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Zone 2 sit today


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My plan was to get out and hunt yesterday, but I got a call to run my dog for a client down at Hunt's, so that's where I went! Lol, I do t have much time to hunt on a Monday as I need to get chores done and can't shoot a deer late as I'll never get up for work, since I need to be up by 4:30 am the latest.


Anyway, I woke up a little later than I wanted since I set my alarm for 3pm instead of am. Duh, but woke on my own at 4:15, after I took the dog out fed him and had my coffee and showered, I left home altitude after 5am, got to the parking area by 5:45 or so and set up in my tree by a little after 6, just as the sky was getting a little pink in the east, great morning to be out, the Owls where hooting up a storm!!


A sit got lighter I saw that the winds we had took down a lot of leaves and I could see quite a ways.

I hit the doe bleat and grunter one time at about 7 or so and settled in to enjoy the sunrise! I expected any deer to come in to my left off the corn fields, but as I looked to my left I see a smallish deer coming in on my entry trail! I though "Oh crap, game over" but it never picked up on me and kept coming in.

It being a single smallish deer, I was thinking it may be a button, and while I have no issues with shooting one, I was thinking that if it was he'd be getting a pass today then, when it was standing 5-10 yards away I saw for sure it was a young doe, I took another look around to see if it had any company, nope all alone so, WHACK!!!!!! A short but powerful run and down in less than 30 yards, the quartering away shot was a bit forward for my taste and the arrow exited at the base of the neck right of center, upon dressing I found that I had both lungs and cut the major heart arteries.


Dressed wheight I figure is about 50 or so, so it's loins, chop meat and 10 pound of sweet Italian sausage!! Only deer I saw this am.

Hunt with a Vizsla, cause life's to short to hunt with an ugly dog! :D RIP Tilly monster. (Attila) 2004-2017.

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