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  2. Chemicals in the Jersey water.
  3. Already fished that area. Looking more toward Central America. Los Suenos is high on the list. Tropic Star Lodge in Panama as well. Or Guatemala. Safety and cost are concerns. All have food fishing. Want to do a few days offshore and a few days inshore like tarpon snook roosters and cubera.
  4. What's with the lacerations on the gill plates
  5. My telephone pole mounted American flag didn't't fair so well. I need a new flag pole now.
  6. Lunatic


    Thats what scares me. What will it do to your lungs?
  7. I did and I ended up with a better coverage. I went from$200 deduct to $0. here is what happened to my NJM insurance, which is a good company. Both of my kids started driving within one year of each other. My insurance for two new drivers with two additional cars went over $5K, I have been paying this for 9 years now. So I emailled them several times to see why I am still paying this high rate but I was not getting any response. I just moved on.
  8. Heavy emphasis on "best offer"
  9. It was all worth it, look at this morning temps
  10. nmc02


    100%....ruins anything rubber (i.e. base layer waist band, rubber boots, etc)
  11. Another mutant. I have caught a few like this.
  12. yoda4x4


    I have a question for you guys that use any other ozone generator on your clothing on a regular basis. Have you noticed that your clothing deteriorating any faster than before you used it? David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  13. Bucksnbows

    what is it?

    I think many folks would be surprised to learn how interconnected our water supply systems are. Not only here in NJ, but all over. How many know that Lake Hopatcong is an emergency water supply for Jersey City, for example? In that case, water is pumped from LH over the mountain to the Rockaway River where it flows south into the Jersey City reservoir in Parsippany. One of many examples.
  14. Just make sure with your auto insurance that you are comparing apples to apples. Often, to get a lower rate, you give up significant coverage.
  15. Today
  16. I was with NJM for my car insurance since 1999. Optimum for my TV, Net and phone for at least 15 years. All these threads about alternative services made me look around for better deal. I switched from NJM to Progressive, saving $2,000/year on 3 cars. Then I looked at my cable bill, which BTW was higher than my wife's car payment. I don't like verizon but I ended up with Fios and with the two year deal I am saving $93/month. We will see what happens after 2 years. Total savings at $259/month or $3,116 for the year. Keep shopping there are better deals out there.
  17. Fluke are supposed to be left handed flounder. Dark side , eyes on left side with jaw straight down. This one didn't get the memo.
  18. Lunatic


    maybe the product is well established by now, it sells well, so they don't the need money back guarantee to draw new customers?
  19. Lunatic


    That was the biggest joke, and yes I got sucked in as well. The only consolation was that the clothing was well made and I still have some of it. How this company gets away with what they claim this product does I will never understand.
  20. Heheh, that right there is a deal breaker. If I need a guard I am not going
  21. I was using a Stella paired with a 5'2" jigging rod, and that combo beat the piss out of the fish. I will try to find the video of the Stella in action
  22. Jack, I can only give you were i was in cabo.. not sure if you've been. The place i stayed at had all inclusive in studio rooms for 2200 for 2.. they have every thing available through them. Fishing charters are cheap enough with 325 being the average for 8 hours.. lots to do as well and all the eateries at resort were awsome plus there was a few st marina del cabo that are included..
  23. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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