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  2. That's funny Lou ,I was just thinking about you and you soon yesterday while watching my son ride...your son been racing?? How's he doing on the track??
  3. I've got my own cameras and would be willing to check them. I'm sure Littlem can clear it with the powers that be. Along with the usual yearly business. 💀
  4. Today
  5. More of the same :-) Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. I'll give a call and hopefully they will be open tomorrow Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  7. Misleading title! Nice pics though.
  8. Funny you said that about the Blackfish. I told my uncle we are going to go do that. They are fun to catch for sure. Definitely the Tuna are there some wheres in shore. Bet you can get them in the Mudhole right now on the chunk or jig. Shit the Klondike probably get them cause they were in only 50-55' of water the other day.
  9. Nice buck , good luck with him
  10. Get the cheapest one you can find. Most come with a thermocouple to cut the gas, I removed that immediately. They usually fail and the whole thing stops working. Go to your local home brew store and buy a burner there. If you want the Cadillac of burners, get this one: https://www.morebeer.com/products/blichmann-hellfire-floor-standing-burner.html I have that and it’s amazing. Sturdy as heck, and will boil 15 gallons of liquid in no time. Excellent controls and uniform flame (something that’s important so you don’t burn the crap out of your sugars) on the bottom.
  11. I’m hoping for good weather until the triple challenge . will start fishing for other stuff once that ends . inshore blackfish should be very good right now . and with all inshore bait we may actually get a good close in tuna bite. been many years since we had that close chunk bite . I saw tuna inshore 2 weeks ago , you saw them this week so it def could happen
  12. We have a little less than a month left of season so hopefully we don't get a big storm before the end.
  13. Some more photos.
  14. Good. Hopefully he is still around after he sheds velvet. Any time we should get ones with out velvet
  15. Yes. We are all set. He's been practicing his shooting.
  16. Good to see the big one is still coming. Have you and your sons doe spot ready
  17. I have heard a blind squirrel will find the nut some times. Guess the old saying is right
  18. shot a 625lber in 2016 don't think i want a bigger one.
  19. not sure i want bigger ones...i have 1 at another spot, i shot a 625 lber in 2016 . my body is still soar..
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