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Because a blind squirrel, a broke clock, a fat malicious lefty idiot gets it right once in a while.


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For once I not only agree with this lefty nut his comments and observations have MOVED me and not only me watch BOTH VIDEO'S then send em on to your lefty friends and relatives maybe they have not voted yet....or if they have maybe it will change how their long dead granny votes on the 8th.





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Pretty sure Moore HATES that his talks are actually generating MORE Trump support!  In my mind, he probably envisioned it as an "awakening" message to voters that they are only voting out of "anger" and to give that "Big FU" to the establishment and government...hoping they would change their minds once "enlightened" by his wisdom.  It's actually created more support behind Trump and made Moore appear as logical...because he is correct, despite hoping pointing it out might change peoples level of awareness to more align with his true beliefs.  Instead he's just highlighted and added "celebrity" exposure to the very thing many of us feel.  Thanks Michael Moore! :rofl:

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