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    Today was the last day of September goose. I took my dad out for just his 3rd day out waterfowl hunting (he's in his 70s but only started hunting when he saw me going out... he decided since he can't come out with me to golf (he can't swing a golf club anymore due to a bad back), he might come out with me and try this. So I took him to a spot that is a very easy walk to a water's edge and he can sit in a chair. He got his first waterfowl (goose of course) in this spot a few days ago - and he asked that I take him again on the last day of Sept. goose. So we get there over a half hour before shooting time. I setup a half dozen floaters about 20 yards out and setup my e-caller off to the side, then we settle down and wait for shooting time. A little later, it's still dark and not quite shooting time, when we hear "HONK!" off to our right. I hear my dad ask, "Was that you?" My calling isn't that good I go.. "No. Try not to move". We look over, and here's 5 geese swimming over to our dekes. Bahahahahaha! Well, they come over and damn if they don't just stop and float right inside my spread and hang out with us. My dad is looking at me like, "What do we do?" I have to text him so I don't make any noise, "Let's see if they call any in for us." By this time, it's shooting time. We watch these geese swim away a little, then come back and mill around, then swim away, then come back. It's like they were trying to tell these "other geese" to follow them. We even had one swim to within 10 yards of us! Anyway, they end up swimming away after about 15 or 20 minutes. I told my dad to just let them go - that would have been too easy and not all that fun to shoot. Sometimes I do enjoy watching the game animals come in and mill around, even if I choose not to harvest them - was fun watching their behavior and what seemed like their attempt at communicating with this "other group of geese" they joined up with. We did end up having a couple shots at a few geese that flew overhead later in the morning... we missed Anyway - I thought I'd share that fun story. I'll take him out crow hunting later in the week to try to do more shooting and missing.
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    Doe down and recovered. Thanks to Ron @njbowhntr for the help with recovery. I'm red/green colorblind, so tracking isn't my strong suit. Shot was a couple inches high. Got both lungs but most of the blood stayed inside. She went about 75 yards and dropped. Just dropped her off at Tom's, came home, took a shower and poured a bourbon
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    This is my first post but I wanted to share my hunt today. What an incredible day. Feeling every emotion and not knowing made for the longest day ever. Shot this deer at 7 am. Waited an hour before got down, found good blood and decided to give more time. Went back hour later to track with my old man. Started following great trail until after 100 yards he jumped and ran off. Based on the blood I thought it was a dead deer. Made the move to back out and come up with plan. Made a call to Darren out of east Brunswick to use his help with the dogs. Met at 4 and the track began all over. After about 2 hours of his dogs going through the thickest brush possible his pup finally found the buck. If it wasn't for his services this deer never would have been found. Also, I shot this buck quartering away. Entry was back but exit was right behind shoulder and this deer still was able to get up after a hit like that. Learned my lesson for next time when in doubt let him be and come back later. I want to thank Darren as he goes above and beyond and will do everything possible to recover your deer. Good luck to all this season. Shoot em up.
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    My wife picked up my venison from the butcher for me today. Had 10 lbs of hotdogs made. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten hotdogs. They are amazing!! I’ll definitely be getting them again.
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    That would be funny. Throw like 50 of them out on the fairway.
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    Hoping this class ends at 4..Soon after I will be en route Troutboy! I will beep as I pass your stand to scare some of those deers towards mine
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    I'll be there. Somebody's gotta keep an eye on those 2.
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    Save some deer for Brian or at least do a deer drive for him [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lol you got a hole in one nice Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I am in boys and gals. No time for paint on the ground...ranging then it is going on...game on!
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    Cant wait to read this later. They should move good with the cool weather
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    I like the mask in the early season cause it's another layer between my face and mosquitoes
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    Fired it up for the first time this weekend. Unfortunately it was too damn hot Saturday night! We made s'mores for my oldest daughter's birthday and once the fire got going and that 75lbs of steel got good and hot nobody wanted to be near it for too long . It will be nice once we get deeper into the fall though. I'll be sitting out there in February with beers packed in snow
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    Ok so I didn’t want to keep hijacking the other thread on cell cameras so I figured I would start a new one. This is how o set up my Spartan cell cameras. Most of the ones I have I just use the antenna that comes with it and it works perfectly fine. This spot doesn’t get great cell service so I purchased the better antenna. This antenna adds at least a bar to two bars to your camera signal.
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    If it is he needs a building permit
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    Explains why Mr Kellogg never had a smile on his face.
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    Good luck boys, i am out in 12 and deer are moving everywhere. Two bucks and a half dozen does already came by
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    That's a crime...not an accident. People look NOTHING LIKE DEER. If you dont know what you're shooting at then you should suffer criminal penalties if some poor soul is killed because of your criminal negligence
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    Excellent advice. I had to do all of this yesterday when my doe and her buddy came in. The came in pretty quickly and then proceeded to hang out within 7-8 yards of my stand, nibbling, looking around and occasionally looking up at me. I was standing perfectly still, bow in front of my face and squinting the whole time. They never saw me. They kept moving and presented a shot, never having any idea I was there.
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    Unless it's the Ultimate Warrior face paint and you're doing a live hunt on NJW&W.
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    Funny I did the same thing with sewing thread! Check the morning to see what moved overnight and before school, set it again and check in the afternoon to see what moved during the day. The direction of the thread on the brush was the direction the deer went to (pushing it as they walked forward). Old school technique!
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    Awesome story. Good vibes coming your way. Nashville is great. If they had an ocean I'd live there. Good friend of mine lives in Murfreesboro. My wife will be down there this week for work. I'm sure she will be in that bar later in the week. Lol.
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    I ate em,Art Linkletter smiled.
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    He pulled the pin on the rough hole he's trying to flag em down his way.
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    That’s awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He definitely skipped leg day more than once
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    Congrats to the little guy for knocking down a great buck.. its always great to see youth involved with the outdoors! Good job on your end dad.
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    LOL! My neck of the woods Johnboy! I should be on stand @5.....Bucksnbows is already playing..
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    Out for a quick evening sit . Happy its not 80+ degrees out
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    I have EZ Pass on my bike. I have a mount for it on my handlebars. Then you can send them a letter back with a photo of the EZ Pass on your bike and tell them their system sucks, and then send the $0.50 toll to them. That works better. Heard that from a friend...
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    Got cooler once the air started moving.
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    To say he was just a sniper is a bit of an insult. Read the book "Carlos Hathcock White Feather." I'm sure you would enjoy it and consider him to be more than just a sniper.
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    All good advice above. Welcome to the site 101
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    Lou I have eight of theses cameras. I have been using them for the past three years. They are great!!!! Yes it’s on privet land. Pick up the building permit on Friday Lunatic
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    I had the same problem I used a haveahart but when it came to releaseing them I did not haveahart. No more cat shit in my garden
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    We plant it on the farm for bird hunters. Deer like to bed down in it
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    Great cover that the deer really like
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    Deer will use tall sorghum fields as sanctuaries, find where they're going in and out, set up accordingly
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