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    Out last night had this guy come in...saw 5 bucks total....watched two spar for 30 minutes.....great first day out.....he almost got it😉 VID_20190929_183853881.mp4
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    My 14 year old son took his first deer today. It was his third sit this year and had a great shot at a nice 6 point. We watched him from ground blind come in. He got to 20 yards and turned broadside. Told my son to wait for him to turn his head than draw back. Buck fever took over cause he couldn’t get the bow back. Whispered take a deep breathe don’t look at him at draw. Focus on a spot a squeeze like it’s a target. Made a great shot quartering away hit opposite shoulder and he dropped in his tracks. Glad I was able to be by his side to experience his first deer. Very proud dad! Shout out to my friend for making a promise last winter that he would set him up for a great hunt. Very grateful for the opportunity.
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    Today was the last day of September goose. I took my dad out for just his 3rd day out waterfowl hunting (he's in his 70s but only started hunting when he saw me going out... he decided since he can't come out with me to golf (he can't swing a golf club anymore due to a bad back), he might come out with me and try this. So I took him to a spot that is a very easy walk to a water's edge and he can sit in a chair. He got his first waterfowl (goose of course) in this spot a few days ago - and he asked that I take him again on the last day of Sept. goose. So we get there over a half hour before shooting time. I setup a half dozen floaters about 20 yards out and setup my e-caller off to the side, then we settle down and wait for shooting time. A little later, it's still dark and not quite shooting time, when we hear "HONK!" off to our right. I hear my dad ask, "Was that you?" My calling isn't that good I go.. "No. Try not to move". We look over, and here's 5 geese swimming over to our dekes. Bahahahahaha! Well, they come over and damn if they don't just stop and float right inside my spread and hang out with us. My dad is looking at me like, "What do we do?" I have to text him so I don't make any noise, "Let's see if they call any in for us." By this time, it's shooting time. We watch these geese swim away a little, then come back and mill around, then swim away, then come back. It's like they were trying to tell these "other geese" to follow them. We even had one swim to within 10 yards of us! Anyway, they end up swimming away after about 15 or 20 minutes. I told my dad to just let them go - that would have been too easy and not all that fun to shoot. Sometimes I do enjoy watching the game animals come in and mill around, even if I choose not to harvest them - was fun watching their behavior and what seemed like their attempt at communicating with this "other group of geese" they joined up with. We did end up having a couple shots at a few geese that flew overhead later in the morning... we missed Anyway - I thought I'd share that fun story. I'll take him out crow hunting later in the week to try to do more shooting and missing.
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    Lou is in the blind and ready. Only the best for my hunters.
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    I saw this buck when I dropped off my EAB doe at V. Roche Sunday of the fall bow opening wkend. Supposedly dressed 219#....the body was unlike anything I’ve seen on a jersey deer. Made the 10pointer behind him look like a dink. Lol Imagine what it would have weighed after packing on some more pounds before the rut? Rack had great character, mass and width. I didnt post anything about it because I was sure we’d see some photos of this buck and didn’t want to steal the spotlight from the hunter. With that said, we’re a few weeks in and this thing was too big of an NJ deer not to share. I apologize for the crappy pic but I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t want to drag everyone’s deer around the cooler for a better shot.
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    The Jack Lalane Country Club Hunt facilitator takes care of our deer after we shoot them.......
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    We will be in separate stands! Stay tuned, hope to launch a Thunderhead on a cull hunt later this afternoon....
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    Partying with friends! Found a wallet w a girls concealed carry permit from Kentucky in it! With a lil investigation....we found the owner and returned her wallet, SS cards for her n her son, KY carry permit, 2 $100 bills her dad gave her before he passed away, n credit cards etc! Needless to say....i have 2 new huntin spots in Tennessee and Kentucky!! Can't make this stuff up!! Also landed a deer/hare spot in upstate NY from a logger feller I met at Tootsies!
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    Shot this guy @ 25 yards. Heard him drop. He only went 50 yards or so. My first September buck.
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    Awesome. As I said, crappy picture. Even with that score, the body was more impressive to me than the rack. Lol this deer was impressive all around. Hard to articulate in a crappy cell phone pic. This deer was a SLOB, PIG, Beast.....wait sorry...he was a beautiful majestic woodland creature...lol
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    Haven’t been out hunting yet with the heat decided to get a few things wrapped up first. This is a couple I got from over last week .including the fawn...
