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Doe in the freezer. Buck here I come.


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Last night I couldn't make up my mind where to hunt. I have two spots I just found this week which produced a few scrapes and another I have a mock that hasn't been showing anything yet but the does come into my corn and pinch point quite religiously. Picking the right spot for deer is a must because time in the woods is rare with a 4 year old and 13 month old this year. When I woke up this morning I decided to hit my regular spot and grab my things out of my scent crusher closet. When I approached my stand I could see the feeder hasn't gone off in awhile or it's empty because of the fresh leaves. Damn it, but I brought some pinch point and put it out. Not seeing or hearing anything for awhile I started to hear some rustling of leaves. About 50 yards out I could see some deer figures and possible chasing going on. Another doe walks behind me and I'm thinking the morning is over. Shortly later this doe from far out circles back after catching wind of what I had on the ground. 25 yard shot and the dead ringer trauma passes through no problem. Once I climbed down, I find this doe was standing next to a fresh scrape that I had no idea was there. A short bloody track job and I was eating lunch at Lucille's in Warren Grove. My daughter was excited and my son knows three words. Dad Deer and Dog. Love these kids.


The other site will probably ban me for using all those bad words.





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