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If Daryl Dies We Riot


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It must be Glenn tonight.  I mean, that's how it is written in the books.  


Also, it could be Abraham b/c in the books he is the one that dies on the train tracks and not the fat doctor-wannabe chick Denise.


If you watch the trailer, the blood is splattered on the right side of Rick's face.  On his immediate right was Michonne and Maggie.  Not sure who else.  


I'm wondering if Negan chops Rick's hand off tonight too, like The Governer does in the books.


We shall see


P.S. Daryl can't die.  He's the fan favorite.  Although I guess they can do whatever they want with him b/c he isn't even a real book character

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It's either Glenn or Abraham first. Daryl is supposed to get someone killed. Theory is that Daryl is going to attempt to stop Neegan and as a punishment he is going to take out Abraham or Glenn. My guess is Glenn gets the bat first as its a pivotal point of comic and then Abraham.


Met Norman at a autograph event a couple years back and we were talking about the crossbow he shoots. I said that I couldn't understand why the hell they had his prop crossbow such that the damn bolt was over the string below the scope and not on the crossbow itself. He said in the beginning they didn't have a crossbow that wasn't actually cocked and ready to fire. Now they use a prop version. Kind of unsafe in my opinion. Was funny though.

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First pick - Darryl.   In real life he has been filming "Ride With Norman Reedus."  Can't imagine how he could do two shows at one time. I think he will appear to be fatally injured, sit the season out, and come back later.


Second - Michonne.  Super-heroes are always loners with tragedy surrounding family and loved ones.  Now that they have been together, would not surprise me to see her go.


Negan is said to have a "no women - no children" violence policy.  Thus, I think Maggie is doubly safe.


Would be interesting if Negan kills one and fatally injures another!

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