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Any one go turkey hunting?

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i have  tag for fall turkey. i did not make it out today because i had to clean a couple chimneys. i have electrical classes for work this tues, wed, and thursday. hopeing to get out early one of the days if not everyday so i can catch an evening hunt, otherwise i am forced to only hunt next saturday. still looking for my first turkey. cant catch a break with these birds.

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 I was thinking about picking up a permit, I dont do permit deer, but with a 20+ day break from the woods I wanted to get out and maybe try for some turkeys. I was hoping to ask for some tips for fall turkey, do they respond to calling, can you hunt from a tree stand, and other little things to increase my odds. I've briefly red the digest on turkey hunting, but not fully as i've never committed to actually going out and hunting some. 


Good luck Kype and get yourself a thanksgiving bird. 

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My wife did and she hit one but it flew off on her with the arrow still in him, we searched for as long as we can with a 2 year old in tow but no luck...I'm going back in first thing in the a.m to do a grid search ..really want to find him for her since it was her first ever turkey and she walked it with the bow.

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I did! All I saw and heard was coyotes  :down:


Seriously. Have I got another story.


Friend of mine has property and he and his wife say they always see turkey. They kindly gave me permission so I went out this morning.


Oh, I forgot to mention - he and his wife also told me, "We have been seeing coyote - we think we have 3. But, there might be more now. They are brazen, we see them in the daylight." :eek:  I had no doubt because this past spring I had a trail camera on their land and got a pic of a yote in the middle of the day.


Anyway, another mutual friend of ours went deer hunting in his stand on the same property about 200 yards away from where I set up. We were texting each other all morning.


About 7:15am I saw what I thought was a deer. But I looked closely and it was too small, legs too stubby, and didn't have a neck like a deer. Damn! Yote! About 70 yards away, too far for my #6 shot I had in my SG. I just watched him walk.


7:30 and I hear turkey chatter behind me - way behind me. My buddy in the deer stand texts me, "I have turkeys sounding off 75 yards to my right - sounds like where we parked." But of course  :whatever:


Well, I never saw the turkeys, just heard them. My buddy tells me he sees a spike and yearling and let's them walk. I sat waiting to see if the turkeys make their way over to me, and then at around 8:30am, on a road nearby, I hear a police car go by with his siren on. If on cue, a whole pack of coyotes immediately (ALL of them) start howling and barking and just doing all kinds of racket. They could not have been more than 200 to 300 yards away - real close to the landowners house. I have never heard anything like it before. I'm thinking "THREE?! You don't have THREE! You have double or triple that!!" There was more than 3 yotes for sure.


Anyway, I packed up and left - there ain't no turkeys coming by with all those yotes so close.


And thus ended my opening day of fall turkey season  :rant:

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