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  2. Put a mineral site near it and you got it all going on! Looks great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bayonne

    need prayers

    after all his rounds of chemo just found out today he will still need surgery getting it on june 8th the wife and i cant be there no visitors needless to say my life sucks right now
  4. Yesterday
  5. And I have definitely killed deer over it while they were taking a drink !
  6. Nice! Looks alot better than my blue walmart kiddie pool that I buried . But it gets the job done and has lasted for 4 years now. My observation in my very limited scope has been if you only have the water out they will definitely use it but you can't pattern them to it. You could have deer there multiple times a day or a few days between there visits. Everything will use it. Bear , foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, coyotes ... Everything only once the first year did I have to bring more water to it to fill it up other than that it refills itself. Now if you put out bait as well corn or food block. The deer will definitely hit the water and the food so if you run dry in bait they will still be happy they got some water and keep coming back.
  7. Nice . Do you see deer hitting these water sources on a regular basis ?
  8. Field to table! More venison from the first deer I butchered from a few months ago. I've made this several times before over the past couple years, and I still can't believe how good this is. This has to be in my top-3 wild game recipes (though I'm trying to think what would top it - hard to think of anything, venison tenderloin maybe). Smoked venison backstrap, wrapped in bacon, and stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, mushrooms, onions, and of course more bacon. This is one of Malcom Reed's recipes with some (very) slight alterations -- I used my own rub (just threw together some cajun spices and chili powder), I slightly pre-cooked the bacon I used for the wrap so it would be more fully cooked at the end (I like bacon more on the crispy side), plus I cooked in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker set at the highest setting of 275 degrees for 40 minutes. Internal temps came out perfect to between 130 to 135 degrees - pink, tender, juicy. Melt in your mouth good.
  9. Now that's funny. I'm laughing like a 12 year old.
  10. That may be true. I do not know.If It is? Well off the bat my gut reaction is it's skirting the law. My conscience forbids that. I want to walk with a clean six!
  11. Its a juvenile brown headed cowbird
  12. no concerns over stagnant water for the deer? How to you target the deer without making a mosquito nursery?
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