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Clown Lives Matter


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Just ranting at the news today...

You may have heard that Catholic University is condemning and banning signs/posters stating "Unborn Lives Matter" because they are "racist and demeaning to the BLM movement". So...what if the signs said, "Unborn Black Lives Matter"? Just a thought.


That started my day and then I get home to find my kids get a note from school that no one will be allowed to dress as a clown for Halloween at school this year. I'm so enraged that I feel like driving my kids to school and escorting them to the door dressed as a clown...maybe wear a "Clowns Lives Matter" t-shirt. (Of course, that would be racist against the BLM movement so maybe I'll wear a "Black Clowns Lives Matter" t-shirt instead.)


What is the paranoia with clowns? How can a school or town ban an expression of art? What kind of wimps are we becoming? Since when does everything have to have some hidden evil?? Should Barnum's circus ban clowns now? Is Steven King allowed to write "It...the second coming"! Shouldn't Ronald McDonald be arrested? (or at the very least be forced to wear a head scarf to put people at ease!). How is it that kids can't dress as a

Clown, but they can dress as a flesh eating zombie? Funny but there are maybe a couple hundred clowns running around the country and no one has been hurt or killed; yet we're not supposed to fear the thousands of open border "refugees" who cause the last three terror attacks?? I'd bet that if I dressed as a clown I'd be arrested on the spot, but if I dressed as a pot smoking transgender terrorist giving out free condoms; the school would invite me in to guest lecture on the virtues of cultural diversity!!

Ok I feel better now

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