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Tacoma owners - need a hard tonneau cover? FS cheap!


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The Short Version:


For Sale: $300 - Undercover Flex hard tri-fold cover in good shape for a Tacoma 6' bed. Located: Gloucester Twp, NJ




The Long Version:


[This is for those that own the newer Toyota Tacomas with the bed rail system (which I think started with the '05 models) that have the 6' long bed]


I was going to put this up on EBay or Craigslist, but figure ask here first if anyone wants it.


I have a used, but less-than-1-year-old, "Undercover Flex" hard, tri-fold tonneau cover for sale - fits a 6' long bed on a Toyota Tacoma with the bed rail system. The side rails are newer - only a few weeks old (see story below). It comes with all hardware and instructions. I can even help you install it if you want - bring the truck when you come to pick it up - only takes 30 minutes tops.


New these are selling for $800 + tax/shipping. I'm looking for $300.


Location: Southern New Jersey - Camden County - Gloucester Township


OK, what's the catch you are asking, right? Why sell a fairly new cover for 37% of the cost? Here's the deal. The cover does slightly leak. Keep reading (and read my later post in this thread that the "leak" isn't all that much worse than a brand new one).


I recently bought a '16 Tacoma that came with an Undercover Flex. A few weeks ago, I noticed small puddles in the bed after a heavy rain. It wasn't a bad leak, just a small amount of water was getting in - but it was leaking and it shouldn't be. I called Undercover and their customer support was amazing - I was really surprised how quick and responsive this company is. I sent them pictures and they immediately sent me new side rails, thinking that was the problem. Turns out, that wasn't the problem (but now I have brand new side rails that are only a few weeks old). Customer service then just sent me out a completely new cover - they just gave me new everything - rails, cover, hardware. That new cover is now on my truck.


But now I have those brand new rails (only a couple weeks old), plus all the original hardware and the original cover (which itself is only less than a year old). But yes, it does leak a little! So I want to be upfront about this - this cover is leaking. It is not a deluge, but water is getting in the bed. See picture below.


Undercover didn't want me to send the original cover back to them. It is still fairly new and in good shape. So I now have this cover that I'm going to try to sell.


Just keep in mind, since I called in the serial number and had it replaced under the warranty, this cover will *not* have any warranty left on it nor will it have factory support from the company.


So that is why an $800 cover is being sold for $300.


So if you don't care about getting some water in the bed or just want a cover for security, here's a cheap alternative than buying new for almost 3x the price. The new Tacomas come with a locking tailgate, so with this you have a secure bed. If you have an older Tacoma that doesn't have a locking tailgate, you can install an aftermarket lock to secure the bed with this cover (obviously, without a locking tailgate, the cover isn't really secure).


Post here if you have any interest. Asking for no personal checks, please. Cash or cashier's check only.


For more information on the cover itself (it really is a very nice cover, I like it a lot):


Click here for the Undercover Flex product website


Here's Undercover's marketing video of it:



Here's a picture of the puddles of water I was talking about.  This is after the truck sat in 24 straight hours of rain. You see the bigger puddle there up front, with a smaller puddle in the back.


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After last night's rain, I went and looked at my new cover, still has water in the bed - small puddle right there under the first fold of the cover with some splashes elsewhere just like the "old" cover I'm selling. It isn't soaked, but not bone dry either.


I just think these tonneaus are not as watertight as I hoped (I had a cap on my old Ranger - I guess I'm just used to a waterproof bed and want the same with a tri-fold  :tooth: ). Guess it is a trade-off - I like having a cover you can remove easily, so I'll take a little water in the bed as a trade-off.


Anyway. Point is - looks like this cover I'm selling, while I will still say "it leaks", it is just as water resistant as any you are going to buy new - I'm not sure it is much worse anyway. But I'm still willing to sell it to someone here for $300 if anyone wants it.

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Bump. I listed this on EBay starting at $359 but I'm giving my local hunting community folks a discount :) - $300. But if I get a bid on EBay first before anyone else, I gotta shut this down since I'm forced to honor the EBay bid once the auction closes.


Looking to sell fast, need to get myself a set of Wetokole seat covers with the cash! ;) So ping me if you want it and I'll shutdown the EBay auction before I get a bid (they get first dibs)

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