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another hunter falls from treestand and airlifted

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UPPER PITTSGROVE -- For the second time in two days, a New Jersey hunter had to be airlifted to a hospital after falling out of a tree, police said. Police got a call at 6:58 p.m. from a hunter who had just fallen about 15 feet to the ground from ...


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This is crazy! I know sh*t can happen to any one of us out there but seriously how can a person not be concerned for their own safety and try to limit any potential harm by using a harness? I have a wife and a nine year old to come home to and yes using a harness slows me down a bit but its better then the potential alternative!!

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If you come home in a body bag, what good is that to your family and loved ones?  We're seeing way too much of this in today's day and age.  You get used to a safety harness very quickly, IMO; and when you add a safety line so you're hooked in going up and coming down, you always know you'll be able to drive yourself home that day.  

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