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How many have not....


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Seeing the awful recent story about a hunter falling from a stand because he may have fallen asleep begs the question....

How many have not fallen asleep in a stand???


Maybe I work too much but I have to admit, I think I doze off everytime I'm in a stand! I remember being 25 feet up in my comfy Summit Climber. I got in it about 2 in the afternoon, remember looking at my watch at 4 and then jerking awake at 8 pm in the pitch black!! I missed all of my wife's texts and when I got into the parking lot, my buddy was pulling in to look for me after she called him!???? This ever happen to anyone else?

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Only in my API Grand Slam climber. I have had some of the best rests while in that stand. Several years ago I was settled in during the rut and I may have been snoring, not sure. When I woke up, I was staring down at a 120" 8 pointer that was 5 yards from the base of my tree. He was looking right up at me with his eyes as big as golf balls and took off like his ass was on fire. He is probably still running.

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Always take a snooze if needed in my Summit Viper. Harness on, feet up, cozy. Its one of the reasons I bought that stand. Set the alarm for a 15 power nap and ready to go. I can sleep on a rock or on my kitchen table if needed

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I sleep all the time....a quick 15 min here or there makes me more alert after. Only got in a bind once during muzzy season when I had a buck come in while I was napping...I strap myself in across the chest and around the tree before napping and I had to undue the strap before I could get my gun and turn for the shot.....a bit of a harrowing experience, but that buck went to the butcher :-)

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