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Buck Tag Permit???

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I deer means 1 deer. Shoot a doe and you can't shoot a buck.  So yes you will eat buck tag for that zone. If you get another zone permit for a different zone that original  buck tag is still good for that different zone in different set. I hope that isn't too confusing. 


Not breaking chops, just a question...if its a one deer zone it's sounds to me numbers must be way down, do you have good numbers at your spot? Maybe you should just target a buck?

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I think the confusion with this is the buck stub. The buck stub (or buck permit) for permit season bow, is not zone specific. You can use that buck stub in any zone. For example, I hunt zone 4 and 50. I bought both my zone permits yesterday, and my buck stub. If I shoot a buck the first day of permit bow in zone 50, I use that buck stub, and I can't shoot a buck anywhere else in the state during permit bow. Or if I happen to shoot a buck in zone 4 first, the buck stub is used, and I can't shoot a buck anywhere in the state during permit bow season. It's a little confusing. 

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