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Could a 'Recent Topics' menu item be added to the top menu between Forums and Activity Stream?


The Forums menu item displays a limited amount of recent topics. This was OK before the increased traffic on the site as posts lingered for a few days. I find that posts can now be off the recent items list in a matter of hours and l miss many posts.


I'd like to see a recent topics menu item that would give more real estate to recent topics. I am not a big fan of the activity stream format.


Hope it makes sense and was explained clearly.

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There is a "view new content" tab in the top left.  You can select the time frame that refreshes. last 24 hours, last week, etc


Thanks for pointing that out. That seems to display about 25 topics and requires me to click on the next page(s) to see the remainder. The 'other’ site displays about 65 to 70 topics without having to do a page refresh. I don't mind clicking through, but l know from experience that people are generally impatient and won't bother to look at anything beyond the first page. Perhaps l should amend my suggestion to have the 'View New Content' menu to display more items without having to click.

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I'm the one that asked for that "View New Content" at the top left corner :) That's basically all I use. That and the "Mark Community Read" that is right next to it.


When you go the "View New Content" page, I have set the option "Content I have not read" on the left side. That way the list only shows the threads that have new content that I haven't seen yet.


If there is too many and I just want to start over with a clean slate, I click "Mark Community Read" and my "New Content" is cleared and I'll only see new content starting from that point on.

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