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Since we are on the topic of harnesses

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In addition to having your harness on another very important tool to have attached to your harness and adjusted correctly is your relief strap. If in the event you do fall and find yourself hanging from your tree strap, you pull the strap out from your hip and bring it to your other hip. Then you step up into it to relieve the pressure on your crotch and lower legs.


If you do not you will enter suspension trauma fairly quickly, and with the nature of hunting this is a very likely situation. If you recover a buddy who did not use his suspension relief DO NOT LAY HIM DOWN. Sit him up and get him EMT help asap. Inform them he was suspended with no relief asap.






Please read the information and pass it along. Very important and not well known.


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Here's a tip: buy yourself a small inexpensive whistle and attach it to your relief strap. As you are hanging and you take your relief strap out, you'll have a whistle right there to help make some noise to (hopefully) get the attention of someone.


I bought a small marine whistle like this one: http://www.globalfms.com/products/fms-aqua-marine-survival-rescue-whistle


It's inexpensive, no parts (just a one-piece whistle) - works even when wet and no internal bead to get stuck or go missing. It slides on tight to the relief strap. Small enough to not get in the way - I forget its even there anymore.


Buy it, attach it, and forget about it - hopefully you'll never need it, but best to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.



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It's for that reason I'm wearing a rock climber''s harness. Allows you to much easier get back to safety .

And won't hurt you if your stuck there for awhile .

They are made to hang in for long periods . Regular harnesses are not as you stated.


And the climbers harness in my opinion is way more comfortable. And less obstructive in the tree.


Only way I would wear a standard harness is with it attached to a tree spider slow decent lanyard.



Preventing a fall is only one part of going home safe.

The events after the fall are just as important

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I'm wearing a rock climber''s harness. Allows you to much easier get back to safety .

And won't hurt you if your stuck there for awhile .



I honestly don't understand why this is standard operating procedure?   Rock climbing harnesses are 100x more logical than the typical hunting harness. 


Unless I'm missing something, it seems to me that the hunting world hasn't realized that the eraser has been firmly attached to the top of the pencil for some years now.


"I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price." - Brigadier General Nathanael Greene, June 28, 1775

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