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Monday, 10/24/16 Check In


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Got out this morning, thank god I wake up for work at 4 am!! It saved my morning hunt today, I wanted to wake up at 3 but set the alarm for 3 pm!! Got up at 4:15, got the dog cared for and I got set up in my tree just at faint pink light, nice cool foggy morning, by 7:30 I had a small single deer coming in on my entry trail, was thinking it would be a button, and while I have no qualms about shooting one, I was thinking I may let this one go, but as it got closer and closer and ending up just a scant few yards away I could see it was a very young doe, so? WHACK!!! She likely dressed out about 50-60 lbs or so give or take dropped her at the butcher to make loins, then 10 lbs sausage then grind the rest, the easiest drag I've had in years!! Lol

Hunt with a Vizsla, cause life's to short to hunt with an ugly dog! :D RIP Tilly monster. (Attila) 2004-2017.

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