigger more mature bucks are indeed, just bedded and waiting before moving onto the next, and with it close to peak, they don't have to cruise far to go. This poor 4pt thinks that doe is his - I can bet he will lose her to another buck before dawn.
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    just call Excalibur and they will give you all the info you need. like a 1 week or less turn around.
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    out in the blind with my son behind the house haven’t seen anything to shoot just a bunch of doe haven’t seen the bucks in a week or so but this night is all about him . Hope he can stay still long enough for them to come in.
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    This is sad. It's really cold at night and its gonna get really cold Thursday and Friday nights - sub-freezing. Hopefully the pup's natural survival instincts kick in and he can find some warmth out there until he's found.
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    Only emoji that was close to "oh shit"!
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    You must go to school for wildlife management or something Ringtail.
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    Just had this guy cruising around 1 anther 3 points
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    Great buck, congrats to him
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    They will be up n moving again try to stick it out..
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    ......Followed by a horny spike
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    I was there yesterday when he went missing I was hoping they found him but I guess not I never saw him. Hope they find him soon
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    Good luck Andy. Perfect weather for November 4.
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    Thanks George. Tarhunt, if I only would of known, I would of introduced myself. Ty
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    That's a great mature buck Congrats!
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    Unfortunately he was killed by someone else this weekend..I had a 6 year history with him. Not going to lie...I'm kind of sad to know hes gone...
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    Awesome buck! Congratulations! There have always been some giants running around over there in Bucks County PA
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    Really nice deer... sometimes good people actually have good things happen for them
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    Black river is open for trap shooting. My father was up there today! I do think they close the range at certain times/dates for hunting tests which should be on the fish and game website
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    Ravenwear, but unfortunately they don't make it anymore.
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    Yup. And those sub par bucks live a much longer time, passing their genes on year after year.
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    They may be able to live but nobody can tell me that it doesn’t put undo stress for both bucks recovering from the rut and does carrying fawns. No need to hunt deer for six months
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    Saw 8 deer this afternoon including two bucks but, I passed on them. I watched a Bald Eagle for an hour try to hunt Black ducks out in the marsh. Pretty cool to watch.
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