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    Moved about 3.5 cords of white oak and hickory today. Swinging 6 and 8 lb mauls all day to make the big stuff liftable then picking up carrying and transporting to stage by the splitter. Goal is to get it all split next two days and be way ahead of schedule! To the victor goes the spoils. A Cuban and a beer
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    Yup make my own all the time. Sushi and sashimi Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I put out some chukar for the pups today. Had a really nice day and a blast for the dogs and me. my little pup has come along way this season.
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    I made 5 sushi rolls last night. They were awesome. I find that sushi is more just matching different flavors. I found a pretty good website with some different sauces. My favorite is eel sauce (no eel in it). It is a mix of soy sauce,saki, mirin,and sugar. I add a little sesame oil to it. Toppings can be sesame seed, scallions, ginger, or just about anything. I made my rolls out of cooked ingredients since i don't have a fresh tuna connection. Shrimp and cajun crab dip from shoprite. Orange sauce is sarachi mayo and red is garlic sarachi. Brown is eel sauce. http://secretsofsushi.com/sushi-roll-recipes
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    Out in Z7. Good luck to everyone out today. I'm out for freezer meat...so if it's brown, it's down
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    I'm sitting in my ground blind with my little angel (5yr old daughter) for a last day deer hunt. It's her 3rd time out ever, and her first morning hunt. So far she's been a champ. She's napping right now but that's fine with me. Of course daddy (me) pulled a boneheaded move this morning... I forgot her tablet in the truck. Wish us luck. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
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    Have a bunch of roasts from my moose this year so needed to do something with a few. Decided to corned three two for corned moose and cabbage and one I'll smoke for pastrami. Second day in the brine and already taking on a nice color. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I copied this from another site and this is what she said on Valentines day. “Happy Valentine’s Day. We saluted our victory — or the victory for the American people — earlier with chocolate. Chocolate from California, I call it the champagne of chocolate. So again, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. You should go home now to your loved ones.” WHAT PLANET IS THIS WOMAN LIVING ON?! She SAID “Happy Valentine’s Day” and then it took her five seconds to completely forget what day it was and say “Happy Thanksgiving” ?! AND THEY SAY TRUMP IS UNFIT FOR OFFICE?! She is about a second away from full-scale dementia. And YES… people ARE noticing:
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    Bought a Garret AT pro metal detector today. This model is waterproof to 10 feet deep. Now I can go find everything people loose off their canoes and kayaks. I never thought I would like metal detecting this much. You never know what you'll find. I think I'm turning into "that guy" at the beach. But I'm only 31 years old lol.
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    Had it for dinner, simmered on the stove for about 4 hours house smells great Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Was supposed to be here on VDAY but ended up taking an extra day . 60” Bear Super Kodiak 55# / 28” (supposed to be +- 2# , feels around 60# at my draw length ) need to get a rug rest on it . will be shooting GT 55/75 Heritage shafts 100 grain brass inserts with 145 grr Bear razorheads. fletched with feathers from turkeys I have taken . looking forward to September already .
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    Here's my angel sleeping in her hunting sleeping bag. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
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    Have not been on here in a while, here's a nice NJ Yote on Mckenzie form.....nice colors
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    Up and on stand in the swamp
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    I’m out. Work killed me the last 3 months. Haven’t been out. Feels good. Last chance or else it will be a deerless season for me. Just joined a new club so I’m anxious to see what myself and pops may come across tonight.
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    Walked today in the late afternoon. Took a friend and he found the small one and I found a decent one. Both old ones. Think i found the other side of the one i found last year. Will look tomorrow.
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    Had case of the dumb ass . Was out pulling stands and blinds on few properties. Warm as toast in sun. Went to the blind wearing just jeans and light jacket . 10 minute sitting in shade with north wind howling into the blind legs were cold . Ran to truck and got pair insulated bibs on. And back in blind. Def didn't need to do that extra mile today . And now too hot lol. Glad I got in early .
