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  2. I only eat the chicken sandwich, and when in a hurry. Had crappy food and fish with worms in it at restaurants too. Rather eat home anytime, but that isn't always an option.
  3. Hit this tree not 30 feet from my house. Rocked the entire house.
  4. We just had a hell of one rip through central . Power went out right away and cell service is really really out of Whack !
  5. We got alot of rain in Sussex, I just ran out to drain 10" out if my pool, it was over flowing the sides
  6. Not just north, I’m in Monmouth, the wind just picked up and we lost power
  7. Woodsman416

    what is it?

    Water turbine.
  8. Serves you right for eating at McDs at your age I would not eat this 5hit if you paid me But yes, liberal minimum wage is working great for our work force
  9. Greybeard

    what is it?

    Ball buster...for the guy that has to install it.
  10. Yup been raining hard in hopatcong to phone keeps going off a month of rain in one hour.lets hope it stops before September.
  11. Used to be places around in the 70's. Haven't taken notice since the internet. Places like dicounttiresdirect and discountwheels/customrims would be the places to get the most selection now.
  12. I was wondering how long the dry spell and heat would last before we got back to the regularly scheduled rain, rain, and more rain.
  13. Just came through Mount Laurel pretty hard. My neighbor is at his shore house and I sent him a pic of his house here with the siding hanging off waving in the wind.
  14. Yeah it's raining pretty bad right now ... Not happy the forecast changed for tomorrow the weather is always terrible when ever I have off. Probably still go fishing in the rain but it would be nice to finally get a good day
  15. Hitting us just to your south and east now:
  16. They are quick little guys . I use to see them all the time while rock climbing in the shawangunks in ny
  17. Haskell_Hunter

    what is it?

    Replacement bathroom fan at my house.
  18. I haven't seen so much rain come down like it just did here in Southern Warren County
  19. Water pump impeller for a reservoir
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