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NJW&W Predatorch.com Deer Scent Contest til 11-13-16

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Everyone who posts here on this thread will be automatically entered to win a full compliment of my Predatorch Deer Scents just in time for the rut...

The contest will run from NOW until Sunday Nov. 13 at 8pm. I will lock this thread at exactly 8pm. The winning name will be drawn at 9pm and announced here. The hour is to give the puller time to write all entries name on a card.

Now what exactly do you win?

1. Doe on Fire Pure Estrous 4.8oz bottle Val. $22
2. Doe on Fire Pure Estrous Gel 4.8oz bottle Val. $25
3.Buck on Fire Pure Rutting Buck 4.8oz bottle Val. $22
4. Scrape Inferno Scrape Starter 4.8oz bottle Val. $22
5. Hang Fire Scrape Wicks-3 Strips Val. $12
6.... Brand New Scorching Scrape- 1 pack $22 New Long Lasting Scrape Mud... Ive worked on this one a while to perfect! It will provide estrous doe/young buck scent in your scrape dirt for weeks slowly seeping into the soil.

Total Value $125.... Winner picked Sunday Nov. 13th- Prize will ship Monday Nov. 14th...

Guys have been shooting some really good bucks on my scents for years now! Enter and take a chance!

new Scents.png

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