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    On a toasted Portuguese roll with provolone. I haven't had one in months. This is one my favorite meals from chopped venison
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    Here’s an 11 lb from our trip!
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    I want to catch 15 pounders or BIGGER . but I will also release those fish. ITS GREAT fishing where there is such a body of large fish, as that's what I want to catch. When it comes to eating fluke IMO the smaller 2/3 pound fish are better table fare. I would rather keep them and release all the big females to breed and catch again when they are even bigger
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    if you must see pics please go to the voyager site and see all the fish you want,i for one don't need another fish pic.i used a 4oz bucktail all the time we were fluking and never had a problem. new jersey on its best day never had the fluking that mass has.the trip is $650.00 and well worth it,do the math.most of the traveling is done while the peeps are a sleep so ya really never notice it.i have been fishing up there since 1977 and it just keeps getting better.the have low fishing pressure on the fluke as most of the peeps fluking up there are out of staters.they have habitat,bait and clean water.you don't go to catch fluke,you go to catch the giant fluke.give capt jeff a call as this is a trip of a lifetime.i am on the july and the august trips and can't wait. if anyone has any questions please shoot me a pm and i would be happy to help.
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    After working these last 3 days in the refinery (Yes that oil refinery if you’ve been watching the news) it was nice to wet a line at a local lake. Caught a bunch of bluegills and sunfish but ended up getting this decent bass right before I was getting ready to call it a day. Sorry for the no shirt pic but it was hot! I’m home now having some liquid refreshments and being happy to see another day.
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    leaving again driving to the ferry on sept 21 for the night crossing then fly to camp on sunday. will spend 7 day hunting moose with arluk outfitters,have hunted with them before great camp food and guides.
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    Some elk chili @Live to Hunt made recently!
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    to each their own.i only posted to let anyone who is heading north for fluke that they are there and in good numbers.you are so right about being spoiled.i fluke allot here in nj and always will but when i want to catch many big fish i will head north.i love to see the looks on a peeps face when they land their pb fluke.Lou is there and what a piece of work.had me laughing the whole time.
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    I got a picture of a doormat for you and it is lot cheaper
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    That darn fish is in the way of a great picture!
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    they fly in rain wind or snow came in snow storm and picked up the meat to take it to the butcher my guide randy worked hard and put me on moose and walked me 10-12 miles a day
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    *SHARE* OUR ANNUAL DONATION ALSO BENEFITS YOU! From NOW until July 7th. Bring ANY shootable compound bow into our store and receive a $250.00 credit towards a NEW compound BOW from our large bow selection!! We donate the used bows to the wounded warriors and they are soooooooo GRATEFUL! We love this project and we hope to exceed last years donation of 20 bows! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE SHARE. *This does not include traditional bows Elite Mathews Bowtech Obsession Just some of the bows!
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    Come out for a great time this Saturday. Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
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    Bob - I think you were abducted by aliens. I don't know what they did to you but hopefully you can still sit comfortably. Call the FBI tomorrow.
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    Let's see what are three favorite feeds of fluke. Hym lets see maybe squid and sand eels and ho about no bones. Now how many of these baits live on the bottom. How about none. Anyone that has spent any time targeting them should know this. Ive seen so many times like thousands where the fluke where stacked up ass hole thick in the bottom but then it's like someone hit a switch and there 20 ft off the bottom and this happens daily and when they come up to feed they stay up for hours and they are all up thousands of them. Just something to think about
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    I would think it's due to more bait being pulled through the trenches they are fishing. While many think fluke feed solitary it's pretty well documented by divers that they many times feed in schools of 50 to a hundred fish at a time .all coming off the bottom at the same ti me on a school of bait .
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    I had been thinking the same and then I rolled up on three fawns with a doe on my way out to the county road this morning: One of them got spooked and jumped into the thicket alongside our lane:
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    Was looking though some edits I did a few years ago and came across this bobcat video from a few of the cats I encountered that year. Thought you might enjoy .
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    You must follow the regs of the state you fishing as long as the boat is in that state then when returning to your home port you must be in compliance with that state And that goes for commercial or recreational. Now that being said I do believe that boat was fishing federal waters witch is non-regulated so the boat would have to comply with the regs the the fish are landed in and in this case it would be nj. Remember if your in federal waters you can have all the fluke you want onboard but once you enter state waters that's when you must comply that is inside three miles. Hope that helps
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    Can't believe Jack left us hanging like that...
