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    I wanted to share my hunt from yesterday. So I've been hunting Jersey and Pennsylvania since I was 16. Never had much luck. I had a few good scrub bucks and plenty of does here and there but nothing great. Got a nice basket 8 in Pennsy about 10 years ago. Well today was going to be one of those days. I was only going to be able to stay out until 10. I had does a small six a spike and button buck around me all week. Got in the tree at 5:30 and settled in. Its was unusual to not even see a tail before 8. At 8:45 I talked myself into getting a jumpstart on what I had to do today so I could get back out for a evening hunt. As I was putting my phone a way. Out of nowhere two doe come running under my stand. The larger doe was very skittish and ran off 40 yds out. I decided if she came back in and present a shot I would put meat in the freezer. Well she turned and headed my way. Keeping an eye on her to come in broadside I see something coming from the direction of the does and I fully expected another doe. Then he stepped into view. I Never really looked at his rack I just knew he was a nice deer. I settled in on him broadside and let it fly. Whack good hit he ran 60yds to the middle of the field pumping good blood. He crashed in view and I was pumped! Then he gets up and casually walked to the woods line and stopped in the tall grass. I could tell if he layed down or walked off. After 37 years and a 2 hour wait to let him expire I final had my nice buck! Zone 18 nj pine buck! 160lbs dressed! Thanks for letting me share my story. And good luck to everyone the rest of the season!
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    I first would like to say that I have been hunting in NJ for 43 years now and never experienced a day like today and it almost never happened because, I had one customer that needed me to come and do some work this afternoon but, I was determined to get out and hunt since most of September and October were full of work and doctor's appointments and many tests that i still need done. So, I got home at noon time and asked my son if he wanted to go hunting but, he turned me down. I was sad that he didn't want to go but, it was his decision. I called several friends to see if they could help me if I shot a buck but, no one was around. So, I figured that I would wing it. I decided to hunt my son's ground blind and I laid a scent trail about 200 yards long right to the blind and made a mock scrape. I got into the blind, sat down and got comfortable. Within minutes, I saw a doe make a beeline right to my blind. She stopped a few feet away and walked passed it. I thought, wow this is going to be cool. Another few minutes go by and there were four more does standing in front of me. This went on for another hour and a half. All were within 15 feet or closer. I could hear their breathing and one I heard it's stomach growl. A three pointer showed up and chased some of the does around. They all left except for the three pointer. I was watching his body language and could tell that he was nervous. I knew something was going to happen real quick. I grabbed my crossbow and a second later, an eight point showed up. He had followed my scent trail and was grunting right up in front of me. Could not of asked for a closer shot. I shot him at 16 feet quartering away from me with one problem, my left crossbow limb had hit the inside flap of my ground blind. I was like what the Hell. I watched him run 100 yards before piling up. He is my first NJ archery buck in 30 years and my first permit bow buck. Now, I'm like, how the Hell am I going to get him in the truck? And it just started to rain. I texted the farmer but, I did not hear back from him. I walked back to my truck to put my crossbow in when the farmer showed up. I told him that I was going to kiss him but, he declined. We drove my truck up right to the buck and the farmer laughed and asked how the Hell that I was going to get him in the truck? It took us four tries but, we got him in. He field dressed at 186 pounds and had a broken left rear leg. It had broken at the hip. The only thing that i regret is that my son was not there. Thanks for sharing my story. I'll get the measurements when I pick up the cape and meat and I'll enter him in the contest. Not my biggest rack but, definitely the heaviest. And I may have the shot on camera.
