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    Put a whole shoulder in my crockpot covered with onions and apple slices for 12 h. fell right of the bone. Very tasty!! should try that too!
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    Wind come down this morning so we are heading for some black fish
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    So Lou, thefirstndsecond saw Jersey Jay's post about KAM Designs Christmas balls. They looked awesome. He asked to have one made for Bob & one made for AJ for Christmas. Kelsey did such a wonderful job Bob asked her to make 50 of them for family and friends. In three days they completed this order. Glass and plastic balls. Great job to KAM Designs! Kelsey did a great job. I know next year look out. Some with my dog on them, our name, in-laws name, maybe even a couple gag ones. KAM designs.. you can't go wrong. https://www.facebook.com/KAMDesigns18/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARAzp36Ay9kgGqxWb49qrhqGVUh1XZf7BlzIbaI89Knojzr_zNpPDgRBYHNA2388T9TYXFFsnlhXFIOD&hc_ref=ARQfGqzgwXoyLz_r7vI0sj_E2w1EjN5NIPNoo8DhFqB9fMHcRq-EKFOhxLx6GNEJYe8&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARDdVsicYEFyN4x70W31e3LiL5Ou_G8hcBx9tlSq-MU56lYMPXq3lroIAnidLrXuxa10adaRB_0d1Sn0HwEB11n_I-2Wms21mXZDg-8ndJ9fOGxNVLMOYyF3BCI3lf6dxK8LQ9kbSfH-r_1OZ_mDudYuKMAsbV1uKbIHkxCe6JTXKCUdALA_hwY6uop0eE_SO7D_Uckq6uF6k4JJcKe1wIjw1SWgNhDVYMYZX1x4HPpOb4aGhXq27IqySc-fWxl9gPGeV5_PkrIZWi-Z1lJaYZQMO6an7XWd9cBO21b4s_VZt4ytUWy82dJkxC4QUZA4Q3Kf46WKTC-K_JtuDYPpgE-_
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    You know it's bad for your business when consumer refuse to buy your deeply discounted products. Good! F em! I won't buy a thing from them again.
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    A relative of mine was going through some old pictures and such, when she came across several old newspaper articles about my grandfather when he was employed as a state trapper for fish and game. One of the many things they did was capture deer which at the time were scarse and found in pockets throughout the state and transfer them to areas void of deer. Hope you can read the photo of the article.
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    I really do get a chuckle when I read and see all the comments coming from the left and the partisan news media. Most of it is only throwing mud against the wall to see if it will stick. I do think its a competition to see who wants to sound smarter than the next guy while using the talking points of the last. Hilarious, really. As for General Mattis, we can thank him for his service. Just as we can thank those before him in past administrations. As for the President, the more he shakes up Washington and their petty BS the better. It is time they put their country first and stop making everything a freaking crisis.
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    Nice size doe for the farmer. He's very happy and that's what's important. Where's my Marine when you need him? I'm too old to drag anymore.
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    Stop with the shorter season. Make it as short as you like it for yourself and let others do the same. It is not about how long you hunt them. It is about how many you kill.
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    You aint kidn'. There is never a shortage of food in an Italian house.
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    DAMN!!!! As long as its made out of meat.
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    Maybe you are shooting yourself in the foot if you DON'T take advantage of a sale like this. Do you think they are making money on that product, at that price? How about when they get out of the hunting product business, and deeply discount everything just to get rid of it. You know someone is going to buy it, or they are going to send it back to the vendor for a discounted return on their investment if they don't sell it, so why not take advantage of them giving you discounts on what you want, and then when they ditch what you want (hunting stuff) all together, take your business elsewhere? Trust me, they aren't making big bucks by selling you a trail cam for $19.98. Especially when if they don't sell it, they can send it back for a return of up to 25 or 30 percent of the initial cost to them.
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    Beautiful. But as far as your peace of mind goes, game over...
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    Great pics and camo! I'll have my daughter in camo very soon! haha
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    Can anyone use 12" logs for firewood. If someone is willing to buy 2 decent splitting AXES (and a 6 pack of Flying Dog's Raging Bitch) Longbow and I will attempt to replicate this stunt. All we need is a nice tall Ash with no knots. I'm sure we can find one of these at Jay's.
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    Jersey Jays did my nephews bear and skull which he won a award with great guy super talented.
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    Would make a nice selection for tomorrow's night 7 fish dinner. Good luck.
