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    On the recommendation of Thunderchicken I just received a new pot call from Kevin Farr of Pecker Wreckers turkey calls . It's a signature series glass surface in a paduak pot . Sweet looking and sounds great . Looking forward to foolin an old long beard with it . Thanks Jay !
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    2018 Nevada Rules & Regs got it right.
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    Just don't tell her it's not bunny season. The snow is still crazy deep here.
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    Picked up my wifes spring 2017 turkey today..as always Dave and his crew at Delaware Hudson taxidermy did an awesome job...I also have to give a Huge thank you to joeybeets from this site who hooked us up with the wine barrel for this mount!!!! Really great people on this site , thank you Joey !
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    Only if he pissed me off enough....
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    No animals were killed, based on the pics that followed .................
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    I custom designed the gate myself. I found a company in Texas online to do the fabrication. I set the steel columns to hold the gate in concrete and had a friend weld the hinges in place. I needed my tractor to lift the 850 lb gate into place
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    Shooting one on the roost is the same as shooting one on a bait pile.
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    Puffed up like this I bet many would consider shooting it on here lol
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    He still feels like my puppy!
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    Still going. Stone I salvaged from the foundation of an old farmhouse in western Pa
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    Some more landscaping I found this old farm wagon on one of my hunts in the midwest. I took my trailer out there and hauled it back
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    Mountain lion by Hollywood sign. This guy has been tagged and has to be darted and relocated every few years.
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    These winter storms turned the woods into a war zone, many down trees !!! It's been three months since I checked my camera, I had over 2500 pictures, mostly does with and without last year's fawns all healthy, a few bears, biggest around 220 lbs., many tree rats, one bobcat (blurry picture), few coyotes, one fox, lots of hens Here are a few pictures
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    Bobcat worked hard to cover his kill. Fox wondered what happened. Me and my daughter dragged a roadkill shed buck in there this afternoon, so we'll see what we got next weekend. Maybe the Easter Bunny.
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    Agreed Jay. Could have shot many over the years knowing the roost trees. I will not do it.
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    my Excalibur has no wheels or cams so its a real bow
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    To those that would shoot a bird off the roost....I gotta ask....would you buy a permit and wake up at 4:00 to shoot a squirrel out of a tree ? The excitement level is about the same.
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    Boooooring. There's nothing like the experience of seeing or even just hearing the birds fly down off the roost in the morning! I wouldn't want to waste losing out on that experience by sneaking a shot at them while they are up there (many times its much more about the experience than the actual kill). If the birds end up going the wrong way and escape when they come down, well, more power to them. And just means I get another day to hunt on that permit I've been outsmarted by those birds so many times, I laugh at it as much as I get frustrated. "Damn things outsmarted me again!" So, if they outsmart me when they come down off the roost, well, I just give them the ol' tip of the cap and let them live another day rather than say "I should have shot it off the roost".
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    I would shoot a gobbler off the roost but I probably wouldn't shoot one on the roost. Sorry, had to do it.
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    Here we go again . Come on turkey and trout season !!
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    I shoot longbows, recurves, compounds and crossbows, and consider a crossbow a gun. The only difference is that it uses stored energy to shoot the projectile instead of gun powder and has a more limited effective range.
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    Being that the driveway is very long, I needed power at the gate to run some LED landscape lighting and a future gate opener. I installed a solar panel set up to run everything. Still working on figuring out the correct batteries needed to handle the load
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    many will criticize me but for the money you can't go wrong with either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870....you can add a rifled barrel to either one of them in the future if you want.
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    Make no mistake, we have finally given birth to the generation that is truly willing to sacrifice their God given freedoms for the façade of government guaranteed safety. This collection of "youth" is so void of historic reference, so self consumed, so truly brainwashed that they cannot grasp that what they are begging to be protected from is themselves, their own twisted demonic culture of self interest. When all is finished these enlightened children will go back to their selfie taking, video playing, tide consuming ways completely unaware that they are mere pawns being used as so many ignorant of history have been for generations. Luckily for them so vast is their ignorance that they will never know what they have lost. As for us, the law abiding gun owners of this once great nation. We must continue donations to those organizations ( NRA, etc. ) that support OUR rights and continue OUR fight against ignorance and in the end tyranny.
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    Can't believe he was this little!
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    Been a bowhunter since 1974. so saw the rise of both compounds as well as crossbows during that time. Bowhunting is about getting up close and personal to your game, after you do that bowhunting is over it is then killing the animal as quickly and cleanly as possible. Due to that I would rather see a person use a crossbow and effectively harvest that animal , than see a purist injure one. What ever gets you in game enjoying the season is fine by me. In this state gun season is over three months, so weapon choice really doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things . The guys that are good with a stickbow, are just as deadly in their effective range as any other weapon . It just requires more practice .
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    I heard if you shoot a Rage from a crossbow in Nevada the Buck can't jump the string Sent from my LG-LS777 using Tapatalk
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    It's been a long day today. I could not get down to my friend's house today to use the big smoker so, I had to use my old crappy smoker. Anyway, after getting the meat started, I decided to hand split some firewood that I got from my mom's place. I spent an hour splitting wood while keeping an eye on the meat. After smoking 10 pounds of meat, I then vacuumed sealed all of it and put some in the fridge and the freezer. I just found out that I'll be having 3 Marines staying over on Saturday night. My son Ben turns 23 on that day and they all requested that they want venison breakfast sausage, bacon and eggs on Sunday morning. So. I'll be ready. Here are some photos from today. I'm pretty beat.
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    Mike if it was a cat on roost would you shoot it off
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    I wish they could let him eat a couple of Hollywood libs before relocation
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    cats scare me. I live with one and that little thing scares me. one second its here next second it gone. next second its sitting on the table. what the hell
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    My buddy called one across the Delaware one year.
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    I'm pretty sure that is illegal
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    I started using this compact Turkey Thugs bag a few years ago . Since im bowhunting I wanted something easier to work out of. That wouldnt effect drawing the bow . Dont even know im wearing it. Holds alot of gear .and everything is readily accessable
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    She's 7 months old tomorrow!
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    I was riding down the Paulinskill Rails to Trails with my wife and an older couple road past the other way, as they pass the woman yells at me "ORGAN DONOR". I guess I'm the wrong guy to ask about helmets.
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    Our "puppy" is 1, we got her from the local shelter 10 months ago.
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    I can't help you on the rod repair, but I can help you out in a much better way.. You have been shorting yourself your whole life if you think that's 3"! Lol That's 6" if I ever saw it! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I am pretty sure ThunderChicken bought a call satchel....
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    Starting to do some landscaping. I have the wife driving the tractor
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    I found one I think you may like.
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    Beautiful call Mr. 11. best of luck with it.
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    thats a nice looking call too bad your going have to scratch it up now. Good luck!
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    this is a chess board I built for my daughter. pretty simple project. but will have many years of use. first I ripped down 8-2" strips of pine, then ran them through the planner. I took off about 1/8" to help make the boards somewhat flat and uniform and then stained 4 pieces with ebony stain after that I glued all 8 pieces together and let them set up over night, then a light sanding to lighten up the stain and even out any uneven surfaces then I crosscut the glued boards , and re glued to set up again over night and built the base from left over pine boards then trimmed out the sides using baseboard trim, simple 45 degree cuts more light sanding to lighten the dark pieces even more, should mention that all the crosscut pieces are now biscuit jointed to help even the playing surface finished product, 4 coats of poly(semi gloss) and routered the legs with a roman ogee bit. another couple years and she will be beating me at chess because I'm horrible at it lol.
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