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  2. He works everyday after school and all day on Saturdays and he said that he wasn't interested in going this year. And I forgot to get a permit. The farmer said that he sees 40 to 50 turkeys almost everyday out in his fields.
  3. Congratulations George.
  4. It's turkey season . Grab David and go shoot those toms .
  5. I hope. There's so many does on this property. I've been telling the farmer about shooting more but, he doesn't care.
  6. Cool hunt,Thanks for sharing it!
  7. Does will bring the bucks in!
  8. BHC

    Remembering A Old Friend

    Sal, from south Jersey? Sal stayed at the house with us for weekend hunt. Sammy dealt with cancer for many years
  9. Had over 600 photos within the last two weeks and absolutely no bucks at all. The does have been hammering my mineral site.
  10. Congrats some of us had to go to work today! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. I remember that you were a good friend to Sammy and recall many posts where you mentioned him - you always stood up for him. I remember a post years ago where you went hunting together out of state where they put him 30' up a tree and he didn't like heights and then to add insult to injury they fed you tomato sauce from a jar! It sucks to lose good friends - I lost a good fishing friend a few years back. He was a character that wasn't for everyone and he had a Polack's stubborn refusal to compromise or backdown but he was a damned good friend to me. I now drive past places that we used to fish together and it saddens me to know that we will never fish those pools together again in this life. I feel your pain Joe. Here's to hoping that Heaven is a mixture of Valhalla and the Happy Hunting grounds!
  12. vdep217

    1st Timer

    Yes heavier 13 will be fine in your x full
  13. Went out and found number 14 today. Now that the bugs are bad, and the grass is tall it’s time to worry about thunder chickens. Best year by far and went past my total I was aiming for!
  14. I've been thinking about this. Your friend "Sammy," right? "Brownstones?" I do remember you talking about you guys hunting together … what a good guy he was. I remember that a lot. Someone from NJH told me about meeting you guys..... Sal, maybe, he said both of you were good guys. Sammy had a long battle before he died right? Again, I'm very sorry. Some things in life really suck.
  15. DavidG

    1st Timer

    Think this is ok? My factory choke says “lead only” extra full
  16. Nice find. Good luck with the turkeys.
  17. Nice looking bird, congrats!
  18. Congrats to you both!
  19. It makes perfect sense. In the thread about No Collusion-No Obstruction report you returned to an argument form three weeks ago to show you acceptance of report's findings
  20. Today
  21. Nice! Cool getting a tagged one.
  22. 3Blade

    Jake double

    Congrats to you both!
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