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Thieving Sh*# Bags!


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I get to my mason dump truck this morning, go to start it and I thought my engine blew it was so loud. I roll the window down and it sounds like a muffler issue. I get out, look under the truck and the muffler seems to be ok, then look to my left and there it is or I mean it is not-my catalytic converter is gone! Some low life piec of.... cut it clean off! So not only is it going to cost  me to get it replaced we don't work today, so lost wages for me and my worker in addition to the replacement cost. I have had hunting equipment stolen through the years and that sucks, but this truck is like my right arm, without it I can't put food on the table, this just takes it to a different level!! I know the loser is going to scrap it and this just cost me a LOT so he could possibly make$100. To make it worse I contact my insurance agent and he reminds me that is not covered since I don't have full coverage anymore. I changed the policy a year and half ago or else it would have been covered under theft. :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead: . Thanks for reading, I needed to vent!!!!


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This is/was happening all over warren county.  I know of a few businesses that were hit multiple times for cats and for batteries.  My company was hit as well and we installed security cameras all over the building and parking lot.

Scumbag meth and heroin addicts scrapping the stuff for a few bucks.

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