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Good friend of mine is only hunting bears,he asked me to help with a heavy load of donuts today....On his camera he had it on video, he had two bears over 500 lbs., plus one about 250, another about 300, and one 350 plus.....

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Lots of giant Bear around. A friend of mine lives in Montana and sees Grizzly's frequently. He say's a large Grizzly is about 400lbs.


Years from now we will be reminiscing of the old days when NJ had World Class Trophy Bears for 2 dollars. No where else in the world are your chances better of taking a truly giant Black Bear then in NJ today. When you think of it, it is quite amazing. The most populated state has the largest Bears and the most Deer per square mile.


I ate Bear once. We used to let a group of locals use our Deer Camp for Bear season in Pa. It is right before Deer season. They had scored and had a Roast in the Oven when we arrived at Camp. It was horrible lol.

Sent from my flip phone with the big buttons so I can see them

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He asked me to join him for bear hunting but come December I will deer hunt, so if we have a 2017 archery bear hunt I think I will opt to join him. His area is so damn remote, so much room

Plus closer to home

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