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Big 5pt down


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Hello all! Just joined from the other sight! Here goes my first post..


After harvesting my doe on opening day this year, I didn't see much as far as larger bucks during fall bow. I had them on camera during daylight hours but couldn't make it happen. I wasn't going to go out Saturday morning for permit opener, but my friend convinced me early that morning.... And I'm glad he did!


Here's the whole story.... Had a small button buck come in about 7:45. His mom was with him but wasn't committed to coming in to closer than ~60yds (I believe she may have known something was up). About 15 min later I see this 5pt coming in. At about ~50yds he turns and goes straight for the doe. In a desperate attempt, I grunted loudly at him and got him to turn and come straight towards the button buck! He had his head down looking like was gonna let the button have it! He got to 20yds and the button got scared and trotted off about 5 yds, that's when he stopped and I let him have it! I hit what looked like a little high and the arrow stuck in him with about 12" sticking out. I saw exactly where he went into brush, but didn't see him go down even though I thought I saw the tell-tale tail flicker. Following that, I called my friend who convinced me to go out, and told him the story. He was hunting about an hour away and said that he would be there ASAP. I sat tight until he got there. In the mean time the button buck never left, and was followed by two more spikes, and a small 4pt, and 3 turkeys! At this time I had 4 small bucks and 3 turkey all within 15yds. My friend got there about an hour later and pushed them off. He immediately saw the blood trail and from my stand I directed him which way to go. Right to the spot I saw the tail flicker....and there he layed.... All 167lbs dressed weight.


The best part......there was about 4" of someone else's arrow and a broad head stuck in him high in the middle of his back !!!


also attached a trail cam pic....



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