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Permit Bow Tag Filled


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Did not hunt yesterday as I was judging the NJ Flyfisherman / Woman of the year contest yesterday. I started a mock scrape nearly two weeks ago, and it has been getting lots of action. Had trouble getting ot of bed early this morning as I was whipped from being out on the water all day yesterday. I got to the stand a little latter than normal but still before shooting light. Starting at first light I cold hear deer running fifty yards above me then some buck grunts. I saw the figure of one deer come down to about fofty yards from me ,but could not make out what it was.I heard some more buck grunts down the mountain from me about twenty minutes later, but never saw that deer.At about 8 AM I decided to stand up for a while. Shortly after I stood ,I heard some more light grunts then saw a flash of movement at thirty yards. I grabbed the X-sow off the hanger , but he must of saw the movement because next I see a buck quickly walking away. Fifteen minutes later I hear a deer running my way, a doe pops out from behind some foilage moving quickly, a decent buck follwing ten yards behind her. I was debating whether to shoot this buck, when I heard a loud grunt further back. I look over there and immediately I knew this was a definite shooter. He came into the opening quickly chasing the other deer,. I gave him a mouth grunt he paused for a second and I squeezed the trigger, he kept on going but I noticed his tail was clamped down tight. About 80 yards out he stopped, and fell backwards down to the ground. While giving him some time a doe came through atDSCN2086.JPG:DSCN2085 (2) twenty yards with a decent eight point trailing her. Wow the rut is on !

DSCN2085 (2).JPG

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Great buck! I say the same thing. They are definitely in seeking and early chasing. But many say it's a "false Rut". I'm not buying it. I've seen a ton of action and all signs tell me the main event is underway. Filled

My permit season tag Saturday.

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