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    Just don't tell her it's not bunny season. The snow is still crazy deep here.
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    Picked up my wifes spring 2017 turkey today..as always Dave and his crew at Delaware Hudson taxidermy did an awesome job...I also have to give a Huge thank you to joeybeets from this site who hooked us up with the wine barrel for this mount!!!! Really great people on this site , thank you Joey !
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    Mountain lion by Hollywood sign. This guy has been tagged and has to be darted and relocated every few years.
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    I would shoot a gobbler off the roost but I probably wouldn't shoot one on the roost. Sorry, had to do it.
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    I heard if you shoot a Rage from a crossbow in Nevada the Buck can't jump the string Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
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    I wish they could let him eat a couple of Hollywood libs before relocation
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    cats scare me. I live with one and that little thing scares me. one second its here next second it gone. next second its sitting on the table. what the hell
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    I'm pretty sure that is illegal
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    Let’s here why you love this weapon. Why your proud to shoot one. Show us your crossbow kills. Everything positive for the LOVE ❤️ of a CROSSBOW I love my crossbow it’s accurate, deadly, fun, different, its beautiful. I can’t say enough about it. I want to kill everything with it. Most of all after shoulder surgery I can still be in the woods during bow season.
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    i am happy and proud to kill a buck or doe with any weapon. I got my equinox in 20o9 after having bilateral knee surgeries to give me a few year relief before bilateral knee replacements a shoulder surgery, back surgery. i have killed a few does and a small fork with it unfortunately no pics I don't think i have any pics though (long story) i love my equinox it is accurate i don't think i would shoot a deer at 50 - 100 yards as some say you can crossbows don't maintain the same energy a compound does so 30-40 yards is my max.it got me back in the woods when i desperately needed to get out after being confined mostly to a chair for 4 years.the negative is for me that i don't have the same movement as a compound or longbow due to width of limbs i guess in a blind its not noticed but for me i get in a tree with cover... hurry up october
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    A crossbow got my father back in the woods during bow season so I’m happy they are legal now. That’s coming from a die hard traditional shooter too! We’re all hunters, we should all get along!
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    I dont wear a vest or carry a pack, etc. i bring 3 shells, two mouth calls and a slate with two strikers, thats it so i dont need much more than camo cargo pants and a light jacket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There's no satisfaction in doing something like that. Might as well take one out of the freezer at Shoprite..
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    Real bows don’t have cams or wheels either
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    Dam Russ at first I thought you where smoking the wacky weed. Good deal. Jay knows his shit
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    This would be great for my daughter. I am in. Thank you
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    Since I received a Ghost Blind as a Christmas gift I will be trying to arrow a turkey this spring. Packing the Ghost Blind with decoys in a vest rear pouch doesn't seem like it will work so I will be attaching a back pack to the Ghost Blind carry bag. I also have on of those rotational seats that sit atop a five gallon bucket. I can attach that to the Ghost Blind pack and carry my parapheniala (including decoys) in the bucket. That will probably rattle too much when I walk. As soon as the snow melts I am going to try shooting the bow seated in assorted seats from behind the blind panels. That will finalize my decision. When and if I hunt with a shotgun I will likely use the vest, but switching everything between the vest and the backpack seams like a royal pain.
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    Remington 870. With interchangeable choke tubes you can do all three. Go with a Wingmaster.
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    Here it is. We spared no expense with the mount, she wanted our traditional redneck pedestal mount.
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    Ive been working on this project off and on for the last year. This is what I started with. A couple old gates across a overgrown stone drive.
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    My son Ben and his fiance' will be flying home next Friday and he requested some venison jerky. So, last week, my other son and I sliced up 10 pounds of venison roasts and made our jerky brine. I leave the meat in a brine for 7 to 10 days in the fridge, stirring it twice a day. It gets stronger the longer it stays in. I'll be smoking it this Saturday. I'll post some photos when it's done.
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    I have only shot it a few times and I already know I will not be hunting much with my compound this season.
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    I'm not sure as I never owned the GoPro....the new Tactacam coming out will be about $100 more it will have video stabilizer and 8x zoom
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    Cool Rusty. Hey she have a number my cat has a crush on her
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    I would love to put a 3 blade muzzy through one of them!
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    All powder painted .ready to fish
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    Nice Dan. I got hooks in and are waiting for the willow blades to get here. Hopefully by mid week.
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    Cool pics Joe. Gotta love the Moultries...
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    Yes. I've also seen a turkey jump up on a horizontal tree trunk that was down & look around. I wouldn't shoot one off the roost but will admit that's how I got my first turkey. I was partridge hunting , nys, about 40 yes ago
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    I found 2nd Osprey today. The migration is on
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    Here's some photos of my walleye painting process.. enjoy!
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    OTC sale date is in the NJWW calendar and shows on the right sidebar on the main page Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't see the fun in that. I personally would not.
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    They just need to change the name to Arrowgun and this will be settled.
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    Very cool. There would be less problems in today's society if our younger generation spent more time in the outdoors like this young man. Nice job Ken
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    I want one of these suckers... 590 Shockwave - 6 Shot | O.F. Mossberg & Sons https://www.mossberg.com › product › 5... SPECIFICATIONS. Gauge, 12. Capacity, 6. Barrel Type, Heavy-Walled. Barrel Length, 14.375. Sight, Bead. Choke, Cylinder Bore. LOP Type, N/A. LOP, N/A. Barrel
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    Primarily catcher but made Varsity team as a freshman by telling the coach "I will play anywhere you need me to play." In three games today played left, right, third, and caught. I was at a few different positions around the pool after the games with the $2 drafts.
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    I'm still going with the traditional turkey vest.
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    First off money should never be the driving force in resource management. When it is you end up with “management strategies” such as the one for New Jersey’s deer herd. I’ll get on my soapbox here for a couple of things: 1) The major waterfowl conservation groups And even our own state wildlife Agencies fail us Continually in the Atlantic flyway. We are the forgotten flyway. For various reasons. Starters even historically we simply don’t have the duck production as the other major flyaways so achieving relative success here for those groups is much harder and takes more of a concerted effort. In the last 30+ years securing and procuring habitat suitable for species diversification both here and in Canada has been relatively non-existent. 57 magazine issues with 100 articles about Boy Scouts building Woodduck boxes is a nice puff piece but it doesn’t amount to jack shit in reality. Basically over that time period in the entire eastern seaboard we’ve allowed almost all of our marshland to turn into nothing but black duck habitat. And other than certain areas in New York and parts of western Pennsylvania concerted inland efforts for larger scale habitat cultivation doesn’t exist. Without getting into more detail I’ll just leave it at this: For most organizations the juice isn’t worth the squeeze in this flyway. 2) Very simply the explosion of the Canada goose population has also contributed to the decline in mallards and another puddle ducks they simply outcompete those birds when it comes to suitable nesting. 3) Migration patterns have shifted and a lot of recent band data has shown that. And I think a lot of that has to do with poor holdover habitat during the fall migration. 4)Hybridization is one of the main factors that is killing the mallard as a species. Honestly I think they’re making the change because it’s really the only thing they can change....
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    Ok. If I catch a musky bigger than 50 inches, I'll give you a call.
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    So as I am replying to Rusty's post I look out the window and what do I see? An Osprey circling the lake. I grabbed my camera but I was too late to get his dive. I only managed lousy pics of him flying away with his first catch of the season. Yes, Spring is here
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