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Buck fever for sure, I feel so f#@ed up !! why !

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Please let me elaborate in order to understand my frustration.

First of all, I am a new member in this site, just came from the other web site, so some of you now about me, I am new on hunting, green of course.


This is my second season, last year I only started with my fall regular season and an old compound mathews, a good one for sure. I could place myself at

7 yards from two small spikes and 3 yards from a young bear. So I called my first season a success in a public land where usually some people says there is NO deer.


This year (my second season) I used a trail cam and attractants, I have plenty of deer in my cam and I would say I saw deer from my stand in a good ratio, can not complaint really.


I could pattern some deer:

1. A couple of does coming 4 pm, I decided to go on Saturday... they came at the usual time, in my 20 yards range, but some small game hunters around, a couple of ATV running

and a xbow hunter walking a lot around, well... no complaints since I know is public land (ATV shouldn't be there btw). These two does attended to our appointment, in range, felt the shake

and ready for the full draw when suddenly the fellow hunter appears again at 80 yards from my stand, clearly visible, spooking the does who move to my opposite side, I couldn't make the full draw

because my tree did not let me... no shoot. obviously the deer went away. Call it a day and leave the place, maybe a nice Saturday wasn't a good hunting day.


2. Working hard... and had this 6 points coming at the same time (7:30 am) so this last Friday I have decided to take a couple hours from work and just harvest my buck,

very light rain and breezy at 6 am. I has on my stand at 6:20. This nice buck came at 7:30 (as usually my cam shows)... so I was there, just me alone, this time was nobody else.

at 50 yards I started to shake as hell, my heart was beating hard, the guy came to my ideal range at 20 yards ( I use a finder to be sure), the buck gave me a nice and clean shoot !

at 20 yards I felt no more shake, I make my full draw and shot !!!

Buck barely noticed my shot, barely moves and went to my apposite hand, then right under my stand...

I totally MISSED the shot ! I was totally confused, did not understand how I can miss a shoot I have practiced several times before.

ready for another draw but the buck left the place slowly giving me its back ... I just felt like an stupid hunter looking its butt while the guy went away relaxed,

the buck never noticed me

that morning I never was there...


I went down, put my water bottle and go up again, used my blunts at the same range... Good shoot ! water bottle was killed !


**** !!!! total frustration !!! I went to work BUT couldn't get over it, I was thinking about my shoot ALL the freaking day !!!


I was trying to remember details about my shoot BUT I COULDN'T recall any ! I couldn't recall my anchor points, the line touching my nose, my elbow position... can not recall a freaking

thing about my body posture during my shoot ! ALL I recall is the buck...All I recall is that shoulder !!! I was so focused on the deer and NO on my posture. I MESSED UP totally,

just blame myself ! I couldn't' even recall the pin in my peep sight ! I don't say I did not do it, just say that I don't remember that thing !


Maybe I should buy a crossbow or go for some striper and give up ? **** no !


sorry guys but I had to vent... I couldn't live my life on Friday, I couldn't take it from my head ALL the day, I even couldn't focused properly on my work, felt like crap,

I couldn't sleep well that night.


All these feelings are normal? I mean, I am not a drama queen, I always get over things easily but this thing is new for me and I feel like having another chance like that

is going to be hard to get, besides all the time and work invested.


sorry for the long sheet




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This is normal I have shot many good bucks and have gone through it even after shooting deer.  Keep at it keep hunting practice practice.  Try to not  let it get in your mind you will over think it and it will happen again. 


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Happens to everyone, even old-timers.


I practice shooting using 1-2-3 steps, that way you know if you go through the steps, you're set up to shoot.  Could be something as easy as 1) raise bow, 2) draw, 3) anchor to mouth, 4) bead target, 5) control breathing, and on 3rd exhale, 6) release.  I have to create a mental picture of the whole shot before I release and I practice that.  If I'm really nervous for a shot, I think each step out loud in my head.  It also builds confidence before the shot because you know you can hit your target each time you do this.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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A few other tips just in case plus what RGW said:

- Did you shoot over?  Have you practiced from elevation or a tree stand with a 3D deer target? You might be surprised how you have to aim a little lower. Range the tree next to the deer straight horizontally. That's the shoot range really. Straight to the deer is diagonal and would read about a yard longer. Depends on how high up the tree you are. But i find it is more than that 1 yard in terms of aim change from flat on the ground.

- Mentally check all the things you did not remember then re-concentrate on a spot on the deer in the vitals zone. I like to focus on the deer's elbow and aim above it. Or focus on the opposite leg and come up into the chest. But depending on how your bow shoots 20 yds from a std you maybe need to aim right on that elbow or lower. 

- The hard part - Follow thru. Hold your bow aiming at the same spot after you let go until the arrow has passed through the deer. Practice a 3 second hold after your range practice shots. Too often on TV you see the guys move the bow maybe as the arrow is still on the rest! Then they wonder why "I hit a little far back".


Glad you posted. I have a grandson who I am about to get started hunting so I plan to tell him the same things. Some final practice today planned before hunting test next weekend.

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Buck fever got your good.........and thats a good thing!   Once you lose that feeling hunting is not fun anymore.   Don't sweat it, it happens to all of us.  Its a learning experience and you will be better off for the next encounter .  Good luck and keep at it, it will all come together soon enough.

Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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Target panic on live game is nothing new. Best ways to overcome it are as follows. (Do them all):

1) watch hunting TV shows focusing on the final moments before the shot. Record them and fast forward to that point and watch them over and over.

2). Spend the money and buy a 3-D target. Practice just as you would hunt. If you hunt from a tree stand practice from one at the same height you hunt from even if it means getting on your roof to shoot.

3) when you practice don't just shoot. Practice just like you hunt by pretending that 3-D target is the deer walk into your shooting lane. Day dream your way through the shot. Draw slow and careful, aim and release. Do it over and over again.

And finally

4) shoot does and dinks. Nothing wrong with filling your tag on does and small bucks in your early years. To many guys go years without shooting at a live animal because they only want mr big and when they do loose that arrow they aren't used to it and they botch the shot. But if it's the 3rd or 4th deer you've shot in the season it's a lot easier.

You will always feel excited when shooting game. But getting used to doing it will go a long way.

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Hey buddy you got half the battle you have deer coming in just relax and breathe do not drop you bow arm and yes bend at the waist if you have too to get the shot do not move anything in your upper body to compensate your shot cause then everything changes anchor point and shot will go out of whack... and yes shoot your broadheads you may have to adjust you SITE because they do fly different then field points... don't quite you'll get one soon enough relax and breathe

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This has been studied extensively, and you are perfectly normal.  While sitting in a stand the average hunter's heartbeat is around 80 bpm.  When a deer is spotted it goes up to 100 bpm.  When you are taking the shot your heart rate is over 120 bpm and adrenaline is surging through your body.  All of this would come in really handy if you were trying to run the deer down and kill it with your bare hands.  Unfortunately you're trying to stay calm and and make a clean shot, which is best accomplished when you are calm, not when you are on adrenaline overload.  


Like MTH explained, experience and practice are the solution.    

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When I was young I learned once i decided it was a buck i was going shoot I never took my eyes off his rib cage,I've seen guys concentrating on there rack so hard they fly arrows right threw there horns,plenty time to count points once he is on ground

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