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So close yet so far

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So got a call last night from a friend saying he saw a big ten point walk across the road into my property. Couldnt hunt this am due to work so went out this afternoon rattled a bit amd had a 6 point come in. Watched him for a bit then he walked off. I look across the field and out steps the 10. He scans the field and goes to head the other direction, i grunted twice he turned and came into 50 yds and stopped for about 5 minuted at 50 yds. Down wind of course he caught my sent and left then met up with 5 does and chased them across the road and out of my life. Joys of hunting hea prolly a good 20-23 inches wide. Grrrrrrr

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I'd love to see that action Septicdude....The wind lay down nice for me the last hour after I hobbled to the shed. I watched an empty woods and the fall bow season fade off into the sunset. On my way back to the house I heard the faint sound of deer horns clashing in the fields across the road. Yep, there is hope for tomorrow. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

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