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    Have not had a buck I would shoot on cam in z5 since I missed "wide clyde" early November. Decent amount of deer around this year in z5, and I also shot either my best or my top 2 NJ bucks in z5 on October 5th as well... So a great season in z5 overall. So- can't sit around and bitch about not seeing anymore P&Y bucks in z5... Head East to z2, the camera started coming alive with rack bucks by end of November, took the usual deer-mageddon drop off during 6-day, and now is back on track. Just wish I could hunt more.. I haven't shared any trail cam pics this year - not a good practice really and I do advise other "not to..." But I will make an exception for Christmas. There seems to be several nice bucks around still - a few I would very much want to let the air out of so maybe tomorrow, maybe day after Christmas, maybe next weekend, maybe a little winter bow but time in the woods is at a premium this time of year.
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    Doe down!!! Had three shed bucks come out in front of me. Had to wait for a doe. 50 yard shot and she ran 125 yards. The furthest that I've ever had one run.
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    If I could wish for anything at all, it would be a day with my little brother that passed when I was younger. I would love to see him play with my kids. Other than that, I just want my kids, wife and our families to have long, happy and healthy lives.
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    I agree great deals but are they really great deals 10 years from now when you need a part and instead of spending $50 for a part you end up buying a whole new bow at $800+ because you cant get parts? Some of there little things like scopes and bags, and items like that I would buy but a new bow, I feel thats too much of a risk for me personally. I have acquired old motors or other such items, one simple part breaks leaving it functional but not working and I go to find it then find out the company is out of business and parts are no longer available or extremely expensive. Been burned too many times. Just bought a new rototiller because the one I had, a small part broke in the trans, maybe a $5 piece, they used to make the part but it is no longer available because the company is no longer. I can find a new trans but all the places that sell it want $500. I bought a new unit for less then that.
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    I wouldn't even begin to touch a crossbow that I couldn't get new limbs for if there was a failure. It seems to happen from time to time and over time for crossbows.
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    Guys dicks has stealth trail cams on sale for $25 online. They had them for $19 on thursday with my rewards i paid $9.95 , So if your worried about stuff being stolen like we all are.its worth the $25.00 .
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    Awesome brother looks like you guys did great. Awesome day
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    I’m making creme brûlée and ricotta cheese cake for Christmas. If I get ambitious I’ll make a batch of Linzer cookies.
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    We bought our Son some sort of a large lens for is new camera that he recently bought. Taking our Daughter to Montana with just in a few weeks.
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    Route 206 from Route 80 south to Somerville was a slaughterhouse. Same for Route 80 between Interchanges 19 and 37. I live on the border of Allamuchy and Green Townships. Evening rides can count 100+ deer within a ten mile radius. Now, that was not so two years or so ago, but the with acorn crop and the mild winters, the population rebounded spectacularly. Past few to five years or so, there has been very little to no pressure on pubic lands in that same area. And there are large swaths of public lands available.
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    And that’s why I get knocked for shooting shed bucks lol
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    Now you're talking my language 5522, love me a good salad.
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    Awesome!!! Jay I want one how do I get it?!
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    @Rusty has an acting career. This is him with the fake mustache!
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    Maybe if you pack the brain cavity solid. And press threaded rod or bolts into it to strengthen. It only needs to hold until you screw both halves to the panel.. I'm sure it would be fine. http://www.jerseyjaystaxidermy.com
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    My 22 year old daughter is Costa Rica bound for her big gift.
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    Very cool! Nice job by ryanm's wife!
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    Thanks Jay. Figured you would know best..
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    Not too many still alive that will remember these licenses Old License and Stamps by shot4u2c, on Flickr
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    Classic. Last year someone knocked 10 at night. I cracked the door open with a 9mm in my back. It was some lady dropping off my wifes cheesecake order!!
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    I'd wish for the internet to never happen. We are so dependent on it now, but it truly eroded the moral fabric of society.
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    Nice choices...materialistic and not materialistic. I'm actually going to start a new car project in the next year or so. Totally different species though. Starting with a 2014+ grand cherokee SRT and going to build a monster out of it. Starts with 475hp and 470lb ft of torque and a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Gonna do a full suspension setup, intake, headers, and exhaust to start with. Then save my pennies for a bit and cam the motor (and bulletproof everything else) and eventually throw a whipple supercharger in it. I've been planning this one out for the past year and a half and I can't wait to get started. I think I'm driving my wife nuts talking about it
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    Right now I'd ask for the following: Hot blonde with big breasts and low inhibitions Hot brunette with big breasts and low inhibitions Hot redhead with big breasts and low inhibitions LOL Or more realistically, a new job would be perfect. David
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