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    It's pouring rain right now so. I'm hanging and watching the smoker. Have another hour or so on the last batch of venison jerky. The fruit trees have to wait. Also, if anyone here wants some fruit wood, please let me know? I can bring it to Jay's.
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    Been calling in a lot of bobcats lately in northern morris county. Here is one from this morning through my scope.....if only i had a tag to shoot, lol!
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    Made this for later on tonight. 1.5 lbs of venison browned 2 - cans of refried beans 1 - 16 oz jar of sour cream 1 - bad of cheddar cheese 1/2 head of lettuce chopped 1/2 red onion chopped 2 bell peppers chopped 1 - can of black olives chopped 1 - package Taco seasoning Layer dish with refried beans. Mix taco seasoning with sour cream and layer it over refried beans. Chop lettuce and add layer over sour cream. Add layers of browned venison. Followed by layers of peppers and onions. Finally top it off with cheddar cheese.
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    Going slower then I hoped but picking away. Woke up to high merky water today, thankfully it slightly clened up as day went on. #thestrugleisreal
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    In the blind and I am happy just to be hunting... Good luck! I know I'll need some😂
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    Up and out in z8, hoping for one more! Good luck everyone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is the list still open? I would like to come just to witness all the manliness and learn a thing or two about cutting wood and safely using a chainsaw... Weather beforehand permitting I could smoke it some brisket and bring beer too.
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    No politics!!!!! I will stay home with the wife if have to listen to politics .
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    Taking the xbow for the last sit tonight . havent taken as many deer off one farm as needed . going to try and double up tonight
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    I'm out with my daughter... See post about it. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
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    As a result of the NJSFSC Deer Committee meeting with its members and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife leadership, a new idea was born... winter cover crops on all leased agricultural fields on WMA's. The idea is meant to provide a winter supply of food for all wildlife on WMA's, namely winter rye. Makes sense, right? The new lease agreements just came out and winter cover crops are now a requirement for those farmers leasing the fields! Good things happen when you get like minded people to think outside the box!
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    Kinda fuzzy but I think I found him
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    I'll be out in Z7 for an afternoon sit. Just taking care of a little business this morning
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    There's a cance I'm going to shoot one tonight
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    This is the same bow hammer with eastern diamondback skins on it
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    I'll be out later today. It's been a very long season for me and a bitter sweet end. Just glad I can hunt. Good Luck to all going out.
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    Yesterday afternoon was my last sit. I had a young shed buck come by and I shot him!....with my camera. Also saw a about a half a dozen does out in another part of the field.
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    In a deer sudden death if no one wins than the first to show a dead coyote takes the trophy
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    been a while since you had fur that close to your face?
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    Im out in 50 looking for a cinderella story late buck...undecided on flat for meat...will decide if/when opportunity presented. Good luck all. Bring on turkey season!
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    Get her done good luck out there.
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    That looks like a great spot for a late season kill. Good luck Larry
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    I was over there about 10am.. Holy shit they are done angry ppl. Their signs call hunters “ inbred “ and one of the chunky old broads was extremely fixated on my junk.. I haven’t laughed so hard in months ..
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    Well i was right. Matched it up to one i found last year. Can't believe i didn't find it then. Was close to where the other was. Definitely a match set
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    I will bring some elk burgers.....I don't won't to hear it from Lou
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    I’ll be out in Z8 shortly. Good luck everyone.
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    I'll be in a swamp for the last sit this afternoon. Good luck to all on this final day
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    I'm making another batch of jerky and pruning fruit trees. Good luck!
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    I will be out this afternoon
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    Caravans of thousands of people set to invade our country. They're not coming for opportunity or to assimilate, they're coming to TAKE from the hard working , tax paying AMERICANS! It that's not a national emergency, I don't know what is!
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    All kidding aside, best way is to just keep it simple, olive oil or butter in a pan, flour thin slices and keep it pink inside.
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