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Glad you posted this. I used the onXMaps app recently during a free trial. After I spent a few minutes figuring it out, I thought that it was excellent. Problem is, my free trial ended, and I don't feel like dropping $15 month or $99 year on it. - any free sites or comparable apps?

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Yes, like Ken said. Onx is $30 per year for 1 state. It works but it has to reload the page when you zoom in, zoom out or rotate the screen and takes a while if you dont have great signal (like when out in the woods when you need it to work) which is annoying.

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I'm a civil engineer and a program I use for finding state land is "NJ GeoWeb". Just google it. Once your there go to the boxes on the right, click aerial view of 2012 and expand the tabs to find "open space State" then you just zoom into the area you want to know about. It's pretty simple but you have to use a full size computer couldn't imagine trying to use it on phone or even if it would work. The site is managed by the NJDEP and there's a bunch of features outside of just that but again a great tool to have. I run dual monitors at work and will use google earth to locate a spot i think looks promising than I open GeoWeb to figure if it's State land. Especially useful for small ponds in the woods for duck hunting. If you have any questions you can PM me and I'll try to walk anyone through it.


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