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the bear nuts are still at it


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They are pushing this nation wide. Some jackazz from California on a political site I go on (Political Wrinkles) posted propaganda from the bear nuts.


Here is a link to the thread, but I am not sure it will work unless you create an account on PW




Below are my responses to him.





I live and hunt in NJ. The only reason NOT to harvest this animal is it gives anti hunting dingbats (like the OP) something to whine about and play on emotion.

That bear has been walking around injured and suffering for several years. The hunter that took it put it out of its' misery.
Originally Posted by 762nato viewpost.gif
There is nothing wrong with trophy hunting as long as the meat from the animal is also consumed or if the animal, like the so called Cecil the lion, is a threat to humans or live stock.

That being said the NJ bear hunt is NOTa trophy hunt. It is a culling to reduce the extreme overpopulation of bears in the north west counties. The 546 bears taken were taken in an area smaller than most counties in larger states. NJ bears have been causing havoc on livestock and even killed a young man two years ago. The fatality occurred about two miles from my front door.

All this emotional whining by animal rights activists is absurd and moronic. These people need to get a life. With Christians being beheaded in the ME; illegal aliens (including our Muslim enemies)overrunning our country, black on black crime running rampant in the inner city, abortions killing millions of unborn children, et.al. these people are bemoaning the fact that a hunter legally killed a crippled suffering black bear. As I said they need to get a life.

Bottom line is they are against all hunting because people that hunt do not fit into their left wing world view. They are using this to appeal to emotion instead of recognizing that sport hunting is the most effective and economical (in fact it generates revenue) means of wildlife management in existance.
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The NJ No Bear Hunt group was supposed to have a protest on the 10th somewhere in Bergen cty.  This is what one of the members posted on FB.     .

 Malone 6 people showed up at the protest today

What happened?

I'll tell you what happened you fools.  You have exhausted the people you rely on and everyone else has to work to pay taxes to fund your welfare checks. (you are also less believable when you attach yourselves to fools like Lesniak) They also have to pay more to fill up their cars thanks to the Democrat legislature so there will be less of them coming to your protests.  Your welcome.  


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