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Is a 17 Caliber enough gun for Coyote


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Nice! I was looking at a 17 Remington for here in NJ.



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Matt you won't be sorry. It is probably the perfect caliber for Fox and Coyote. My 17/223 finally quit on me. Barrel is toast. I was going to have it re barreled in 17 Remington. But my hands don't work that well anymore and those little bullets give me hell on the reloading bench. Going up a notch to 20 caliber.


With the 17 Rem you will have no exits or ricochet to worry about.

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Many coyotes are taken with .17s just as many if not more are wounded and never recovered by shooters I know hunting pa.

Imo the .17s lightweight bullet weights unless exceptionally well placed is just not enough to reliably bring coyotes down. I'm not saying they shouldn't be used. they are great on Fox. I'm saying I think eastern coyotes outweigh there western counterparts and therefore require just a hair heavier bullet than 25 grains.


All that being said.... exactly 15 coyote kills were reported by nj Predator hunters last year


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Exactly why I was looking at it! Seems like the perfect NJ predator caliber. I was going to get an AR build with a custom DTECH upper but never pulled the trigger on it. I should :)



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You have that Ruger you could be using.  That's what I'm predator hunting with in NJ.  I'm in the northern hills, so I don't have to worry about a bullet traveling too far, it's gonna' hit something by at least 200 yards up here.  But you've got a decent gun for the job, unless of course you're using that Ruger for home protection.

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