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    Pretty much somes up how my seasons going LOL
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    Ok fellas... here’s the skinny. Thursday snuck out of work early and headed over to my buddy’s house in Z12 close to where I work. His wife put the Brakes on is hunting this yr because she’s been ill and had a few very close calls. I gracefully backed off but that stung since it’s my honey hole. Saturday while out for bear he tells me to come by Thursday while she was gone. Sit in the stand at 4 just before last light comes a big doe and a high rack 8. Buck gives me good broadside shot. 50yrds piles up. Load it up and go plus broke rack a little. Fast forward to today... wife says go out and enjoy yourself since I’ve been working on the basement all week in my spare time getting it ready for paint and building columns to hide support columns. I head out at 2pm stop at tractor supply. Then make it and find my buck knife I dropped before opening day. 4:30 I here a noise straight ahead here come a nice 8 crossing stream coming straight toward me. I’m hidden from where he came. Makes a left and he’s broadside 30yrds.... blew both lungs out. He didn’t know what hit him. Starts flopping around and expires in 10mins. ... I dragged him 50 yards out to the field over some fallen trees and went to work. The. Dropped him off to Elys in Pa. wife’s happy now I can finish the basement.... I’m done till shotgun now... Pic of high basket is not the greatest... she came in yelling at me when she saw it without warming! Jack will a selfie stick be in the prizes at pub 199 lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just some FYI. Bucks will check and freshen scrapes immediately after rain stops. If you have an active scrape then a great time to hunt it is immediately after the rain stops. Watch the radar and be in your stand before the rain ends. If you get really wet and don't see a buck I'll take full responsibility.
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    This is the buck I took last permit season. My daughter named him BBJ just picked him up from Artie at Just Mount It. Another great mount.
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    Get in before the rain stops, Rusty told me. Don't worry if you get really wet, I'll take responsibility, he said...
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    ISIS Founder and Leader exterminated. Thank you President Trump
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    Aunt had her annual Halloween party and the theme was music......so we rolled in as a Mariachi band!!! Arriba!!! Bonus pics are from last year's Ecto-1 I built for my lil Ghostbuster!!!
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    Been trying to figure out a easy way to carry a dispense my milkweed while hunting. Didn’t want to use pill bottles like I see some use for noise and just being inconvenient. So I took a boat key floater and drilled a hole in the bottom, stuffed it full and I’d be damned it worked! For now seems like it would just keep pulling it out as it’s tangled together in there but thinking about looking for a flimsy spring to stuff in there to keep pushing it down to the bottom. Hole is about 1/4 inch and I took a razor to clean it up and kind of taper it so my fingers can grab it little easier.
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    My son & friend, many years ago as Jake & Elwood and their Blues Mobile !
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    Son and I will walk into stands about 2pm as the rain is letting up. Should be a good evening after the rain stops. Good luck.
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    Ahhh what a day!! To start off it’s my younger sons 1st birthday!! So I took the day off to sit the tree for the morning. It was beautiful out this morning 40 degrees and a slight breeze. Saw a ton of action including a buck that is have no trail cam history of except for yesterday and he is a beauty. I’ll be after him for the permit season. He was at 45 yards and never offered a shot. I saw a total of 6 bucks this morning and 5 of them were chasing. At 10:15 I was about to climb down when I saw this guy 100 yards out in front of me. He walked straight in following the trail that all of the does took and presented me with a 22 yard shot. Blew out the shoulder and sliced his heart in half. Once the butcher calls he will be off to Jay’s.
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    Wanna see his beach ball imitation?
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    Bear came in to my son's spot tonight. Think he either ate all the deer or scared them off. Didn't pull the card after the hunt, but here is a pic of him from last night.
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    Free bear bow. Set to 65 pounds 28 inch draw. Come with 6 Easton arrowns, quiver, and stabilizer. New string last year. Pickup in Wantage.
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    All the thread or a powder style wind checker shows you is the wind where you are. When you drop milkweed you can watch it for a hundred yards or more a lot of times. It shows you EXACTLY how the wind currents are traveling through the terrain. I’ve dropped milkweed, watched it go out 50 yards and literally make a circle back passed my tree. Thermals and terrain are CRAZY. Wind in your face isn’t al wind in your face. Try it sometime and you will be humbled by just how deer are picking us off on a “perfect wind”
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    Still my favorite... hand made by dad and son when he was 8. Won the youth costume division at my towns Halloween parade
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    Got little wet on the way in but it cleared up
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    Poor bastard, He's not even getting his 72 virgins.
