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Purchasing Permits


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Can permits be purchased 24 hours a day or is there some odd rule requiring they only be issued during certain hours? I was debating whether to purchase a buck tag for permit bow and thus put off purchasing my permit all together, and now the only time I am near a place selling permits is when I drive to go hunting in the morning. Can I stop by a 24 hour Walmart to get my permit at 5 am or am I kidding myself?

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Got my permits at Walmart in Howell, only one girl named Grissellen knew what she was doing.

Lots of time the clerk enters the wrong password or store number and says "I can't get on, must be down".


Buck stubs must be purchase at the original time of zone purchase, however additonal zone puchases can be done at a later date.

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from fish and game weebsite


Antlered Buck Permits must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. on the following dates:

October 29 for Permit Bow

November 28 for Permit Muzzleloader

December 14 for Permit Shotgun



That is only if you already bought your antlerless zone permits. If you have NOT yet purchased your zone permit, you can buy your buck tag at the same time, even past those dates. But they have to be bought together. That's why the sentence after those dates says, "These deadlines apply UNLESS purchasing the first zone-specific antlerless permit AND an Antlered Buck Permit at the same time after these dates." See http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/permit_info.htm


If you already bought a zone permit, you can't then later during the season buy a buck tag (to avoid people buying just the zone permit, and then only buying a buck tag during the season if they happen to bag a buck).

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Thanks for the input I drove over this afternoon and picked up my permit bow and buck tag. I held off because I was trying to decide if I wanted the buck permit and figured I'd rather have it than have to pass on a nice deer. 

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