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    Glad I went - high weeds and brush blowing in the wind caused me to get 1000+ pics of nothing............ Except these Might as well get right to the best one. Tho I know folks would like them all dead, that's not realistic or ecologically ideal. Plus, I'd not get these pics. Only the second pic of a deer ever to cross the log. WTF!
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    My father always bought that same wagon. Us 3 kids rode in the back to sleep on the way to camping grounds, anywhere from Maine to Florida, but we rarely slept. Cla-clunk.........cla-clunk.........cla-clunk......, down the concrete highway.
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    steaks almost seared about to go in oven Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I usually host Father’s Day by my house for my Father Inlaw. Tonight is going to be a feast. I will post some pics, but think Lobstah, and Tomahawks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You are not kidding. The first one is always the best. First one out is always a tomato sandwich with mayo, salt and lots of peper
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    Catching night crawlers on a damp warm night to go fishing with. Being excited about a trip to blockbuster. The smell and excitement of a mid 80’s game at Yankee Stadium. Rotating our tv antenna to get a better signal or pick up a philly station. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Now that's some funny ass shit! I had very similar experiences. My Dad would also send me to the local candy/convenience corner store to get him his Marlboro reds.
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    I did the same with my Grandfather! Same model hayer! Thanks for posting that picture.
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    I had a nintendo, but only a couple of games. I'm sure my grandparents paid for it though. Same for the swatch I remember being a kid and going places with my dad and he'd pull up to the convenience store, hand me a few bucks and tell me to go in and buy myself a snack and a drink and get him a pack of lucky strikes or camel unfiltered.
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    I know a lot of you guys are about 90 years old so you won't even know what half of these things are, but I was born in '79, so i'm an 80s child. For me, it's He-Man, GI JOE and Transformers toys, colorforms, shrinky dinks, picture pages, watching The A-Team, Knightrider, Double Dare, ALF, Small Wonder. My Snoopy SnowCone machine. Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers. Garbage Pail Kids. Pegging your jeans. Oregon Trail. Having a new Trapper Keeper for the school year. Seeing the challenger explosion and not understanding the magnitude of it. The feeling of unwrapping my first Swatch and Nintendo at Xmas time. I could keep going for hours
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    Sorry Jack haven't watched it in decades and won't watch it now the left is over flowing with truthless hate filled sickos not worth my time and attention......or yours.
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    Root beer barrels. Only they were twice the size. and cost only a penny back then. Juicy fruit and bazooka gum. Monopoly and Lionel.
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    Date: Saturday July 14 (rain date, Sunday the 15th) Time: 1:00 pm - until the beer is gone Where: 74 Branchville-Lawson Rd, Newton (Hampton Twp.) What: Bow Shoot, Wild Game BBQ, Home-Brew Challenge: HH takes on all challengers, 3-Wheeler Races, Rusty's MARCO POLO chainsaw challenge, Hatchet Throwing Challenge vs. 3Blade, Wood Splitting Challenge vs. Nomad, Speedo Swimming Races with Tarhunt, Poker Shoot with DBuck, . . . . any other suggestions? Sign-up: 1. LPJR and Junior 2. Rusty and The Beard - Grilled Backstraps and Elk Burgers 3. BowhunterNJ - Beer, to back up HH's supply 4. Haskell Hunter - Home Brew 5. 3 Blade - Throwing Hatchets 6. Jersey Jay 7. Bill W and a 3 year old 8. Trophy 8 9. Live to Hunt, his kitty bloomers, and his massage therapist 10. Rug and his wife and his girlfriend 11. Greybeard and his scoped long bow 12. Swamprat and some local pork roll brew.
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    ......of something of when you were younger...... For me, it is the good humor truck that I used to see when we were kids-everywhere. Also, something my kids took out yesterday brought me back a couple of years.....MAGIC SHELL! Oh man that was the best.. What is something that reminds you, and is it still out or no longer available? It can be food, toys, games, cars, whatever.....
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    Ok I watched most of it. #1 - the cop needs to lose his badge. A law abiding citizen was harassed, and he was by end of video sympathizing with the harasser telling him to keep up the good work. COWARD. #2 - wow what an analogy - imagine taking a pet dog, putting a hook in it's mouth and tossing it in the water then holding it under until it drowns, is the same as hooking a fish in mouth, and letting it suffocate in open air... Well [email protected], they got me on that one - I am never fishing again!
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    My dad purchased a 1963 Plymouth station wagon and we used to spend our summers up in Maine and Massachusetts. It had a rear facing seat and no seat belts.
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    Gov. Murphy calls it evil. Better sell it fast.
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    I remember seeing Night of the Living Dead at a drive in. Great times. Remember that mosquito ring that you put on the dashboard of the car and lit up? That smoke wasn't harmful I'm sure.🤣🤣🤣
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    First broadhead I hunted with 1974 When I look at them it seems like yesterday. .
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    Cool! Maybe Trenton will wash away.
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    and the profiling continues...
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    Hope he has a good GPS and Radio... Would like to know when/if he makes it.
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    Rug you coming? Or you sending your stand in
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    last bump - Live2Hunt missed these...
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    Awesome pictures and looks like a great time with your dad.
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    Looking good Fever. Time well spent with your daughters.
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    I was the youngest of three brothers of course they where old enough to drink when i was around 13-14 and yes i was a little pest to them so to get rid of me and my friends they would buy us a 12 pack of old milwaukee ( more like old mill water ) and tell us to get lost way better than the other option hang us on coat hooks by our belt loops
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    I'm 33 and I used to have one of these...man the good times we had with these
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    Damn. Looks awesome. You wanna adopt a short 44 y/o guy? Lol.
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    There are so many to list...food I would say Twinkies and sweedish fish candy. Anytime I here a Kiss song on the radio it brings me back( they were the band that got me into liking rock music and eventually metal.
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    way to go Bill - sure was a nice morning. The weather we all been waiting for
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    Definitely mature John. Look at that belly and shoulders...Do you know him?
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    Haha that thing is alive?!?! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Always the coolest pics! Thanks for sharing.
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    I just bought a Trek bike for $500 at "Brielle Cyclery"a few weeks ago, they were Great!! I didnt know much about bikes either & didnt want to break the bank & they knew exactly what I needed.. I dont know exactly where you are but Brielle is probably within a half hour from you. I highly recommend them. Good Luck & Have fun!
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    Best trail cams ALWAYS. Keep them coming
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    Best camera set up ever ! Awesome pics .
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    Here it is going in and out of the shade
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    He has been eating well! Not anymore!
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    Thanks for all your time and hard work on the target Keith. Steve is looking down with a smile, I haven't forgotten what this is for brother, Thank you!
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    AS has been said its a different fishery up there. very little structure to ever snag on . , fish the same bucktail all day If just want to pound fluke its like fishing in a hatchery. want to catch big fluke you need to not worry about the little fish and go big. Best fishing up there for GIANT fluke ( and a 10# is not a giant there) is when the current is ripping. drifts over 2 KNOTS and the bigger fish turn on , that requires heavier tackle. Big bucktails are tough to work on the wrong rod and many guys go to dragging bait. Those who fish big bucktails and stick with them catch a lot of better quality fish . BIG gulp baits . 6" or bigger , or big long strip baits. Many big fish are hooked and not caught due to guys having too light a tackle.. great chance to catch fish 13/15 pounds up there, and I'm betting bigger fish have been dropped. Enjoy it its def the fluke mecca .
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    Yea it’s a little different than here. You don’t lose anywhere near the amount of bucktails. chunks of bluefish work great, i caught my big one on whole squid. If the current gets real bad that’s when the baitdragging shines.
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