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    He looks like he ate a herd.
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    I am holding it for a member on this site. He will be giving to a friend who is a veteran.
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    If you cant figure who, I cant help you
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    Stream will cover any sound tonight. Hunting over a mock scrape I started a week ago. My target has been in it once during daylight.
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    And he screamed and cried like a bitch in his last moments. Everyone is a tough guy 'til the USA armed forces show up
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    The Democratic party, the liberals and the liberal media is the biggest threat to our republic, this country and our way of life.. They have one goal in mind and that is to remove elected president with never ending fabrication of wrong doing, with zero prove after 3 year efforth. They don't even hide it anymore and the dummies in this country think this is great.
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    Heading out with my son too. He saw 3 bucks yesterday afternoon and wants to settle the score today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When I checked the cameras with my nephew today and saw this guy trespassing I new right away we were dealing with a pro. lol I hope we catch this idiot.
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    Looks like Jay, just not as bloated, slobbering, and fat
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    It will be interesting to see when I go down to Virginia later this week for the opening of the muzzleloader season because, I very rarely see buck rubs. They seem to communicate by ground scrapes. I would see over a dozen scrapes just in one field alone. My son said that they have been having very high tides with major flooding at least once or twice per week. The field where I have two ladder stands overlook a large field which is currently has parts of it that are underwater. Not much but, several inches of standing water. So, it will be very interesting to see if there are any ground scrapes at all long the edges of the fields and woods. I'll report back.
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    Best kill of the season!! Shoulder mount?
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    Trump just won re-election... MAGA!
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    My son is chomping at the bit after all of the deer that I saw in front of his blind. I told him that he should of went yesterday but, what do I know? LOL!
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    It’s always a tough pill to swallow Vito, but it happens unfortunately. Get back on the horse and move forward. You’re a good guy and ethical hunter, no one can deny that
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    Watching the sunrise from a treestand is one of the many joys of life that hunting brings us!
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    One of my favorite parts of a hunt is getting to watch the sunrise and/or set. Here’s a photo from my stand Friday morning. Let’s see some treestand sunrise and sunset pictures.
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    Mine too. Here is my latest sunrise this year
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    Enjoy the hunt. Bowhunting is about getting as close to your game as you can . once they are close and you decide to shoot its not hunting anymore Its about a quick clean harvest. would rather see guys accurately harvest deer cleanly with a crossbow than see a person wound one with something else. .
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    Hate those bastards!
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    Made my day ! Glad to hear you finally got out....and got a beautiful buck! Sleep well tonight, Thoughts and prayers with you John!
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    I always have a thread on my stabilizer but like pointed out it’s not 100% accurate. Even as the wind blows past the tree or yourself it can change the thread indicator.
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    His bases are decent size and he does has some nice mass but, it's very compact. Has alot of character. We never had him on camera at all. I plan on getting him mounted.
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    My son wants to go as well. I told him we just have to watch the weather. Good luck!
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    I have been fortunate to shoot quite a few really nice bucks here in NJ , PA Ohio, and Illinois. Every buck I have mounted on my walls was taken under 17 yards .. AND I would have no problem shooting 3 times that distance, just never had to. .
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    Good luck Vito this morning. Going by the shot when talking to you yesterday it sounds like a dead deer. with no exit hole and arrow still in him you won't get much blood most of the time. hopefully the dog finds him under that thick crap in there. Wish I didn't have to work this morning or I would have been there to help. Good luck Buddy.
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    Frank's Deer Processing/Montague-(862) 268-2441 Only butcher we use. Vacuum sealed cuts/teriyaki, hot sticks, etc.... Right off of 206, top of the hill. 21 Devita Rd Branchville
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    I forgot to add that I had 32 deer including the buck at within 15 feet today and they never knew that I was there. Probably never happen again. LOL!
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    At least you know your deer are safe.
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