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Last Day of Fall Bow 7 ptr


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Filled my Fall Bow tag on the very last day, this past Friday.  It was real windy and got to my stand at 3:30pm.  On the way in I had seen a nice buck chasing other deer around.  Once I got to the top of my ladder stand I saw this 7 Ptr about 60 yards in some tall grass\brush to my left and he was lip curling and moving in every direction.  He stood there constantly looking around for quite awhile.  He eventually bedded and all I could see were his antlers.  Long story short had a couple of smaller bucks come in bed near him and walk off.  After about an hour and a half the 7 ptr got up started walking in the same direction the other two smaller bucks went.  Once he cleared the brush he started to gallop coming past my stand.  I got ready and bleated out an increasing in volume Baaaaaahhh!  Took him a couple of seconds to stop and that's when I made a perfect 25 yard double lung shot.  He only ran 30 yards and watched him drop.  Ironically, 2nd year in a row I tagged out on the last day of of fall bow.







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