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  2. I know that you all don't to hear this but if you are in NJ there are laws on self defense. The criminals have rights! Do a search I'm argued out from earlier. From what I remember and I could be wrong you, the victim have to retreat before shooting. Do a search ... no gun self defense laws Good Luck!
  3. Had lots of activity on my cams today. Most since middle of November. I wish most still had antlers though. Only a few holding.
  4. darn right. right on your belt. that's where mine is unless I am in bed, then it is in reach on my night stand
  5. Glock 45 9mm Compact and lightweight. Great for a smaller hand. GF just bought 1000 rounds at Cabela's this past weekend. Looks like a fun few weekends coming up!
  6. We have shotguns and rifles. My thought is if you can get to them in time thats great. In a situation that happened a few nights ago, if it wasnt for the security system triggering, they would have been in the house,unless the rifles or shotguns were under the bed or in a closet you may not be able to get to it in time. Im thinking a pistol would be able to be kept closer. No kids to worry about
  7. I'm a Sig guy myself so if you're going to go out and test some guns, throw in the the P320 compact (9mm) and the P238 (380). Personally, my girlfriend likes shooting my 1911 the most but just like everything else, test and see what fits the best.
  8. If there arent any kids in the house screw the pistol use a shotgun. Flesh wounds and even vital hits from a small cal pistol isn't going to stop an adrenaline charged nut. Just the sound of a pump being pumped will have them running!
  9. Go to local PD, fill out forms, pay fee, and wait for permits to come in. Once you have permits you can buy the pistol. Shoot it on your own property.
  10. As a woman an experienced shooter, I’d say take her to the range and let her try a few out. Not sure where you live, but Most ranges you can rent handguns. I go to the heritage guild in easton, they have a lottt of rentals. I have my own pistols in .22, 9mm, and .45 but am a huge fan of 9mm, particularly of glocks. They are simple and effective, and I can get more rounds on target quicker than with my 45. I use a 9mm Glock for shooting competitions and have two others for home/self defense- a glock17 with a red dot and a Glock 43x that I hope to be able to conceal carry with one day. The 17 is a full size, the 43x is smaller. I love my 43x and chose it over the regular 43 because of how it fit my hand I like the longer grip, and I shot it better at the range when I compared the two. Also, because it holds 10rounds over 5-6 and that is important. Just my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What is the process for getting the pistol permit? Is there a waiting period? Neither one of us has owned a pistol before. Can you legally shoot it on your own property or must you go to a range? If you have to transport it to a range or when bringing it home is it different than a long gun used for hunting?
  12. Maybe he should have just taken me up on my offer to bring it here so I could help him, and show him how to do it next time. Said I have the space and all the tools, including a tractor with the capability to dig a hole deep enough to bury the carcass...
  13. we hunt on public land / state WMA's We have thousands of acres to hunt. Our club has 3 vehicles to drop off hunters when we do deer drives. Dues are 400 a year - this includes 3 meals a day & lodging.
  14. Zipper

    Doe Rescue

    Boys in blue to the rescue! https://nypost.com/2020/01/22/watch-police-save-deer-from-swimming-pool-in-dramatic-video/
  15. how much is the dues and how much hunting land do you have thanks for your time
  16. I'm getting much better battery life with lithium 600 pics still at 100 percent even with these colder tempd6
  17. I need one of them! I can't believe I didn't think of it
  18. Club info: South Branch Sportsman's Club is made up of a group of dedicated and SAFE hunters. SBSC is currently looking for new members who are dedicated and SAFE hunters to join our club. The club is open all year round. We hold various activities all year around. We have members that like to fish and hunt, trap, target or trap shoot, or just hang out at the club or in the outdoors.We have a large bunk room, full size dining area, full size kitchen, living room with a wood burning fireplace. We have a large rest room with plenty of hot water for showers. Meetings are the 3d Tuesday days of every month. SBSC is primarily a Deer-Drive hunting club. We hunt deer, small game and predators by bow & arrow, muzzle loader & shotgun. Club offers every member: use of building, Shooting Range, and much more. Young and old, male or female are welcome. If you interested, please post your questions .
  19. Hey Nick, if you're not normal, you came to right Site. Enjoy!
  20. My wife shoots all of my hand guns 40 9mm 380 357 and 38 and shoots them all well. Advise for a home defense gun for an intermediate shooter stay away from semi auto it's to much to think about in the heat of the moment if somthing goes wrong. A j frame 38 revolver is simple and fail safe if it dont go off pull the trigger again.. I have a Taurus ultralight 38 special that fits my wife well. Again if its needed and goes click will your wife be able to drop mag rack the slide reseat mag and release slide, chances are probly not as most will not be able to. Again just my opinion but a revolver is the way to go for home defense
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