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    On a toasted Portuguese roll with provolone. I haven't had one in months. This is one my favorite meals from chopped venison
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    Here’s an 11 lb from our trip!
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    leaving again driving to the ferry on sept 21 for the night crossing then fly to camp on sunday. will spend 7 day hunting moose with arluk outfitters,have hunted with them before great camp food and guides.
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    I got a picture of a doormat for you and it is lot cheaper
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    That darn fish is in the way of a great picture!
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    I had been thinking the same and then I rolled up on three fawns with a doe on my way out to the county road this morning: One of them got spooked and jumped into the thicket alongside our lane:
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    Was looking though some edits I did a few years ago and came across this bobcat video from a few of the cats I encountered that year. Thought you might enjoy .
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    You must follow the regs of the state you fishing as long as the boat is in that state then when returning to your home port you must be in compliance with that state And that goes for commercial or recreational. Now that being said I do believe that boat was fishing federal waters witch is non-regulated so the boat would have to comply with the regs the the fish are landed in and in this case it would be nj. Remember if your in federal waters you can have all the fluke you want onboard but once you enter state waters that's when you must comply that is inside three miles. Hope that helps
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    It is a fund raiser for the RFA so it does cost more. There are still spots available. The bite is turning on finally and I try to do things that support our fishing rights so I will be there.
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    Makes venison taste like a good hot dog....
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    Big one! Hangin with the ladies?
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    Lou?! Matt you want this job done right don't you?
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    The pics are not great but I believe this one was born this morning because it was still wobbling and unsteady on its feet
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    You get to work with me for a day.
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    Believe none of what you hear and believe half of what you see
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    Just got back from Nantucket shoals trip on Helen H 3 of us kept 30 between 7 and 11 pounds been going for years but this is best average size fish ever! The first day a 16.4 won the pool 37 inches,what a fish! Will post pictures when my buddy sends them to me!
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    7200. hunt we take a chopper in to camp 5 minutes from holiday inn 45min. ride to the back country sat .tv and computer on site great food no local 725 ferry and berth road hunters 1 guide per hunter great place the price now is at 7900.all the prices going up no draw like usa cut in tags there also. 600.tips guide and cook your buddy shipping his meat to allentown pa. to pick it up in november ? 300lbs in the freezer back of tahoe lastime went 165.one night before holiday inn newfoundland with 4 hunters with trailer 2 freezers and home with 4 moose/ customs and guns no problem/in and out20 min. 300. butcher ,frozen vac pack go to arluk outfitters newfoundland see youtube video of bull my son passed up great shows trip lodge hunt 37.customs gun permit canada gas tolls food on way up
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    I think Mikes wife is in labor and Bob needs help.
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    I'm sure at least one of you will score
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    He's just the middle man....I'm the supplier. I'll save you some for the summer gathering.
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    Glad your enjoying it! Don't worry about re-pay....remember, I'll be chasing them in Sept!! ....already have clothes gathered...lol
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    I make a 8lb ground venison to a 2lb ground bacon mix myself. There're so many things that you can make with ground venison.
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    Damn! I hope you are OK - a truck is just stuff and can be replaced. Your health not so much.
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    Looks Realllly Good!!! I've never had Elk anything, is it much different from venison?
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    Damn bunch of Gordon Ramseys on here! Looks great Mike!
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    Chili with pasta? Chili looks good
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    Oh screw all that weight then. I am using a pencil popper!
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    Had one get into my garbage yesterday morning . I'm not technically in bear country but we usually have several stroll through town every year . Wife took a pic .
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    That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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    they don't have a 1000th of the fishing pressure we do.was there for 2 days and the only boat i saw was the helen h.there is a vast area of fish,its not a square mile that all compete for.as far as trophy killers dose that include the hunters who kill the dominant gene bucks????very few fish for fluke up north as compared to us here in nj.they will have great fluking for years and years. big fish bring big money and thats a fact.i hear worry of over fishing stripers but less on the amount of bunker they are taking for fertilizer.lets see poor water quality,depleting forage stocks, abnormal limits and seasons and more peeps per square mile than any other place in America.sounds kinda weak to blame a guy for keeping his limit.
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    So true and unfortunately, so common. Same goes for land animals such as Canada's greatly depleted caribou herds. And how often do we talk about what we are doing locally to our cow striped bass?
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    Thanks for posting, sounds like a great trip
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    A beer and a bass...nothing wrong with that
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    Name the moth on the shotgun barrel.
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    Cool moth Matt.
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    Ugh man, you're killing me. That's awesome! Can I borrow your checkbook?
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    waiting for 3-blade to put my head on the beetle.... 5-4-3-2-1.....
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    They're all moderators.
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    Nice trigger and the decocking system is awesome! No discharge arrows needed with this bad boy!
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    You bet, That's why it's important as a trapper to check sets by actually seeing the loop is hanging and as you left it. In trappers ed , I tell students to put eyes on their snares and not just assume it's empty.
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