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    Good luck. Will face paint be involved? I read somewhere that @Tarhunt loves face paint
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    Annoyed me reading this on news. Vilified seeing it portrayed as something so scary about hunting. Did nothing to recognize they were poaching. Sad a life was lost but, well, I'll just leave it at that...
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    Doe down and recovered. Thanks to Ron @njbowhntr for the help with recovery. I'm red/green colorblind, so tracking isn't my strong suit. Shot was a couple inches high. Got both lungs but most of the blood stayed inside. She went about 75 yards and dropped. Just dropped her off at Tom's, came home, took a shower and poured a bourbon
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    Little on the warm side. Hopin!
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    You guys need bring a bunch of golf balls and F with the golfers on your next hunt there.
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    Lou in the loo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Was lots of fun tonight ya'all! Mission accomplished for the first cull sit of the year. Both deer will be enjoyed by nmco2's friend, being delivered by Jack Lalane himself tonight! Hope you enjoyed a fun live hunt on W&W, many more to come!
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    I'm up here in Wantage for a little bit. Let me know if you knuckleheads need any help tracking deer or buying me alcohol?
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    Very sad and prayers to the family. I don’t ever believe that a “hunter” mistaken a human for a deer under any circumstances. This is negligent homicide.
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    This is my first post but I wanted to share my hunt today. What an incredible day. Feeling every emotion and not knowing made for the longest day ever. Shot this deer at 7 am. Waited an hour before got down, found good blood and decided to give more time. Went back hour later to track with my old man. Started following great trail until after 100 yards he jumped and ran off. Based on the blood I thought it was a dead deer. Made the move to back out and come up with plan. Made a call to Darren out of east Brunswick to use his help with the dogs. Met at 4 and the track began all over. After about 2 hours of his dogs going through the thickest brush possible his pup finally found the buck. If it wasn't for his services this deer never would have been found. Also, I shot this buck quartering away. Entry was back but exit was right behind shoulder and this deer still was able to get up after a hit like that. Learned my lesson for next time when in doubt let him be and come back later. I want to thank Darren as he goes above and beyond and will do everything possible to recover your deer. Good luck to all this season. Shoot em up.
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    This buck came in tonight and another winded me and snorted. IMG_1010c.mp4
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    My wife picked up my venison from the butcher for me today. Had 10 lbs of hotdogs made. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten hotdogs. They are amazing!! I’ll definitely be getting them again.
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    And here I thought he only chucked wood.
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    That would be funny. Throw like 50 of them out on the fairway.
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    Hoping this class ends at 4..Soon after I will be en route Troutboy! I will beep as I pass your stand to scare some of those deers towards mine
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    It is negligent homicide not premeditated. It was an avoidable death caused by criminal negligence.
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    I'll be there. Somebody's gotta keep an eye on those 2.
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    You guys make an adorable couple. Does Rusty get jealous?
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    Lol you got a hole in one nice Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Damn you for beating me to that, Mike!
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    Cant wait to read this later. They should move good with the cool weather
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    Your license is probably suspended. lol
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    Think about it, It has been legal for a while now so almost every deer in NJ has grown up on someones bait some where's. They are used to bait. Plus bait will bring in the does and come the rut that's where you will find the bucks. Live Bait!!!
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    Theres a difference between getting big bucks on cam and putting one on the ground. Just because you bait doesnt mean you will get a pic or even a shot at a big buck. The bigger ones are more elusive and you need to figure them out but you need to find them first. Learn where they bed, where they feed. Learn to find pinch points/funnels get your cams in there. If you are not seeing bucks on camera doesnt mean they arent close by. Try putting them on scrapes or different trails. I have a few Im watching and only one has hit my bait. The others have had their pics taken 200 yards from the bait. Havent seen any of them before last week so things are starting to change. Deer are shifting from their summer time feeding patterns and pretty soon the guys that have bucks may see them disappear. Baiting is a good tool if you can figure out how to hunt it properly. Theres more to it than just throwing out some corn. Hunting wise is way more effective than hunting more. Hunting big bucks takes time. Sometimes a long time.
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