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    My 12 year old past her shotgun hunter safety last week and softball ended so there was motivation and opportunity to actually get some time in the woods Saturday morning to work on building a ground blind together. There was a spot with many crossing trails about 200 yards away from the ground blind we built a couple of years ago that we hunt regularly. Now that the oldest turned 14 I want to be able to go out with both kids and needed a spot reasonably near by. We also spotted a couple of great bucks on the trail cam in December in the area. We stopped putting out purchased hub blinds and started building this type made 95 % from whatever Mother Nature leaves us. It's a lot of fun, isn't noticed by passer byes and it gets the kids involved. Here is what we put together Saturday - see bottom pics (needs a little more work from the sides and back). Also are a couple of blinds we built in the last years and a couple of the Bucks we had on camera that we never got a shot at....one we did get as well.
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    I took my grandson out yesterday on my canoe...(which hasn't see the water in 15 years)....I pulled him on my kayak wheels about 1/2 mile to a local river.......very slow with worms and a float with almost no hits at all. I was casting a spinner bait and hooked a nice pickerel and handed the pole over to him... He did a great job fighting it and land his biggest fish in his 3 years ..........One proud grandpa !!! Danny V
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    We had 7 in our family and a car that only seated 6, one of the boys always had to lay up in the back window of the car. I remember driving down to Florida and frying in the sun laying in that back window.
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    Rich kid hey. I built forts in the woods and had fires. Stole cigarettes and Budweiser from my grandma and was getting my fingers wet with my sisters girlfriends in the Cox camper. The only scratch and sniff I knew
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    Fished with my dad this morning which doesn’t happen often due to our different schedules. We had a good time. Topwater action wasn’t as good as I hoped for but we managed to pull a few. Regardless of the fish caught we had a great time fishing, enjoying the weather and talking about all the good times.
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    Father in law is digging it so far Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back in elementary school I bounced along behind the tractor on this death trap. Can you imagine sticking a kid on one of these today?
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    Red Ryder BB gun The ultimate boy toy
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    Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎈🎁 I missed your birthday buddy I was away. Your present is on its way
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    Me and my cousins all piled into my parent's' station wagon even as toddlers, all in the back area where there are no seats, dad having an open can of Rheingold between his legs and smoking cigarette with the windows rolled up. a) driving with alcohol b) Second-hand smoke c ) Toddlers not in car seats d) Vehicle over capacity And yet - somehow we all survived. Try THAT today!
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    Glad I went - high weeds and brush blowing in the wind caused me to get 1000+ pics of nothing............ Except these Might as well get right to the best one. Tho I know folks would like them all dead, that's not realistic or ecologically ideal. Plus, I'd not get these pics. Only the second pic of a deer ever to cross the log. WTF!
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    Got that for Christmas one year, played it for hours in total amazement
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    My father always bought that same wagon. Us 3 kids rode in the back to sleep on the way to camping grounds, anywhere from Maine to Florida, but we rarely slept. Cla-clunk.........cla-clunk.........cla-clunk......, down the concrete highway.
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    Drive-ins. I remember in 1969 seeing Green Berets at the rt 37 drive in in toms river nj. before the movie the fog truck would spray for mosquitos! Imagine the lawsuits now after breathing that! Riding my bike behind that fog truck in the 60s.
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    When I was 17 or 18 it was the only reason to be in early on a Saturday night. My buddies and I would hit the bars but at 11:00pm or so we would all head to my house to watch it. It was that good. I haven’t seen it in years because it got less and Les funny til it was just plain unfunny and somewhat sickening to watch. Now it’s just a bunch of loser liberals just trying to push their agenda with bad jokes and skits done by people without a lick of talent.
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    We were skiing in Colorado and I was literally the only person on the mountain not wearing a helmet. You would have gotten beat up if you wore a helmet skiing when we were kids.
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    COUNTRY SQUARE oh yes I remember And the old cox camper. Those where the days
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    Yes that was good for 10 people, with bench seat in front, it was 3x4x3... But sometimes we would just leave that seat down and it was like a big bed/playroom for all the kids. And my mother was the most neurotic overprotective mother on earth (would not even let me eat Captain Crunch or Honeycombs because it had BHA and BHT in it). Yet - we rode around ever so dangerously. All the parents had that station wagon back in the day - one of my most vivid memories was getting picked up by my 3rd grade friends mom for his birthday bowling party, so I was in that 3rd rear facing seat with him and another kid... "Chris" picks his nose and put this giant disgusting booger on the window and I have a very weak stomach for stuff like that so I started to gag and nearly throw up - so he takes it off the window and put it on me and I vomited all over the back of that poor mom's new station wagon. Well I got taken home immediately, she thought I was sick and I was trying to explain that "no your son put a booger on me and I puked I am fine I really want to go bowling" but she would hear none of it, so I had to stay home!!!
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    steaks almost seared about to go in oven Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When squirrels don't even want to run around. Today I was eating a snack sitting in my work truck when there was a couple squirrels running around there. I had peanuts I was eating so I threw a few to the squirrel. I ate everyone I threw out there. Smart one too, if the peanut was in the sun it would run into the shade to eat it. After I was done and there were no more peanuts the squirrel just laid out flat in the shade. Looked funny so I took a few pictures.
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    And it still works! lol
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    You and me both brother!!! Still best poster ALL TIME.. First season of Charlie's Angels, back in the day - priceless
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    When I was a kid me, my brother (about 3 at the time) and my two cousins drove to Maine( moose head lake ) in the back of my uncles pick up twice. I mean he had a cap but that seams to be frowned upon today.
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    My brother found this guy 70 miles out in a homemade rowboat trying to row to Scotland. My brother asked if he had enough shit paper and the guy said he was good, lol. For fishing report he is up to 22 yellow fin some bluefins and a bunch of bigeyes
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    How about this high tech video game
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    I usually host Father’s Day by my house for my Father Inlaw. Tonight is going to be a feast. I will post some pics, but think Lobstah, and Tomahawks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You are not kidding. The first one is always the best. First one out is always a tomato sandwich with mayo, salt and lots of peper
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    We are practicing No-Till farming. Last fall I dumped a bunch of leaves into the garden. This spring I left the leaves there and planted the maters right in the leaves. They are growing great and there are no weeds.
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    just curious were is the cup holder ?
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    Did you wear a seat belt and a helmet?
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    Wow! LTH really great gift. I made him another power bait-floating power cat.
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    Fireworks on the 4th where incredible. I used to comb the streets as well the next day. Used to end up with bags of good stuff.
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    Fireworks! All the families would come out on the street at night and shoot them off. I was too young to handle them, but the next day I'd comb the street for the ones that didn't go off. I remember my brother filling up my parents wash tub with water, and blowing a big hole in it with an ashcan.
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    I had a GI Joe with the foot locker back when I was a kid, about mid 60's. Gave it all to a friend, of a family of 8, that didn't have anything. My sister had barbie before that. They'd be worth a good penny today.
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    Wait, let me change my oxygen tank!
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    I wouldn’t watch this show if you paid me. SNL it’s a liberal hornets nest.
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    Hey - stay away from my target buck will ya?
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    All worked out well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Almost to rare in the oven Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Guest in 15 min. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    These guys are hanging out waiting for their last swim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Will probably let him into the Scotch stash as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry Jack haven't watched it in decades and won't watch it now the left is over flowing with truthless hate filled sickos not worth my time and attention......or yours.
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    Seltzer man or the Milk vending machine and yes late night Twinkies with you guessed it Milk!!
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