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    Pics like this are needed!!
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    JH’s fluke post showing that 10lber held by that very fit Lithuanian girl reminded me of Kristen Joy Weiss. I discovered her on YouTube while researching 22LR related videos after deciding to blow the cobwebs off of my Savage MKII BV. Good grief! Watching her wriggling her arse trying to get set for a shot was just plain mesmerizing.
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    There are lots of options. Now I choose to pay a trespass fee to hunt a ranch, lets me chase them in the hills or sit a water hole if I'm tired.....
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    I am going back to Wyoming this year it’s been 10 years since my last elk. I put in for the points for Wyoming Area 7. I wasn’t in a rush because I had other animals I was after but, elk hunting is something I would love to do every year like whitetails. It took 10 points to guarantee me a draw this year. This was my first elk. Nothing huge but a hell of a hunt.
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    Big one! Hangin with the ladies?
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    Lou?! Matt you want this job done right don't you?
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    The pics are not great but I believe this one was born this morning because it was still wobbling and unsteady on its feet
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    My Brother-in-law sent me this pic from his farm in Ringoes. 1 Doe 4 fawns no other deer around.
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    Chicken rig- Tie a surgeon or perfection loop at the end of a leader, up 10” tie a dropper loop around 6”long, up another 10” tie another dropper 6”long. Put 1 oz jigs on the dropper loops then use the perfection loop for additional weight you’ll need via sinkers of various weights. With this rig you can adjust weight in seconds without rerigging
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    She look fit - she can probably hold bigger than 10#
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    Yep. Harelips heading up.
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    The shoals are def a fluke mecca, Quality of the fish is worth the price of admission. That being said . All boats up there are keeping boat limits daily of very mature females. I know just last week charters didn't keep a fish under 8 pounds in their full boat limits. Killing the best breeding stock the ocean has to offer . It's just my opinion but until guys get over hero shots of deckloads of any kind of fish. We are our own worst nightmare . Would benefit the fishery greatly to be taking fish from many different age classes than just killing mature fish. .
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    Figures - now that I am finally going this year... It will be fished out by August 3rd...
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    You get to work with me for a day.
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    Believe none of what you hear and believe half of what you see
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    I was thinking of fluking NY waters after our season ended. I called fish and game and was told I needed to launch in NY. If I came into a NJ ramp with fluke while our season was closed I'd be in violation. Even though they were caught in NY.
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    What is the "right" way to do this with gravel?  Clear off the top layer of brush, etc Yes get rid of the brush and any roots etc Remove X inches of ground to allow for adding material (whatever depth is required to make it match up with the existing driveway)? Yes if you want a long lasting driveway you should allow for at least 6-7 inches of material Add a geotextile fabric over the area? Will always help and not hurt, the extra cost for it is well worth it Add a larger gravel base on top of the fabric? How big of stone? How deep? Excavate to allow for a 2”-3” layer of 2”-3” clean stone(whatever is available) the put 4”-5” of QP ( stone dust/3/4” stone mix) Add a layer of fines to fill in the gaps and pack down? QP will pack real good with a roller Add the top layer 3/4-1" stone to match theexisting? Assuming about 4"?. I would remove a bit of old material and add QP, that way you can roll and straighten out/match everything. I do alot of parking lots for parks and this is the typical system we use, QP packs nicely and stays flat when rolled over a 2”-3” large stone base and resists pot holes and drainage marks pretty well. May seem like overkill to some but longevity is what we look for
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    Parking lot at work Thursday
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    I was thinking I can't believe he made it and didn't invite any of us. He better be bringing some of this elk chili to the summer NJW&W Get Together! Oh and those are Todd's hands...VERY delicate!
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    I bet his wife made it. The hands in that video look kind of delicate... http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    I do believe you are onto the EASTERN EYE CLICK BEETLE... They belong here as far as I know. http://www.wild-facts.com/2013/wild-fact-14-the-beetle-that-clicks-eastern-eyed-click-beetle/
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