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For the dogs

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I posted earlier dog jems about either fresh or dried deer throats, here's a whole kit and kabotal literally. Like a hot dog everything goes in. My family uses venison as it's ONLY source for red meat, I have a number I need each year to make the year, the way it works Ullman by November and empty by September, not hard to figure it, but by beginning of bow season either we are having last toco Tuesday of steaks on the grill. Anyways rambling a bit, I try to do a no waste nothing but bone and skin go in the woods, I know can cook down bones and make stuff with skin but I'm not THAT extreme, on with it I take the nastiest stuff and put it through the grinder. Blood damagemail, glands and grind it, not a big fan of organs they have a job and just leave them for the birds. Anyways I make jerky strips with silver skin and lower leg meats and grind and cook what appears to be some good looking soup, me and my kid tried it not that good but the dogs love it. I boil about 10 lbs. of undesirables with chopped pepper, carrots, celery, garlic other a lot not good in large amounts and a bag of fresh cranberries, anyway ongoing deal about dog food but they do love it and my waste is minimal.






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Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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Very nice Roon, waste not want not.


Back in grad school (100 years ago) I lived on a farm that raised labs and beagles.  We did the same thing.  Anything that we weren't going to eat went into the dog pot.  This included the organs, lungs and all.   :up:

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